25 December 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, December 2011

Monday, December 19

Going to start the week with another yaoi: Signal. If you go to this one bar and order the drink that placed last on the menu, you gotta sleep with it's hot owner (only once a month though) or that's what Murakami thought. Ashihara created that code just for him but he didn't have a clue. Meh the first chapter was stupid and cliche as fuck. I guess the rest of the 5 chapters can wait till I rage less.

Thursday, December 22

It's the beach episode in episode 10 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. They went to the private beach owned by Meat for a "training camp". I gotta say that over the weeks, Rika has grown on me. I never met a character that gets turn on by anything and everything, even the interlocks between trains. That needs special skills my friend. And as expected from a beach episode, we get to see a lot of fanservice and the exchanged of sexual innuendos/tensions. Meat was sexually harassed by Yozora when she asked her to put on some screen lotion on her back, which Yozora did, using her feet. Meat then exposed her huge breasts for all to see, that slut. They also did the normal stuff like telling ghost story etc.

the best moment of the episode

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 11: It really frustrates me that it took forever for Kodaka to remember the name of his childhood friend. Poor Yozora has to wait till he does. This is the festival episode so they do the normal basic stuff. They saved the fireworks for last where an incident happened: Yozora's hair caught of fire. So she cut her hair and only went to school when the term started again. It was only then that Kodaka recognized her as Sora. I was expecting a more dramatic/romantic reunion though T_T

disappointing reunion is disappointing

Sunday, December 25

Hey, it's Christmas! I don't celebrate Christmas though but a holiday is a holiday ^_^

Last episode of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Apparently Yozora knew who Kodaka is ever since his first day of transfer to that school. When Kodaka first saw her talking to herself, it was her getting frustrated that he didn't remember her. Half of this episode is pretty much reminiscing what had happened in the last 11 episode, but from Yozora's perspective. The club was originally created so that she and Kodaka can be like old times. Who knew that other people would joined in too. I love the fact that the show started with Kodaka and ended it with Yozora. Just perfect. I expect a second season. Overall score is 8.2/10

I think Yozora lost some of her manliness when she cut her hair but dayyum she looks hawt >=3
(c) Shouji 2


Merry Christmas!!

Yeah I wish that reunion was better between Kodaka and Yozora! But wait till ep 12 and you will get a better understanding. I love Yozora's new short hair very cute, a shame we didn't get to see her red bikini haha always another season right?

I have already watched the entire show, including episode 12 and it was still a bit of a disappointing reunion. Having said that, the shorter hair needs time to grow on me but thanks to Rika and her cosplay idea, it only took less than 30 minutes :P

As for the red bikini, at time like this we need to thank the fanarts with all of our hearts ;)

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