14 August 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, August 2011

Monday, August 8

Episode 5 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: It says that Japan has a group mentality where one person would like doing stuff that others do as well. This makes me remember what my friend who studied in Japan said. He said that they really do stay in group and even if the rest of the group are absent, s/he rather be alone than communicate with other groups. On the other hand, French are suspicious of people who are too friendly to strangers. lol the world we live in... because of that advice, Yune has become a cautious person and doesn't sure how to act as everything is opposite of how things are in Japan. Yune has to deal with her first theft. She runs after the boy but in turn gets lost in the gallery. Claude eventually found her and straightened the misunderstanding.

awww... marry me, Claude ♥

Nyanpire's owner brings home a new cat called Chachamaru in episode 5 of Nyanpire the Animation. Nyanpire thought he's getting thrown away but once his owner explained that he has to become Chachamaru's big brother, Nyanpire is more than ready to oblige. He doesn't expect to get bullied by Chachamaru though that's not really what happened. Nice twist lol.

Wednesday, August 10

Himeji forces Akihisa to wear girl's uniform in episode 4 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! He lost a game of Bullshit (yes, it does exist!) where Himeji 'accidentally' joins them after she takes Hideyoshi out. He and Yuuji are stripped until they only left with their undies. The second half of the episode is about Test Run of Summoned Being. Their summons get an upgrade in which they can now talk. They start by telling secrets of their masters thus havoc ensued.

among many other things, I'm sure ^_^

Blood-C episode 5: Unlike the previous four episodes, this time it started off with Saya fighting the Elder Bairns right away. Saya is totally overwhelmed by the monster at first but once she figured it out, she takes the monster out using her bare hands. Her head starts to get all fuzzy whats with the covenant thing and what not. It just so happened that the next day, she found out some of the story of the covenant from her homeroom teacher. She gets flashbacks (of previous Saya's experience) and collapsed. Just when I thought the suspense is over, a monster appeared out of the blue to attack her and Nene.
p/s: Saya shows signed of falling for Tokizune and that damn dog definitely has a role to play.

Thursday, August 11

I swear that the females dominate the male in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!. In episode 5, Akihisa received a letter of blackmail. Naturally Akihisa is bothered by the letter. I lol'd when he said the sender of the letter must be in love with the two girls in their class: Himeji and Hideyoshi. Minami quickly fetched a metal bat to clobber him with lmao. At last both he and Yuuji (who is going to get married to Shouko soon) seek advice from Voyeur. Then off they go to Mizuki plain for a school trip and decided to catch the culprit during bath time which mean they are going to peep at the girls' bath. It wasn't easy as it sounds though as the teachers interfered. They still can't find the girl who threatened them which mean this will be continued in episode 6.

best quote =D

Dantalian no Shoka episode 2: Huey is doing an appraisal for Miss Lilburn's books. Huey is concerns that she lives out in the mountain all by herself. It seems like she's cursed by a book not to leave that house. Those who tried have been mysteriously murdered. Truth is, there's no cursed book, only cursed family. The females in Lilburn family all has natural tendency for murder and so the male created a golem to cover up the evidence. This time Huey read from two tablets of Phantom Books to destroy the golem. Good episode. Shit, this show is consistent.
p/s: Huey's right arm can no longer be used properly?

why, thank you :)

Episode 2 of Double J: Toba is preserving manga. Apparently manga has been around since ancient time and known and Chouju-giga. Toba tried to bring it back to modern time by tweaking it a bit. It was surprisingly funny or maybe I'm just in a good mood today lol

If you watched it, maybe you'll see why this is funny

Alice hasn't given up on Yune yet. She has once again invited Yune in episode 6 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. This time, for a photograph. Although I don't like Alice, I love it when she's around Claude. His reactions are always so fun to watch. But this episode is about crinoline, the undergarment that hold the shape of skirt. Yune tried wearing one and she's so moe in it. Crinoline is like a birdcage according to Yune and Camille, though seems elitist, obviously not happy with what she has become. She definitely wants freedom. I have a feeling that she might ends up with Claude one day... but I want ClaudexYune to happen! *pouts* lol lolicon me.


Hmm...does Ikoku Meiro address cultural differences between France and Japan? Interesting! I am yet to watch an anime that highlights cultural differences PROPERLY.

Almost every episode we have discussion about how things are different between France and Japan be it the food or the way they dressed.

Ikoku is so cuuute. Or at least Yune is. As is Nyanpire.

And I'm in love with Dantalian. Books, everywhere! Just like my bedroom. Except my books don't have awesome powers. Not that I've noticed, anyway...

I surprised myself for keeping up with the likes of Ikoku and Blood C and yet I still haven't check out Usagi Drop.

Dantalian no Shoka is good because it reminds me of a lot of things like Inkheart and my passions for books. Yes, books that you can actually hold in your hands and turns the pages, not e-book like most people read nowadays. For me, books can never be replaced with technology. The feelings just aren't the same. That's probably why I like Dantalian despite of Dalian.

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