02 October 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 5, September 2011

Monday, September 26

I promised Bass that I will read Eyeshield 21. I don't even know why did I promise that in the first place but well, a promise is a promise so here goes nothing... Chapter 1: I didn't even get the protagonist name but he's quick on his foot and is agile. He volunteered to be the team manager for the American football club to impress a girl of his dream. There are only 2 active members (excluding him) in the club though. While he was running away from the bullies, his 'actions' were observed by another guy who was interested in him because of his abilities. Turned out this guy is in that club as well (and is the captain) and will recruit Sena (that's the protagonist name btw) by hook or by crook. How Sena get the name Eyeshield 21? Because Hiruma said so. Heh I like Hiruma already.

Might as well read Chapter 2 of Eyeshield 21. Sena went to his first training (more like forced by Hiruma) and he set the fastest time, even beat the school records for the 40-yards dash. Hiruma wasn't surprised but hell this is getting interesting even more so when Hiruma is determined to join the Spring tournament that will take place the day after. With only 3 members? Can they do it?

Tuesday, September 27

Episode 23 of Ao no Exorcist almost makes me come in my pantsu. I love it for obvious reasons ^__^

Wednesday, September 28

I didn't know Minami grew up in Germany. Episode 8 of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni is a flashback of a year ago when she first enrolled in that school. That was the first time she met Yuuji and the others too (except the pink haired girl whose name I completely forgotten, possibly on purpose). The best introduction was obviously from Tsuchiya Kouta - nothing in particular XD. Minami had trouble adapting since she wasn't good with Japanese at that time. She didn't actually left a good first impression either. Everyone else avoided her except for Yoshii who actually put an effort to be her friend. No wonder she fell for him.

Tsuchiya Kouta is poster worthy

In episode 8 of Blood-C, Saya met the talking dog again and he revealed that he grants wish for the customers who came to his shop. This makes me even more convinced that he's Fumito, the shop owner of that place Saya and his father frequent. Saya has problem remembering to whom did she promised to save everyone and the dog will help her remember. The next day she had to fight another Elder Bairns who sorta revealed that Tokayashi was telling lies, to hide the truth from Saya. She eventually defeated the Elder Bairns and who but Tokizane appeared while she was drench in blood.

Episode 24 of Ao no Exorcist. Awesome setup for the ending next week :D

LOL Dalian is into BL and yaoi too. This was revealed in episode 4 of Dantalian no Shoka. Ah damn now I can't hate her. Hugh was investigating a writer name Lenny Lents who wrote to his grandfather asking for help. According to him, he was imprisonment by a bizarre book. He was right. An avid fan of his locked he and his lover and kill them alternately in exchange of their soul to each other. She wanted the perfect ending for the trilogy but never satisfied with what Lenny have written. I never get that mad watching an anime. When she killed them alternately I want to fucking throttle her throat and then torture her to death. That's the most cruel thing I have ever seen in anime to date. Jeebus.

Thursday, September 29

Check out Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai (OVA). I heard it was good based on Glo's review but the OVA kinda fall a bit short for me.

Chapter 466 of Bleach. Another chapter of good guy beating the bad guy.

Friday, September 30

Episode 4.5 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee: Claude is a really skeptical person and has no appreciation for arts. He doesn’t even like the Bohemian just because, according to him, they play music all day and “extort” money from people. The Bohemian in question is a gypsy woman who plays Japanese songs on her guitar. She is invited for a recital at Alice’s house and obviously Yune is invited as well so that she can sing to the songs. Camille being a bitch about the gypsy’s grandparent not being together even though they loved each other. Jeebus she’s trying my patience. I hope Claude will never pick her even in the next life time.

Saturday, October 1

Boku, Otaryman
is an OVA dedicated to otaku every where. At least that's what I think when I watched it.


Hiruma is one of the greatest characters in anime/manga history.

I will believe you, Baka-Raptor.

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