30 October 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, October 2011

Monday, October 24

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 3: Sena is playing eroge inside the church. Heh. What Yozora said after that is so made of win: You damn perverted! Silence wench! You succubus! Flasher! Bitch! Walkim cum dumpster! Real dutch wife! Walking porn scene! Don't come near me! Don't touch me! You'll make me pregnant! The second half of the episode is dedicated to Kodaka and Sena developing their friendship and as expected now Sena wants to get into his pantsu. Damn. They also introduced Kodaka's little sister, Kobato, who is so into a character in Kurogane no Necromancer that she cosplay the said character. Basically she acts like a spoiled princess 24/7 and Kodaka just play along.
p/s: Apparently Kodaka and Yozora has known each other since they are kids. Kodaka just needs to realize who she is because Yozora sure as hell remember who Kodaka is. Problem is he thinks that kid he hang out with is a boy *facepalm*

Wednesday, October 26

Episode 4 of Hunter X Hunter: Few hours have passed since Phase One of the examination started and still no sign of stopping. In the mean time, Gon met his gay partner Killua who doesn't really care about being a Hunter but join for the thrill of the Exam. Leorio on the other hand finally spilled the reason why he is so obsessed with money. Apparently his friends died because they can't afford the operation which is also the reason why he wants to be a doctor. In order to reach the destination for Phase Two, they have to cross the Swindlers Swamp where the creatures will fool you. Once fallen to their trap that's the end of it: death.

no one will believe that you are a teenager Leorio

Thursday, October 27

This episode of Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon will determine whether or not I will continue watching this show or dropping it. I don't see the purpose of watching a show that I don't give a damn about and there is no reason why should I sit through the whole episode, is there? Considered this show DROPPED.

It seemed illogical that 10 year old kids having conversation about puzzle, as of who to blame and that puzzle never betrays human. WTF. But never mind... I'll play along. That's the start of episode 4 of Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle. Kaito got to meet another genius who holds the title Da Vinci: Ana Gram. She will be Kaito's partner this week. She's funny and I liked her in an instant. They have to solve the Swazenbergh puzzle which is heart warming puzzle for a change. Also turns out Ana is actually a guy. FUCKING TRAP I LOVE YOU!

he's a he! he's a he!

Let see if episode 2 of Mashiro-Iro Symphony will make me rage enough to drop this shit or will I continue to watch this for the sake of my OTP (Airi/Shingo). From the look of things, it won't be easy though since Shingo pretty much dug his own grave with Airi. But isn't that what makes the chase interesting?

Since we are at it, might as well watch episode 3 of Mashiro-Iro Symphony as well. Fate is definitely on my side as Airi and Shingo were both picked as the class representatives. Airi is still as stubborn as ever. I really want to find out why she distaste boys so much. She must have her reasons. In the mean time, Shingo gets cozy with Miu, who potentially be Airi's biggest rival. So I am glad when Shingo strikes a deal with Airi: he finished the class representative work while Airi be his tutor. LOL very smooth indeed Shingo.

that's what us humans called love, tsundere Airi ^_^

Friday, October 28

Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~ episode 2: Millia was sent to Iglasia. Fam and Gisey were responsible to take her there. Once she handed over the letter, her dad asked Fam to escort Millia to Eastern Imperial Villa. On the other hand, Princess Lily has asked for Kartofell help to protect Turan from the Ades Federation. She planned on launching a surprise attack to down the Impetuous with Premier Luscinia Hafez in it. Fat chance though. Hafez sent out his most trusted man to take care of Lasas and kidnapped Princess Lily. Dio brought the news to Fam and since Millia begged her to save her sister, Fam just can't say no. Sadly though Hafez was using Lily to reactivate Exile, the best airship in the world apparently. Turan wasn't destroyed by the Ades Federation but rather by the Exile itself.

There is just something about silver haired guys that makes you wanna fap

Saturday, October 29

Episode 3 of UN-GO: Yuuki and Inga have to assist Rie solving the Kazamori case. Kazamori was the head of Sasa Kamomari (who was the creator of artificial intelligent RAI). He was adopted though so the real family sorta envious of him. For some reason there wore plastic bag around their head so no one ever seen his face. Kazamori was killed when he self-combusted so Yuuki has to prove that it wasn't a curse. It was easy. Kazamori wasn't human to begin with. Heh, this episode is way better than the previous two and it doesn't end here. To be continued in the next episode.

Unlike UN-GO, I doubt Guilty Crown will have any improvement this week judging from the aniblogsphere reaction to it on twitter. I have lost all hope for this series after last week's episode but here I am sitting down for episode 3. Damn you noitaminA. Well, Inori had joined Shu's class and everyone recognize her from Egoist. Since Shu rejected Undertaker's offer to join them, he naturally didn't want anything to do with Inori. Fat chance though. She'll be staying with him. Needless to say I'm in rage but lets venture on. Apparently Shu's mom is working for the government. What an irony and she's researching about the Norma Gene drug. Yahiro, Shu's friend takes that drug and was the witness to what happened in episode 2. Shu has to find him (but he doesn't know it as Yahiro so he tested his power on several other students. Turns out everyone has Voids *rolleyes* so Inori wasn't special after all). Shu wants to believe the good in people so he lets Yahiro go but Yahiro turned on him and now Shu is under arrest by another psycho guy. Heh served him right.
p/s: Gai has the ability to see Voids which was how he figured that Shu will take that Kaleidoscope shit from Daryl Yan.

everyone, meet Segai, another psycho guy in this show :3

Now that I've seen all these bad hot guys, I have the urge to read some yaoi. I guess I'll resume Paradise Baby chapter 5: It's a new arc called Love Letter and lasted for 2 chapters. A story between Kotera and Azuma. Apparently Azuma once confessed his love to Kotera during middle school. Unfortunately Kotera doesn't remember the face until recently. Since he knows he likes Azume he thought things will work out. Unfortunately all Azuma wants is to forget that painful memories. LOL not for long because Kotera is determined to make him his *chuckles*

The last arc of Paradise Baby is called Kira Kira featuring Miyoshi and Maki. They are a couple but Miysoshi is still a virgin and would like to remain so. That just makes sexually frustrated. Miyoshi knows that he is being unfair to Maki but he's just a poor insecure son of a bitch so he eventually relent. I love the fact that they were having an honest conversation about their first time sex experience. That is rare in yaoi.

Maki is hot. Must be that megane. Hnnnnnngghh ♥

Next yaoi on my list is Sailor Danshi. This one is a comedy and has different story for every chapter (7 chapters overall). Some of the arcs were disappointing especially the first one but don't let it turn you off. I wasn't a fan because I don't like lovey dovey shit when it comes to sex. It would have been sexier and manlier if they just do their business like a man without mewing every 5 seconds. Thankfully not all the arcs were that annoying. On several others the comedy actually got me laughing. Some of it even turns me on. I guess I can't say that I only watched this for the art lmao

I'm sorry guys XD

Since I am on a binge, lets continue with another yaoi: Kawaii Akuma. It has 6 chapters and the story kinda have the tendency to be all over the place. But then again, I would be all over the place too if a fucking good looking guy suddenly asked me if I want to have sex with him. If I say no he'll rape me and if i say yes, I will let him rape me. LMAO so complicated. Hmm, what should I do. Heh now I get it why this manga is called Kawaii Akuma and it definitely makes me chuckles non-stop. Akiyoshi is too damn gullible and I don't blame Futa for wanting him so much. But if you are looking for sex, you won't be getting much from this manga. It was just story with almost to none action however when they decided to give it to you, better hold on tight to that seat of yours. I read all 6 chapters in one sitting. That means the story is entertaining.

it was a really fun read ^__^


Good yaoi :-) and Akuma was funny, but what a shame, that he grew up :-( The young one was much more cute...

True. I prefer the smaller Futa as well, that devilish oh so delicious shouta ^_^

Akoyosahi on the other hand makes me all hhhhnnnnggggggggh :D

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