02 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 5, June 2011

Sunday, June 26

My plan for today is catching on my sleep but as usual I can't follow through with my plan. Now I find myself reading another yaoi manga by Nara Chiharu titled Plastic. It's about a student-teacher relationship which many still considered taboo for some old-winded reasons. Love is love, in my opinion. It doesn't have a boundary. The sooner people get that, the better. Too bad that this yaoi is so cliche otherwise I would have enjoyed it a lot.

Wednesday, June 29

I am sure gonna missed the OP of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. With just one more episode to go, lets get episode 12 over with: they managed to tame the old hag thanks to Salamander power. It also poses an unknown problem to them since the mountain ape is back. With the old ha all nice and what not, he quickly gains access to the building by using the old hag and obtains the Grimoire. Shit, Beezelbub is in trouble! This can't be his last episode! But in case it is, here is a fanart to pay tribute for his awesomeness

pixiv ID 515271

Thursday, June 30

The World God Only Knows II episode 11: Can't exactly say that I look forward to this episode since this teacher arc bores the fuck outta me. But here goes nothing - Keima goes to a pro-wrestling match and steals Nagase's seat so they can watch it together and thus making this their unofficial date. Keima confronts her with the basketball team shit and she totally lost it hence finally gives Keima the upper hand. Nagase really is a crazy bitch who keeps pushing her ideals to everyone else. Just looking at her makes me tired. Besides, this time she’s the one initiates the kiss which needless to say pissed the hell outta me. That whore!

The final episode of The World God Only Knows II (episode 12): Keima finds a dating game that he bought because it was cheap. The character design was fucked up so he thought that it would sucks. He is caught by surprise however by the fugly chic in that game. I almost had a hard attack. WTF? Nooo Keima, you musn' fall for the fugly chic. Don't go down the path of the nerd! Jeebus that dating sim game is fucking evil I tell you! Then he gets an offer from B's Ware (that's short for Bullshit Ware, if you asked me) to help them produce a dating game according to his ideas. Surprisingly he has problem coming up with an ideal dating game. It was just the way of the production team pushing their ideals on us. I am actually surprise that this series is going to get another season. Not that I'm complaining ^_^

parody FTW ^__^

Saturday, July 2

Beelzebub episode 4: Human is going extinct caused by Beelzebub's urination. Yeah. i don't even. They have to think of a plan to stop that from happening. One of the solution is buying diapers for him but then they become hostage to a robbery at the supermarket. It wasn't a problem for Oga to get them out of that bind since he's supposedly to be stronger and more evil than anyone else. In the end, Baby Beel pees in the ocean. Problem solved. WTF.

I'm really taking my time with these anime, don't I? The last time I watched this show was back in January. lol I need to be more consistent with my anime episodes. Episode 8 of Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge: Ric has a new student; the Amazoness. She totally wants to be in Ric's pantsu. As expected, Hoshi is having a field day especially when the tengu successfully hypnotize Ric. This does not makes Nino a happy girlfriend, not when they got married. Actually I think this is awesome news. I don't like Nino with Ric. He's too blah. But too bad this show is about him. I am surprise even Hoshi helps him out in the end. This episode pissed me off.

I've been asking myself the same question

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 5: Now that Yoga is in the guild, Mikuni is cultivating him to be a better opponent by knowing the scale of his own power. Yoga becomes quite calculating after that which cost him to lost a deal. He suffered from minimal lost, failing a test but then another deal threatens the economy in the real world thus Mikuni buys the company to minimize the damage. Apparently you have to pay a certain amount of fees to be in that guild. Mikuno must be filthy rich then. If only he doesn't look to derpy.


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