28 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, June 2012

Thursday, June 21

Since I don't have for anime, I make time to read some yaoi to keep myself sane. Today I picked Wild Darling as suggested by Anaaga. This yaoi is about Ryuuji and Satsugi, the former being the sempai. Satsugi is the seme and Ryuuji the tsundere uke. It took 2 years for Ryuuji to acknowledge that he's gay and almost another year for them to have sex. It wasn't even that good. However, the sex in the extra chapter wasn't as disappointing though the whole setup was cliche as fuck. It's all because the CHALKS IN THE ASS.

I should be sleeping but I found myself picking up another yaoi: 24 Jikan Eikyou-chuu. This yaoi focus on two couple. The first one between the convenience store guy and Sano, a high school kid. It was pretty straight forward. The other couple focus on Yoshino and another guy who was in love with another guy. Yoshino is hot and cool as fuck. He's usually a cold motherfucker but finally realized his feelings when he met this guy. The smex were fap worthy.

so good *drools*


hi, thanks for giving me a title to look for, i've just started looking into yaoi titles. Yaoi is something new for me & I'm noticing there is a lot out there. Can you recommend some starting titles or publishers? I tried looking for it at our local comic store which put me on a mailing list for the adult stuff but no yaoi titles have yet to show up. I tried looking for it online but my searches suck & keeps sending me to read it free online & I want a book to hold or epub to read off my phone lol. I'm trying to find a starting point basically. What do you suggest to friends or readers looking to start out with yaoi?

I mostly read my yaoi online so I'm not sure where you can get yaoi books though. As for the recommended titles, what kind of yaoi are you into?

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