21 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, May 2011

Monday, May 16

Tiger and Bunny episode 5: I have to applaud Barnaby for putting up with Tiger. Damn he got on my nerves with his "heroic" attitude that only caused trouble to anyone else around him. Anyway, it's Barnaby's birthday and Tiger thought he threw him a surprise party. It didn't turn out the way he had planned since he caught up with the real robber. So defeating that scum turned out to be how Barnaby celebrated his birthday, by getting points. Good Luck Mode indeed. Pfft!

Tuesday, May 17

Am I the only one who thinks Akutabe is one of the most appealing protagonists in anime? Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 6; everything that's ugly in this show is fucking fugly including the fugly angel who is still looking for Sakuma and the demons. Remember Moloch, supposedly the fearsome bull? Fujitaki is totally into him, since he's all cute and cuddly. LOL Moloch definitely doesn't like to be called THAT. Unfortunately for Sakuma, things don't work out too well for her. The fugly angel found what he was looking for: the Grimoire, or the summon book. He took it and then disappeared. Oh shit! He even killed Moloch while doing so.

Episode 4 of The World God Only Knows II: The loose soul this time around is on different level than the rest that Keima has fought before. I assumed that Haqua needs some soul cleansing as well. She treats Elsie like dirt and thus she herself is possessed by the loose soul. Ironically she will be save by Elsie under Keima's guidance. I guess there's no kissing Keima this time around. He's totally useless.

cute =3

SKET Dance episode 5: New characters coming in - those from student council but lets save that for later. At the moment SKET Dance has to uncover the truth about some ghost story in the academy. The request is personal for Switch since he doesn't believe in ghost. Of course he managed to defunct that theory through data gathering. At the end of the episode, the show focus on Spider Society that has been blackmailing the students in that area. They takes that opportunity to officially introduce the Student Council members; Tsubaki Sasuke (VC), Asahina Kikuno a.k.a Daisy (secretary), Unyuu Mimori (treasurer), Agata Soujiro (President) and Shiba Michiru (general affairs). I got a feeling that SKET Dance and the Student Council are not the best of friends.

Wednesday, May 18

Ano Hana episode 5 shows that Jintan is actually quite a jerk.

I still need to catch up to Ao no Exorcist. I'm only on episode 3.

Thursday, May 19

Something to speculate and look forward to in Bleach latest chapter.


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