03 October 2011

My Favorite Character List: A

Here I am, going to list my favorite character from every anime that I have completed in alphabetical order. It probably take a while till we get to Z but I sure am happy for at least I have something to post

Glo has written his list as I am sure many other anime bloggers have. Now it is my turn and pretend that someone actually care. I am going to pick only one character from every anime. Though it sounds simple, it wasn't. Writing this favorite character list is going to be stressful indeed and emotional too. Lets dive into it then.

anime: 5cm per second
character: Tohno Takaki
seiyuu: Kenji Mizuhashi

I am all for distant relationship. I know many think that it won't work and perhaps they are right but the thrill just ain't the same. I should know. I was in a distant relationship for 4 years. It would have work too if one of us didn't chicken out. Hence why I picked Takaki as my favorite character from this greatly written movie. Despite their ages and the temptation, he manages to hold on to the promise he and Akari made. I wished my ex would have came by the train to meet me too. That would have been awfully romantic. Oh well... things weren't meant to be *shrugs*

anime: AIKa: Zero
character: Aika Sumeragi
seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu

Oh god, I contemplated whether or not I should include stupid OVAs like this one but I don't want to cheat so it doesn't matter that I dislike this three episodes OVA, I am still going to find a character to pick as my favorite or in this case, a character that I can tolerate. After much deliberation, I have to go with Aika just because she's good with planes. I still am not sure why the fuck did I watch this ecchi OVAs. I should have dropped it when I saw too many panties shot. Orz

anime: Ai no Kusabi (1992)
character: Riki
seiyuu: Toshihiko Seki

I have a thing for dark hair men (you will read contradictory statement later on) so naturally I fell for Riki. It's fun to see him all bonded and what not for Mink (who reminds me of Baka Prince by the way). He's such a turn on. Who cares if he looks like a girl sometimes? Oh god, did I mention that he's so gay?!

anime: Air Gear
character: Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura
seiyuu: Kenn

He is the underdog who was always got bullied by Ikki. I like him the instant I laid my eyes on him. Maybe that snowhat or the way he dresses or simply the fact that he's blonde but he has that certain qualities about him that made him different. He has high regards for girls and unlike Ikki, he has morals. I like the fact that even though he doesn't has natural talent, he pushed himself to become better and eventually the best, one that can rival Ikki.

anime: Aki Sora
character: Nami Aoi
seiyuu: Kana Ueda

Tell me honestly now, who doesn't want to be her? She gets to fuck Kana and then have a threesome with Aki and Sora. Isn't that what every teenage girl dream of? XD

anime: Aku no Hana
character: Nakamura Sawa
seiyuu: Mariya Ise

when she took off  her megane, you best get ready for something evil

I wasn't expecting much from this series and when I first saw the first episode, it was okay until Nakamura Sawa character was introduced. She is not your typical female anime character. Then in episode 2, I was totally hooked. I love her character, every little bit of it; the evil, weird and I-don't-give-a-fuck parts. She somewhat reminds me of myself in a way; planting an evil seed to the mind of innocent shouta. She's awesome and one of the most original character I've seen in anime.

anime: Allison & Lillia
character: Willhelm Schultz
seiyuu: Toshiyuki Morikawa

This is a tough one because all the male protagonists were awesome one way or the other and even Allison is so damn likeable with her personalities. In the end however, I have to choose Will because it takes a real man to handle Allison and he handled her just fine. I also like the fact that he can be so clueless sometimes when it comes to the matter of the heart. That makes him so adorably cute.

anime: Amatsuki
character: Kon Shinonome
seiyuu: Kouji Yusa

FUCK THIS IS HARD! I don't want to choose between Tsuyukusa, Bonten and Kon. All three of them managed to make me wet my pantsu one way or the other but I did promise to pick only one so I go for Kon. He is cool-headed and logical. He lost the used of his arm but it doesn't seem to bother him at all. He took the news and move on, and he actually does better at what he's doing. Goes to show that determination can go a long way. Also, he's a freakingly good cook. Simply put, Kon is my waifu candidate.

anime: Angel Beats!
character: Hinata Hideki
seiyuu: Ryohei Kimura

(c) pixiv ID 290742

This one is easy. I fell for Hinata the first time I laid my eyes on him. Not only he's hot and accessible pairing to almost any of the Brigade members, he is also very funny and gentlemanly. He often gets bullied by Yuri when they are on their missions but he knows where his loyalty lies. I also like the fact that he is such a caring person when he wants to be. Angel Beats 2 should have him as the protagonist. It's the only right route to go. After all, he is the protagonist in the novel prequel "Angel Beats - Track Zero".

anime: Angel's Feather
character: Kyouhei Mitsugi
seiyuu: Tetsuya Kakihara

First of all, let me made clear that this shounen-ai OVA is full of shit so the only way for me to pick my favorite character from this shitfest is by picking the character that I want to fuck the most and that lucky character happens to be Kyouhei, who was Kai fuck buddy. Too bad Kai dumped him in the end to have an incest with his long lost twin brother. Fear not, Kyouhei, Klux is here!

anime: Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai
character: Naruko "Anaru" Anjou
seiyuu: Haruka Tomatsu

(c) Pig 7

It was a toss between Anaru and Yukiatsu. I love them both and actually do want them to happen. I'll be honest though. I have one more episode to go but I can't just seem to get myself to watch it. Ano Hana hits too close to home and I don't think I'm ready to know how it ends yet. Anyhoo, why I like Anaru? Simply because I can see myself in her. I went through the same shit of loving someone who is in love with someone else. She's the most relatable character in Ano Hana for me personally.

anime: Antique Bakery
character: Yusuke Ono
seiyuu: Shinichiro Miki

goddamnit, he's so fuckalicious

He's a patisserie and I love baking. Do the math. Besides, he's gay as fuck and boy he's so damn charming when he wants his man. I want to see Chikage x Ono happens! But above all else, I want to see the live action drama!
edit: I've seen the movie and I don't want Chikage x Ono to happen. I want Tachibana x Ono damn it!

anime: Ao no Exorcist
character: Yukio Okumura
seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama

(c) Pixiv ID 1643580

I am a sucker for a thick-rimmed megane so my heart is set on Yukio ever since I first saw him. But I am not that shallow of a person. Yukio as a character is full of awesomeness. He's responsible and fucking smart but at the same time vulnerable too when it comes to his twin older brother. That sense of vulnerability is what I think completes him and why my heart reaches out to him every single time. Not to mention that he looks fucking hot with them guns in his hands.

anime: Appleseed (2004)
character: Deunan Knute
seiyuu: Romi Paku

I only watched this movie once and I can't say it left me with an impact however I have to admit that Deunan is pretty badass as the protagonist so my vote goes to her. I wish she would stop trying to fuck his now half robot ex though

anime: Arakawa Under the Bridgecharacter: Hoshi
seiyuu: Tomokazu Sugita

(c) mcr

a) he wears a fucking star on his head!
b) he walks around wearing that fucking star on his head!
c) his seiyuu is Tomokazu Sugita for fuck's sake!
d) he actually a smashing good looking guy!
e) he made Ko's life miserable!
f) all the other great and awesome things you can think of!

anime: Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror
character: Kusuriuri
seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai

(c) okazaki takeshi

Another easy pick for me. Between the three horror stories that were featured in this show, the one with the cat is definitely the most memorable story simply because Kusuriuri upstaged everyone else. There is something about Kusuriuri that I can't figure out. His mysteriousness really is one of his best traits after all. He even got his own show 'Mononoke' after that. Goes to show that my taste is impeccable lol

p/s: the list will be updated frequently whenever I completed an anime.


Hinata's a great choice! He's my favorite character from that series as well. He totally doesn't get enough share of love among the Angel Beats characters.

True. Everyone else either loves Kanade or TK >_>


"Glo has written his list as I am sure many other anime bloggers have"

Written? Try still writing.

Many others? You're the only other one I've seen. And I've got the Rie Quest going on full force???



I stand corrected Glo. You are a very brave man indeed. Maybe I should do the same with Tomokazu Sugita. Hmm... tempted. But first I need to clear My Top 10 lists!

"Anyhoo, why I like Anaru? Simply because I can see myself in her."

So can a lot of guys GET IT!?

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