11 December 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, December 2011

Monday, December 5

Because of what happened in the last episode, Yozora told the guys to bring swimsuits to the club in episode 9 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai just so that she won't feel like she wasted her money buying that zebra stripe body tight swimsuit that she was wearing with a horse head mask. LOL she is just so much win. Then Sena suggested they go to her private beach and it was a good opportunity to ask Kodaka to her house and met her father. So they skipped the club. I kinda feel for Yozora then. When she's alone, she looks so lonely. Kodaka even ended up spending the night at Sena's. I now know where Sena got her personality from. I dislike her dad as much as I dislike her.


who the hell run around naked when you knew you have a male guest around. Sena you whore XD

Gon versus Sedokan in episode 9 of Hunter X Hunter. Sedokan is a serial bomber. He suggested a game for the fight: the one whose candle goes out first becomes the loser. He presented with two candles of different length and the decision should be made together but they let Gon decide. Gon picked the longer candle. Sedokan tempered with candle and Gon's candle burned faster but he miscalculated. Gon quick thinking saved the day. He blew Sedokan's candle when he was caught off-guard. Next up is Kurapika versus Majitani, a blue hulk who just talks but no action. Too bad he was a member of the Phantom Troupe though because once Kurapika saw that spider with 12 legs tattoo, he lost it even though he knew it was fake.

mad Kurapika is mad

Thursday, December 8

It has been almost a month since I last read anything yaoi. Calling will make up for that. It's another manga from Miu Otsuki and I'm quickly becoming her fan after Paradise Baby. In fact Calling has almost the same characters design (even the same kind of personalities) as Shiroi and Sawa from Paradise Baby (though they look a bit older). It might be bad news for others but since I like Miu for her characters, I forgive her. Anyhoo, Kira Aratani is a porn star who fell in love at first sight with Kazuaki and pursued him. Of cource Kazuaki freaked out at first before giving in to "true love". This manga consists of 7 chapters: 1) calling 2) missing 3) feeling 4) catching 5) loving 6) ring 7) starting. Final score for this one: 8/10

it's not the sex that turn me on. Most of the time, it's the kissu

but sometimes the sex looks so good, I just can't help it :lol:

Once I'm on a yaoi binge, there is no stopping me. Next up is a rather unique yaoi: Be Thirsty of Love. It's about three guys who are having sex with the same girl and they just decided that it was okay and thus orgy! There is Orie, the timid one, Kuwabara, the outgoing one, and Suguru, the senpai. And of course there's that lucky girl Yuka who will be out of the picture sooner or later... because she's dying from leukemia. The three of them mourned her departure by having a threesome lol awesome. This one is definitely not your usual yaoi shit of lovey dovey. It kind of complicated with the focus of love being that of the dead Yuka. It's pretty tragic and I really feel sorry for Orie. I guess the best thing about this yaoi is the fact that they are not gay or at least Orie and Suguru aren't and as for Kuwabara, he's obviously bi. They are forced into a situation that none of them refused to escape from. All of the three of them, I probably like Kuwabara the most. He's the only one who think straight at all time. So what if Yuka is dead? Go fuck other woman damn it. Love is overrated anyway. Final score: 9/10.

sometimes, it is just /that/ complicated


I've watched Hunter X Hunter up through this episode, but I have started to lose interest in it. It is kind of interesting that they often try to turn the challenges into battles of wits, but I never seem to get caught up in the tension of anything that happens. I'm not sure if it is that I don't really care about the characters, or that everything seems so random that I have a hard time taking it seriously. Leaning towards dropping this one.

according to the manga (as most say, I don't read it myself), things will be badass. I kinda understand your reservation though. This is a shounen first and foremost and thus the "childish" tournament we are having at the moment. I want to have faith in this one and it has been a while since I last watch any shounen anime. I hope I can stick with this one for much longer than Fairy Tail (of which I plan to catch up to one of these days)

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