27 February 2010

Diary of a tard - week 4, February '10

Sunday, February 21

I bought the DVDs for Shakugan no Shana as well as the movie because I made a promise to Glo in one of his post. It cost me a lot so I better like it. I'm not sure when can I start watching it though. I have barely enough time to catch up on the weekly anime...

Kuroshitsuji chapter 42: Ciel was awfully calm after the last chapter. He's replacing Sebastian with Tanaka as the head butler for the moment. And they have a third murder. This time the victim is Mr Phelps. I got the vibe of Doubt or Judge from the progress.

After few months finally there's an update on Shut Hell. In chapter 18, I was kinda confused. There seems to be two Yurul. The one lying with the old man and the other one who is saving Shut Hell who refused the help and is going to be executed. Oh I get it now... it;s different time line. The one when she got caught and when Harabal brought them back to camp. There is this Shaman who predicted that Shut Hell and Yurul will bring disaster to Harabal's clan if he listens to Yurul. It sounds quite ominous...

Two chapters of Zettai Karen Children because I missed last week's release. I am pissed with Minamoto. With Feather around he has turned into such useless dickhead. I'm glad the Children didn't fall for the trap. Anyway, Phantom saved Nai since they managed to gather the data when the Children used the boost. However Kaoru's power input was higher than usual.

Soul Eater chapter 70: Yay Stein is back! God I fucking miss him. This make my Sunday! Okay maybe I spoke too soon. WTF? Is this a filler chapter? Wasn't Stein and Mary on a mission to find out who killed BJ? I am mad!! someone fucking save Kid already!

Holy cow, we got to see the naked Yuuno in Kure-nai chapter 27! That big brother of her has some issues I tell ya. I would too if I was excommunicate from a place I called home. Looks like Yuuno has to stay with Seki to ensure that Seki won't do anything to Shinkuro. Dammit why does Ginko is so capable. She found out where Yuuno is so quickly and now Shinkuro is going to save her. Deja vu? I dunno how Tamaki and Lin-san got involved too but that ruined the shit =(

Read GODEATH - Megami no Ketsumyaku. I don't get this manga. Does the protagonist, Maria, never heard of pantsu or shirts? Who the fuck walk around without wearing pantsu? Yet she remembers to put on her boots and corset (without bra?!) *facepalm* Anyway it was bloody. That's why I read it.

Something different but intriguing nonetheless. Clear Up After Rain or Ame Nochi Hare in Japanese. It's a gender bender with slice of school life. Yes, I read this for the gender bender part.

Aight is done catching up to the manga. Next up are the anime. Lets start with Railgun.

I really don't think there's a need to wear the maid suit in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun episode 19. I keep hoping that Touma will show up and when he did I think I cum a little. That's because the sucker in me is cheering him and Misaka. Gah, I missed him. In episode 20, they finally decided to do another plot. It's about Poltergeist this time around. It has something to do with the earthquake, just like I said two weeks ago.

Whoaaa they throw war on us now? *sigh* So.Ra.no.Wo.To, make it so that it happens NIAO not back then. I don't give a damn about the trauma shit dammit. Make them kill others, not just "pretend" to do it! Be all bloodied and what not! That's the way to go!

She's a pimp

Whoa whoa whoa... butterflies don't drink breast milk. So WTF? Oh right, it was the rapist pretending to be butterflies. lmao. I remember in the Seikon no Qwaser manga that the sisters were raped after before they were killed. It was one of the memorable scene in the manga and they didn't include it in the anime? I'm disappointed. This is one fucking boring episode >_>

Monday, February 22

It has become a habit of mine to write episodic rev for Ladies vs Butler, I think. I did it again for episode 6.

I wonder when are the "action" going to start in Otoyomegatari. If you have a blank look on your face, its the manga where pedophilia is OK, and they actually encouraged it. In chapter 9, Amira is so distant towards her little husband. Apparently she starts seeing Karluk as a man. Oh yeah, lets get it on baby!

Tuesday, February 23

Dogs - Bullets and Carnage chapter 48: My heart reaches out to Giovanni when I saw him staggering. Anyway, they has caused major distraction, crippling the railway, killed hundreds of thousand civilian and injured many more. Still there's no word on Badou. I am beginning to worry.

Oh, another chapter of Soul Eater in a week? I am glad that finally Shinigami-sama comes to his senses and stop the useless party and starts to get serious about rescuing Kid. That's why he called the three witches in the first place. They are using dirty tactics to get the witches corperation but I honestly don't give a fuck. Black.Star has come and join in, bringing Eruka with him. Back in Eibon's world, Eibon has "release" Kid from Gopher's torture and back into the book. Thank goodness Kid is not traumatized. Inside the book, Kid met with something that reeks of danger. Dammit. Take good care of yourself Kid!

Wednesday, February 24

Is very pleased with Bleach's episode this week. Some may hate it but I appreciate the humor.

Thursday, February 25

OMG I heart the latest Bleach chapter! The old fuck is as good as a punching bag now! Fucking w00t!!

*sigh* Naruto on the other hand makes me pissed. The chapter basically ruined my day, dammit! But I hope after Naruto saw what Sasgay was about to do, he'll come to his senses and know that Sasgay needs to fucking die already.

Ultimo chapter 13: whoa deja vu?! In the last chapter the earth was shattered. In this chapter everything is back to yesterday but with a twist. For example Murayama-kun comes back as a transfer student in Yamato's class. He and Yamato are the only one with memory of previous day intact. Murayama has turned bad though (bad boy FTW!) because he wants to kill Yamato if he makes the vow with Ultimo. Murayama means serious biznez!!

is that supposed to be nosebleed? O_o


Naruto ruined my day too... or more specifically, Sakura did.

GODEATH - Megami no Ketsumyaku has blood? Ooo-hoo!

GODEATH looks like the awesomemest thing ever. Thank you for showing me the light.

@Yi, whenever Naruto has Sasgay in it, it will always ruined my day. Period. Suckura just the shit splattered at the side of his gay wall.

@Glo, it does. I wished they were more gore-ish though.

@Snark, my pleasure and OMG you're back. Fuck I missed you *insert hearts*

Where are you reading your Soul Eater? All the normal free sites are nto updating and it's pissing me off.

at mangafox. the quality ain't the best though

Soul Eater as a series does not appear to be on mangafox...any hope for a link?


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