30 October 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, October 2010

Sunday, October 24

Zettai Karen Children chapter 238: I'm afraid to get my hopes up although it seems Hyoubu did managed to "defeat" her and put her under his illusion/control. If this is true, then I'll be slightly less annoyed with the Phantom Daughter.

I know I shouldn't pick up a new manga but I can't say no to a potentially good yaoi manga. Acid Town is pretty interesting since it has lot of love triangle going on and you don't know who will end up with who. I'm not saying the premise is original but it sure is entertaining.

Episode 3 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II: They are rescuing Orsola but the whole shit was lame as fuck. Turn out the Amakusa weren't really the bad guy. They did the shit because of Kanzaki. The one with the hidden agenda is the Roman Catholics. Oh boy, they pulled out the same damn card every time. I'm very disappointed with this episode. Anyway, Touma has grown up. He has urges and needs now, blushing at every little gestures he gets. Horny Touma is a pain to watch. I really don't like the fanservice in Index. This show doesn't need it.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 4: Stocking got fat from eating evil balls of germs in a shape of a cake. Did you see the ghost? Fuck, it makes me want to puke green. Tits for eyes? FUCK NO. High School Nudical? FUCK YES. But it is still so fucking stupid. I need to stop watching this show. orz

decipher that >>

I almost forgot about this show: The World God Only Knows. So no I'm catching up on episode 2 and 3 of the show. I'm glad I picked this up again. The whole episodes made me chuckle. The imouto card actually turned out not quite as cliche as I thought it would be. NOT. But whatever, it was to be expected. This time around he has to collect a loose soul from a tsundere bitch who pretends she's rich. He will eventually succeeded. Please note that I love all these ad lib sounds that came out of Keima's mouth. It sure does adds a lot to his character, imo. I also feel sorry for him in a sense that his loves are all short-lived since the girl will completely forgot about him once their mission completed.

Monday, October 25

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: I am so closed of dropping this shit after 35 seconds in. It is definitely something that I don't usually indulge in. Too childish and stupid for my liking. Just look at what they were wearing... *facepalm* But I told myself, since I did promise to check this out, I might as well see this one through and who knows if by the end of the episode I changed my mind about it? Oh fuck... 4 minutes in and I know I can't do it. Consider this one fucking dropped >>

I am writing my watch list for Fall. But before I publish that I need to make sure that I have watch at least another episode of Psychic Detective Yakumo. In episode 2: Akawa pretty much confessed that she has feelings for Yakumo. That pissed me off for no reason. Oh wait, I know why am I pissed off. It's because I don't like her at all. It also bothers me that all the ghostly incident evolved around her. I would probably enjoy this show more if she wasn't around, or if they choose a different set of personality for her. This episode doesn't focus much on the ghost tbh.

I will miss you Yakumo, but not the show

Tuesday, October 26

Ore no Imouto episode 4 just pissed me off more than anything else. Glad to know that I'm not the only one in this blogsphere who have problem with it.

Episode 4 of Otome Youkai Zakuro: I admit that Rinkei and Susukihotaru pairing is cuteness. However I can't just imagined myself having that kind of relationship. It is so out of character for me. Mine is more lika Zakuro and Agemaki kind of relationship. Yes, I'm a real life tsundere. Have a fucking problem with that? In this episoe, Rinkei, Hotaru, Ganryuu and the twins are out on the mission about a suspicious looking katana. It is revealed that Susukihotaru power is that she can emphatize with objects and other people. So when she held the katana, she was possessed by it's killing power. Of course Riken stopped her and thus at the same time established that these two are officially in a relationship. The truth is, there is someone behind the incident. They set this up to trap Zakuro. Fortunately the fox lady made her and Agemaki sat this one out. A/N: Agemaki looks so delectable.

I know I'm going to rage even before I watched episode 4 of Yosuga no Sora thanks to the spoilers I have read on twitter. So lets just get this one done and over with. Ojou-sama felt guilty when Akira fainted because she has been having too much sex(y) time with Haru? Oh fucking please... Then she got on denial mode about their relationship. And BOOM! fucking sister incest right in my face. Fuck, I want to shove that broom up their asses. I gotta hand it to Akira though. She handles the shit so maturely. As for Haru, he just have to make things okay with Ojou-sama so he can get his fucking dick up her vajayjay. Gah, enough with the fucking drama already you rich whore! AND WTF WITH THE UGLY SEX SCENE?! SHOULDN'T THEY FUCKING WARNED US OR SOMETHING? And he pretty much fucking impale her with his dick still in his pantsu. LMFAOROFLOMFGJASHDBUWTF. Haru said that he loves her though. So what the fuck will hapen to Sora then? Shit, where is this show going? Am I going to get my twincest or not? FUCKING RAGE. .

Thursday, October 28

Bleach is back and I couldn't be any happier. Truly, reading the chapters so early in the morning made my day so much better ^_^

Initially I was thinking of dropping Shinryaku! Ika Musume but episode 3 made me changed my mind. I found Gorou to be quite essential for the funneh factor. The ghost skit was a great example of how he was useful. Part of it had something to do with him trying to win the big sister's heart. The funniest bit imo was Ika worrying about the inflated killer whale and it's cousins. They introduced a new character in the last skit, a surfer named Nagisa. The only character that recognized Ika for she is, an invader. Needless to say Ika was happy with this.

Since I started off with a manga today, it's best that I end my day caught up with some of the series as well. Naruto chapter 513: So Deidara isn't completely dead then since he still has that personality and shit. He and Kabuto on his way to the Turtle Island when the old Tsuchikage appeared to try and stop him. Phailed. Kobato flipped the turtle and Naruto believes that it was an earthquake. God bless his naive soul. LOL. Aight, Kobuto just fucking freaked me out in chapter 514 though. Gross. Btw, Kabuto has successfully captured Yamato.

The World Only God Knows episode 4: LOL you just have to love Keima when he's so obsessed over a game. His reactions are priceless. Kudos for Hiro Shimono for making it so lively. I'm not a gamer myself but does this kind of things really happened in real life?

Friday, October 29

They are making movies in Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge episode 4. It was supposed to be about P-Ko and the mayor but not if Takai has a hand in it. Then Ric is forced to be the only audience for the haunted house the Mayor set up. All the ghost failed to scare him but at the end, his dad did the trick. It was a meh episode overall, compared to last week.

To be honest, I'm getting tired of Wako/Takato shit in Star Driver so a change of pace in episode 4 is what I want to see. Unfortunately that's not going to happen. Though we get to see Tiger craving for Sugata and her will made everyone disappear because she wanted Wako and Takato to be together thinking that she might have a chance with Sugata. Yeah, as if. Hmm, this made me wonder who is it that Sugata has his heart for. But yeah this is another episode of Wako and Takato bonding. What a snoozefest. I do like the story of Sam though. Credits again for the animation people, btw. They really did a good job with all the details.


KamiNomi ep 4: Oh yes, it happens to use eroge players ALL THE TIME.

Index is damn both slow and fast. The fight was damn fast but the development is damn sloow! It's getting on my nerves already.

So Keima is relatable to some players then. Good to know ^^"

Same, foomafoo. I mean, we can already kinda tell where it's going anyway. They are wasting screen time with unnecessary fanservics.

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