30 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, April 2010

Saturday, April 24

Going to start the weekend diary with Giant Killing episode 3. In the last episode, Tatsumi asked the team to do self-practice and left the pitch. He and the coach observed them to see how they fare without having to be ordered around. Tatsumi just doesn't want them to be complacent and have it easy. Of course the situation heated up between the regulars and the substitutes until Gino walked into the pitch, commanding attention. I thought that he's a stuck up son of a bitch. Turns out that he's a stuck up son of a bitch that has the talent for accurate passes. I was impressed! He's replacing Murakoshi as captain as well for the pre-match with the championship leader, Tokyo Victory. Ah man, I can't wait for episode 4!!

Oh hell yes there is blood again in Hakuouki: Shinsengumi episode 3! Kondou and his three peers have no problem killing off the small fishes but there are two new characters who obviously the villains that they need to face. I bet few of the shinsengumi will be wounded pretty badly, if not dead, by the end of the episode. These new characters are pretty powerful and skillful. Not to mention, quite the looker too. Okita had to fight with one of them and is seriously injured. So he and Heisuke have to stay put as the other went for another battle protecting Kyoto. Thanks to this series, I am beginning to see Shinsengumi in different light.

Hehehe I dunno about everyone else, but I really like the humor in Working!! Takanashi is bothered by Yachiyo's katana in episode 3 so we get to see the story behind it. She was bullied and was saved by Kyoto when she was a child. That's how she becomes gay for the manager. Takanashi also met the GM, Otoo. Another weirdo who Yachiyo wants to kill. Besides that, this episode also revealed that Satou has feelings for Yachiyo. Heh yeah, that's how fucking retarded this show is \^o^/

Sunday, April 25

Happy birthday Massa!

Heroman episode 4 is completely nonsense!

I have a good time watching Angel Beats! episode 4. This series is exceeding my expectation ^^

Whoa.... hold on a second. In K-ON!! episode 3, Ritsu-chan said she's sick at playing drums?! This can't be happening! Oh I see why... the drummer is always has to sit at the back where the spotlight won't reach them. So Ritsu just realized this and felt like she was invincible and decided to change instrument. Of course at the end of the episode she'll get back behind the drums. Predictable as shit but since it is Ritsu, I forgive her.

Thursday, April 29

Bleach episode 268 focus on the whore. Obviously it pissed me off >_>

New chapter for Otoyomegatari: Mr. Smith is going away. This is kinda sad. I like him around. His presence makes me less focus on the loli issue. But it seems like we will not see the last of him yet.

Emerging chapter 19: Onotera is going to the US but he doesn't has the confidence that Akira will last the trip. And then her stupid boyfriend sneaked in and kissed Akari. Well technically he kissed the respirator. But yeah he was caught and Onotera recognized him immediately.

Joe told them that he was the one who killed Rupert in Arago chapter 17. I bet he didn't and this is just another cliche way of him blaming himself for his partner's death. Oh wait. I was wrong. I'm happy to report that it was his fault that Rupert was dead. He lead Rupert to the patchman and that demon killed Rupert with a chainsaw. I would have committed a seppuku if I was Joe.

Kuran is an emo bitch in Vampire Knight chapter 60. But then again, when was he not? Incest bastard... Back to Yuuki and Zero, that Touma brat is just playing with them both. In my opinion, Zero shouldn't wasted his bullet on Touma and instead focusing to kill the biatch. I'll forgive him because he made me laugh with his straight face humor. But alas the biatch can't wait to get home to the bitch. I'm pissed. Again.

Zollner Neubaten is a pretty badass character it seems. In Dogs: Bullet & Carnage chapter 50, he is the real target of Giovanni and the dude that control minds (the one who injured Badou). They have taken over the bureau and used the bureau people themselves to attack Zollner. But looks like Zollner is not the nice guy. I think he's one of the dog too. And why do I always get the feeling that Giovanni is not really a villain? He reminded me so much of Gin =3

LMAO in chapter 14 of Yandere Kanojo, Reina was supposed to go watch Avatar with Tanaka on the weekend but they changed their plan when Reina spotted Miyami with a sexy cool looking guy. She wanted to follow Miyami secretly to ensure that the guy was alright. Of course she has to drag Tanaka with her. I'm a little confused now. She better didn't just turn gay for Miyami -__-

After I learned about Goggle and VizMedia being a dick, I feel the need to hunt for yaoi so I ended up with Tumbling. Its about a bunch of cute little shouta (high school shouta. I'm not that pervert) doing rhythmic gymnastic. As expected it was super cute ^^"

Friday, April 30

Finally got the chance to watch episode 3 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Etou just want Akuto for herself so that she can control and use him to destroy the world. I would have done the same thing. Akuto has been accepted into the disciplinary committee. She has arranged for Akuto to meet Hattori though in reality she's trapping him with a bunch of retarded looking delinquents. Akuto was pretty badass though as he kicked their asses but of course Hattori misunderstand and rage a war against him but it was backfired. Now everyone is after her too. But the war stopped when Soga made rice rains from the sky. *facepalm* Also I think in one of the scene, did Etou masturbate and then get raped by the students? =\

Why indeed ^_^

That's it for this week. I'm going to Kuala Lumpur this weekend to spend time with my shouta and my jerk (read: bf). Threesome FTW.

On another note, I am afraid that my update will be a bit sporadic from now on. My work load is getting crazier and I got a part time job that I don't need. I am not sure what was I thinking when I applied for it. I might be stoned at that time -__-



Working!! has somehow, against all odds, become my 3rd favorite show of the season. I now am able to say that I legit look forward to new episodes.

Unfortunately I'm going to be doing nothing but drawing figures and typing up reports this weekend, so I can't watch jack shit. After this weekend, my life will be EASY I can't WAIT.

I still have to see Hakuoki: Shinsegumi and Ichiban Ushiro....I think I'll wait till they're finished. This spring has kicked ass for anime.

Because Yachiyo kicked ass and she's a lesbian XD

Yachiko isn't the only reason. The main character (whose name I ironically forget, just like everyone else in the show), has awesome sisters. Especially the lawyer. I'd let her prosecute me!

The only sister I hate is the normal one. But them being huge at least makes the fact that he likes cute things understandable and less pedophilic (barely). The complexity of everything is much deeper than appears. WORKING IS AWESOME.

I never thought I would hear that from you \^w^/

Don't get me wrong....he's still a pedophile and he still sucks.

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