20 March 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, March '10

Monday, March 15

Yay, a week off! I plan to catch up on my weekly winter anime. Yosh! But first, the manga!

Thank goodness that I keep my diary otherwise I would be totally out of the loop with what's going on in Are you Alice? chapter 5. Alice is determined to save the Duchess from the monster that was created from 'regret of the past'. The Duchess is Alice substitute. She'll sacrifice herself for the sake of Alice. The Duchess and the Cheshire Cat have a strong bond but both deny their feelings because of their "fate". Anyway, Cheshire Cat has sent Alice back to the Mad Hatter at the end of the chapter.

Zettai Karen Children chapter 209: lol Minamoto and Sakaki have turned into jungle men, killing wild animal while wearing underwear. Minamoto even go so far imagining that the Children will take revenge on Africa if he died there lmao. If that's not funny enough, out of all the people, it was Hyobu that comes to their rescue but of course he has to make their life miserable first XD

Things are heating up in Rappa and it's only the third chapter. I really like the direction of this manga. One look at Rappa and I am sold! He is insanely skillz and does not hesitate to kill.

this is what I do to you if I don't like you ^w^

Tuesday, March 16

Soul Eater chapter 71-2 (whatever that means) : Looks like Stein came up with a way to save Kidd. He needed lots of help but there are plenty of volunteers to go around. That's why he gathered the witches. Maka, Black.Star, Tsubaki, Soul, Kilik, Fire, Thunder, Patty and Liz were sent into the book. They were greeted by the Index and were brought to the first chapter of Lust. They switched sexes and Tsubaki was hawt. Liz was ugly though and Soul was so not Soul! Squidzactly! Anyway, back to where Kidd is. The monster in the last chapter is Ashura's fragment. He talked about the 8 warlords: he himself, Shinigami, Eibon, Ashura and one other that Kidd know (who?) (the other three was eaten). Before long, Kidd was swallowed by the fragment =\

Garaki, Nai and Yogi are being treated by Dr. Akari at the beginning of chapter 20 of Karneval. Apparently Yogi changed because the allergic patch on his face came off. Or maybe it has something to do with the mysterious box which apparently contained of Valga's component? This chapter presents more questions than answer. Like, I can't remember what Valga is. Tsukumo on the other hand was found dead by the river bank but Hirato came, revived her and brought her back. At the end of the chapter, Nai and Gareki were now the second crew and under the care of a very bossy lady called Tsukitachi or Kiki.

In Arago chapter 11, The professor gathered the bullied student for the ritual and holy shit he really does has some sort of fake powers. He crushed Arago's leg without even touching it. Thank goodness Rio came just in time. She's the hero of the day. But of course that's not the end of it. This manga has that certain quirks to throw you a curve ball when you thought everything is OK. The building where the ritual was held collapsed and there was one student left. Arago of course came to his rescue not knowing that he has the same power as the professor.

Wednesday, March 17

Finally got around to watch Working!! The show is surprisingly entertaining. I like it a lot =D

As for Bleach episode this week, a whole lot better than what they served us last week. That is for sure.

It has been a while since Bamboo Blade got updated. In chapter 94 and 95, they received the script for the show and it looks like it has been decided that Sakaki will eventually fight Tama-chan. There are also four other girls who look formidable as well. However, Sakaki Ura is still adamant to quit the kendo. But what will happen if she finds out that Junya has other woman? dum dum dum...

Thursday, March 18

I lol'd when Madara/Tobi brushed off Kakashi's attack in Naruto chapter 487. That's kinda gay. Anyway, Sasgay has changed his mind and wants Itachi's eyes now because he finally sees Naruto as his equal (although he would die before he admits that). On the other side of the world, Bee is back to his village. So I guess Kisame is dead for real now since his sword is with Bee. But wait a fucking minute. He's the Samehada?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! And Kabuto makes his re-entrance... Dayyum...

nothing escapes the Voyeur!

Episode 10 starts with Himeji wanting to give Akihisa a love letter. This does not sits well with me because I'm camping for Minami. To my relieve Himeji messed up and gave Akihisa the picture of himself wearing the pink maid dress. Thank goodness this episode is not all about that. We also have energy drink issue, Hideyoshi in nurse outfit, tits size issue (which obviously warrant a nosebleed and Voyeur), Hideyoshi vs his sister, people in the background beat the crap out of each other, Hideyoshi looking hawt, mock exam paper messed up issue and last but not least, Hideyoshi and a bra. I approved of this episode of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu because the amount of blood lost make up for the lack of it in episode 9 ^_^

OMG this is such a good week for Bleach. Why? Read this.

Friday, March 19

What bliss is this? Three days in a row watching Baka to Test to Shoukanju, that's what this bliss is! So yeah in episode 11, Class F declares ESB war on Class D. As usual, Yuuji is the head of strategist and Himeji is their ace. They won, surprisingly. Next up is against Class B and yep, they won again. Personally, I don't like the drama and shit. Bring back the hilarity. There's not even on nosebleed in this episode. WTF? *shakes my head*

Emerging chapter 15: The situation just got a lot worse. There is the possibility of air-borne virus but the government wants to deny it. They even lie to the public that they have the virus under control. Dammit, this is too much like reality. Thank goodness there's this dude who works for the government who spread about the truth via email. Let see which one of them did the right thing...

Decided to catch up with Seikon no Qwaser. I know I'm gonna regret this though. In episode 6, Mafuyu met the tomboyish girl Lizzy and discovered the painting of her and Tomo and mistook it as treasure that Tomo's dad was talking about. In episode 7, there's the incest that I don't want to fucking know about, the dude who is an Oxygen qwaser. And in episode 9, Tasha fought with Yu and drank Mafuyu's souma for the first time. This is where I stopped reading the manga because I begin to hate it.



But only the third chapter? I'm not that patient...any good bloody, completed manga you know of?

Have you read Fire Candy?

I actually read the first 1 or 2 chapters a while back, and decided that I didn't want to read any more. I mean, yes it was bloody, but not in the way I wanted. I want to see people cut other people up in a crazy, nutcase sort of way, not see people explode.

I did leave it written down on my list in case I ever decide to go back to it though. Do you like it?

I rated it 10/10 for a reason

My gosh that was an intense chapter...full of fanservice for the gender-bender lovers, but still intense! The Thompson sisters (bros now) guy-designs were too off from original though...couldn't tell who that little creeper in the beanie was until they mentioned it was patti. >_>
The index is a cute thing...hope it gets a better name than just "index" >_<
And totally dying to know what's taken over Kidd now. I mean, after Death and Madness, what other weird force/emotion is powerful enough to be left?

This reminds me of the Old One from Mister Monday. Look that shit up if you don't know :P

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