13 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, March 2011

Sunday, March 6

Tegami Bachi episode 20: The reason why Zazie became a Letter Bee was because he wanted vengeance for the gaichuu who had hurt his parent. He wouldn't mind if he lost a letter or two in the process which of course didn't sit well with Lag. So he volunteered to retrieve the letter. Zazie followed him though and thank goodness for that because Lag couldn't handle the gaichuu alone. The truth is, Zazie was injured because he was trying to save the letter. Awww he's so cool sometimes ^_^

raep is imminent

According to MAL, I have one more episode to go to complete To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Special so I might as well watch it today. It was less than 10 minutes long and I have forgotten that it was filled with rubbish, but it made me laugh nonetheless especially during the brain-freeze skit.

Tuesday, March 8

Episode 8 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II did not start off good for me. Not when Index started chewing on Touma jut because he didn't pay attention to her. Jeebus how spoiled can she get? Thank goodness there are Misaka and Accelerator to save the day. At least now I have a reason to sit through this episode. It became even more interesting when Kuroko accidentally revealed Misaka's feelings for Touma, in a lingerie shop no less. But enough introduction. This episode introduced new character who has similar ability like Kuroko and she told her that Misaka had something to do with the outer space suitcase robbery. Obviously she was trying to stop them from rebuilding the Remnants and Tree Diagram so the experiment with the Misakas will not be resumed.

her ability is called Move Point where she can transport shit without touching them

I got excited so I decided to watch episode 9 of To Aru Majutsu no Index II. The Misakas gathered to stop the Remnants while Kuroko got seriously injured and it turned out that the Move Point girl has some mental issues. One of the Misakas went to seek help from Touma. I was about to complain but I love it when Misaka and Touma are together so I'm all for it. I must admit, it was pretty awesome when they both went to save Kuroko. It gave me chills. I thought that was it but BAM! Accelerator came in finished the bitch off with style.

I say yes for a hug!

Friday, March 11

Il-re finally made an appearance in episode 5 of Togainu no Chi. He provided drug for the weak and cowardice. But that's about it. No explanation, no nothing. Akira went out searching for tags leaving Keisuke behind. Obviously he was worried and when Akira got back wounded, they had a fall out and Akira told Keisuke to his face that he irritates him with his meek attitude. I understand where Akira is coming from. He must have felt burdened with Keisuke's kindness.

Saturday, March 12

I only have time to read Bleach latest chapter today. As expected, it sucked.


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