05 December 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, December 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~ episode 5: Fam and Gisey were having fun even though they have to take down 15 ships of Ades Federation but there was Millia the party pooper. Again, Gisey impressed me with her knowledge on ship. Being able to remember 100 years worth of data is mind-blowing. Also, Millia promised to reinstate the Grand Race once she gets Turan back as a reward. Apparently Dio was once the crew of Sylvius and he told the captain about the fallen Exile and the key (Princess Lilliana). Millia sorta re-established an exile Turan government on the ship and continue being the annoying princess that she is. On the other hand, Ades has announced the annexation of Turan.

derpy animation is derpy. They both look retarded

and this one is an obligatory screenshot <3

Friday, December 2

Episode 6 of UN-GO: Yajima, a felon came to Shinjurou and Inga to do some investigation against Kaishou. He was just been released from the prison. Before that he met another felon who gave him one of Kaishou's book. Between it pages was his manuscript paper with some numbers written on it. He wanted to know who wrote it. With Kazamori's help, they determined that his wife did touch the paper and he thinks his wife was cheating on him with Kaishou. So did Rie. It certainly seemed that way. But the truth shall be revealed. Kaishou was only helping out his children since his wife has been neglecting them. It was the children who wrote the code. However, most importantly, this episode revealed an antagonist, a felon who gave Yajima that book, and he was determined to make Shinjurou's life miserable. I have never seen Shinjurou that shaken. Great times ahead!

he wears megane too! *faps*

UN-GO certainly has redeemed itself from that disastrous first episode. At least it wasn't a complete failure for noitaminA :)


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