05 December 2010

I want to skin the bitch alive: Kuragehime Episode 7

Oh noes, Tatsumi is mad

Kuranosuke mom brought him to the mansion when he’s about 7-8 years old. I guess his mom kinda left him there and took off afterwards. I still want to see how Shu first reacted when Kuranosuke set foot in the house. Surprisingly even after he was traumatized from the event where Kuranosuke was conceived, he is still very tolerant, maybe even love Kuranosuke as his brother. That was very admirable I must say.

On the other hand, the whore is impatient with the slow development so she decided to visit the Nunz’s place herself and convinced them to sell the place. The stupid nunz were easily bribed by the baked goods that the whore brought along with her. Jeebus, don’t they have any pride at all?

In the mean time, Tsukimi was in her room thinking off what had occurred the night before with Shu before Maya and Banban interfered with the said baked goods. Inside the bag, Banban found Shu’s glasses that the whore planned to return afterwards. Obviously Tatsumi knows who those glasses belong too and obviously she was hurt and very jealous. She even snapped at her. Good job Tsukimi!

On her way out, the whore bumped into Kuranosuke and he did this once he found out who she is:

Yes, he elbowed face her XD

Then she threw salt at them. Win

I laughed hard when the whore was visibly distressed with Kuranosuke. She’ll be a maniac when she found out Kuranosuke is a boy. Her confidence would be shattered. That or she’ll use it again Kuranosuke’s dad >>

Even more so because Kuranosuke pretty much declared war with the whore. He said they will buy the place. I wonder how since the Nun’z are pretty much broke. Kuranosuke tried to find a way for them to raise the money but he can so buy the Nunz’s place if he wants to. Unfortunately the money is from his dad and even his dad’s company wants to have this place… But then again, he can always blackmailed his dad *chuckles*

After the whore was chased out, Tsukimi asked Kuranosuke to the park. Clearly she wanted to know if the whore is Shu’s girlfriend since she did saw them together. Kuranosuke quickly put two and two together and pretty much can tell what was going on. Needless to say, both Tsukimi and Kuranosuke got it wrong. I want to shake them both and tell them so…

But at least this makes Kuranosuke and Tsukimi much more closer.

But there is also an unexpected turn. While he was naked in Tsukimi’s room and was about ready to give Tsukimi her first kiss, Mayaya busted in. Damn, Mayaya!

Kissu! kissu! kissu!

I was surprised that Mayaya didn’t notice the naked man in Tsukimi’s room though. What is more surprising is the fact that Kuranosuke was the one who was visibly disturbed by the event. LOL

I think Mayaya confused him with a DFC

By the way, the whore met with Shu and showed him the “evidence” that they did have sex that night. Jeebus, Shu was sleeping in that picture. Unless he can thrust her vagina while he was sleeping, that picture was obviously a fake! However Shu is a virgin so he was easily fooled. Poor Shu…

I want to skin the whore alive.


Is it really true that a virgin is easily fooled?
I see lots of non-virgin get fooled all the time +_+

After I have done some thinking, I should say "a virgin, naive about woman and is traumatized by them too". For a woman, we can find out when we had lose our virginity. I'm not sure man is the same =|

Your text tells me that am made of pure win with tasty awesomesauce on top. That sort of scares me.

But anyway. What good does throwing salt at someone do?

Arianna S.

PS I hate the fact that my head gets cut out of the picture in these things.

Why would something so awesome scares you? Embrace it!

Many believe that throwing salt at someone will cast away the evil that resides in them.

p/s: what head? =\

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