28 March 2010

Bloody Little Circus

Bloody Little Circus... Pfft! I was cheated. There is nothing bloody about this bloody circus!

This is another one shot manga that I picked up randomly. I shouldn't have though. Luckily it is just only 20 pages long.

It is about a vampire girl name Anna who does not want to suck on people so for her alternative, she sucks on animal but did not kill them. Instead she has them as their servant with cute little wings attached.

One day, a circus came to town. A handsome young man is the leader but Anna is not attracted to him but at the white tiger that she has seen for the first time. So she decides to steal it.

She was caught red-handed but just like any other ring leader, the handsome young man can only see her as a vampire with an ability to juggle. Ka-ching!! That's a pot of gold, I tell ya! Unfortunately he's no match for Anna. WTF.

stupid one-shot is stupid. This was supposed to be a comedy but I failed to read anything that is remotely funny >_>

art 5/10
story 4/10
character 5/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 5/10


Ah yes. even going for the vampire that refuses to drink blood is so cliche nowadays that its an immediate recipe for fading into mediocrity.
How does a little girl steal a five hundred pound tiger? Mina Tepes super strength :/?

They can still make the plot interested. It's the way you build the story that matters. The illogical aspect can be covered up really well with good storyline. Otherwise it becomes too fucking cliche and full of stupid moments /rant

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