Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 December 2010

Welcome 2011

On the same date last year, I wrote a closure for 2009 and set few resolutions for 2010 while I was at it. I'm going to do the same shit again. It made me reflect and see how much I have grown in the past year, of what I have achieved and things that left me disappointed.

First of all, let see if I have accomplished my resolution for 2010. I set myself to complete 15 animes and I managed to do that, surprisingly considering how uber busy I am with work. I couldn't believe that was all the resolution I set last year. How simple minded I was.

There were few things that made me disappointed and frustrated in the past year. People, person, human beings. My heart kinda got broken. Kinda but not really. I was expecting it I guess. *shrugs* I wish him happy and well.

Then there were things that made me happy. I fell in love, it was short-lived but who cares. I also had one of my biggest crush ever. Again, it was short-lived. I got bored LOL but it was a fun month. I have my first niece in April. She is a bundle of joy. Someday I'm gonna kidnap her, run away and claimed her as my own. I got to do a lot of things that I enjoyed doing: I traveled on whim, I didn't give a fuck about financial, I went to my first ever comic convention, bought more figures, writing, doing this blog. Things like that.

as free as a fucking bird ^_^

So what changed? I am no longer a manga whore. I still read them occasionally but I haven't picked up any new manga since March I think. I am not even up-to-date with some of the manga that I am reading. Because work was crazy I needed to choose whether to spend it on anime or manga. Obviously I chose the former because that is where my passion truly is. So basically as of right now, the only manga I'm following week to week is Bleach.

Also, I think I am a more sociable person now than I ever was. I may not like it but I am better at handling almost any situations presented. I can initiate conversation with strangers now. Before this, I usually just pretend that they don't exist. I still wish I could but work won't allow me to be an introvert anymore. I'm definitely out there when I'm working so I cherished the moments where I can lock myself up in my room, stripped from all the clothes and just sit and enjoy an anime or two, or simply just doing nothing but writes.

Speaking of work, things were really adventurous and entertaining when I first started but I begin to find it boring nowadays. I am the kind of person who is not suited for the same shit. I am constantly wanting something different. Something that will make my blood rushed again and gets me all jittery and stuff. That feelings had disappeared and is replaced with a feeling of hollowness. I am ready for a new adventure.

All set?

Not yet.

I still need to figure out what I want to do. I have think long and hard. Next year, I'm turning 30. Jeebus. 30. Can you believe that? Most of my friends are married and have at least a kid. What do I have? A room full of anime DVDs, books and figures. Well, to be fair, they don't have a fucking business of their own and they led pretty miserable ordinary life. I can't say that I'm not envious. I am if only a tad because my dream has always about having kids of my own. Fuck husband. They are just tools to ensure that my dream can and will come true. But yeah, for me to able to achieve that, I need to get married. Here's the hard part. I sucks at relationship and don't really give a damn about it. Some of you would probably want to say why I don't just fuck someone till I get knocked up? Here is the thing. I truly believe that the guy who I will marry one day is the right one so I'm not going to give up my chastity belt for anyone. I mean, seriously, only guy who has the courage of Kyon would ever want to marry a difficult, insatiable girl like me. That is one special guy, isn't it? It will worth the wait. Ordinary guy can fap to themselves or be gay for all I care.

So here comes my first resolution of 2011. No more fucking around (hypothetically speaking). I am ending my open relationships. Enough with the fun. Time to get serious.

Now with that out of the way, I can talk about what I want to do with my life next year. Like I said, my current job has started to bore me so within the past week, I have been thinking. I already have that dress making business which no longer interest me so much but I still like the creative part in it so I'm gonna keep at it. But I won't be satisfied with just that. So I came up with a new idea. I'm going to be a patisserie. I'm planning on quitting my job in a few months and enroll myself into the Academy of Pastry Malaysia. Crazy, I know but it's challenging. I love challenges. After I got the certificate, I'm going to open my own cake shop. It won't be just any cake shop either. I have all this vision and plan in my head. I am so pump up and already started with the proposal. I can't wait to get started. I'm gonna start baking cakes from now on whenever I'm free and see if I have the talent for that.

And that's my second resolutions. I want to get a cert in pastry and do something totally whacked and out of character. When I started making dresses, no one believes me. So same shit. I just love to prove them wrong.

If that didn't work out, I can always go back to writing. A romance novel perhaps?

My third resolutions combined a few things which include me doing whatever the fuck that I want, just like I did this year. I'm going to

  • continue watching anime
  • talk about anime with people who doesn't have a fucking clue what I'm talking about.
  • continue with this blog.
  • concentrate more on writing my books and complete at least one.
  • going somewhere far. Prague maybe. Or Italy.
  • get myself a PS3

Anime has become a great part in my life to the point that some people said that it defined me as person. I am not sure about that but if a person take a look at my facebook, I can't blame them for having that pre-notion about me. I did talk about anime 95% of the time. I used to be klux the motorsport enthusiasts. Now I'm known as klux the crazy-anime-fan-with-yaoi-issue ^__^

Either way, I am at happy with who I am and that is all that matters.

What will make 2011 awesome as fuck?

  • 30 in March. That's a milestone, fuckers.
  • the return of Gintama
  • Bleach 4th movie
  • Volume 10 of Haruhi Suzumiya novels
  • My own cake shop

Now am I all set? I certainly fucking am. Roll on 2011 and happy New Year everyone!

the crooked world. I just have to make the best of it I guess
(c) Archlich

30 December 2010

First Impression: Starry☆Sky

Reverse harem? Why not just total BL instead? If it was, I would be the first to raise my hands and claim this as my favorite even before I've seen the episodes. As it is, this is still targeted for the female audience. I doubt many males would want to see some bunch of guys chasing the the only female in school.

The start was weak as fuck. We got the protagonist reminiscing as he looked at the sky and queue flashback. When he was a child, he met a girl who he spent time with doing nothing but staring at the night sky. Boring stuff especially when I know what to expect for the entire show in less than 10 minutes into the episode. That is definitely not good. I already know that the protagonist will do whatever it takes to meet the same girl that he fell for when he was a kid and it just so happened the same gal is going to the same school that he is transferring to. Cliche as fuck.

(If you feel like all these setups looks familiar, that's because it is: La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~)

Well, this is a show full of bishies so I can't complain much when it comes to character designs even though they all look like your typical bishounen. So I guess I had to complain about that. I just wish they paid more intention to details and the animation was really terrible. It's like they don't even bother trying. Fuck you Studio DEEN. Not when you have a whole bunch of bishounen at your disposal.

I usually channel my hatred to the subject of reverse harem but not in this case. At least not yet. I am actually disappointed with Kenichi Suzumura's performance in this show. It was as weak as the fucking show itself. It is hard for me to dislike a bishounen but yes I dislike Tomoe the moment he opened his mouth. HOWEVER! I didn't expect to hear Sugita Tomokazu in this one. Or Jun Fukuyama or Yuuichi Nakamura or Mamoru Miyano or Junichi Suwabe or Kamiya Hiroshi. Fuck, now I feel like I'm obligated to watch this shit just like with Miracle Train, which I have yet to complete.

The good news is, each episode is only 12 minutes long. That will save you from permanent brain injury. There's only one way for me to watch this shit. That is if Tomoe Yoh sucks my imaginary dick. Better yet, why not the whole bunch of bishounen do just that. Then maybe I might actually enjoy this piece of shit.

oh fuck yes! :D
(c) Omtn-DNfanzZ

Having said that, I am really looking forward for all the potential yaoi/BL fanarts >:3

Art 6/10
Sound 6/10
Storyline 5/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 5/10
Overall 6/10

29 December 2010

My Top 10: Anime of the Decade

I already did anime of the decade last year but I was lazy and I actually focus more on OVA and movies in that one instead of TV series. Having said that, I am completely right with my choice of anime show and I adamantly stand by it.

This list, just like previously, is not ranked. Instead, this list consists of anime that doesn't necessarily top the chart when it was debuted nor was popular but it has a profound effect on me as an animetard and molded me to become the kind of anime fan that I am now.

Samurai Champloo (Spring 2004)

(c) hibiki

I have always been fascinated with Samurai theme ever since I watched Samurai X. Samurai Champloo was the first anime DVD that I bought. I have no freaking idea what it was about when I bought it. I know it has samurai in it and that's all my knowledge of the show was. I bought it because I thought that the theme was right and the art style was definitely something fresh. This was before I've seen Cowboy Bebop, mind you. So I watched it and was totally fell for Mugen. The way the story was told definitely something that I have never seen before. It set up quite a high par for any other anime that I want to spend my money on.

The best thing is, or rather a misfortune, I bought Samurai Champloo DVD three times. The first DVD I bought was lost during the moving to our new house. So I bought another one. My dad borrowed it and took it with him when he was working off-shore in China. He lost it. So I had to buy the DVD for the third time and this time around it is off limit to anyone. The DVD is definitely one of my prized possession.

Thanks to Samurai Champloo I got interested with other anime from Shinichiro Watanabe and that was how I ended up loving Cowboy Bebop, Mitchiko e Hatchin and Ergo Proxy. I love the dark story with lots of dorama I guess.

Bleach (Fall 2004)


I am no longer watching the anime. Just a loyal fan to it's manga but I plan on catching up to the anime some time soon. You see, I watch anime far in between before Bleach made it's debut. I bought anime DVD occasionally and most of the anime I watched was the one on national television which pretty much were just the 90's anime most of the time. It was like they had the Dragon Ball series on repeat.

It was only after I discovered Bleach that I know what an avid fan really is because I obviously become one in no time at all. Lets admit that the Soul Society arc led us to believe that Kubo Tite is a genius. I just couldn't get enough of Bleach.

It was this series that sparked my interest with manga. Before that I never bother. Through Bleach, I got to know some of the most amazing people I have ever met through facebook. Bleach unites us. It is because of Bleach too that I started taking real interest with other anime. That was how my obsession with anime started. I started downloading anime in chunk one after the other. It just so happened during that time I have just started working from home which mean I had plenty of time to spend on my new found hobby. I marathon any anime that had my interest. Some were great, some were not so much. This is how I learned about what genre I love and dislike and it has thought me a lot. Through Bleach I also started my figures collection and becomes not only obsessed with the whole show but of my shipping as well. I started writing fanfics and despite how many years it has been I still only write Bleach fanfics. I can't immerse myself with other series or characters like I can with Bleach. I've tried once but it turned out to be so superficial I abandoned it.

So you see, there was a lot of first with Bleach. Despite of the shit that Kubo trolled us with after the Soul Society arc, I am still a fan of this series to this very day otherwise it won't have it's own category in this blog. It would be a very sad day for me when Bleach eventually comes to an end. Thank goodness it is not for at least another 2 years :)

Genshiken (Fall 2004)

(c) kio shimaku

If Bleach made me an anime fan, Genshiken thought me what being an otaku is all about. It made me fall in love with the culture I guess. It opened my eyes of what it means being an otaku in Japan and how it was seen from a foreign point of view. It also introduced me to Akihabara, cosplaying and doujinshi. It made me aware of the conventions that I never thought exist. A place for all tards to gather around? It makes me want to go to at least one convention and after all these years, I finally managed to go to one this year. Above all else I learned that you do not mess with an otaku for any reason at all.

When I saw this, I was at the point in my life where I don't really know what I want to do with my life and pretty much content with the fact that I am a borderline hikikomori. I was totally unsociable. I only go out when I needed to and at one time had not had a conversation with real life person for almost a month. I locked myself in a room doing nothing but watch anime, reading manga, writing fanfics and occasionally tend to my workload. This continues for almost 4 years. It was awesome as fuck.

I kicked myself sometimes when I thought of the decision I made to actually get my life together for a change. Curses!

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (Fall 2004)

(c) Robographer

I am truly aware of how Gundam fans perceived this show, especially that of SEED fans. They thought it was a phailed attempt. Shit it may be for others but this is the show that truly made me interested in mecha. My like or dislike for a show is strongly stemmed on whether or not I enjoy the story and the characters. Even though I think highly of SEED but Kira and Cagalli pissed me off so much I found myself raging at it most of the time.

I might fell for this show for all the wrong reason but it doesn't changed the fact that I thought the characters were far more awesome when they get into their Gundam. I have already fangirling about this show before so I'm not going to do it again here.

I am still not a big fan of mecha. I still can't name all the gundam even if you pointed a gun to my head but thanks to Destiny, I have learn to appreciate it a little bit more.

Gintama (Winter 2004)

(c) kaninn

Do noted that I saw Gintama after I watched Bleach. I was expecting a shounen anime but was presented with something that was totally whacked I couldn't help but fall in love with it. This is the anime that set the par for comedy for me. The randomness just totally blew me away. I have said over and over again that this show is THE GREATEST GAR SHOW ever. Gin has fought with aliens, the authority, your grandmother, you named it he has done it. Not to mention that thanks to Gintama, I fall hard for Tomokazu Sugita. I never paid attention to seiyuu before but because of this show, I am slowly turning into a seiyuu fag.

So imagined how sad and in rage I was when I found out that Gintama has come to an end. I mean seriously, I have never been so worried about my sanity like I was then. I thought it was another scam of theirs but the anime fandom was buzzing about the truth in it, I was left flabbergasted. Around the same time, they announced the movie date so that helped ease my trouble mind a little. I kept rewatching the old episodes to keep me a tad sane. Then earlier this month Glo came bearing the good news. The world is okay again and I am no longer tempted to do homicide.

I know that this does not sound significant to you but think of it this way. If someone asked you what is your favorite anime of all time, and this or that anime popped up instantly in your head, you know that it got to mean something to you. I have always trust my guts and there is no way I'm gonna turn my back on it now.

Gintama has helped me with all sorts of life problems. It has become my source of power to put my depression away and move on with life. I think I have become a stronger person because I can laugh my problems away watching this show. It doesn't necessarily solved my problems but it made me realized that these problems are not worth crying over for, that life is actually worth living :)

Sensitive Pornograph (Winter 2004)

If you have paid any attention, you know that yaoi is like my guilty drug. It all started when I came across this particular show. This show started my obsession with BL/yaoi. Before I knew what happened, it has taken over my life. LOL sounds so dramatic but it is the truth. I become bolder. Exploring about sex in general (only in theory of course) and accepting few things that surprised even myself. Words won't do justice but I'm gonna leave this one at that. I doubt GAR men can handle what's on my mind most of the time >=3

Honey and Clover (Spring 2005 & Summer 2006)

(c) chika umino

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not good with romance or relationship but the irony is I am a sucker for romace if it is done right. That's why my fanfics always turned up with romance theme in it. Not shoujo though (because I dislike shoujo) but romance. There's a difference.

Before Honey and Clover, I don't usually picked up anime with such theme. I thought that if I want drama, then I just watched all the Japanese drama that I have in my possession. But I am glad that when I decided to start watching romance theme, I started with this particular show. It just left me in awe with it's mind blowing craft. From the story telling, to the comedies and the dorama. It tells real story with real characters. That was the most appealing side of this show in my opinion.

This show has become the gateway anime for shows with similar theme like Lovely Complex and White Album.

Honey and Clover made me realized that my friends were not at fault when we drifted apart. It just part of having a life is all about. We don't always get what we wanted but it's either we cherished the moment we had that counts. It allowed me to remember all the good times me and my friends had instead of why we didn't regularly get in touch with each other anymore.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Spring 2006)

(c) sugimasa

I never thought that I would see the exact copy of myself (minus the Godly power) in anime. When I first saw Haruhi, the realization just smacked me right in the face and made me into an overnight fan of her and this show. I am just as obsessed with Kyon like Haruhi is obsessed with him. Sometimes it is scary and thrilling to realized how similar our taste and personality are.

Back in high school, people (mostly girls) generally don't want to be friends with me. I'm cool with that. I have my own set of friends (just like Haruhi has her SOS Brigade members) to keep me happy an entertained during my school years. The same happened when I got into college. After that I just don't give a fuck anymore and became a borderline hikikomori.

I am constantly want to try out something new. Always planning the next big things in my life or just do something that I have never done before. I graduated with an IT degree. Work for about 8 months before I got bored with the shit. Then I started writing and it opened up to an endless world of adventures for me from motorsports to anime and everything in between. After that I started learning how to make dresses out of boredom and end up with a business under my belt. Now I'm in an advertising business slashed event management where I got to mingle and hang out with local artists and such. The passion last for about a year and a half and I am already bored with it. I have mega project in my mind for next year and if it comes to fruition, then I'm saying goodbye to this glamorous life. See what I mean? I need someone who can keep up just like Kyon is with Haruhi.

I guess this show have the most profound effect on me more than any other anime because of the similarities, for better or for worse.

Btw, the movie was freaking amazing. I'm just saying.

Kara no Kyoukai and Mnemosyne (Winter 2007)

(c) hara takehito

I know that both of these shows are not TV series. One is a 7 parts movie and the other is an OVA but I have to include them in this list because of the simplest reason. Both of the female protagonists are very strong women who knows what they want and are not afraid to achieve their set goals despite of all the obstacle, especially when it comes to romance and relationship. Thanks to this, I realized that an ordinary love story just won't work for me which is why I won't settle down until I found my Shiki/Mikiya or Rin/Apos kind of romance. Crazy is me.

Kannagi and Hyakko (Fall 2008)



Needless to say that these shows featured moe characters. I always thought I hate moe shits but shows like these proved that I'm pretty shallow when it comes to moe. I like moe when it is funny and the story presented was intelligent. What I hate is the kind of moe who took us for a fool and thought that a bunch of girls sit around having tea after school is great. I mean Hyakko is about a bunch of girls having fun at school too but they managed to make the show entertaining and engaging through their characters' depth.

I also found out what my favorite studio production is through Kannagi. A1-Pictures have brought me a number of enjoyable anime. They are coming up with Fractale for Winter and it got a noitaminA time slot. That I think speak for itself. I am turning into a studio fag as well because I will watch whatever this studio will throw at me.

And that is the end of my list. But before I conclude this list, allow me to make a special mention to one more OVA anime that has tickle my funny bones and allowed me to enjoy profanities like I have never enjoyed it before.

Detroit Metal City (Summer 2008)

because it made this kind of fanart possible and no one can feel offended :P

Phew what a decade it has been. Hopefully my passion for anime will continue for another ten years so that I can do the same shit when it comes to the end of 2020.

27 December 2010

The World God Only Knows

I see haqua :3
(c) k.y ko

I was skeptical at first. In my preview for fall, I did say I want to actually skip this show but Glo made me changed my mind. I didn't read the manga and didn't know that it exist until then so I didn't know what to expect. All I know is that this is a show about a boy who is obsessed with dating games. I don't play games so I thought that I can't relate to him but I was wrong. I find myself keep coming back to watch the show because of Keima. He's definitely your average geek, with burning passion to match.

The story itself is nothing out of ordinary. His peaceful gaming life was interrupted when Elsie, a pretty normal looking devil, came from out of nowhere with demand that he helped her. His mission every week, or every other week was to make a girl who was possesed with a loose soul fell in love with him. By sealing it with a kiss, he set them free from the loose soul and one step closer to have that wretched collar off of his neck. He has saved 4 girls from succumbing to the loose souls. Unfortunately none of these girls were memorable except for the library girl. If I didn't check my diary, I would not have remembered them. The highlight of these otherwise boring episodes were Keima's antics. Thanks to him the comedy was pretty consistent and I ended up liking this show because of that.

Having said that the episodes featuring Kanon were hopeless. I dunno why they dragged the story for three whole god damn episodes. It was boring as hell. I almost quit. Glad that I didn't though because I would have missed the library affair. That was romantic.

The final episode of this show however was something totally different. It almost feels out of place but at least we got to see the real Keima when he's at home. God of Conquest mode is EPIC. Enough said.

As for the art and animation, it wasn't bad but not good either. The character designs didn't stand out which made them kinda forgettable. The production team definitely did not pay much attention to details. Everything is kinda one dimensional. But when it comes to Keima's antics, they didn't hold back. Most of his theory was shown in elaborate manner with different kinds of art style. It sure left me entertained.

The characters, despite kinda forgettable, were quite diverse. We have kuudere, tsundere, yandere and other type of -dere that you can think of. And of course Keima himself. Keima doesn't give a damn about the real world. All he cares about is the girl in the dating games he played. He dealt with the real life girls because his life was on the line. He's the enigmatic anti-hero. Not your typical archetype character. This quality of his made him shines as a unique and thoroughly entertaining protagonist.

(c) wakaki tamiki

Hiro Shimono might single handedly guaranteed the success of this show. Casting him as Keima is perfect. I couldn't think of any other seiyuu that can do a job better than him. Err... Scrath that. Actually I can. Sugita is awesome with monologues but I'm not going to take credits away from Hiro. Unfortunately this is harem and I don't usually paid any attention to female seiyuu and since none of them had a real stand out performance, they are as forgettable as their character designs. TWGOK make up for it lack of soundtrack with the impressive opening from Tenmon. The full song is 8 minutes long and different parts of the song is used for different chapters, while the unused part is used for background music in addition with other instrumental tracks. It definitely helps creating the right atmosphere for the show. As for the ending, if you paid close attention, it was sang by the said girl of the episode so there are 4 versions: Ayumi, Mio, Elsie and Kanon. I still find it boring though. Keima ED on the other hand... that was freaking great.

Towards the end, it was revealed that this show will get a second season and looks like Elsie's sister or comrade will be joining soon and make Keima's life more miserable. At least she doesn't have personality as boring as Elsie so at least it is something to look forward to?

I don't think this show is a success so have this kind of show getting a sequel when I'm still waiting for Working!! and Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu sequel... it kinda pissed me of actually #nobutreally.

Average is probably the right word I guess when it comes to expressing this show. Despite the painfully lagging episodes in the middle, I still enjoy this show. If nothing else, it is quite entertaining. If you are looking for something light and don't mind average show, than this could worth your time.

art & animation 6/10
story 6/10
character 6/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10

26 December 2010

Bleach: Chapter 432

I didn't expect Ichigo to be so surprised upon hearing the purpose of the Xcutioner club but oh boy he did. Well, from his point of view, it does seems like Ginjou was pulling his legs. I mean, if the Soul Society can't do any shit about it, how can some random guys who meet at a rundown place can, right?

I have a bad sinking feeling about this. What's with the disappearance of his dad, and now this... Ichigo will feel betrayed at some point, especially towards Soul Society. He would learn then why they did not want to restore his power back and that will piss him off. I wish Rukia is around to smack senses into his head.

Ginjou and the others are humans with special abilities, just like Inoue and Chad. To prove this, Ginjou showed Ichigo what he can do. Apparently he has some skills controlling water. He reminds me of Katara *chuckles*. Wait... that's not it. Things aren't as simple as it seems as Ginjou further explained what their powers can do.

Apparently they have the ability to boost an object's soul with their own thus make it into great power. Sounds like some bullshitting to me but hey, it's Kubo. To further proved his point, Ginjou changed the form of his necklace into some huge mothafucking claymore sword. Despite myself, I thought that that was some very cool trick.

So again with my theory and questions. They aren't really powerful bunch of people but I am intrigued to find out how did they managed to obtain such skills/power. If they think they can help Ichigo gets his power back, does this mean that they learned their skills and weren't born with such gift? And how did they learn about Ichigo?

Towards the end of the chapter, Dokugamine Riruka showed up. I have got to admit, her stubbornness of not wanting to put on her glasses or even the contact lenses made me smile. I think I'm beginning to like her a bit now. Anyway, she wasn't alone. She brought Chad with him. LOL, I saw this coming a mile away XD

And that's the end of the chapter, with both Ichigo and Chad surprised to find the others at such place. Decent chapter indeed.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

Diary of a tard - Week 4, December 2010

Monday, December 20

My least favorite part of traveling is the fact that I can't watch anime as I usually do which usually means the start of backlog on the anime I follow. I hate it when I lost the momentum. But whatever. Let's get the week started with Togainu no Chi episode 3. They went to the castle again for Keisuke registration. He's officially participating in Igra now. Then they met with a blue haired freak who went around stealing tags as well as Arbitro and Kau. I so want to see more yaoi than just him teasing Kau. Grr...

Next up is To Aru Majutsu no Index II episode 4. Touma was being Touma. He will never be satisfied with the fact that he can't do anything to help Orsola so he ran off on his own. Thanks to the cross Touma gave her, Orsola is now and Anglican and that gave Styl the reason to help out too. And then the shit got more real with Tatemiya joined in too. The sisters from the Roman church are all crazy bitches though so I was happy to see them get their asses kicked. I mean some of them pierced their own ears. That was just fucked up, man. TBC

The essence of Touma

Star Driver episode 10 and 11 were decent. Not much going on though.

Time to get down and dirty with Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 12. The Demon sisters were reporting to the mayor and he's not happy with the progress. They ended up masturbating when the mayor walked in on them. Apparently all the shits that were served was to find the blood kin of Hellsmonkey. Whatever the fuck that is. I suspect it has something to do with Brief. The second half was unexpected though. Stocking made it back to heaven while Panty has to repent because she fucked too many guys. Fat chance. Now it's Panty and Brief team. Brief then got invited to a party and Panty's goal is to fuck one more guy before she went up to heaven. Ignoring the Romeo & Juliet theme, we all knew she will end up with Brief. Unfortunately she has her hymen reconstructed and Brief dick turned to key. Whatever, right? With one episode left too >>

I'll be honest. At this point, I want to fuck Brief too

Tuesday, December 21

I fell hard for Kuranosuke in episode 9 of Kuragehime.

The World God Only Knows episode 9: Keima ordered Elsie to learn more about this world and get some common sense. So off she went to the library where she met the next loose soul. I like her instantly. Listening to her talking to herself is amusing and Keima is just so darn charming. I have to watch episode 10 as well now. Keima did it again. And I love the subtle way he did it too. Not forced at all. He made her talk. Proceed with episode 11. Shiori barricaded herself inside the library to oppose the media room. I have always had this fantasy of meeting the person I ended up loving in a bookstore or a library so to see Keima wins Shiori heart like that just made me long for it even more. With one episode left, I wonder what will it be?

Black Jack Keima

OMODAKAAAAA!! yes, episode 12 of Otome Youkai Zakuro. They were sent to the village by Lord A and Um but Agemaki went missing. He ended up to where Zakuro's mom is but not for long. Then he encountered Omodaka by the river bank where he told Omodaka the truth about his mother's feeling. Poor Omodaka, he just wants to be loved. Well, I have plenty of love for you Omodaka *chuckles*. But yeah, spider lady fucked everything up in the end.

The most anticipated episode this week gotta be Yosuga no Sora episode 12 for me. Just can't get enough of the twincest I guess. I couldn't help but laughed at the whole shit. Haru was clearly traumatized after being found out about his sister complex issue while Sora just didn't bother with clothes anymore and out of the blue Kozue confessed her love for Haru. So much shit going on I dunno where to begin. Though it was good that everyone is being honest in this episode, especially Haru. I feel for you, man. Well, at least he tried to resist the inevitable. Also Nao kinda redeemed herself in this episode. Surprisingly the end was very sweet. Nao was kinda right. You can't help who you fall in love with. Wait... where's my tactless twincest sex scene?! Final review click here.

This is sweet but I want twinsex!

Thursday, December 23

Final episode of The World God Only Knows: Keima complained that he has not enough gaming since Elsie came. So he ended up in God of Conquest mode and played 6 games simultaneously. I only empathize when it comes to anime/manga and the game has the same effect with Keima. The dedication he put in though left me in shame. If only I could watch 6 anime at the same time I would have done so a long time ago! Elsie tried to talk some sense into him but just like a true otaku, he wouldn't let anyone in the way of his passion. He is right though, despite the negative view the public has for otaku or a tard like me, I still enjoy every second I spent for it. They said we don't have a life but they don't understand that this is our fucking life. Keima singing at the end of the episode was epic and I couldn't ask for anything better. Full review here.

*sits in a corner because my backlog is massive*

Friday, December 24

I'm bored so I decided to watch Gintama episode 136: Hasegawa's wife wants to visit. Problem is he doesn't have a house. So Gin helps him find a place with the help of a nutty old man who got all these terms thrown at him wrong like the 1LDK. He also keeps showing Hasegawa the dog house. Funneh shit. The end though was totally unexpected. Clever. On to episode 137: Ayame found herself a competition with Kondou but ended up helping each other out with their "loved" one. Their plan of course phailed miserably. LOL. Gin met with Santa and Ben from two years ago. They are street bums now so Gin is helping them get their jobs back again. Quotes of the day:

  • It's your house, you built it!
  • 99% of men aren't confident in confessing their love
  • people who don't believe in santa are the very ones who want to believe, you contentious bastard!

Almost a whole season have passed but I'm still only on episode 7 of Seikimatsu Occult Academy. I totally forgot that this one is from A1-Pictures. Aight, now I'm determined to finish it. Yosh. In this episode, Maya met Ami's dad. Maya totally brushed him off and he knew immediately something has changed with her daughter's childhood friend. So the next day Ami invited her and Kozue over to her house when they heard the news about the mystery circle which I reckon was made by Smile and JK. Turned out I was right. This was all Ami's dad doing btw just to get Maya interested again. Maya wasn't so appreciative about it so she had a squabbled with Ami who then had a squabbled with her dad. Oh shit.

I missed him

Saturday, December 25

I've seen everyone's reaction to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt final episode on twitter. I mean, seriously what did they expect? This was a shitty show to begin with. So now I'm bracing myself with that in mind so I won't be so pissed about it. So.... Panty lost her power, lived as a farm girl then came back again to fuck geek boy and got her power back. She still teated Brief like shit and because of that the Hellmonkey is completed which released the ultimate ghost that looks like a huge b0nar. Then Corset killed Garterbelt and the girls got to whatever fuck they want. Out of the blue, a giant woman came down from the sky and fucked that giant b0nar. Too bad Garterbelt is immortal though. The highlight of this whole shit is the fact that Stocking is actually a demon. That was fucking awesome. I knew she's too good to be goody two shoes. Second season? I won't bet my money on it but I'll watch it nonetheless because Stocking is fucking awesome. I dunno why people made it a big deal of how much of a troll the finale is.TYhe show is anything but shit since the beginning. The finale is the perfect ending. Good job Gainax

One last look at the bitches. I'm sure gonna miss Stocking

25 December 2010

My Top 10: Pokémon

(c) 84k

I haven't forgotten about the challenge yet. Just pretty busy with work and shit to actually do this on daily basis. I have promised you guys that I will answer all the questions and I will deliver!

The third questions is from Chester. He asked me of my favorite Pokémon. He was just trying to make my life miserable by forcing me to remember all the names and what they look like. The last time I watched Pokémon was when I was 14. That was 15 years ago. At that time, I didn't even know that they were actually came from the Nintendo games. Yes, I have definitely out grown them though at one point I did memorize the lyrics of Gotta Catch 'Em All (yes, I watched dubbed).

Looking at Pokémon now, it just left me clueless. There are Green, Yellow, Blue, Whatfuckingever Pokémon. The only Pokémon I know were from the anime series which I didn't even complete. I am only familiar with Ash, Brock and Misty and have forgotten the name of the two twins that relentlessly trying to fucked up Ash's life.

Right, enough of me ranting. Lets get back to the task at hand. Now I'm gonna list down my top ten Pokémon characters. Even though I have left the world of Pokémon behind, I am still a big stalker of fanarts and I have came across the Pokémon fanarts countless time to at least have some ideas of who the characters are. Some even becomes my constant amusements especially when it comes to yaoi/BL fanarts. Yes, you know where this is going, aren't ya? XD

Before I list down my list (as usual, from 10 to 1), I like to mention a character that almost made the list.


(c) haru

I was attracted with his emo/depressed attitude. I mean, I saw many fanarts where he was fucking a girl and looked totally bored. That was made of win. That reminds me of Gin in one of my fanfics.

10. Pikachu

(c) teru sakura

I don't usually like anything yellow. I often associate the color with shit for whatever reason. Go figure. But I was amused with it back when I was following the show. It is incredibly cute and yet has such deadly attack. It feature that I like the most is probably it's lightning shaped tail.

9. N


I thought he has one of the most interesting background. He has mission bigger than the rest of them. However it could very well be an impossible task to free the pokemon from the human. Mysterious character always has this cool persona about them. Also I approved the shipping between him and Black. I wish he would cut his hair though. It's so gay. Oh wait -

8. Takeshi / Brock

(c) mm

How can I forget about Brock, the womanizer. He was always one of the fun characters in the anime. His antic can get a little old sometimes but I thought he was charming in his own perverted ways.

7. Matsuba / Morty


I think it has becomes a rule that I ended up liking every male Gym leaders. I like him in particular because he reminded me of Lavi from D.Gray-Man somehow. Maybe it's the scarf and the head band that did the trick. I also think that he has one of the coolest ability. Ghost-type pokemon are awesome and he's an expert, so yeah. Win.

6. Silver

I don't know why they call him Silver. There's nothing silver about him. He should be called Crimson or something along that line. He's one place in front of Matsuba because his yaoi/BL fanarts. To be honest, I dunno much about him aside that he's a bishie and make one really hot uke. LOL sorry guys. From what I can see, he's quite the cold heartless guy too. That itself is a recipe for win.

5. Pidgeot


Personally, I think Pidgeot is the most beautiful and elegant pokemon around. Enough said.

4. Hyouta / Roark

He's an expert with rock-type pokemon hence the safety helmet and the suit. He seems to be without problems, always smiling and such. That's one of the main reason why I'm so taken by him. Also the megane... I'm a sucker for that. He must be hot underneath that tee. Goddammit!

3. Gold / Hibiki /Ethan

Ah, here comes the famous pairing for Silver. You can tell from that picture that he's pretty mischievous, even more so than Red. I think I'm attracted with how carefree and spontaneous he is though.

2. Red

With that kind of face, he clearly asked for more. How can I say no? Red is the most common character that people will recognize I guess since clearly Ash was molded to be like him. He's number 2 in my list because I thought that he looks vulnerable and has so much potential that shouldn't be wasted.

1. Green

(c) ishida shouji

I got interested with pokemon fanarts when I first saw the above picture of him. I was smitten. There is something about opposite attraction that you can't deny. When Red and Green joined together, they were sizzling. And dammit he has green eyes. That alone is enough to make me his fan. He reminds me of Ulquiorra. It was thanks to this particular fanarts that I become a stalker for pokemon bishies.

And that's it. End.

I must thank Chester though. I had fun looking for the fanarts and it sparks new interest. I'm losing sleep because of this. It has pass 4am on Christmas Day by the time I was finished. You better appreciate this!

Also, Merry Christmas everyone :)

24 December 2010

Shu is a really complicated man: Kuragehime episode 10

With only one episode left, I'm bracing myself for what might happen in this episode. Hopefully nothing that will crush my hope for this show.

Tsukimi might never know who carried her to her room last night. Maybe it was better that way, so that both of them didn't get their hopes high for something that is intangible at this point. Kuranosuke in denial of his feelings while Tsukimi still hung up over Shu. This way, both of them will not be hurt.

Kuranosuke is a good man. If only he doesn't cross dressing as much #ohwell

He went to the Nunz's place earlier than usual so that he can get an early start with the skirts. Of course the Nunz including Tsukimi were clueless but did not reject Kuranosuke's ideas. Once again we got to see Chieko master hands at work, even though she wasn't much of a help when it comes to western dresses.

That's impossible

I don't have a fucking clue what's going on when Maya and Banba walked into the room, saw the white fabric and start doing something only they would do with the fabric. I mean, was this the first time they ever saw a bolt of fabric or they just did that to annoy Kuranosuke. If it was the later, they had succeed.

They really don't have any pride, do they?

Gotta LOL'd at Kuranosuke method of making a skirt though. Since none of them had any idea how to make a skirt, Kuranosuke stripped (lucky Tsukimi. If it was I, I would have a fatal nosebleed and probably jump him after that. That white fabric will no longer be white when I'm done with him *chuckles*) and lied down on the fabric. He instructed Tsukimi to cut whatever shaped that she thinks will make a skirt. I'm not exactly an expert but I do own a dress making business and that is NOT how you cut your fabric to make skirts. All you need is measurements of the hip and the waist. Then the length of the skirt. That's for one layer skirts. For what Kuranosuke had in mind, they have to cut several layer of fabric with different length. After that make the necessary ruffles, and put them together. The beads and the lace come after the basic skirt is done. Gah, Kuranosuke should just call me up for help, really.

Well at least Tsukimi has some idea how a flower hat jellyfish should look like so that help a bit. Since it wasn't fluffy enough, Kuranosuke suggested that they continue at his place but he made a mistake of mentioning Shu in front of Tsukimi. Naturally the girl went on emo mode. Not to worry though since Kuranosuke just know where to push her buttons to make her feel A OK again. Awwww...

I must admit that at one point in my life, I did feel the same way. I mean, why complicate things?

They did went to his place with Chieko and Jiji tagging along. It was a miracle that they managed to make the skirt, using the pearl necklace left by Kuranosuke's mom as the finishing touch.

The end product

Naturally, Kuranosuke tried it one and look mighty delectable in it. He really is a princess in his own right.

The problem now is, since no one was at the Nunz's place (Maya and Baban went to Chinatown), their house were guarded up by the reconstruction company. Oh shit.

That's not all. I'm not happy at all with the fact that Shu is going according to the whore/skank/slut pace. Dammit, why must he be a virgin and so naive? He kept calling her who was drunk as fuck and mistaken her slurring as a sign of suicide. So he rushed over. And just like a naive virgin, he started to cry when he found out that he had been punk'd. Seriously Shu, WTF?

If this by any chance caused the whore/skank/slut and Shu a changed of heart, I'm gonna spit on the director's face.

Hmm, then again maybe there was a reason behind Shu's reaction. I wonder what it was. I figured it has something to do with Kuranosuke's mom. Did she kill herself? Was that why Shu was so panic about it? I think despite he's naivety, he is a really complicated man with many secrets that obviously a burden to him.

Anyway, he decided to go straight to Narita aiport after he left the whore/skank/slut's place. I know that Kuranosuke mentioned about him leaving town for work but I really am restless thinking of him leaving with so many loose ends that he had to deal with :(

On the other hand, glad to report that the whore/skank/slut has only one suit in her wardrobe. She has worst fashion sense than the Nunz. While she talked about the redevelopment, Shu's mind was somewhere else. Unfortunately the whore/skank/slut haunted him even in his day dream. Poor Shu. At least we know where his heart is :3

Also, without Shu's knowledge, his dad asked Hanamori to investigate Tsukimi as well. I dunno where or how did he finds out about her but Hanamori has asked Sugi for help again.

Glo commented on my last post about Kuragehime that he thinks the normal Tsukimi looks way better than the "after" Tsukimi. I kinda agree at first but when I see how Shu pictured him in my mind, I kinda understand how he didn't recognize Tsukimi with megane and a sweat suit.

Just look at the differences

The last episode better be epic with all this build up. I expect second season because I don't think they can resolved all the dorama in just one episode. If they did... well, they better not butcher this awesome show is all I want to warn.

By the way, I like to wish all my friends a very Merry Chritsmas ♥

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