29 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, May 2010

Sunday, May 23

I am so bored! *sigh*

So lets catch up on some Giant Killing episodes to kill the time. As expected the match with Victory was an interesting one. Gino impresses me more with his laid back attitude. The same goes for Tsubaki but for different reason. He's just fast and how should I say this... an all around good guy? Yep. That's who Tsubaki is. Sure he has lack of confidence but Tatsumi will take care of that problem. Heh, I thought that the guys going to win it but guess I was wrong but hey it was close. They draw and what a dramatic draw it was. In the end of episode 5, Tatsumi made Murakoshi captain again. I'm not happy about it but Tatsumi knows best. And then in episode 6, Tatsumi met few of his future enemy. Gah, I love the cheeky expression he has on his face the entire time. It spells warning that he and his team should not be looked down upon. He caught the eyes of a freelancer that wants to make it big so she'll be covering ETU for the rest of the season. Their next match was against Iwata and Sun Arrow Hiroshima. They lost, horribly if I may say so. All Tatsumi did was observed how his players play. As expected they were all stressed out. Kuroda more so than the others. So much so that he wants a transfer.

Monday, May 24

Completed Pandora Hearts DVD Special. I'm gonna miss the character, especially Break. I hope they come out with a new season of Pandora Hearts soon.

Oh? Emerging is only 22 chapters? But yeah, the serum that they worked on works. After 3 months, the two doctors went to Japan Alps to search the origin of the virus. And Mori didn't die. I really thought she was though. Damn I've been had. Is this really the end though? I got a feeling we would get a sequal soon.

Dogs - Bullets & Carnage chapter 51: Giovanni has successfully sneaked an attack and put three bullets through Zollner's head but he did not fall dead but instead antagonized Giovanni, and crushed his skull *is sad*. Didn't I say in the last chapter that Zollners reeks of bad news? I was right. The reason Giovanni attacked him was because of the Fuhrer. He is the creator of the Cereberos, or we have come to know as the Dogs. Basically he's Giovanni's "father". Meanwhile, in the underground, the "mother" is preparing another street attack. This time they are using the Cereberos (who happened to be bishies and hunks). Dang!

The Grendel was out of control in chapter 19 of Arago but the two of them have no problem apprehended the criminal thanks to Joe's quick thinking. It was a surprise turn of event for Arago. He thought that he'll be out of CID for sure but instead received applause for his heroic deed. How cliche. I'm thinking of dropping this one since the reason I started reading this was because of Ewan. With Ewan gone, I lack the motivation to continue. Besides, Joe is getting on my nerve :(

Zettai Karen Children chapter 217: Fujiko is worried about Hyobu who can't forget the past and too obsessed with the future that he forgot to live in the present. Minamoto on the other hand has moved out completely to the next door with Tim and Bullet. Kaoru of course will not accept it quietly. She broke the wall between the two apartments. Now they have an adjacent rooms. While they were busy arguing, they got a call from BABEL. There will be an earthquake in less than 10 seconds. I hope this is not one of Hyobu's doing.

Tuesday, May 25

Episode 8 of Giant Killing: Tatsumi once again used a game during practice to determine the start-up for the upcoming match. Kuroda has had enough and leave the pitch. Thanks to Sugi though Kuro realized that the both of them were lagging behind during a match while the team moves forward. They have start the preliminary match for the Japan league and Tsubaki messed up a lot. Gino was harsh on him but it is for his own good. The reason why Tatsumi made them go through the games was because he wants to rotate the players and extinguished the 'losing culture' in their veins.

Thursday, May 27

It has been a month since I last saw the episode of Ookiku Furikabutte. I neglected it on purpose, waiting for the episodes to accumulate so that I can enjoy a couple of hours sitting in front of my computer doing nothing but playing catch up with the series. Hanai is still pretty much intimidated by Tajima but that can’t be help. Everyone should feel intimidated by Tajima because he is the definition of win. But yeah, I do feel sorry for Hanai. His capabilities as a captain are in question. In episode 5, their opponent has realized that Tajima has an injury. This makes me sits on the edge since they are targeting Tajima. Tajima on the other hand still presses on. His team mates just have to trust him, I guess. I mean, he was really incredible with his plays. Every time I saw him, I could not help but be amazed. Not good for Hanai though but thankfully Mihashi helped him realized that a bit of inner team competition is good. It keeps you sharp and makes you wanna fight to come out the best. Finally the game ended with Nishiura winning 8 runs. Phew. I love the few last moment of the match. But I’m still worried about the upcoming games. They have a pretty determined team that wants to beat them to pulp :(

Kakoii!! ^__^

Muhashi looks like he was molested XD

Bleach chapter 405 is meh. Kubo is too busy playing with his analog stick -__-


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