21 February 2010

Diary of a tard - week 3, February '10

Monday, February 15

Tiji-kun chapter 8: They further explained about the "Atifua" technique. The impostor's name is Dao and he pretended to be Tiji so he would have money to buy the poor kids food. Robin Hood WTF. At the end of the chapter, there's this judo champion dude who approached Tiji. /end.

Tuesday, February 16

It is still the public holiday but damn I have no mood for celebrations.

Durarara!! episode 6: Since I read the manga, I wasn't surprised when the episode starts by dropping the bombs on us. They were chasing the same guys that were taken care of by the headless rider in episode 1. The episode is being narrated by Dotachin. Oops he really doesn't like people to call him that. His name is Kyohei Kadota. This episode is about the four of them (plus Celty) trying to save Kaztano. I really like the details they put in for other characters. And I know what happened to Harima!! and I lol'd when I saw the sister who has a brother complex ;)

The most important fact of the episode

Yay, they have Elliot in Pandora Hearts Special episode 7! *inserts heart*

I feel like dropping Kaitou Reinya but glad that I did not. Episode 2 was hilarious. Or the foreign police guy was hilarious.

I decided to watch AIka: ZERO and get the shit done and over with. I have watched the first episode and all I remembered are tentacle rape and pantsu. Lots of pantsu. Let see if the other two episodes are any different. (After an hour) Apparently not. Still lots of pantsu, boobs, tentacle rape and even worst plot.

What kind of a fucking position is this? =|

Time for some quality anime to get me perk back right up. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 6: Its the summer and somehow Yuuji ended up in Akahisa's house and they fought over food and then was punished to clean the school's pool. I love it when the guys got excited of knowing what swimsuit did Hideyoshi bring instead of fangasm over the girls'. I swear that Hideyoshi can rule the universe if he wants to. There are couple of great quotes too:
  • Hideyoshi is a gender in and of itself
  • Gives me liberty of gives me death!
and the amount of blood lost in this show is fucking dangerous! Now when I see nosebleed, I will always compared it to this show. Legendary this is. Aight time for screen caps of those legendary moments!

Wednesday, February 17

Bleach episode 258
is pretty mellow for a change. It was good.

I have subjected myself to few minutes of torture when I watch Isshoni Sleeping. Why... Why???!!!

Friday, February 19

Damn, I am so behind on my manga. Will try to catch up on them today.

Naruto chapter 483: Gah I'm mad at Kakashi for helping Suckura. She should be dead dammit! so is Sasgay. If he kills Kakashi, I'm gonna castrate him and make him gay for real.

Even in manga, there is always a character that will narrate the whole chapter of Durarara!! What happened in chapter 8 and 9 are:
  • Yagiri is a sucker for love
  • Orihara has different kind of coat with different length *drools*
  • Shizu really has anger management issue

Phew, thank goodness that it was not Ewan, just another bad spirit that appeared in Arago chapter 7 and 8. I am still pissed though that it used Ewan face to do bad things. Once Arago figured it out, it tried with Rio. Doesn't make much of a difference anyway. I still miss Ewan.

Judge chapter 2: I'm just as confused as the protagonist >_>

Completed the Petit Eva –Evangelion@School. The shit doesn’t make any sense =\

Saturday, February 20

Yay, I gotta see Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu twice this week! Man I really feel sorry for Yuuji. I feel your torture, man. But that was unexpectedly nice ending for the episode. I am a fan of Yuuji too now? O_o


BakaTest almost looks gory when you cap it that way ^^ Danbooru actually has an epic_nosebleed tag. They've got everything.

Yuujifan is okay too. I thought he was pretty cool in the first few episodes. A dumb strategist.

*checks danbooru

*wipes nosebleed

You're right. That was epic.

maybe it's just me but the blood looks just like ketchup...yummy!

baka to test is one of the anime that get the texture of blood right ^^

Lol. Coming across this post after Glo's nosebleed post brings about a certain weird impact on me... -.-"

I laughed. Without knowing why whatsoever.

Because Baka to Test is made of pure awesomesauce

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