Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, July 2011

Wednesday, July 27

Episode 4 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: Claude walks on Yune trying to take a hot bath and lol at the reaction. Alice was bragging about the orient loving hot water and bath together in a giant tub, naked. A coincident? I think not. It's a common fact that French people don't bath too often which mean they are a smelly bunch. It seems the tradition has been going on for century. Only the rich can indulge themselves like that. They consider it as a waste of water. Jeebus, what a difference. Also, Alice Brat invites Yune for tea but she declines which mean Alice has to go to her instead. So she and Claude play a game on who can keep Yune. Alice sure is persistent thus gets on Claude's nerves. In the end she wins as Yune agrees to talk to her. She tries to convince Yune to stay, even offering the Kimono back but thankfully she refuses. Claude might be the happiest to see her return. Heh cute.


Yukiho pissed me off. She can bury herself with that shovel of hers for all I care. In episode 3 of The iDOLM@STER, they got a gig at some festival. What they don't know is, it's a secluded village with perhaps only cows as audiences. They even have to help the villagers with the preparation. What's worst, Ami and Mami brought the wrong suitcase. Nothing is working out as they have planned at all. Not to mention that they have to deal with Yukiho's phobia for men. If it's not men, then dogs. WHAT. THE. FUCK. But as expected, all goes well in the end. Jeebus, I was so bored watching this

oh God, YES, please do! >=(

Thursday, July 28

Morita-san wa Mukuchi episode 2, 3 and 4: In episode 2, they re-established the fact that Miki is a chatter box so it really is a complete contrast between to characters. Miki do things when Mayu just thinks too much about it. Episode 3 - Mayu's classmate doesn't know how to deal with her but they end up admiring each other hairs. Just like in episode 2, the boys are envious of them being so chummy. Episode 4 - It's the summer so the girls find all sorts of way to cool themselves. From what I've heard, summer in Japan is really terribad. Makes me glad that I don't have to deal with it.

W00t! Episode 3 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Hideyoshi and his twin sister switch roles since his sister has no talent on stage thus Hideyoshi has to take her place. This means, his sister ends up in class F. Though it was her idea, she sure raises hell for Hideyoshi. For the second half of the episode, we had a flashback of what happened a year ago. How Hazuki comes to love Yoshi so much, and we learn that Himeji has a crush on Yoshi since then too. At the same time, Yoshi has no idea that he bought the Noin doll for Himeji who confessed that she's interested in Yoshi too. Awesome. Also, we gotta know how Yoshi ended up as Punishment Inspector. Great flashback is great.

Hideyoshi! hnnnnnnng!!

Friday, July 29

It has been more than a month since I last saw the first episode of Kamisama no Memochou. Okay now, onto the other half of episode 1: Narumi found himself getting drag along with the investigation of finding Shoko (Satoshi is her boyfriend) and even has a task of his own: asking Miku directly about the prostitution, getting Moccaditto ear's fixed at the 4th (a yakuza place owned by Hiro's brother), and help the team figure out the puzzle. Shoko committed suicide. Satoshi keeps her in the tub full of ice while Miku refuse to accept the reality. Satoshi and Miku are irreplaceable for Miku since they both know the other half of her. In the end, it just comes naturally for Narumi to help out. He fits right in.

Nyanpire the Animation episode 4: Nyanpire and Meowsamune asked Nyanenshi why was he banished from heaven. Without hesitation, Nyantenshi starts his sad story of falling in love with Meowangelica who was to marry a monkey. They sex up and when they were found out, Nyantenshi was banished on the same day. Meowsamune and Nyanpire were the actors and they were sympathetic. Too bad Nyantenshi was lying. LOL again, Jun Fukuyama was brilliant!

he's very persuasive XD

29 July 2011

WF2011 Summer Figures: WANT

When was the last time I wrote a post about figures? I have no fucking idea.

Don't get me wrong. I still love them figures and I still buy them when I see something of my fancy. The last figure I bought was of Krauser II by Revoltech. It is still in the box unopened, among many other figures like Haruhi (the Disappearance version and nendo), Kyon, Lucky Star puchi, Konata and few others, including a One Piece figure that I got for my birthday. Some, like the Bakemonogatari Puchi, I got for almost over a year now and still unopened.

I am sure that many have covered the whole hoohah of Wonfest Summer 2011. I am not going to do the same. I am merely gonna post up some figure pictures that have caught my attention at the festival. I may or may not buy them in the future. We'll just have to wait and see about that.

Urgh, why must they produced one of my most favorite accessories she has ever wore...

her bike

As I watched Fireball Charming, and saw the latest gadgets and accessories Drossel used week after week, I know it is only a matter of time before they get on sale. I'm sure the price will be ridiculous for this one. If only they would just sell the accessories... I am so tempted.

those staves are tempting me though
edit: thanks!

I am a big fan of The World God Only Knows anime. Keima is probably one of the most memorable character I have ever encountered. If only they have a Keima puchi too in the middle, I would not have to think twice about purchasing these dear things. Although I have warm up to Elsie in season two and does like Haqua, I don't think I would spending my money on them anytime soon.


Harribel is not my favorite espada. She's just okay in my opinion and I blame Kubo for making her death so lame. But Bleach characters have a spot in my hollowed heart despite how unfavorable they are in anime/manga. I would still buy them if I can get my hands on them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have an Inoue figure in my collection now, would I? SO WANT.

cuteness overload! hnnnnnng!!

Whoa, just look at that, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée already have figures coming out? When can I get my Takanashi figure!! I didn't know that they are that popular. But then again, I saw a lot of figures from shows that I don't give a fuck about. The Japanese people are weird like that Having said that these puchi is too darn cute to ignore. I am tempted just because that kimono looks so good on Yune. Not to mention puchi Claude! Tempted as fuck!

THAT helmet...

Kamui Kobayashi got himself a figma deal. Not really a fan of his but he does drive for one of my most favorite Formula 1 team: Sauber F1 Team. There's nothing much about the figma if you take the helmet away but damn... that helmet is the selling point of this figure for me. The details!

However, I have a learn a lot since I first collected these figures. I used to buy anything that I seem to like but not really, like them Vocaloid puchis. I only like Kaito and that's the only reason why I even bought them. I feel sorry for those tiny things for getting neglected which is why I sold them to a kid in neighboring country where they will get the love that they deserved.

From now onwards, I am gonna be a tad more smart at choosing figures that I want to buy so I won't waste my money nor feel guilty for neglecting them.

For my figures, click here though I haven't updated it in a while >_>

28 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 458

Alert! Ginjou is down! Ichigo has the right to worry since he has been cut down by Tsukishima's fullbring. Ginjou could very well be his enemy now just like that two betrayers. But that would be too cliche now, wouldn't it? Thankfully Kubo decides that Ginjou is not affected (yet).

While Ichigo rushes towards Ginjou, he forgets to watch his back and Tsukishima is a son of a bicth who will stab you in the back if he gets the chance. Fortunately Ginjou still has some wits with him to warn Ichigo about it.

you can say that again!

Since there is no visible wound where Tsukishima has cut Ginjou, that just means that his fullbring power hasn't taken any effect yet and Shuu might has the ability to activate it at his own will. So Ichigo and Ginjou decide to take care of Shuu as soon as possible before Ginjou too succumb to his fullbring power.

Just as they are about to attack, Ishida arrives looking mighty pissed. Kubo wants us to guess whih side he's on and thus he lets us wondering for at least another page or two.

But come on now... It's not like we can't tell which side he's on already. Seriously Kubo, your story is not THAT unpredictable and he knows it which is why he lets Ichigo doubts Ishida's words. I don't blame the kid. His two most trusted friends betrayed him so what makes Ishida any difference? Beside, since the beginning of Bleach, these two pretend they can't get along.

That should wake Ichigo up

Then BAM! As expected, Ginjou comes from behind Ichigo looking like a rapist eying his pray.

What happened next: Ichigo got cut by Ginjou while Ishida, who just came out from the hospital, got cut by Tsukishima. Then, like I have suspected, Ginjou starts laughing his ass off. He has been conspiring with Tsukishima all along. Hah! I fucking knew it! We all do!

I really feel sorry for Ichigo (how many times have that been since this arc started?). He's being played so easily and just because Ginjou wants to obtain his power, his family and friends are once again dragged into the mess.

Well, now that Ginjou finally got what he's looking for, he has no use of keeping Ichigo alive anymore. Sayonara~

But wait, he gives a hint on how to turn things back to normal though. Tsukishima just have to cut the same person twice for his fullbring to negate it's power. Thanks for the tip!

I'm sure Isshin, Urahara and that mysterious shinigami finally make a full out appearance in the next chapter. They must have known what's going on. I mean, the shinigamis are around patrolling Karakura Town even though Ichigo doesn't have the ability to see them anymore. Surely it is in their best concern to stop people like Ginjou from obtaining the getway to gain shinigami powers. Or by any luck, Grimmjow or Ulquiorra will come and fucked thins up instead. Jeebus, I haven't been this excited for a very long time. Glad to know that you still have it in you Kubo :)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

27 July 2011

First Impression: Mawaru Penguindrum

My bad really. I said in my preview that this show is not getting subs. Who am I kidding right? EVERYTHING GETS SUBS NOWADAYS especially a show that has the same director as Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Bass couldn't stop praising this show and though it's late I know I just have to check it out.

(c) Bass

I gotta say that I love the opening scene of this show when it talks about fate. I don't necessarily hate the word but just like it said, it makes the world an unfair and cruel place to live in. It makes us question why the fuck are we born if all we do is already set in stone way before we even take the first breath of air. It's calling us to fight that fate and strive to make ourselves a victor. I'm liking this show already.

I have no fucking clue what this show is all about. I want it to surprise me with everything that it got, and surprised I am. I immediately like all three protagonists, maybe not so much on Himari but yeah I warm up to them real quick. That in itself is quite a feat since I'm a character driven person so whether or not I end up liking or hating an anime is depends mostly on the characters. Good news indeed.

Shoma, Himari and Kanba are three siblings who aren't exactly born on silver platter. They live in a rundown house with no parents. What's worse is the fact that Himari is very sick and predicted to live just for a few months more. Obviously the news devastated the brothers (it's borderline incest if you asked me) so they tend to indulge Himari with whatever she wants. One day, she wants to see the penguin and off they go to the aquarium. She collapse and that's the last time she's with them.

Or so the show wants us to believe. I got a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Himari and I was correct.

At the aquarium, there were three strange penguins hiding in a dustbin as Shoma and Himari walked by. They aren't your ordinary penguins either. Also, Shoma bought a penguin hat for Himari and when she's wearing that, she's something else. They boys don't care about the details when Himari woke up from the dead. They are just too happy knowing that their sister is still alive. She is cured and declared stable. It sure is a miracle to these two boys who don't believe in God and hated fate.

They receive a parcel containing three frozen penguins. The same penguins that I mentioned before. One of them follows Shoma around, helping him out and it turns out unexpectedly funny. Shoma is the only person who can sees it so naturally he freaks out. Kanba and Himari are more composed though.

Or so I thought. When Himari gets possessed by the hat, I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore. Let just called her 'The Hat' (edit: I learned her name is Princess of Crystal when I searched for the fanarts) when she is possessed, shall we? She told the boys that she's extending the life of their sister for a price. They have to help her find the Penguin Drum in return. Then she gets naked and get Kanda naked too before she... grabs the heart of Kanda? Like I said, what the fuck is going on?


Though I picked up the various hints as the episode progress, I didn't fucking expect this! My brain ceases to function so I can't really form any thoughts regarding this at the moment. I know I oppose of it though. Fuck! Why can't they have Kanda/Shoma instead? XD

asked and you shall received! :3
(c) pixiv ID 1608647

Credits to Terumi Nishii for upgrading the already great character designs by Lily Hoshino. It is definitely one of the best things about this show. The other thing that strike me the most about this show is how vibrant everything is despite the condition. With a little splotch of colors here and there, it stirs this whole new set of feelings. It's unique, it's playful and it's bold. Not to mention how they woven the flashback scenes so smoothly without disrupting the present. A good director makes all the difference I guess. Kudos.

Oh well, I get what I asked for. I couldn't be more happier. Thank you Bass for influencing me so :)

arts and animation 10/10
story 9/10
characters 9/10
sounds 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10

26 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 15

lmao [gg] at the OP advertising. I was like... what the heck? This episode is supposed to be all serious and shit. lol marketin done right? Anyway, allow me to say that the BGM for the flashback scene is really nice. Anyone knows who it is from?

The episode resumes itself with Rin getting tentacle rape treatment by the moth monster. He wants the others to run along just so he can use his power discreetly but of course Bon refuses and determines to save Rin. This just goes to show that you don't need a demonic power to defeat the monster distracts the monster just enough so they can run away. This should serves as a lesson or two for Rin, and also to reassure Rin that he's not alone in his quest to kick Satan's ass.

oh yeah... that...

Rin shouldn't worry to much. Of course they are going to get pissed at him at first but they too will forgive him eventually and helps him with that quest of his. I mean, even Yukio has to deal with that stage and he's his twin little brother.

Apparently everyone is successful with their mission which mean no one from their group shot the firework which also means Yukio is in trouble. At the same time, Shiemi is being bitten by something but no one makes a fuss about it when Amaimon crashes the party with his pet, Behemoth.

He is quickly taken care of by Shura though who doesn't hesitates to draw her demon swords and her familiars. She's quite powerful, I must admit but that doesn't mean I have to like her because I still don't.

As expected, Mephisto is watching from afar while drinking tea and eating scones. Interestingly, he doesn't allow Amaimon to kill any of them. I wonder what his real motive is then. Gauging Rin's power?

he reminds me so much of Urahara

Everyone knows who Amaimon is. He's pretty famous for a prince of hell. Apparently he has 7 more brothers which I am sure Mephisto is one of them. So to protect them, Shura soaks them with Type C holy water. She does that to everyone except for Shiemi and Rin. Why does she not include Shiemi, I have no fucking idea.

Everyone starts panicking. This is Amaimon after all and they should know what he is capable of. Everyone excepts for the clueless Rin that is so Shura gives Rin the demon slaying sword again. This time she takes it out from her stomach. That's not a pretty sight at all.

Also, according to Shura, she sent Yukio away. Err... come again? Yukio is fighting the monster moth instead? This doesn't make any sense. Urgh my head!

And let's not forget about Shiemi. She's the tool for Amaimon as he has possesses her.

That's one way to tackle a girl effectively. Pyon~ ♥

sex her up, Amaimon!

With Shiemi under his commands, he whisks her away which force Rin and Shura to come after him thus canceling the effect of the protective circle. Well plan, Amaimon. Damn, he's charming. Even more so when he sends Rin flying with a flick of a finger.


Again, Bon just can't sit around in the circle and watch Rin gets his pathetic ass kicked so badly by Amaimon. So he goes after him. Wherever he goes, Shima and Koneko are right behind him, such loyal friends that they are. However we already know that their efforts gonna be futile in front of Amaimon. He doesn't even break a sweat kicking their ass (only grows a brocolli on top of his head).

This makes Rin determine to use his sword. He doesn't care anymore if his secret as the satan's son is reveals just as long as he can save his friends. Yukio tries to stop him but there's no way he's going to listen.

I'll play with you Rin :3

Amaimon gets what he asked for, much more than that in fact. A pissed off Rin is very dangerous indeed. He shows no mercy as he fights with Amaimon which is just bloody awesome. Mephisto sure is enjoying it as much as I am.

The fact is Rin has lost control of his flame. He destroys the cuckoo clock that Mephisto takes out to retrieve Amaimon. I am not sure whether that means we have seen the last of Amaimon. I sure hope not.

Gah, things will surely get much more interesting next week. It looks like the Vatican has learned about Rin's true identity and Mephisto getting a hold of the demon slaying blade. I just wish Yukio has more prominent role to play from now on. It's just not fair :(

Also, Reverse Vampire in his review of this episode mentioned something about the animation in this episode is flawless. I have to agree. No wonder A-1 Pictures Summer anime (The iDOLM@STER and Uta no Prince-sama ~ Maji Love 1000%) look so crappy and below par of what the studio used to produce. All the budget for Summer anime has gone into this show. Tis' awesome.

p/s: Gintama in the middle of Ao no Exorcist makes me laugh so hard. [gg] you are just made of win sometimes :D

25 July 2011

No. 6: Episode 3

lol never in my life I have seen mouse so obedient and so smart. Nezumi is a good rat trainer. He should be in the circus. He even makes the rats/mouses understand human language. How fucking genius is that?

But of course I should have known that they are just robots. Nezumi is playing us all. Not to mention what great of an actor he is.


kissu! kissu!

As if we need anymore reminder that this show is gaaaaaaaayyy. I'm not complaining though. In fact, I wish other shows would be more like this one too :P

lol but let's gets serious and pay attention to what this episode is all about, shall we?

Nezumi the first to notice abnormality in Shion because of the infection and as if on cue, Shion is affected by it. I don't remember the other victims to be in pain before. Hmm... but anyway, Nezumi helps him out and get rid of the shit. This presents a good opportunity for Nezumi to expose the corruption of No. 6.

Shion is not too happy though. He's freaking out just because he's now an albino and have some cool marks on his body. If Nezumi doesn't knocks some sense into him, he would probably lost his marbles.

so meek >=3

I like the fact that Nezumi isn't sympathetic to the fate of the people in No. 6 even though he knows that they might be dying with the infection. In fact, he rejoices it and looks forward to see the city in chaos, with screams hanging in the air. He said all those things without regards of Shion's feeling, which just makes him even more appealing.

Shion did ask him why does he hates No.6 so much but Nezumi chose to keep his silent, at least for now. He brings Shion to a run down hotel that is run by a Dogkeeper. He asked that kid to retrieve a message from Shion's mom which quickly puts ideas into Shion's head. He thinks that they can send out message to the Bureau of Health to warn them about parasite bees.

He has basically declares war with Nezumi. Shion just doesn't get it, does he? *sigh*

Oh well, from the preview it looks like the show will get even more gay as it progresses. Yay! ^__^

can't blame ya, Nezumi!

24 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, July 2011

Saturday, July 23

Just like last week, I was again swamped with shits this week. I only saw a couple of new anime for the Summer season which you can see what I thought about them in my first impression posts.

Episode 3 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: It's Claude's turns to learn more about Japan and whenever Oscar or Yune try to explain how it is, Claude totally has different ideas in his mind. He just can't relate at all. He should watch some anime, in my opinion. This is the first time I enjoying the interaction between Claude and Yune. They are cute. This episode also introduces a brat name Alice who is going to inherit Gallery du Roy. She's obviously will encounter Claude and Yune who determined not to let the Gallery be taken away from them. It is also by chance that Alice has Yune's keepsake kimono.

That's a cool sign. Do want

Nyanpire the Animation episode 3: Jun Fukuyama! I mean Nyantenshi! He's as cute as I thought he would be. He's a fallen angel since his conduct is not really angelic. Extortion is one of them. He's cheeky little brat and immediately becomes nemesis with Meowsamune. This is the episode where I changed my mind about this show. I love it... thanks to Nyantenshi!

zomg cuteness overload!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Trailer

Exactly a year and two days ago, I wrote a post about the comeback of a series beloved by all, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I am the first to admit that I'm an avatard and thus has boycotted the crappy movie made by M. Night. That movie doesn't do justice at all at how fucking awesome this series are and so I won't blame anyone if M. Night got murdered because of it.

But I'm here to spread the good news for all Avatards who certainly, just like me, is having a fappable moment. I present to thee the trailer!

She can water-bending AND fire-bending? FUCK NO! I'm green with envy! Fuck... Fire-bending is the shiznit. It makes me jizz in my pantsu and squirts and what not ^__^


I want Zuko's babies terribad ♥

On the side note, am I the only one who is annoyed and pissed off about the confusion between Avatar: The Last Airbender and James Cameron's Avatar? Since that movie came out, whenever I said Avatar, people quickly assumed its the movie instead of the series. I want to smack their heads for that. I am not exactly a fan of that movie. It was good but that's about it. It was quickly outshone by other films, like Toy Story 3 for example. So really, stop getting confused people. There is actually a better Avatar than that blue freak dude.

Get it right!

21 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 457

The chapter starts with the Xcutioners attacking Ginjou. They aren't playing fair either, attacking Ginjou all together at once: four against one. Kubo takes the opportunity to explain that Sushi guy's full bring (I seriously need to remember the name of these new characters but they are so blah) called "jackpot knuckle). It has something to do with jackpot and probability. It sounds stupid and is stupid.

your fullbring is as dumb as your face

On the other side of the room, Ichigo has his hands full dealing with the betrayers as well as Tsukishima. Ichigo manages to land a couple of blow at him, which kinda funny since he's all "I'm better than you" attitude as he taunts Ichigo. He is quite surprised that Ichigo has developed so much. He can even use Getsuga Tenshou to attack Tsukishima.

Ichigo would have succeed at defeating Shuu-chan if it weren't for those two MOTHERFUCKING MORONS who fucking insist to protect Tsukishima. In order to do so obviously they need to attack Ichigo. Oh boy, I'm fucking pissed. Let the guy fight his own fight you fucking pigs!

Ichigo obviously having a hard time dealing with the betrayal thus making himself vulnerable to his enemy. He would have got cut too if it wasn't for Ginjou.

oh shit

For the first time since he made an appearance that I want to believe that Ginjou is a good guy in his arc. The next coming chapter should be entertaining what's with Ishida finally joining the party. Unlike the other two fucking pigs whose names I refused to utter, Ishida is one friend that Ichigo can rely on. Just look at the Hueco Mundo arc for example when Ichigo was fighting (my) Ulquiorra at the top of the dome. He earned a new found respect from me then.

With Ishida now in full speed to help out Ichigo, I guess it means that we are not going to see Isshin, Kisuke and the mystery shinigami anytime soon. Damn it.

I wonder what he means...

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

20 July 2011

First Impression: Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000%

The second anime produced by A-1 Pictures for this season. Naturally I feel oblige to watch this show just for that reason alone, though I must admit that I'm not looking forward to the story itself. I think the studio can do much better than this. I hope the bishies are fappable enough to make up for what it's lacking. Pfft, who am I kidding. There will be BL in this show! I demand it!

What klux-sama wants, klux-sama gets!
(c) Porry

I expect a lot of things but I didn't expect a show about J-Pop idols. I should have but it just doesn't cross my mind. Since I'm not a fan of J-Pop (only J-Rock) and is much more familiar with the K-Pop, I found this show extremely hilarious. It's like watching behind the scene shiznit about the groups, which quite frankly I don't mind at all. Watching them perform on stage with groovy dance moves like that, and fans chanting... yup definitely K-Pop idols. 2PM perhaps? They definitely fits the bill. lol they should used their song for this show instead of the first ED of Ao no Exorcist.

These six idols are students at Saotome Academy, the most prestige performing arts school in the country. There they met this lucky bitch named Haruka who is the subject of their affection for some reason that's lost to me. Who gives a fuck about her anyway?

Since A-1 Pictures produced this, I know I won't be disappointed with the characters. They are known for beautiful, pretty and hot characters and for a harem show, they definitely make the characters desirable. I certainly want them boys to be in my pantsu so naturally that warrants me to be jealous of Haruka who by the way, looks a bit off with that pupil of hers. She reminds me of Paprika but in term of personality and likeability, she is the tasteless gum at the bottom of Paprika's shoes.

Meet my new fappable characters
(c) kanzaki8

The story itself reminds me a little bit of La Corda D'oro Prima Passo and Miracle Train. It is predictable from the get go but I convinced myself that I'm not watching this for the cliche story line but for the characters and possibility of BL. To be honest, I tuned out the part that has Haruka and only focus on the boys. I am so used with yaoi that doing that is a cinch which mean I am enjoying this one more than I should have.

In order words, I am disappointed at how bad the story is. Not to mention that aside from the character, the animation and arts are definitely below the usual par that A-1 Pictures set for his anime. It's like this show has the lowest budget in all of their anime. Well, can't blame them really. I won't spend so much on shit like this too.

Oh well. I'm being honest here. I am gonna watch this because of the bishie characters as well as the seiyuu. If those aren't your thing, best to stir clear from this show.

Watch at your own risk.

arts & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10

No. 6: Episode 2

The episode picks up from where it left of.

That was a lie.

Shion is all grown up and working at some sort of robotic department that picks up trash. He calls his job as park supervisor. Talks about time elapse.

He was disqualified from getting into the gifted class four years ago when they found out he was hiding Nezumi. All the privileges were taken away from him and he was banished from Chronos. He spent the last four years at the Lost Town. At least he didn't turn Nezumi in. He let him escaped. Atta boy!

If I can sensed his discontent before, it is clear that he's living a life of no regrets, or a carefree life now. At least he has a clear conscious. Safu is adamant to ruin that for him though. Who's Safu? That childhood friend of Shion who is going to study abroad. She's only 16 and yet she's wanting sex. Kids these days...

Yeesh! I'm so gonna use this as my pick up line

I was afraid that he would say yes but I should not get my pantsu in a twist. Shion's heart is already stolen by Nezumi. There's no way he would betray him and just have sex with a girl, who, let's be honest, is not the slightest bit attractive.

bingo! You are rejected!

Nezumi, who has been watching from afar, couldn't be more delighted. He sends his rat and Shion quickly abandons Safu without second thoughts. This is the bond of yaoi love, ladies and gentlemen lmao.

On a different note, Shion and co-worker found a dead man in the park. Shion suspected the authority is hiding something since obviously the man did not die from an "accident". There is a rule in No.6: you are not allowed to question authority since you pledged your loyalty to the city but when his co-worker also died with the same kind of death, there is no way Shion is just going to sit around and do nothing.

The cause of death is some kind of parasite flying bug that looks like hornet. It eats up the human body and hatches from the neck. Since Shion is the only person at the crime scene, they quickly suspect him of murder and a malcontent. On his way to the correctional facility, lo and behold, Nezumi shows up and saves his ass. Aww... so romantic :3

I jump from my seat with both of my fist in the air! *victory dance*

It is Nezumi's turns to help Shion escape. He brings him to the outside dump of N0.6 and thus things just get even more interesting. Not to mention that Shion has been infected by the killing bug as well.


19 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 14

Summer holiday is here. The normal students are allowed to go home for the holidays but not for the Esquires. They have to attend a three day combat training camp. The training camp will also serves as a test to see if they are ready for missions. Good news is, Yukio will be joining them. Bad news is, Shura will be there too. Urgh...

his pantsu? :3

They are given a task and they must do them separately. They need to bring back a lit lantern in three days time. There are only three lanterns though so each man to himself. Despite Shura's advices not to use his demonic power, Rin still uses it to save Shiemi, who is the first to go down. Thank goodness Bon doesn't know what to make out of the blue flames that he sees. So despite that they are going into the forest with "no helping each other" attitude, they all gather and help each other out nonetheless. That was sweet.

They are not the only one in the forest though. Mephisto brings Amaimon along who is so anxious to play with his little brother again. While the five of them (Konekon, Shima, Shiemi, Bon and Rin) busy dealing with the peg lantern, one of the other two members of Esquire light a firework which requires Yukio (since Shura is a lazy bitch) to save him/her. At the same time, the giant moth of a demon takes Rin hostage. Oh shit.


To be continued next week. Things are getting interesting, judging from the preview.

Anyway, there are two instances that show me the other side of Yukio. First when he noticed how Shiemi is so observant of Rin. I bet he's jealous. Again, I wanna pat his back. Secondly, when he gets mad at Shura for getting drunk. I wish he would draw his pistols and fucking fire a bullet in between those jiggling boobs (I bet she has a matrix boobs and can fucking dodge that bullet -__-).

First Impression: No. 6

One of the noitaminA anime for the Summer. It was released the last two weeks but I was too damn busy with shits that I have only got the time to watch it now. Better late than never I guess. I wonder if I ever going to manage checking out the remaining 15 anime of the Summer season =\

(c) Sarnath

No.6 is actually a name of a city that kinda reminds me of Fractale since it's supposed to be the ideal city but just like most place, there are always shits going on underneath the perfect facade. Chronos is the most luxurious part of the city where the most intelligent people resides. That's where Shion lives since he's proven to be a genius.

Though Shion life looks to be perfect on the outside, the show portrays that he might not be content at all. On his twelve birthday, a typhoon hits the city and on that fateful night, he met his fateful counterpart (I'm fulfilling my fantasies, ignore me :P), Nezumi, a boy his age who ran away from some sort of a military based operation. He was wounded so Shion treated him. He learned a few things or two from Nezumi, like No.6 is not really as peaceful as he thought it was.

Though the characters aren't as fluid or pretty as I hope it would be, they are still full of personalities and dare I say, soul. Credits to the seiyuus for making them come alive with their voices. In the preview, they looks like Allen and Yuu Kanda from D.Grayman but they don't look anything like them in this first episode. In fact, Shion hair color is brunette and not white. At least not yet anyway.

If noitaminA tag isn't enough to convince me to watch this show (which it is), the BL and yaoi fanarts scattered around the interweb sure does the trick. But No.6 is more than just appearance, everything else about it is engaging which is why I am so gonna follow this one, as I have stated in my Summer preview. I wonder if I should do an episodic review? Hmm...

art and animation 8/10
story 9/10
characters 9/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10

p/s: I freaking love the ED ♥

18 July 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 13

I remember now why I am so reluctant to watch this episode... Knowing that Shura will definitely be in it. Damn it, why must she appears and ruin this show for me. This is like Whorehime and Bleach all over again. A proper lady won't go around by just wearing a bikini two size smaller than her melons or shoves people head onto her jiggling breasts. Urgh... what a cheap character.

My feelings aside, Rin is brought to the Japanese Branch of the Order of True Cross. Phew that name is a mouthful. Shura, as she has introduced herself in the last episode is a High Inspector and she's there to question Mephisto for hiding the son of satan. She and Mephisto obviously don't see eye to eye. That pleases me greatly for some reason.

Shura brings Rin in for an interrogation, if you can call it that. Instead of interrogating Rin, she's bitching about how her life condition was before Fujimoto saved her. Apparently he begged her to make Rin her pupil so as his apprentice as well as her savior, she obviously can't say no. She is to teach Rin what she knows about using a demon sword since she has one herself, which she puts in between her breasts. Is this the reason why she can't wear a proper dress? Bullshit.

even her sword looks cheap >.>

She wants to kill Rin because that's her "order" but we all knew better. She's just evaluating him. Because I don't like her, I hate how predictable this stint is. With that being said, her demon sword reminds me of my zanpaktou that I made up for my role playing. Though with different power, the attacks are quite similar.

Interestingly in this episode, Rin is able to use his demon power even when the demon sword is sheathed. Is this sign of him getting stronger? Amaimon would be pleased though Shura decides to hold on to his demon sword until he can fight a proper fight. All is good perhaps but it breaks my heart when I saw how Yukio gets over-shadowed yet again. I wanna reach out to him and pats his back.

Thanks to his encounters with Shura, Rin is all power up to try his best and not disappoints his late dad. Also. since Shura decides to stay, she becomes one of the teacher. She's 18, with that sagging boobs ? Pfft, as if I'd buy that lies.

I gotta admit, Shiro is one hell of a cool person.

p/s: I'm digging the new OP and ED.

17 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, July 2011

Saturday, July 16

I was extremely busy this week. I did saw some new anime of Summer season, you can find what I thought about them in my first impression posts.

Episode 2 of Baka to test to Shoukanjuu Ni!: From beach episode to festival. This show really does go all out, doesn't it? But Yuuji and Akihisa didn't get out unscathed from their little rendezvous in the past episode. Though they have already been punished, they are slightly skeptical that the girls can forgive them so easily. They do have reasons to be worried because obviously the girls won't be so tolerant. The girls force the boys to crossdressing in yukata and enter a contest. Can't say that they look fugly though. Actually they all look cute, especially Tsuchiya. Too bad we didn't get to see the crowd reaction for Hideyoshi.

Sunday, July 17

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée episode 2: Yune is trying out breakfast, Paris style. She experiences the taste of cheese, bread and coffee for the first time. Despite myself, I thought it was funny and the awfully cute. Claude also takes her out for sightseeing and she keeps learning new stuff about the western. She definitely tries hard to acclimatize herself with Claude and Oscar.

Gonna waste three minutes of my time watching episode 2 of Nyanpire the Animation. I can't stand Nyanpire after I saw the seiyuu's ED. That was murder but thankfully Meowsamune comes to the rescue. He wants to kill the demon cat but was taken in by his charm, not knowing that he's fallen for a tomcat. LOL BL gotta love it.

Episode 2 of Sacred Seven: Since Giga Drill Breaker takes over the school, she did some improvement that just doesn't make sense but meh, her hair doesn't make sense in the first place, does it now? Anyway, Sacred Seven is the name that is given to the seven alien stones that crash-landed long time ago. Those who possesses it have great power which can also caused mutation. Alma must have gotten it from his mother. He lost the stone when he was bullied (that caused him to lost control the first time around) and has been searching the river for that lost stone. In this episode, Arma has to fight dragon type Dark Stone. The episode was okay until Arma turns to rock. Fighting with that bitch in her arm, and that gay armor... that just pissed the hell outta me. I don't give a damn if he knows her from childhood, Arma better not be a lolicon. Btw, the bitch is fighting to save her twin sister Aoi. After seeing her that Arma agrees to help. Fuck that.

None of the girls passed the auditions in episode 2 of The iDOLM@STER. One look at their senzai (promotional material), the producer already knows why. They are craps! Seriously, these girls remind me of the K-pop girl groups. Urgh... in fact they should learn a few things from them, like how they do their senzai and portray their images. Thank goodness the producer is not as dumb as he looks and get things corrected in no time at all. Too bad the girls are just too dumb to listen to adults.

Makoto is still the most good looking one in this bunch. Miki is second.

15 July 2011

First Impression: Ro-Kyu-Bu!

The second episode is already out but it is only now that I have the time to spare for this shit. The aniblogsphere has been buzzing at how shitty this one is so I don't really know why the hell am I still watching this show. Maybe it has something to do with self-satisfaction, making sure that this is really as shit as everyone said it was. Or maybe I'm just a closet masochist.

(c) tinkerbell

The show is about Subaru, a high school kid who is forced by his aunt (who is smaller than him and looks like an elementary school student) to coach the basketball team at her school. The basketball team in question, has 5 members whom Subaru will gradually warm up to and thus, instead of only coaching for three days, he voluntarily signs himself up for the whole semester. Even more so when he got challenged by small boys acting like brats. So damn predictable.

I thought height plays a big part in selecting the players. They also need to know at least the basic rules about basketball. Apparently these kids are so awesome, they don't give a fuck about all that. Bullshit.

The characters... Tomoka reminds me of Tamaki from Bamboo Blade for whatever reason even though their personalities are so different while Himeji from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is Hinata. Moha is obviously Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku. As you have probably deduct by now, I don't exactly appreciate cloning so the characters itself is one of the weakest points for this show. Recycling material is only good in real life, not in anime.

If that's not bad, they even has a shower scene with them naked and placement of strategic bubbles. Then, they even feel each other up in that fucking shower. I mean, these kids are elementary students, for fuck's sake. What are you trying to teach them? Hentai lifestyle? How fucking lolicon can you be? I won't allow my kids to watch this show. Nu'uh. No fucking way.

Though I do want to see the second episode just for the fuck of it though I don't think I ever will. Not with this much backlog, I can't :(

art and animation 4/10
story 4/10
characters 4/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4/10

13 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 456

Oh boy, I should have seen this coming, whorehime has healed Shuu-chan back to normal. He's no longer wounded. His hand which was decapitated by Ichigo in the last chapter has return. No more handicapped. Shit. I'm pissed and it's only the first page of this chapter. Fuck, just fucking kill her already, Ichigo.

This spread just reminds me of how much I love these characters except for a few. Damn Kubo enticing me so...

Everyone thought that Shuu has helped them defeating Aizen hence why they feel so grateful to him and couldn't understand why Ichigo is doing what he's doing. So for them, it's okay for Shuu to attack Ichigo as a defense. That's just bullshit but hey they are stupid enough to be mindfucked by Shuu.

Shuu further explains how his fullbring works. He doesn't altered or manipulated anyone's mind but instead he inserted his existence in past event. Only those who has been inflicted with his fullbring will be affected which is why Ichigo and Ginjou are the only odd ones. Shuu has no intention of wounding Ichigo though. He just want to insert himself in his past is all. As if that will happen. I'm sure someone will come along and save his ass just in the nick of time. Someone like his father, Urahara and that mystery shinigami.

Since whorehime and Chad's loyalty have now switched side, they have no qualm attacking Ichigo. I feel sorry for him, for being betrayed by his friends like that. That must have hurt like hell, and the wound runs deeper than any sword can inflict.

Fuck, I have never wanted to stab my zanpaktou into Chad and Inoue so badly as I feel right now. Fuck, that would feel awesome, as Eika vibrated under my hand and their blood splattered everywhere.

While Ichigo is busy dealing with the mindfuck, Ginjou has to face the other Xcutioners including Shuu's wing man, that punk ass kid whose name I have forgotten. Apparently he has a fullbring too which does comes as a surprised but not enough to get me excited about it.

And thus, this chapter ends.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.

12 July 2011

First Impression: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!

The most anticipated anime of the season. At least for me it is. I just love the goodness from the first season and Matsuri and here hoping the comedy will pick from where they left of. Such high hope I have for this one since most of the other summer anime I've seen so far was a let down :(

The new season jumps straight to beach episode. If it's any other show, it would have us raising our eyebrows skeptically but since this is Baka to Test, it just feels right. Most of the comedy centered around nosebleed (oh the glorious scene of more nosebleed!), swimsuits and Tsuchiya who may have found his person. That's all I'm going to say.

Words won't do justice of the episode so I'm not going to explain in details of the episode. As for the overall story, it has plenty I am sure but it will pretty much be more or less in the same format as the first season. I said that such repetition is not such a good thing for The World God Only Knows II but I think it is perfect for a show like Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu because it is one of it's strongest points. Top it off with excellent casts/characters, the show has all the ingredient to make it into an anime made of WIN.


Ah it feels good to watch something that is engaging. It's like taking a breath of fresh air. I've been watching crap anime in a row so I welcome the brilliantly executed comedy in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! The transition of humors is flawless. The humors don't feel force at all and it what differentiates this show to the likes of R-15, for example.

This is definitely the must watch show of the season. For those who can't watch this because they haven't watch the first season yet (looks at Bass and T-Razor), they are missing shit loads of greatness.

arts and animation 9/10
story 9/10
characters 10/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 9/10

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