Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 May 2010


HACO is another one-shot manga that I couldn't resist because it has the shounen tag. Its about a girl named Kusakabe Honoka who has a disease that is yet to have a cure. His father is a scientist so he decided to put Honoka to a cold sleep and hope that in the future when she finally wakes up, there will be a cure for her disease.

Little that her dad knows that in the future there are no human left. The only other being around is Haco, the nanoroid who learned about speech and everything else from the war movies.

Of course there is the monster too. You gotta have monster or a very bad villain in shounen, right? Otherwise the protagonist served no purpose. And of course the protagonist must have superpowers or something that makes them special. In Haco's case, well he's made from nano machines/robots.

He can even becomes an ugly bike hybrid. All that he needs are keywords that was left by Honoka's dad. Honoka made full used of him. Together they went searching for other humans because she refused to believe that she's the only one left, and apparently her dad might be alive as well.

Let see what can I say about this one... The plot is stupid. It was not even interesting. The comedy was lame and it was a bore-fest. I won't be reading the series if it has one in the future.

art 4/10
character 4/10
story 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4/10

29 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, May 2010

Sunday, May 23

I am so bored! *sigh*

So lets catch up on some Giant Killing episodes to kill the time. As expected the match with Victory was an interesting one. Gino impresses me more with his laid back attitude. The same goes for Tsubaki but for different reason. He's just fast and how should I say this... an all around good guy? Yep. That's who Tsubaki is. Sure he has lack of confidence but Tatsumi will take care of that problem. Heh, I thought that the guys going to win it but guess I was wrong but hey it was close. They draw and what a dramatic draw it was. In the end of episode 5, Tatsumi made Murakoshi captain again. I'm not happy about it but Tatsumi knows best. And then in episode 6, Tatsumi met few of his future enemy. Gah, I love the cheeky expression he has on his face the entire time. It spells warning that he and his team should not be looked down upon. He caught the eyes of a freelancer that wants to make it big so she'll be covering ETU for the rest of the season. Their next match was against Iwata and Sun Arrow Hiroshima. They lost, horribly if I may say so. All Tatsumi did was observed how his players play. As expected they were all stressed out. Kuroda more so than the others. So much so that he wants a transfer.

Monday, May 24

Completed Pandora Hearts DVD Special. I'm gonna miss the character, especially Break. I hope they come out with a new season of Pandora Hearts soon.

Oh? Emerging is only 22 chapters? But yeah, the serum that they worked on works. After 3 months, the two doctors went to Japan Alps to search the origin of the virus. And Mori didn't die. I really thought she was though. Damn I've been had. Is this really the end though? I got a feeling we would get a sequal soon.

Dogs - Bullets & Carnage chapter 51: Giovanni has successfully sneaked an attack and put three bullets through Zollner's head but he did not fall dead but instead antagonized Giovanni, and crushed his skull *is sad*. Didn't I say in the last chapter that Zollners reeks of bad news? I was right. The reason Giovanni attacked him was because of the Fuhrer. He is the creator of the Cereberos, or we have come to know as the Dogs. Basically he's Giovanni's "father". Meanwhile, in the underground, the "mother" is preparing another street attack. This time they are using the Cereberos (who happened to be bishies and hunks). Dang!

The Grendel was out of control in chapter 19 of Arago but the two of them have no problem apprehended the criminal thanks to Joe's quick thinking. It was a surprise turn of event for Arago. He thought that he'll be out of CID for sure but instead received applause for his heroic deed. How cliche. I'm thinking of dropping this one since the reason I started reading this was because of Ewan. With Ewan gone, I lack the motivation to continue. Besides, Joe is getting on my nerve :(

Zettai Karen Children chapter 217: Fujiko is worried about Hyobu who can't forget the past and too obsessed with the future that he forgot to live in the present. Minamoto on the other hand has moved out completely to the next door with Tim and Bullet. Kaoru of course will not accept it quietly. She broke the wall between the two apartments. Now they have an adjacent rooms. While they were busy arguing, they got a call from BABEL. There will be an earthquake in less than 10 seconds. I hope this is not one of Hyobu's doing.

Tuesday, May 25

Episode 8 of Giant Killing: Tatsumi once again used a game during practice to determine the start-up for the upcoming match. Kuroda has had enough and leave the pitch. Thanks to Sugi though Kuro realized that the both of them were lagging behind during a match while the team moves forward. They have start the preliminary match for the Japan league and Tsubaki messed up a lot. Gino was harsh on him but it is for his own good. The reason why Tatsumi made them go through the games was because he wants to rotate the players and extinguished the 'losing culture' in their veins.

Thursday, May 27

It has been a month since I last saw the episode of Ookiku Furikabutte. I neglected it on purpose, waiting for the episodes to accumulate so that I can enjoy a couple of hours sitting in front of my computer doing nothing but playing catch up with the series. Hanai is still pretty much intimidated by Tajima but that can’t be help. Everyone should feel intimidated by Tajima because he is the definition of win. But yeah, I do feel sorry for Hanai. His capabilities as a captain are in question. In episode 5, their opponent has realized that Tajima has an injury. This makes me sits on the edge since they are targeting Tajima. Tajima on the other hand still presses on. His team mates just have to trust him, I guess. I mean, he was really incredible with his plays. Every time I saw him, I could not help but be amazed. Not good for Hanai though but thankfully Mihashi helped him realized that a bit of inner team competition is good. It keeps you sharp and makes you wanna fight to come out the best. Finally the game ended with Nishiura winning 8 runs. Phew. I love the few last moment of the match. But I’m still worried about the upcoming games. They have a pretty determined team that wants to beat them to pulp :(

Kakoii!! ^__^

Muhashi looks like he was molested XD

Bleach chapter 405 is meh. Kubo is too busy playing with his analog stick -__-

I'll be honest. Promise!

So yeah, formspring is all the rage right now. Someone told me to get one so I made an account. I guess once you have this, you are no longer allowed to lie or live anonymously. You have to be honest and answers all the question truthfully. Otherwise what was the purpose of having an account for this shit?

Long story short, you can ask me anything at http://formspring.me/kluxorious.

Durarara is awesome. Just thought that you all should know that

28 May 2010

Power Puff Girls and favorite cartoons

Once upon a time, I was a fan of Power Puff Girls. I was in my early 20's. I think it's the girls power theme that get me so into them. They are made of sugar and spice and everything nice so yeah, what's not to like right? Not to mention that the villains are pretty stupidly funneh.

I bought some of the toys, a complete set I think with Mojo and Professor in the mix. After 5 years or so, the only figures left are that of Bubble and Blossom.

I only realized that they were missing from my collection when I decided I want to take pictures of them. When I asked around, no one knows what happened to them. Obviously I went into a rage. I searched the whole house and found the Professor with his arm broken among my niece's toys so that's that.

What got me so mad is the fact that Buttercup is the one between the three girls that went missing, because you see, I am a big fan of Buttercup. I just love her feisty attitude and she does not tolerate shit from anyone. That is the kind of woman that I am anyway hence why I like characters like Torako, Shiki and Haruhi so much and can't tolerate a fucking pussy like Inoue Orihime.

delicious buttercup ^^

It has been a while since I watch any television so I am not sure whether they still have Power Puff Girls on Cartoon Network nowadays. I like the cartoons in Cartoon Network. They kinda still has that oldskool cartoon quality about it. Some of my favorite back then (those that are on top of my head atm) were Scooby Doo, Ben10, GrimReapers, Dexter's Laboratory, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Foster Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans and Samurai Jack.

Samurai Jack is made of awesomesauce!

Ah, I have missed Jack.

Unlike with anime, I am less picky when it comes to cartoon. I'll watch anything as long as it is entertaining. Maybe my expectation for them were minimal hence I am less critical of the output. With anime, my preferences are exact and my expectations are high. I have put them on a pedestal without me realizing it. Maybe it's the Japanese thingy. *shrugs*

So yeah, what kind of cartoons were/are your favorites before you go gaga over anime?

27 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 405

You gotta love Kira and I am now a shipper for KiRangiku. Even though he's down he still worried about Matsumoto going on a suicide mission trying to stop Gin. She was barely healed and only has enough strength to keep herself alive. But love triumph above all so yeah, she will die trying to stop her childhood friend. I am going to miss you, Matsumoto.

Ah, but if you love Kira, you gotta love Gin even more. Scratch that. Loving Gin is compulsory for all Bleach fans because he is epic!

I dunno why I was doubting him in the beginning. I mean now he's just toying with Ichigo. Ichigo is like a rat in a cage atm. Poor soul. Run Ichigo, run! LMAO

But it is just like Kubo to kill my excitement. He switches back to condom Aizen vs Urahara/Yourichi/Isshin.

Yourichi is alright after she was attacked by Aizen. Damn. She only suffered damage on her right arm. Tsk.

Here comes the best part though. Aizen openly admitted that of all people, Urahara still is the only shinigami/person that beyond his comprehension. Heh, does this mean that Urahara might be the only one who can defeat him?

Pfft who am I kidding right?

During their conversation, Urahara pulls out a surprise attack on Aizen. The #32 hadou has no effect on Aizen though as he stopped it with his zanpaktou and he totally expected the attack from Yourichi.

LOL can't you be anymore predictable?

She used Shunko on him hoping that it will at least do the minor damage. Well, think again Yourichi. But of course she is just a diversion. Urahara will be the one who does the real attacking business.

Shibari Benihime!

I must say that what comes next is totally pawnsome! I didn't know Benihime can do that! It kinda looks like a kidou, doesn't it, trapping the opponent like that?

And yet Aizen is still standing >_>

Oh wait, don't be disappointed too fast because Isshin (I almost forgot about Isshin) was next to attack and guess what kind of attack he used?


WTF right? Aren't a zanpaktou unique to each owner? That's why we don't see duplication of power. Don't tell me that Zangetsu has an older brother. Urgh, I don't like where this is going. Is Kubo running out of ideas or is he being lazy to come up with something new?

This is bullshit!!

And I seriously have no idea what to expect in the next chapter (this is obviously a lie)

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

Bleach: Episode 272

Well Ichigo has totally lost it and was about to cero Ulquiorra's head off. I know I should not wish for Ulquiorra's being injured (NEVER!) but yeah if by doing so will makes the bitch feels guilty her entire life for she was the reason that Ichigo became a hollow without a conscious, I can live with that.

But of course they wouldn't let me have what I want. Instead they got us back to Rukia's fight with Rudobone. Remember when she said she will finish Rudobone off? Well, she is still trying. At least she didn't cry and asked help from a dead guy, right? And I like the fact that they are struggling against their opponent. An easy kill is too fucking cliche, kinda like Ichigo and Ulquiorra's fight. The plotkai is ridiculous. A dead man fighting? Yeah, really crafty there Kubo.

See this face? This is a smirking face of someone who has successfully outsmarted her opponent XD

Fear meh!

Long story short Rukia managed to defeat Rudobone. Well, kinda. Before Rukia done with her winning speech, guess who came crushing down on Rudobone? Heh, none other than that big buffoon Yammy.

Also, since none of them were affected by Yammy's intense reaitsu, I guess none of them even notice the massive amount of reiatsu from Ulquiorra when he first release. That was a surprise, or just another details that Kubo missed? *shrugs*

Thankfully Kubo did not forget to make Rukia noticed Ichigo's reiatsu when he fired that cero. Heh, even after he had transformed into a hollow, Rukia has no problem recognizing his reiatsu.

And yeah, unfortunately (FUCK YOU KUBO!!) that blasted cero was meant for Ulquiorra. With his internal organs being blasted and his body literally cut in half, there is no way he can regenerate. This could only mean one thing... that he's dead. If that is not enough, Hollow Ichigo wanted to go as far as "finish" him off by stabbing his zanpaktou through his head/neck.

FUCK! I dreaded this moment the most. I remember when I read the manga and couldn't stop crying and pissed off for an entire month! I can't believe this fucking garbage was happening. Yet another one of my favorite character is gone.

This is the moment where I started to be overly critical with Kubo. He just does not justify a fucking shit. I mean, where the fuck is Ulquiorra's back story? All the espada got one so where the fuck is his back story?!

Hollow Ichigo who could no longer differentiate between friends and enemy stabbed Ishida instead when he tried to be the voice of reason for him. You know what? Since the whore couldn't wipe that worried look from her ugly face, she should be the one who tries to stop Ichigo and get fucking stabbed instead. THAT IS JUSTICE!!

You only realized this now, you fucking whore?!

What the fuck was she talking about anyway? Train? Protect?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! She did nothing but brings trouble to her friends. If she didn't WILLINGLY go to Hueco Mundo, none of this will happened. Fucking whore in distress.

And what did she do when Hollow Ichigo wanted to end Ishida's life? She cried, not moving an inch from where she was, and howls "Kurosaki-kun" non-fucking-stop. If it wasn't for Ulquiorra who stopped Hollow Ichigo with his one last attack, Ishida would have been dead.

Oh my god, seriously, I can't understand how people can even like her. She's the most shittiest, whoriest (yes, I made up a new word), useless character I have ever encountered. She deserved nothing less but die from the most painful death possible.

A homage

Wants to know the weak spot of Hollow Ichigo? It's lies at one of his horns. Once Ulquiorra cut that off, his hollow masks resolved (after one dramatic cero explosion, of course).


And guess what? He's dead again. But that is not the surprising part. You know what the whore did? She ran to him while Ishida was fucking bleeding from a fatal injury. *shakes my head*

And they call her a friend? Pfft! *is disgusted beyond words*

Ichigo does not even need her fucking help. He got super powah! High speed regeneration which closed his hole within seconds! And yet she still couldn't stop chanting his name? Fuck, someone shut her up!

Ichigo wasn't all too happy when he found out what he has done to Ulquiorra and Ishida. He was feeling guilty as hell.

Read that and weep IchiHime fans. Unless you're a HollowHime fans, then rejoice!

So in the end, Ulquiorra turned into dust. I still believe that he is NOT DEAD! No, he's not. Ulquiora is not dead. He's not.

He is not ^__^

And while all these happened, no one gave a shit about Ishida. I pity him.

Hmm... You know what? I think Kubo did us a favor. He made all these chapters to help people to realize how fucking retarded the bitch is. He couldn't say it out loud but Kubo is someone who loves symbolism and riddles and this is how he is trying to get his message across to his fans.

Well, message has been received. Now lets fucking move on, Kubo!

Whore-hime's chant "kurosaki-kun" in this episode 9 + from previous episodes (21) = 30.

Heh, another fulfilling rant. Worth sacrificing my sleep for this XD

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

25 May 2010

Nekura Musume to Internet

The reason I picked this one up is easy. This one shot is from the same mangaka that does Yandere Kanojo. If you haven't read Yandere Kanojo yet, well... you sucks because it is one of the funniest shit ever, and very honest in its presentation of feelings which contribute to the funneh. So yeah, what I am trying to say is, read Yandere Kanojo!

This one shot tells the story of Morinaka Iyo, a hikikomori who is addicted to internet and refuse to go to school. Her homeroom teacher, Taiga, however will not let her has her way. Hilarity ensued, just as expected from Shinobi. Shinobi is the mangaka btw, if I haven't mention him yet.

Says he, after breaking the door XD

Being a hikikomori has made Iyo socially inept. She's terrible at face to face communication so she shuts him out. Oh no, Taiga is not giving up on her! It is one way or the other! What did he do? He created a discussion board to share with the public of his predicament. Turn out that it was freaking popular too!


So anyway, like I said, Shinobi has this way of being totally honest that allows you to related with what the characters were talking about. Example?

TTGL reference FTW!

Who can't relate to TTGL right? I thought so.

So.. err yeah. Long story short I enjoyed this one. Though not as much as I enjoy Yandere Kanojo, it is still up to my standard for comedy.

art 6/10
story 9/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10

23 May 2010

I read a quote from Kurt Cobain and I started writing. Somehow the post turned out like this.

"Nobody dies a virgin. Life fucks us all."
Kurt Cobain
None the wiser imo. That sentences fit perfectly with where I am at in my life right now. I get fucked hard, everyday, thanks to my work and life in general. Sometimes I am not even sure if I am still a virgin.

JOHO is doing well. We are opening a concept store soon and is preparing the final ingredients for our new office, which located in front of the Tebrau Strait. That's the beach baby! We got the best sunset view everyday (granted that it's not raining)!

So yeah, despite the sunset, despite the best location, despite that I love my job, despite that I have fun everyday doing it, I still feel like work fucked me hard because I barely have time for everything else. It has taken a toll on my almost non-existence relationship and it caused back log on my anime and manga.

Though it is looking a tad better as the day progresses I still feel kinda incomplete. Those who are close to me noticed the subtle changes. I am more depressed than usual which is not a good thing (not that getting depressed will ever be a good thing). When I'm depressed, that means I will be on my foul mood 24/7 which will lead me to shunt society.

I sacrifice my sleep so that I can watch an episode of anime, or a chapter of manga. However the dosage is still too low for it to be effective. I sneaked in few DVD at the office, and watch them whenever I got the chance but since I tend to rant when I watch an episode, keeping it a secret is nearly an impossible task.


I wonder sometimes whether it was wise of me to sacrifice my hikki for this kind of a more productive life if it just made me more miserable.

I miss my Kensei. I miss my Shishimaru. I miss my Michael. I miss my Kitsune. I miss the time where I can spend a whole day doing nothing but pay attention to what Kyon was mumbling about. I want those days back.

That thought got me to think, or realized at the moment that my happiness really does depends on the anime/manga that I am watching or reading, and most certainly heavily relies on the characters that I am in love with. I can't be in a long lasting relationship because the kind of romance I'm in is nothing compared to the kind of romance Shiki has, or Haruhi, or Rukia. Or at least the person I was dating is so unlike Gin, or Morita or Otani.

Yes, I know. I am comparing a real person with an anime character.

That is how far gone I am.

Do I want it any other way? I am not sure anymore. For example, I canceled a date for two nights in a row because I am content with the fact that I can used that time catching up with my anime. I just spent 3 hours watching Giant Killing and Tatsumi kinda sooth my aching heart with his awesomeness. I doubt the person that I am supposed to go to a date with will have that same effect on me.

I derived a lot of happiness from a single fanart like this. Thanks Cosmo.

So yeah, I dunno why am I writing all of these shit really. I guess I just want to tell you that this is me. Weird and retarded I may be. You may or may not like who I am but I don't give a flying fuck.

Who are you to tell me that happiness is something else?

By the way, I have decided. I want to marry the waifu for real, starting with Grimmjow. That is of course if Glo has nothing against poligamy.

22 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, May 2010

Sunday, May 16

I decided to pick up No Bra once again and see if I could complete it. I only have like 7 chapters left. Yuuki better not turned out to be a girl is all I'm saying. And he is a boy but the ending fucked it all up. I wasted my fucking time. Sheesh!

Angel Beats! episode 7 is another good one. Have I mentioned how much I am liking this series?

I get to hear Tomokazu Sugita sings in episode 6 of Arakawa Under the Bridge. I am blessed indeed. But he still lost to Kou. What a shame. At least his Leech song get the recognition. I dunno I kinda find this series boring as of late. The punchline from Kou seems predictable although what happened some time was really unpredictable. Kou is like Sinpachi in Gintama but with less virtue thus he phailed. He also kinda lost his charm when there is nothing that he cannot do. Anyway because he's Mr. Know-it-all, he becomes the teacher and determined to kick some common sense for the people under the bridge.

I decided to complete Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu just so that I can compare it with Akarawa. And indeed the humor in Baka to Test if compared to Arakawa, is simply on different level. Back to the story: Since they lost to Class A, they asked for a rematch and since Class A wished the same thing, they got what they wanted but Akihisa got to do it alone. Of course he won the damn thing. His wishes of all things, that Himeji get to re-seat the placement exam. The damn wench just wasted his effort though but it was all too damn predictable. Even though I'm not a fan of the ending, I am still glad that we are getting a second season. This show definitely deserved a come back.

Monday, May 17

Awww that was cute that Nai is worrying about Gareki in Karneval chapter 22. Same goes for Yogi. Once he heard that Nai and Gareki went to be the first crew, he tried to escape from the hospital. Under Dr. Akari's watch however, that proved to be an impossible task. On the following day, they went to Vinto with first ship crew where they met Murano, Isaso, Tamon and Azana (they already met Azana in Rinoll). They were split afterward into different groups. It was Gareki's turn to worry about Nai. He has reasons too. Nai group found a detached hand. Dum dum dum...

Kugutsu went back to PANDRA after he helped the Children in Zettai Karen Children chapter 216. He also helped with the rare metal and thanks to him, it was now resonated with the jewel, proving that Feather really want to possess it. They try to locked it down as it try to change it shape. While everyone is busy, Kaoru heard a whisper but who could it be?

Wednesday, May 19

Looks like I only have enough time to spare to watch Bleach episode 271. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra coming to conclusion. It was bad ass but at the same time... it felt rushed :(

Thursday, May 20

I wake up early today so that I can catch Bleach chapter 404 before I go to work. I am not disappointed. It is a good breakfast indeed.

Naruto chapter 495: After they have had enough with being gay to each other, they sent Naruto to the pool of truth once again so that he can face his inner demon. No fighting this time though. Just another gay hug. Selfcest FTW! I feel like all their effort is fruitless as long as Bee has that sword on his back -__-

Friday, May 21

In chapter 16 of Yandere Kanojo, Reina went to Tanaka's house for the first time. Remember that Reina has already met with Tanaka's grandpa once without knowing it. Well, she wouldn't know it this time either because Tanaka waited till his grandpa went outstation to invite her to his house. What he didn't know is, his grandpa canceled the trip and is bringing Reina's dad home for a drink. Heh I can't want to see what will happen next XD

Emerging chapter 21: the lady researcher, Mori is infected. Sekiguchi found out about it as they working on the serum for the virus. Looks like they are successful to as the antibodies consumed the virus under the microscopes. However it looks like they were too late to save Mori :(

Otoo brought back another helper in Working!! episode 7. A new character it seems. I kinda not approved because I think the existing female characters are more than enough already. Let see if she can changed my mind by the end of this episode. They introduced her as Yamada Aoi but that obviously was a fake name and she's actually walking around trying to find a husband. How inappropriate. I really can't stand her and I don't like it when I have a character that I dislike in an anime. It ruined the fun. But at least she's good for something. She tells Yachiyo what others can't: that Satou likes her. This makes her confronted Satou and guess wha, he comes clean with his feeling!

I wish he was pointing at me ^w^

Saturday, May 22

I am on the fence when it comes to Angel Beats now all thanks to Otonashi. This week episode kinda left a knot inside of me T_T

Episode 7 of Arakawa Under The Bridge: Kou followed what he has planed last week. He created an open air classroom under the bridge. Only the two iron-head kids and Nino attended the class at first before Stella joined to sabotage him and in the middle of their scuffle, guess who swam by? None other than Colonel Sanders. LOLWUT? Have I mention this before? I think P-Ko is the hottest female character in Arakawa. She has the cutest voice too! She's so freaking cool, she made Kou questioning what common sense is. *loves*

If you think sleeping with your guitar and kiss it when you woke up in the morning is cute, well, it is not. If you think having a relationship with your instrument is healthy, then guess again. It just goes to show how fucking retarded you are and you are just like Yui in episode 6 of K-ON!! In episode 7, we get to see some of the story behind Mio fanclub. I dunno why Mio seems unhappy. If it was me, I would feel very flattered. Hmm, I wonder if anyone would do such a thing for me... Oh well. At least we gotta see them perform for real the end of the episode. Finally.

Angel Beats! episode 8

Whoa they just get on with the story, don't they? The other Tenshi, the one who attacked Yurippe in the last episode looks like she has a little bit more of a personality compared to the Tachibana that made promises with Otonashi.

Tachibana is the last person I thought that would even it out with the new Tenshi though, but yeah, she came forth to help them out and got injured doing so.

And I'm getting sick of Otonashi defending Tachibana. Yurippe might be right. Kanade used her harmonics power to create a clone, when she fought the big fish. She does not mean it to be harmful to anyone but since it has always been her responsibility to take care of the disciplinary issue at the school, I think her clone kinda took up the responsibility herself hence why she was more aggressive. That explains the personality as well.

Yurippe has a plan to erase the clone though. (Well, she always seems like she has a plan ready right?) However she needs everyone else to pretend to be a good student for a day as she hacked Tachibana's computer and made a delay absorb command.

Unfortunately Tachibana was kidnapped and was taken to the Guild. Yurippe decided that they don't need diversion. They are going to save the original Angel out in the open which mean they are going to face the clone's wrath.

all those training was a waste...

It appeared that Yurippe's plan has backfired. She miscalculated. The clone obviously has the power just like Tachibana so what stopping them from doing the harmonics? So the clone number multiplied and obviously the Battlefront Brigade members will done in one by one again. Another massacre since they basically trapped.

I know sacrificing oneself is serious business and all that but it is hard to keep a straight face whenever they sacrificed themselves so the others can move forward. Just like Hinata said, it was all very shounen-like ending XD

And yes, it bothers me that Otonashi does not need to sacrifice himself. I think he should be the first one dead. Eh wait... when did I change my mind so drastically over Otonashi? I used to like him T__T

Yurippe got to fight the last of the clone while Otonashi saves the real Kanade. How heroic. NOT!

Heh, didn't I said Yuri's plan kinda backfired? Hah, I was right! Take that Otonashi!

I'm beginning not to like where this anime is going. Otonashi kinda ruined it for me. It's so small in percentage but since I got emotional ONLY when I watch anime or read manga, it is a big deal.


Why can't he just get it on with Naoi since he is DEFINITELY gay for Otonashi.

21 May 2010

Anime: Summer 2010

Have you seen the list for summer? Excited is the keyword here.

I can honestly say, that besides the usual ecchi and harem, there's nothing that I don't wish to see.

I'm lazy. I'll wait for the second version before I write more details about the upcoming summer anime. Note that Highschool of the Dead, Kuroshitsuji and Nurarihyon no Mago are the one on top of my list.

20 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 404

lol what happened to Yourichi? Did she has a tan for her face only?

So yeah, Aizen continues with his words diarrhea, taunting Urahara, Yourichi and Isshin to make the next move. He promised to crush all of their hopes. But what did they do? They bicker with each other in front of the enemy.

No, this is not the sort of comic relief I expected. This is just plain stupid. You don't joke around in front of a God. That will only make him more angry hence you'll suffer more damage than necessary.

Apparently the steel plates that covers Yourichi and were so easily destroyed is meant to countering heiro. Hmm, seemed like a phailed experiment.

Imagined my relief when Kubo switched back to Ichigo and Gin's fight (after Aizen put a blow on Yourichi. See what did I tell you? You don't bicker in front of an enemy. That will just create an opening for an attack *facepalm*)


Looks like Gin's head injury is healed. No more blood gushing out from his head wound. -__-

Thank goodness it does not have an effect on his personality, still so full of mischief. Gah I love this shinigami!

I mean, he has a valid point. Who can win against God right? You might be the son of Zeus and your name might be Percy but that doesn't change the face that you are still half-breed. Same goes for the shinigami. They may be the "death god" but there's nothing Godly about them. In fact, the whole Central 46 looks fishy to me and the Gotei itself is corrupted. Dictatorship is so yesterday. I'm so glad the old fuck is gone.

Well, well, well... what da ya know. Gin still has so much under his sleeves. But guess who appeared to rain down on his parade?



I really don't like the idea of her reuniting with him because I know that would be Gin's downfall. God damn it. She has a fucking hole on her stomach. Just stay put, woman!

I completely forgot about her and now that she has re-appeared, I'm fearing the worst :(

Stop her Kira!

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