17 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, July 2011

Saturday, July 16

I was extremely busy this week. I did saw some new anime of Summer season, you can find what I thought about them in my first impression posts.

Episode 2 of Baka to test to Shoukanjuu Ni!: From beach episode to festival. This show really does go all out, doesn't it? But Yuuji and Akihisa didn't get out unscathed from their little rendezvous in the past episode. Though they have already been punished, they are slightly skeptical that the girls can forgive them so easily. They do have reasons to be worried because obviously the girls won't be so tolerant. The girls force the boys to crossdressing in yukata and enter a contest. Can't say that they look fugly though. Actually they all look cute, especially Tsuchiya. Too bad we didn't get to see the crowd reaction for Hideyoshi.

Sunday, July 17

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée episode 2: Yune is trying out breakfast, Paris style. She experiences the taste of cheese, bread and coffee for the first time. Despite myself, I thought it was funny and the awfully cute. Claude also takes her out for sightseeing and she keeps learning new stuff about the western. She definitely tries hard to acclimatize herself with Claude and Oscar.

Gonna waste three minutes of my time watching episode 2 of Nyanpire the Animation. I can't stand Nyanpire after I saw the seiyuu's ED. That was murder but thankfully Meowsamune comes to the rescue. He wants to kill the demon cat but was taken in by his charm, not knowing that he's fallen for a tomcat. LOL BL gotta love it.

Episode 2 of Sacred Seven: Since Giga Drill Breaker takes over the school, she did some improvement that just doesn't make sense but meh, her hair doesn't make sense in the first place, does it now? Anyway, Sacred Seven is the name that is given to the seven alien stones that crash-landed long time ago. Those who possesses it have great power which can also caused mutation. Alma must have gotten it from his mother. He lost the stone when he was bullied (that caused him to lost control the first time around) and has been searching the river for that lost stone. In this episode, Arma has to fight dragon type Dark Stone. The episode was okay until Arma turns to rock. Fighting with that bitch in her arm, and that gay armor... that just pissed the hell outta me. I don't give a damn if he knows her from childhood, Arma better not be a lolicon. Btw, the bitch is fighting to save her twin sister Aoi. After seeing her that Arma agrees to help. Fuck that.

None of the girls passed the auditions in episode 2 of The iDOLM@STER. One look at their senzai (promotional material), the producer already knows why. They are craps! Seriously, these girls remind me of the K-pop girl groups. Urgh... in fact they should learn a few things from them, like how they do their senzai and portray their images. Thank goodness the producer is not as dumb as he looks and get things corrected in no time at all. Too bad the girls are just too dumb to listen to adults.

Makoto is still the most good looking one in this bunch. Miki is second.


Makoto is also my favorite girl just from the one episode I've seen of Idolm@ster.

"They are craps! Seriously, these girls remind me of the K-pop girl groups."
Hehe yea agreed.

Maybe because we are female so we tend to like the most masculine female in the bunch. lol

K-pop girl groups have no ounce of talent, just plastic surgery face. THAT made them popular as well as those provocative dance move >_>

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