Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, April 2010

Saturday, April 24

Going to start the weekend diary with Giant Killing episode 3. In the last episode, Tatsumi asked the team to do self-practice and left the pitch. He and the coach observed them to see how they fare without having to be ordered around. Tatsumi just doesn't want them to be complacent and have it easy. Of course the situation heated up between the regulars and the substitutes until Gino walked into the pitch, commanding attention. I thought that he's a stuck up son of a bitch. Turns out that he's a stuck up son of a bitch that has the talent for accurate passes. I was impressed! He's replacing Murakoshi as captain as well for the pre-match with the championship leader, Tokyo Victory. Ah man, I can't wait for episode 4!!

Oh hell yes there is blood again in Hakuouki: Shinsengumi episode 3! Kondou and his three peers have no problem killing off the small fishes but there are two new characters who obviously the villains that they need to face. I bet few of the shinsengumi will be wounded pretty badly, if not dead, by the end of the episode. These new characters are pretty powerful and skillful. Not to mention, quite the looker too. Okita had to fight with one of them and is seriously injured. So he and Heisuke have to stay put as the other went for another battle protecting Kyoto. Thanks to this series, I am beginning to see Shinsengumi in different light.

Hehehe I dunno about everyone else, but I really like the humor in Working!! Takanashi is bothered by Yachiyo's katana in episode 3 so we get to see the story behind it. She was bullied and was saved by Kyoto when she was a child. That's how she becomes gay for the manager. Takanashi also met the GM, Otoo. Another weirdo who Yachiyo wants to kill. Besides that, this episode also revealed that Satou has feelings for Yachiyo. Heh yeah, that's how fucking retarded this show is \^o^/

Sunday, April 25

Happy birthday Massa!

Heroman episode 4 is completely nonsense!

I have a good time watching Angel Beats! episode 4. This series is exceeding my expectation ^^

Whoa.... hold on a second. In K-ON!! episode 3, Ritsu-chan said she's sick at playing drums?! This can't be happening! Oh I see why... the drummer is always has to sit at the back where the spotlight won't reach them. So Ritsu just realized this and felt like she was invincible and decided to change instrument. Of course at the end of the episode she'll get back behind the drums. Predictable as shit but since it is Ritsu, I forgive her.

Thursday, April 29

Bleach episode 268 focus on the whore. Obviously it pissed me off >_>

New chapter for Otoyomegatari: Mr. Smith is going away. This is kinda sad. I like him around. His presence makes me less focus on the loli issue. But it seems like we will not see the last of him yet.

Emerging chapter 19: Onotera is going to the US but he doesn't has the confidence that Akira will last the trip. And then her stupid boyfriend sneaked in and kissed Akari. Well technically he kissed the respirator. But yeah he was caught and Onotera recognized him immediately.

Joe told them that he was the one who killed Rupert in Arago chapter 17. I bet he didn't and this is just another cliche way of him blaming himself for his partner's death. Oh wait. I was wrong. I'm happy to report that it was his fault that Rupert was dead. He lead Rupert to the patchman and that demon killed Rupert with a chainsaw. I would have committed a seppuku if I was Joe.

Kuran is an emo bitch in Vampire Knight chapter 60. But then again, when was he not? Incest bastard... Back to Yuuki and Zero, that Touma brat is just playing with them both. In my opinion, Zero shouldn't wasted his bullet on Touma and instead focusing to kill the biatch. I'll forgive him because he made me laugh with his straight face humor. But alas the biatch can't wait to get home to the bitch. I'm pissed. Again.

Zollner Neubaten is a pretty badass character it seems. In Dogs: Bullet & Carnage chapter 50, he is the real target of Giovanni and the dude that control minds (the one who injured Badou). They have taken over the bureau and used the bureau people themselves to attack Zollner. But looks like Zollner is not the nice guy. I think he's one of the dog too. And why do I always get the feeling that Giovanni is not really a villain? He reminded me so much of Gin =3

LMAO in chapter 14 of Yandere Kanojo, Reina was supposed to go watch Avatar with Tanaka on the weekend but they changed their plan when Reina spotted Miyami with a sexy cool looking guy. She wanted to follow Miyami secretly to ensure that the guy was alright. Of course she has to drag Tanaka with her. I'm a little confused now. She better didn't just turn gay for Miyami -__-

After I learned about Goggle and VizMedia being a dick, I feel the need to hunt for yaoi so I ended up with Tumbling. Its about a bunch of cute little shouta (high school shouta. I'm not that pervert) doing rhythmic gymnastic. As expected it was super cute ^^"

Friday, April 30

Finally got the chance to watch episode 3 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. Etou just want Akuto for herself so that she can control and use him to destroy the world. I would have done the same thing. Akuto has been accepted into the disciplinary committee. She has arranged for Akuto to meet Hattori though in reality she's trapping him with a bunch of retarded looking delinquents. Akuto was pretty badass though as he kicked their asses but of course Hattori misunderstand and rage a war against him but it was backfired. Now everyone is after her too. But the war stopped when Soga made rice rains from the sky. *facepalm* Also I think in one of the scene, did Etou masturbate and then get raped by the students? =\

Why indeed ^_^

That's it for this week. I'm going to Kuala Lumpur this weekend to spend time with my shouta and my jerk (read: bf). Threesome FTW.

On another note, I am afraid that my update will be a bit sporadic from now on. My work load is getting crazier and I got a part time job that I don't need. I am not sure what was I thinking when I applied for it. I might be stoned at that time -__-


29 April 2010

The removal of matured content manga

Yeah, the interweb, specifically those who is a tard for manga like yours truly, has been buzzing with the rumor of Google and Viz being a dick by requesting manga sites like mangafox and onemanga to remove manga that has either lolicon and/or matured and/or adult tag.

Some of the manga in questions have their tag removed or changed. Some were denied access altogether.

I can no longer read Switch and even Dorohedoro is under surveillance. Loveless is no longer Yaoi (WTF?!) and Dance in the Vampire Bund has been denied because of the lolicon tag. Even worst, in some manga like Harem de Hitori, the adult contents were removed.

I feel that this is unjust. What happened to creative freedom? This is just stupid!

This is the interweb for fuck sake. This is my isolate paradise. Where do I supposed to turn now when I'm horny?

I need my fucking yaoi and occasional hentai!!

Curse you America and your false ethical responsibility!

List of manga that are under evaluation at mangafox

Bleach: Episode 268

I feel like I should stop watching the anime for the time being. It just not worth it is I only get pissed every time I watch it. I blame it on Inoue.


But lets forget about the useless bitch. I'm gonna pretend that she doesn't exist for now. I'm not even going to bother about those two arrancars raping her. She deserved it anyway. Besides she can fend for herself but chose not to. Why? Because she wants Ichigo to save her, this cunning whore, even if Ichigo risked his life. I have no clue why anyone can stand her stupidity. Jeez. I want to kill her so fucking badly.

Oh fuck did she just healed the two bitches? Hell no! *headdesks*

*takes a deep breath*

What a stupid whore.

I mean, just take a look at Rukia. She was surrounded by the skull army one after the other. Did she complain? Did she called for someone to help her? NO.

Lets talk about what is really important: the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo. It was nice to see Ichigo using Getsuga Tensho in another fashion instead of just firing it away towards his enemy. This time he wrapped it around his blade so that his attack weight with a lot more force. Of course it has little to no effect on Ulquiorra.

And then Yammy appeared and took care of Menoly and Loly. I wished he would have crushed the whore too.

If I don't love Ishida before, I sure love him now. He's the knight in a shining armor for the whore. Too bad the whore has no brain to process the obvious information.

And that's it for episode 268. And I did not forget my words: Count down on Kurosaki-kun for this chapter: 3 + the previous chapter (1) = 4

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

27 April 2010

Negaigoto 300000km/s

One of the reason I picked this one up is because it was from the same mangaka, Megumi Kouji, who did Bloody Monday which I read but have to put on hold because life gets too busy for me.

This one is a romantic shounen one-shot, telling the story of two friends who have to part ways because one of them is furthering their study in the city. The manga start with them as a child, making a promise under the full moon. Cliche as fuck.

Meguru is moving away while Taichi wants to quit baseball because things are too busy at the shop (another cliche fact) and be an assistant coach. Yeah, I don't get his logic either but whatever.

Taichi and Meguru has been friends since childhood but keep their feelings for each other a secret until Meguru's last night in that town, and this kiss

Look, I'm not much of a romance fan. My kind of romance deals with blood and knife and badassery but once in a while, to read something mellow like this is pretty nice specially when I need some inspiration for my fanfic. The story is definitely not original but I forgive the mangaka because it wasn't a bad one-shot. It was short and sweet. If it was any longer, I would have dropped it.

art 8/10
story 6/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10

25 April 2010

Angel Beats! episode 4

Yui wants to replace Iwasawa in episode 4 of Angel Beats! Urgh does this mean Iwasawa ain't coming back? Oh man :(

yeah, she definitely looks the part >_>

This week they are illegally participating in a ball tournament so Otonashi and Hinata go around campus looking for a team-mate. Unfortunately the one Hinata has in mind have all joined other teams. So they end up with Yui, Siinachi, Noda and three other yui-nyan's fans.

The game was a total mess with Noda and Otonashi competing with each other. They made the game to turn out like tennis. I definitely had a good laugh.

But the serious shit begins when Angel brought her team in. The other teams were eliminated one by one until only Hinata's team left.

I got a feeling that at the end of this episode, it is Hinata's turn to disappear. His flashback of playing baseball, will eventually fulfilled his desire, just like Iwasawa's and thus, he'll leave the after life. I don't like all these disappearing business because I'm beginning to get attached to the characters :(

Thank goodness though that Yui (for a second I thought Otonashi will do it) stopped Hinata from catching that ball because if he did, he totally going to disappear. It was written all over his face.

I discover that although I don't like the idea of Yui replacing Iwasawa, she's definitely liven up this episode with her rather chaotic antics. I actually enjoyed having her around, especially when she's around Hinata.

Also, the humor for this series is really exceeding my expectation. For example Siinachi balancing the broom with her finger... that was unexpected thus having me rofl. I mean she has the broom balanced on her finger even during the game!

There are other little things too that made me chuckled merrily. Like the facial expression on some of the characters, the evil laugh of Yurippe, the acrobatic acts... stuff like that.

ZOMG look at that bod! *drools*

Also, I am definitely a fan of the ED.

Heroman: Episode 4

I dunno why am I always feel the need to do an episodic review on series that I don't enjoy but yeah here I am having Heroman for breakfast on a Sunday morning.

I dunno why America hasn't think of this yet. They should just get a few trucks containing aerosol and blast it to the roaches. No matter how you look at it, they are just a giant cockroaches.

As Joey, his grandma and Psy went to the shelter, Will managed to get inside the stronghold of the Skrugg. Failed. I mean, weren't the Skrugg supposed to be technology enhance? Surely they have a surveillance camera or shit like that inside that shit. Or at least a more alert troop. Will and the fat midget weren't exactly quiet, were they? *shakes my head*

The face of a moron

Will plan is to get a hold of their weapon and blast them with it. Some kinda like "letting them taste their own shitty medicine". I got a feeling that the Skrugg will actually used him to their own advantage though.

Meanwhile Professor Denton is already back at his van, being the asshole that he is, all dramatic and shit. I want to smack the back of his head with a wooden bat. As they busy talking, the Skrugg released a giant sphere to erase the town to the ground. Wow... I thought they are going to nuke the city and that's all they did? Release a big hard sphere and let it bowl everything on its way? -__-

LOL but of course it's not only a sphere. It some kind of an AI shit. Oh man, this is just getting so fucking ridiculous.

Heroman has all sorts of difficulties to stop the unstoppable sphere. He broke both of his hands trying to stop it. The emo Joey of course being overly dramatic about it so as expected, we got to see another new feature for Heroman: Augmento! Yeah, don't ask me how Joey came up with all these cliche shit. So what did Augmento do? It makes Heroman larger with that super sayan hairstyle from the last episode >_>

Heroman still couldn't stopped the sphere but at least he managed to delay the shit after everyone has evacuate. Can robot feel tired though? I don't think it can.

And where are the army?


24 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, April 2010

Sunday, April 18

I dunno how did I miss the update of Hyakko chapter 37. The update was dated back in January! The battle continues. I didn't know that the teachers are joining as well. Suzume and Ode seem unstoppable until Kitsune started scheming with Takaya and Shishimaru to take down his rivals.

Angel Beats! episode 3: Hehe this shit of a show is so made out of win. The mosaic effects for Miyuzaki's films made me chuckled and that dude who called himself Christ is so retarded for a genius. By the way, the girl group we seen in last chapter is called Girls Dead Monster ot GirlsDeMo for short. Way better than After School Tea Time whatever-shit. The lead girl, Iwasawa, has wrote a ballad song for diversion and right after the performance she disappeared. This time their mission is to enter the Angel's lair i.e. Angel's bedroom. I must say that the animation during GirlsDeMo performance was awesome. I'm impressed. KyoAni can learn a thing or two from Aniplex. And dammit they did a good job with the suspense, drama and action too. Wow. Angel Beats is exceeding my expectation. The songs are addictive if nothing else.

Monday, April 19

Chapter 11 of Durarara!!
  • talked about the incestship of the Yagiri. Nothing I haven't seen from the anime though.
  • the budding relationship between Ryugamine and Sonohara.
  • Selty has found her head and is chasing her around town.
  • Ryugamine gets in the way and helped her head out.
Zettai Karen Children chapter 213: Minamoto has told the Children that he'll be moving out and stay with Tim and Bullet since they are turning into a woman. Just like I predicted, the culprit behind last chapter's attack is someone that Tim mentioned. I kinda get a feeling that he's the one with the barbie dolls all over the place and was kicked out of BABEL. Anyway, the PANDRA kids + Tim + Bullet went to his place but there are these guys with coated surrounded them with guns.

They are shading lights on Patchman and Joe's past in chapter 16 of Arago. Nothing interesting really, just another story of two partners working on a case. Now Joe is suspecting Arago because he has the portrait of the criminal that the leprechaun drew.

Rainbow is a pretty nasty stuff. I approved.

Wednesday, April 21

Bleach latest episode was okay I guess. We haven't reach the annoying part of the chanting yet so I'm chilling.

Thursday, April 22

Naruto chapter 492: Ballad rapping? More like ballad raping my ass! But the evil Naruto made me swoons. Awesome ^_^

Chapter 401 of Bleach left me speechless and my pantsu wets ^__^

Ah how time flies. It feels like only yesterday did I watch the 2nd episode of Ookiku Furikabutte. In the 3rd episode, Sakaeguchi has a theory as to why Mihashi refused to get off the mound: in middle school Mihashi was totally ignored but the game wouldn't start if he doesn't pitch. It sort of confirming his existence. Make sense. They are up against Sakitama. Momoe imo is too overconfident about this game being a called game so I feel like they are going to loose. As usual, Tajima notices the quirks of the opponents so early in the stage and casually talked to the opponent during games. He also warned Hanai about being satisfied, which made Hanai irritated. He's always managed to have fun in a game. That's one of the other things that I like about him. Then it's Izumi turn. Damn they made me so excited! Can't wait for next week!


The level of awesomeness for Arakawa Under the Bridge is >9000!

Kuroshitsuji chapter 44: They are divided into 2 groups. One stay upstairs while the other went down the cellar to look at the corpses. This is to determine the where about of the key of Earl's room. Since they failed to find the key on Sebastian's corpse, they went to search his room. I didn't know Ciel was allergic to cat. Do you? Anyway, the still couldn't find the key so they resorted to search the luggage. Mey Rin found the red liquid but recklessly forgot about it. Now the servants volunteered to search the outside compound. I don't blame them for being so emotional about the death of Sebastian. But yeah, I say this again: this is turning out to be like Umineko...

The battle continues in Emerging chapter 18. The virus is using the human body as it's carrier. They are sending 4 patients to America, hoping that their technology will help them find a cure. The doc with glasses was instruct to come to America as well. He seems reluctant though but he's about to change his mind >_>

Yay we are back to Badou in chapter 49 of Dogs - Bullets & Carnage. He and Mihai ended up in the hospital. Neubaten, the Director of the Central Administration Office apologized to the public and announced the reconstruction of the city etc. Badou immediately took interest when he seems to remember Neubaten's face. Meanwhile Heine and Naoto are having a talk about Heine's doubt. Yeah, he should stop being so emo.

Countdown 7 Days

Countdown 7 Days is a one-shot from the same mangaka that does Replica, Karakara Kemuri. This one shot tells the story of Mitamura. He is cold, sly damned glasses wearing jerk. One day he met Onigawara Hanasuke who doesn't realized that he was dead. Sixth Sense anyone?

I was not sure whether or not to picked this up until I read this:

That panel made me laugh so considered I'm sold. It's a one-shot anyway and I like Replica so there is no harm on finishing this.

And I am glad that I did because it's surprisingly funny. I enjoy this a lot especially Mitamura's cruel sense of humor XD

Mitamura is actually a teacher at Sheol (that's 'the other world' to us human). He teaches the soul that is to be reincarnated. He was looking for a girl, Shimizu Tsuru, when he met Hanasuke. So he made a deal with Hanasuke that he will revived him if he managed to find that girl, granted that he must do this within 7 days. By the seventh day, the hole under Hanasuke's fit will be big enough for Hanasuke to fall into and go to Sheol.

Of course Mitamura was lying. He cannot revived the dead. This is where it gets a tad more interesting as few other characters were introduced. It also further explained why everyone hates Mitamura and how he find himself in this seemingly meaningless search.

The story is not original. But like digitalboy said, it's all been done before. However the mangaka managed to make things interesting with the way he wrote it and the comedy elements in it. The ending too kinda keep me guessing and a bit unexpected so that's a good thing.

I really like the art. Just like Replica, I really have to give credit to the mangaka. Just take a look at all the bishounen in this one and it should have explained a lot of why I picked this one up in the first place. The mangaka nailed it when it comes to facial expressions because it seems real and look god damn good.

art 9/10
story 7/10
character 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10

22 April 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge: Episode 3

I guess it is a trademark for Arikawa to start their episodes with some deep meaningful words. Can't say that I don't like it though because I do. They hit quite close to home ^^

In episode 18, we discovered that Nino is a sleepwalker. She usually ends up at Kou/Ric's place. Since Nino is the girl everyone wants to end up with, Kou has quite a few enemy. One of them is Hoshi (literally translated as star), voice by Tomokazu Sugita *bows*

Seemingly Kou is getting used with the life under the bridge. He didn't freak out when he saw the Sister anymore. It kinda disappointing in a way but I'm sure there are plenty of other things that he can freak out about. For example,
  • the Sister helped Hoshi to get his hands on Kou after a mass.
  • the Sister helped Hoshi doing a human lie detector on Kou
Episode 19: The misunderstanding that Hoshi has for Kou just keep getting worst. Heh, awesome how they played with words.


In episode 20, the misunderstanding and the jabs just from Hoshi provoked Kou to the point that he will ask Nino out on a date just to pissed Hoshi off. Heh, love rivalry is indeed the best.

So in episode 21, Kou gathered his courage and asked Nino out. He wore a designer suit with pink shirt underneath. He even parted his hair. Man, he looks like a total fag. Kou is determined to show Hoshi what a perfect date is. There is only one problem: his life principle. It's not like he wasn't popular but because he doesn't want to owe anyone, he has never been on a date, and has returned all the chocolates he received on Valentine's Day. His knowledge about date is limited to what he read the previous night: shoujo mangas.

But of course he was rejected.

Kou was not about to give up though. In episode 22, he tried everything to make Nino agreed to go out on a date with him. His plan for the date is over the top to say the least. Nino was only impressed with his drawing and he got rejected once again. LOL

It wasn't because Nino doesn't want to but she can't leave the river bank. As a Venusian she has to take into account the gravity and magnetism factors. This was explained in episode 23. So they ended up going to the river mouth for their first date. I guess it was a perfect date after all, whats with Nino's beautiful dress and all that.

The date also made Kou wanted to know more about Nino. Their relationship is definitely blossoming.

However, episode 24 is totally unrelated to the episode, some kind of a joking contest. And apparently the Kappa mayor is a handsome young man.

But back to Hoshi...

Oh man, every time I heard Sugita's voice, there is only one character that established itself in my mind and that is Gintoki. I can't break that wall, not that I want to, but yeah, it automatically made the character so much awesome >9000!

And he's not the only Gintama seiyuu in Arakawa. I found out that Koyasu Takehito is the seiyuu for Sister. Who is he? He's Shinsuke Takasugi =3

Bleach: Chapter 401

Okay, if the Hougyoku has a will on its own, why wasn't it has any effect on Rukia? Or did it? Hmm....

Holy fuck? O_o

I... am speechless...

and just when I have words to say about Aizen transforming, I was once again rendered speechless by the appearance of Urahara Kisuke.


ZOMGWTFBBQ!! *does a jig*

I think I went my pantsu ^^

edit: The appearance of Urahara negates all the other negative reactions that I have for this chapter. I think I was relieved than anything else. I have said in the beginning that either Shinji and/or Urahara can defeat Aizen. Most likely Urahara though because the way I see it their level of IQ are on par. That ought to mean something.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

21 April 2010

Bleach: Episode 267

Until the fights move to the real world, I'll be totally pissed with every upcoming episodes because I know what to expect, especially from Whore-Hime. Jeez, if I need a reason to skip all the upcoming episodes, it is because of her. She fucking pissed me off with her over-the-top damsel in distress attitude. Fucking whore.

Let the fucking chanting begin.

I'm so gonna count how many times she will chant Ichigo's name, which will pissed me off even more. But I'm gonna count it to prove my point why she is fucking useless. It needs to be done.

Thankfully they switch to the others' fight. I kinda feel like its a filler because I don't remember Renji or Sado having to fight all those hollows. But a filler is so much better than having to see the whore with her usual distress fucking useless face. At least these two provided some comic relief.

I have miss Rukia. I sigh in relieve when the episode switches back to her fight. That is one of the reason why I find this arc so boring. We need to see more Rukia. Oh well, the appearance of Ulquiorra kinda make up for it though.

Back to where Whore-Hime and Rukia's concern for Ichigo. These two women is so much different. When the whore chanting for Ichigo, that because she doesn't have the confident that Ichigo can defeat Ulquiorra, and afraid that he'll get killed. Rukia on the other hand knows what Ichigo is capable of. She has full confident that even if wounded, Ichigo will not get killed. She only worries if Ichigo will lost that confident which will allow Ulquiorra to have the upper hand.

Just look at the situation for example. Rukia won't ever going to stand still while Ichigo get his ass kicked. Even though she knows it would be fruitless, she would still trying to help Ichigo anyway she can, even if she injured herself. The whore on the other hand, just stand there like a fucking useless doll while looking so fucking worried. I mean, she has the power goddammit. She can reject the attacks! She can do something about it since the BEGINNING! Sheesh!

Anyway, back to Ulquiorra and Ichigo's fight, they are pretty much equal now, which pissed me off because Ichigo hasn't even used his Vaizard's mask yet. Power up shit, that's what this is.

I would like to believe that he has become more human. Ichigo and hollow was meh. Ulquiorra and emotions though... now that's awesome.

Also, I like to point out that these two are fucking smex!


For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

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