11 March 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, March 2012

Tuesday, March 6

Episode 2 of Ai no Kusabi: The one thing that I noticed the most about this episode is the animation. It makes the wait worth it. Anyhoo, Riki is back at the slum and he met his old friend Guy and the others. Then 10 minutes were wasted in order to let us know that Riki was a former leader of Bison etc etc etc but in the end Riki, Guy and Bisons are all losers. Dafuq? Apparently none of them knew that Riki was a pet once and Kirie, for some reason, puts Riki on edge. Well, maybe because Kirie wanted to be pet when Riki just ran away from that life. Urgh, still no BL action. Fuck this I'm frustrated!

I don't like Riki much but this... hot dayyum!

Kill Me Baby episode 4: It's summer and the gag starts with Sonya and Yasuna eating Popsicle. As usual Yasuna is an idiot. She bought a whole bunch of different ice-cream just so she can win one ice-cream. Naturally Sonya has all the luck with that. The next day, Yasuna still whines about how hot it was so they ended up at the sea with a watermelon and stayed there until night fall. One day, an assassin was after Sonya even at school. Yasuna was dragged into the mess. Luckily Agiri was around to help them out. The assassin came back the next day disguised as Yasuna. I lol'd especially when the real Yasuna played along with them.

she's basically begging for it

Friday, March 9

I decided to watch Spirited Away to end the remaining hours of my bornday. I think the last time I saw the movie was back in 2003. That's almost 10 years ago. Spirited Away was the first Miyazaki film for me and as such I have such fond memories of it. I remembered being head over heels in love with Haku back then and after rewatching it tonight, I think that love has been rekindled. Spirited Away is about Chihiro who stumbled upon a spirit world with her parent. They ate the foods and turned into pigs. It was Chihiro's mission to save her parent and turned them back to normal. She has helped from Haku, a river spirit that once saved her from drowning. Their love for each other what moves me to love the movie so much. Or maybe I'm just a pedophile when it comes to Haku ♥

(c) cartoongirl7


Wow spirited away, i havent seen it for like years. Maybe its time to get back those fond memories of it.

it's been 10 years for me and watching it again reminds me of the first time I saw it. Good movies have the ability to do that ♥

Well ofc they don't know Riki was a pet, he was taken just like that by Iason. And because Riki left the gang because of a job before he had already lost contact with them a bit. In that episode he had just come back from Eos and meet them for the first time in 3 years. And they reason Riki hates Kirie is because he remind him of himself before. Young and Naive. And Ai no kusabi is not just about sex, if you want to watch BL go and watch sensitive pornograph instead. There are things you need to know to understand this show truly. This story is so amazing, even more amazing now when the remake is more like the novel!

lol why so serious?

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