25 September 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, September 2011

Monday, September 19

It has been a while. Blood-C episode 6: Holy fuck, Nene is dead! She was beheaded by the centipede monster. Then it was Nono's turn. She was taken by a shadow monster or something. Saya was present at both scenes. Nene ad Nono weren't the only casualties though. People were killed like they were flies. This show would have been awesome if they didn't fucking censored it!

The final episode of No. 6. I was totally biased when I watched this and thus I see everything in tinted glasses including the absurdity of the whole conclusion.

Dantalian no Shoka episode 3: Huey and Dalian were invited to Camilla's villa (I like her straightaway) for tea. She then told them about the Book of Wisdom, another phantom book that has fallen in the hands of small children. They became so brilliant and evil at the same time. They let Huey and Dalian took the book though and burned it. That's that. The other half of the episode is about a carnivorous plant that bloom once in 13 years. It's petal bait looks like a book thus it's name "Queen of the Night". Dalian is rude to everyone I guess but Camilla knows how to deal with it.

Thursday, September 22

Episode 21 of Ao no Exorcist makes me disappointed in Yukio. I know he's better than that. Fuck that old fuck.

As for Bleach, who would have thought that I wanna make babies with Renji? Yep, he's that fucking badass in chapter 465. I hardly believe it myself.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée episode 7: Claude isn't happy when Yune gives her bread to the kid who stole the candlestick. He practically snaps at her and calls her childish. Bad timing though because Yune is not feeling too well. Further more, Alice put this idea that if they haven't kiss each other on the cheek, that means s/he is not accepting you yet. She fainted and causes Claude to panic thinking it was his fault. He even swallows his pride and go to Alice for help. Awww....

highlight of the episode? lol

I'm not looking forward to episode 8 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée because it's about Camille and Claude. Why can't Yune and Claude happen? He only need to wait a few years till she matured! Gah! But anyway, Alice invited Yune to a tea party and Claude tags along. There he meets with his old flame Camille. I can see Claude is still affected by her which means he must still have feelings for her. But Camille is a logical person knowing how different their social status are. She said that as if to accuse Claude for being so childish to take offense that she can't be with him. That makes me mad actually. Though in appearance she's perfect, she has a rotten personality. I'm glad that Yune triumph over her.

They are still having that tea party in episode 9 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. Most of the episode however is dedicated to Claude and Camille childhood days. I don't get it. Why does this show is suddenly about Camille and Claude? I am not jumping on the bandwagon dammit so stop forcing it down my throat!

that mouth... I wanna kissu!

Thank goodness there's no more reminiscing shit with Camille in episode 10 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. Claude is away on a business deal. He and his late father Jean weren't close and that's why he doesn't like it when people compares his works with his father. While he's away, Oscar, Yune and Alice have a little fun at the store when Oscar brings out the slide projector. They end up invite the whole Galery to join in on the fun too.

Yune asks permission to go to the Grand Magasin in episode 11 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée but Claude says no. Grand Magasin is the enemy of the Gallery after all. Claude has been grumpy ever since that Camille episode but it seems like there is other reason why he's all mad and it has something to do with his dad. To make up to Yune, Claude brings her to a picnic in the park. Unexpectedly Yune broke down and for the first time since she's been to Paris, she tells Claude about her Shione sister. Shione has blue eyes and Japan does not like anything/anyone different so she was outcast. She was unhappy and as time went by turned sickly and blind. This episode also shows Claude insecurities. I don't think he will have it easy if one day Yune decides to leave.

The last and final episode of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. Oh boy, Claude is really terribad at hinding his emotions. He pushes away people in order not to hurt himself. This is way too familiar for me to find comfort. I have never seen him that mad before, at Yune nonetheless. He told her to get out "but stay in the Gallery". Yune did get out to follow Yannick-san's cat and Claude thought she has ran away. Claude managed to find her though on the roof. Yune almost fell and that reminded Claude at the accident at Grand Magasin that took his father's life. All hope is not lost yet then since it seems like Claude do care a lot about Yune. It was a heart-felt and warm ending for this show. I give this show 8.6/10 :)

the embarrassed face of Claude is so moe :3

Saturday, September 24

Nyanpire the Animation episode 10: Meowsamune thought that Nyanpire has some incurable disease and about to die when in fact he's just choking from a strawberry hull. So Meowsamune bought Nyanpire all sorts of health products which he forced Nyanpire to consume. But of course Nyantenshi came along and pointed out the fact that Nyanpire is immortal. Heh win.

Episode 11 of Nyanpire the Animation: It's the Halloween. While the other dressed up to the occasion, Nyantenshi went around threatening kids with sweets lol. As usual Meowsamune got the end of the stick with his ghostly costume.

The final episode of Nyanpire the Animation: Nyanpire just realized that he has eternal life and thus his friends will die before him. Since he didn't have a heart to see the death of his friends, he decided to follow the vampire that gave him immortality. But since he didn't know where to find him, "he" said that his place is still among his friends thus Nyanpire had a reunion with them who didn't even know what was going on.


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