16 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, April 2011

Monday, April 11

Too tired from the journey home so I only managed to watch the first episode of Hanasaku Iroha. This show is solid.

Tuesday, April 12

I am not going to miss the second season of The World God Only Knows II. It makes me remember how enjoyable this show can be.

Tiger and Bunny episode 2: It's the first time Tiger and Bunny working together. There are bound to be some argument especially when Tiger found out that he's suppose to be Barnaby's sidekick. Barnaby is still being an ass and that attitude is the reason why he is so endearing. As for Koutetsu, he's too simple minded to be a hero. He crushed civilian's car on purpose and doesn't feel remorse about it. He's just too careless. In this episode, Koutetsu kinda has to choose whether to see her daughter ice-skating or be a hero. He should just tell her daughter that he's Tiger so she would understand and does not hold grudges towards him. Anyway, I'm beginning to feel annoyed with the cliche-ness of this show.

Episode 2 of Fireball Charming: It's about manners and Gedächtnis teached Drossel to be elegant yet alert by putting books on top of her head and balance it while they play "games". It was fun as always.

charming as well

Just finished watching episode 2 of X-Men. Cyclops is such an emo. Orz.

Proceed with episode 2 of Hanasaku Iroha: Jeebus the OP is really annoying. Anyway, Nako will guide Ohana for her waitress duty. Because Nako is so timid, Ohana felt like she's useless so she kept repeating what her mother told her: don't rely on anyone else, only believe in yourself". Obviously she created more trouble; cleaning up room that she wasn't supposed to clean and cooking meals when Minko was being reprimanded because of it. She is tactless. Anyway, is it wrong of me to think that she might ended up having feelings for Tohru and thus have to compete with Minko again? Crap, Ohana is slowly getting on my nerves what's with her bossy and inconsiderate attitude. I'm that too but I don't force myself on people and I don't give a fuck about how they feel. Ohana is taking everything into consideration which is why she's so messed up. Having said that, the end of the episode makes me want to keep tuning in. chronolynx mentioned that this is "spirited away" without the magical stuff. Unfortunately I can see the similarity.

Wednesday, April 13
Asterotte's Toy definitely live up to my expectation and I don't mean it in the good way >>

Thursday, April 14

Better development in Bleach latest chapter but still we all know how Kubo is capable of trolling.

Sengoku Otome - Momoiru Paradox episode 2: Hideyoshi is still pretty much confused with her whereabouts but keep pushing forward. They went to the burned village from the previous episode and helped out the villagers. I think she was trying too much to be funny that it turns out not funny at all. I'm disappointed. Things were looking up when Shiro, the talking dog returned to harass Hideyoshi. By the way, fact from this episode is, they are in the land of no men.

I might as well watch the final episode of Level E: Ki figured out that the princess and his brother were actually impostor. By marrying Ki to a fake princess, they can asked Ki to liberate Magura from Dogura. Either that or never allowed Ki to leave Earth. Ki obviously thinks he has everything figured out and married the fake princess who turns out to be the real princess. LOL score for everyone else! Turns out the cat was the princess idea all along. Psycho indeed.

this is what I called a power couple

Do not watch Dog Days because it is fucking SHIT!

Friday, April 15

Mandatory BL/yaoi show for me: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Saturday, April 16

First impression for one of the most funniest anime of the season: Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san!


Lolol seems like I'm one of the few who loved the second episode of Tiger & Bunny. To be honest I didn't really notice the cliches at all, I was too caught up with the hilarity of Kotetsu and his funny dynamic with Barnaby.

I admit that seeing him all nerdy and sometimes awkward in that new suit of his kinda funny but such humor can only go so far.

Damn you've been watching more than me!TWGOK is AWESOME. The first ep of the second season blew me away and the anime is a really good adaptation of the manga, which I love.

I wouldn't know since I don't read the manga but I trust you in that one. I love the many technique and different styles they used throughout the episode though. It kinda similar to Azazel-san in that matter

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