09 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 1, May 2010

Thursday, May 6

Holy shit, only today do I get the time to actually start on my routine with my anime and manga. Jeebus, why do I allowed life to rape me this hard? >_>

Anyway, I started off with Bleach episode 269. It was okay because the whore only chanted once and Ulquiorra has release his Murcielago. Woot!!

Then I proceed with Bleach chapter 4o2. Awesome stuff indeed. I fangasm thanks to Urahara ^^

Arago went after the thief of the Leprechaun arrow in chapter 18 and learned new thing about his power (he gave life to a dead tree to stop the arrow). However he didn't managed to catch the thief but he and Joe did follow the thief to an abandoned building where the thief transformed. Arago refused to use his power because he doesn't want Joe to find out. In the end Joe has to help him out. What is surprising though is the skull helping Arago out and willingly called Arago his master. LOL

Yamato meet Eko again, just to confirmed what Musashi said, in chapter 14 of Ultimo. This time Yamato get to remember how he met Eko back in his previous life. And then somehow there's sushi involved when determining the third option or some shit. Yamato also just remember about Ultimo and rushed to get him. Guess who he saw at the antique store? It's none other than Iiruma and his douji, Jealous. But of course Ultimo will only respond to Yamato. Also, I said in the last chapter that Musashi is turning bad right? Apparently he's not. He's just playing with Yamato so that dude will make the right decision. Damn. But hey, he's a fucking police robot!

Reina is in cooking class in chapter 15 of Yandere Kanojo. She got help from Hajiri. In the middle of cooking she realized that Hajiri never talked about guy that she likes. Apparently she likes Shiratori. Or is she not? What about Shiratori? Does he likes her? Damn I couldn't tell for sure! This is too confusing!

Friday, April 6

Angel Beats! surprised me again with how funny and unexpected the story is.

Naruto chapter 493: If I don’t stress this enough, lemme stress it once again. Evil Naruto is so fucking smexy. Do I want to sex him? Most definitely. Do I think the naïve Naruto fucking adorable? Yes I do. Do I want to sex him? Most definitely too. Do I fangasm when they started fighting? Well duh. My brain misinterpreted it as yaoi. Also, why do I think that this is similar to Ichigo and his hollow? But anyway, apparently even Bee has a dark history.

The fight in Claymore is getting intense in chapter 103. Priscilla is having quite a problem handling Riful's bodyguard. That was unexpected. I thought it would be an easy win for her. But yeah, she didn't break a sweat though. And while she was broken to pieces, she begins to remember about her past. Deneve and Helen on the other and are trying to get as far away as they can from Priscilla.

LOL only now Allen is freaking pissed off? Shouldn't he stopped Kanda before he went berserk? Heh so he broke the spell that controls their minds but was he too late? Alma is already awaken and is turning into an akuma. I think he killed everyone =\ Oh yeah, this is D.Gray Man chapter 194.

Saturday, April 8

Jeez I only spend 3 days out of the week to catch up on my anime? There is just not enough time! *sigh*

I have about 3 hours today to play catch up before I am traveling again to Kuala Lumpur to watch the Copeland concert tomorrow. w00t!! \^o^/

I'm too lazy and tired to do an episodic post on Arakawa Under the Bridge. They pretty much went on a date in episode 4 (distance makes the heart goes fonder is a bunch of shit lies!). Somehow their date turned out to be about Kou making up stories of how date should be like and Nino bought the crap. I swear I have tears in my eyes from laughing when Kou started to pick Nino up like a princess. Oh my god that was awesome *ROFL* The other half of the episode is dedicated to Stella, an orphan that Sister used to take care of. Her play time is spend with one-on-one fight. In truth she's a fucking mafia or something. I don't find that funny >_>

New OP for episode 5. What the fuck with that OP anyway? Looks like Maria doesn't like Sister much. Heh but Sister is in love with her. I chuckled when he threw a hand grenade so that he can make a hole where he can crawl in because he was so embarrass. Then Kou got to meet P-Ko. I like her right away. I guess in the next episode we are going to see the showdown between Kou and Hoshin.

Angel Beats is becoming one of my favorite anime this season. Possibly the best?


i didnt see you write something about Ares anymore..

That's because I have put Ares on my "on-hold" list -___-

Oh, that's a rather mellow reaction to Bleach. Kubo threw the troll switch on turbo, wounding Urahara and blowing Aizen up, so I thought you'd really go ballistic there ^^;
Then again, the old-man blew Aizen up, and that wasn't really too spectacular.

You should read Soul Eater 74. There's a surprise.

@Ningyo, it was mild because seemingly Urahara is going the toughest opponent for Aizen yet.

@Anonymous, where can I read it? THAT's the real question here :(

Mangastream has it ^^

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