31 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, July 2011

Wednesday, July 27

Episode 4 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: Claude walks on Yune trying to take a hot bath and lol at the reaction. Alice was bragging about the orient loving hot water and bath together in a giant tub, naked. A coincident? I think not. It's a common fact that French people don't bath too often which mean they are a smelly bunch. It seems the tradition has been going on for century. Only the rich can indulge themselves like that. They consider it as a waste of water. Jeebus, what a difference. Also, Alice Brat invites Yune for tea but she declines which mean Alice has to go to her instead. So she and Claude play a game on who can keep Yune. Alice sure is persistent thus gets on Claude's nerves. In the end she wins as Yune agrees to talk to her. She tries to convince Yune to stay, even offering the Kimono back but thankfully she refuses. Claude might be the happiest to see her return. Heh cute.


Yukiho pissed me off. She can bury herself with that shovel of hers for all I care. In episode 3 of The iDOLM@STER, they got a gig at some festival. What they don't know is, it's a secluded village with perhaps only cows as audiences. They even have to help the villagers with the preparation. What's worst, Ami and Mami brought the wrong suitcase. Nothing is working out as they have planned at all. Not to mention that they have to deal with Yukiho's phobia for men. If it's not men, then dogs. WHAT. THE. FUCK. But as expected, all goes well in the end. Jeebus, I was so bored watching this

oh God, YES, please do! >=(

Thursday, July 28

Morita-san wa Mukuchi episode 2, 3 and 4: In episode 2, they re-established the fact that Miki is a chatter box so it really is a complete contrast between to characters. Miki do things when Mayu just thinks too much about it. Episode 3 - Mayu's classmate doesn't know how to deal with her but they end up admiring each other hairs. Just like in episode 2, the boys are envious of them being so chummy. Episode 4 - It's the summer so the girls find all sorts of way to cool themselves. From what I've heard, summer in Japan is really terribad. Makes me glad that I don't have to deal with it.

W00t! Episode 3 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Hideyoshi and his twin sister switch roles since his sister has no talent on stage thus Hideyoshi has to take her place. This means, his sister ends up in class F. Though it was her idea, she sure raises hell for Hideyoshi. For the second half of the episode, we had a flashback of what happened a year ago. How Hazuki comes to love Yoshi so much, and we learn that Himeji has a crush on Yoshi since then too. At the same time, Yoshi has no idea that he bought the Noin doll for Himeji who confessed that she's interested in Yoshi too. Awesome. Also, we gotta know how Yoshi ended up as Punishment Inspector. Great flashback is great.

Hideyoshi! hnnnnnnng!!

Friday, July 29

It has been more than a month since I last saw the first episode of Kamisama no Memochou. Okay now, onto the other half of episode 1: Narumi found himself getting drag along with the investigation of finding Shoko (Satoshi is her boyfriend) and even has a task of his own: asking Miku directly about the prostitution, getting Moccaditto ear's fixed at the 4th (a yakuza place owned by Hiro's brother), and help the team figure out the puzzle. Shoko committed suicide. Satoshi keeps her in the tub full of ice while Miku refuse to accept the reality. Satoshi and Miku are irreplaceable for Miku since they both know the other half of her. In the end, it just comes naturally for Narumi to help out. He fits right in.

Nyanpire the Animation episode 4: Nyanpire and Meowsamune asked Nyanenshi why was he banished from heaven. Without hesitation, Nyantenshi starts his sad story of falling in love with Meowangelica who was to marry a monkey. They sex up and when they were found out, Nyantenshi was banished on the same day. Meowsamune and Nyanpire were the actors and they were sympathetic. Too bad Nyantenshi was lying. LOL again, Jun Fukuyama was brilliant!

he's very persuasive XD


I can't be bothered with Idolmaster anymore. (I'm not even going to put up with that @ nonsense). The first episode was unusual but not great, and every episode since has been worse -- cliche and not good.

Memo-chou has been mostly good. At this point I would say it is worth catching up. It has a much stronger cast than many initial reactions acknowledged. The loli detective has not been the focus of this series at all, so it feels more like an ensemble piece, like DRRR. Although I have to admit the most recent episode (4) felt like disappointing filler.

I liked the episode of Croisée with Alice. She makes a good source of tension for this show: selfish but not evil. She doesn't try to hurt Yune or anyone, she just thinks she would be happier having Yune around so she can play tea party with her.

The only reason I'm putting up wih Idolmaster is because of A1-Pictures but who know how long will that last. It's like watching K-0n. It's not bad but I can't just give a fuck about it.

I was glad Memochou doesn't revolve around that loli detective. It just made the show much more entartaining. Besides, the "talking to himself" deal with Narumi reminds me of Kyon although less witty.

Alice is a brat. I don't tolerate brat. ^^

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