07 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, May 2011

Thursday, May 5

Ichigo needs to slack off a bit. He's too tense in Chapter 446 of Bleach.

Friday, May 6

Fuck I'm dead tired but life has to go on. To make it enjoyable, I watch episode 3 of Ano Hana.

Plan to watch more anime but my eyes are too damn sleepy. Maybe I just watch Fireball Charming episode 4 before bed. Drossel has more new accessories for the toy collectors to go gaga for. It is some sort of mask with cool feathery effect on it's helmet. Together with it is a staff. I believe these stuff are kinda tribal. This is fucking tempting indeed. I was so fascinated by the mask and staff, I paid little attention to what they were talking about. Orz


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