Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 July 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, July 2010

Saturday, July 24

It has been a while since I last read Zettai Karen Children. With news that onemanga will be closing down soon, I figure I better hurry and catch up. Kaoru managed to find Shiho and Aoi in chapter 219. However she has a hard time trying to save Minamoto. She has to choose between saving Minamoto and the villagers. I was disappointed when she chose the later. Although it is heroic, it wasn't very romantic even though she cried about not having enough power. I was even more ticked off when suddenly "Feather" was born. The shit? Chapter 220: Feather responded to Kaoru's wish for more power. I don't like where this is going at all. Sure she helped them out but she definitely has hidden agenda, i.e. Minamoto. I do not approved. Minomoto belongs only to Kaoru. I especially do not approved when she leisurely takes the face of Kaoru (from the future) after she invaded Minamoto's dream. Chapter 221: Of course Minamoto will get horny when he saw the naked Kaoru/Feather. Thank goodness she can't stay in that form for a long time. Chapter 222: The Children get a day off from school. Director and Sakaki went to their apartment with Feather (as a bird) along. The Director also brought along a CD from Hyoubu who said there's a fluctuation in the future and so they are going to cooperate to find out who caused it. Chapter 223: The Children are going to onsen with Minamoto (obviously). Kaoru's new resolution is to be more feminine and less of a pervert. Awww, that ain't fun. While they are out having fun, Feather has escaped. I bet she wants to join in on the fun too >_> Chapter 224: Kaoru is totally cute when her guard is down. I mean she was being totally honest about her feelings. Meanwhile Minamoto is using himself to lure out Feather who is about to kill Mirage/Yuuri.

Wednesday, July 28

Bleach episode 281 was supposed to be fantastic. Unfortunately it turned out to be average at best.

Chapter 76 of Soul Eater! I almost wet my pantsu when I saw the color spread of Kidd and Black Star. I just know that this chapter is going to be awesome. Unfortunately I was wrong. We have to endure several pages of Maka finally get a hold of herself (BORING!). Fortunately her opponent is Giriko that kinda make up for it. He and his chainsaw are bad ass. But like all the bad guys, he eventually will succumb to the united front of Maka/Soul especially when Soul started using Arachne's power to boost his "lame" attack . I'm pissed that Giriko met his end like that. And then suddenly Giriko is actually a girl? Fuck? What is happening here? I'm confused! The good news is, looks like Maka is going to get her ass kicked again. Hehe. But lets forget about the little tits. Lets talk about the fight that I have been waiting for: Black Star vs Kidd.

Thursday, July 29

Chapter 6 of Are You Alice? just like what I did with Zettai Karen Children. Alice is trapped between buildings while the Mad Hatter save his ass from the duke. Actually the "Alice Replacement" was willing to sacrifice herself but the Cheshire Cat took the blow for her. Meanwhile, Alice was save by a stranger who opened the Caterpillar Lane for him.

Friday, July 30

I am a nervous wreck at the moment because of Gin. Bleach chapter 414 is fangasm worthy. I'm just too afraid of the consequences though =\

Zettai Karen Children chapter 225: So whenever Yuuri is pissed, she'll turn to Phantom. Okay, I think I get it now. Anyway, Feather convinced Phantom/Mirage that she can lives as Yuuri. What the fuck is this? And she has the nerve to ask Minamoto out. Argh I really don't like Feather.

Catching up to chapter 62 and 63 of Vampire Knight: I am absolutely confuse with what's going on lately. Is Rido, Kaname's uncle? He kinda kidnapped Kaname was he not? And then what? Whose memory was it that trapped inside of Kaname? Fuck, he has been around since ten thousand years ago? So he is actually not Yuuki's brother? This is seriously some boring shit. Luckily in chapter 63, they switched the story to Zero. Now that is more like it. He has held Aido captive to wring some information out of him. Kudos for Aido though for encouraging Zero to face Kaname to take what is his (he is referring to Yuuki). Ah, I understand Kaname's obsession with Yuuki a little better now. Apparently the woman he once loved had the same face. The same person that gives the the first generation of Hunters her blood with the power to kill vampires. Then she fucking tore heart out so they can used it to build weapons. So fucking cliche.

Zero and his expressions... ^w^

Naruto chapter 504: Minato really is something. I would fall in love with him easily too. He sacrificed himself so that his wife would have few minutes with his son. How noble. Although if it was I, I would just killed the nine-tail fox and sacrificed my wife. It will secure the fact that the nine-tail fox will be gone forever and won't be a threat anymore, even more so because Madara has told him that he will return. For someone who is so handsome, he is kinda dumb. Having said that, I cried.

This week turned out to be a manga week for me.

30 July 2010

Kinoshita Hideyoshi

I just saw at The Figure Mall today that they are opening a pre-order for PVC 1/8 scale Kinoshita Hideyoshi. I wasn't really interested in PVC figure. The only PVC I have now are Megahouse Kurosaki Ichigo and Toynami White Hollow Ichigo. Soon Apha Omega Hiyori Sarugaki will join them (when I said soon, I mean that she'll arrive today. Fuck, I'm super excited).

The reason why there are so little PVC figures in my collection is because I feel like I can't really do anything with them other than have them for display unlike figmas and nendoroid. However, once in a while, when I saw a character that I am crazy for being sculptured to PVC figures and have incredible details on them, I just know that I have to have them. That's why I purchased the over-priced White Hollow Ichigo. I did the same with Hiyori.

That is exactly how I feel when I saw the PVC figure of Hideyoshi. I mean just look at the face and check out that fucking ass!

Oh fuck he is HAWT *drools*

That was tempting enough for me to put down the pre-order. Alter is known for their incredible sculpture details and you can see the work that has been put in for Hideyoshi. I'm totally sold!

Not to mention that the smexy pose. Taking off your pantsu, Hideyoshi? Yes please!!

The figure also comes with his summon being, the chibi gangsta Hideyoshi, weilding a black sword. So cute.

I so want this figure. I'm calculating at the moment whether or not I can afford it. I just bought Hiyori which cost me helluva lot. I also just finished paid the remaining balance for Nendoroid Azunyan which will be arriving today as well. There are still six figma/nendo that I have pre-ordered but is yet to arrive. That would cost a lot of money. Not to mention the other figures that will be coming out soon (I'm gonna write a post about it just because I can) that I know I have to get my hands on them as well as figma Konata Izumi summer version that I have been trying to get since it August last year. Hmm...

Dammit, why aren't I born with silver spoon in my mouth.

Argh tell me please, should I or shouldn't I get this?

Bleach: Chapter 414

Holy fuck. I know Salvatore said that I'm gonna like this week's chapter (cursed him for reading the spoilers) but I didn't expect a color spread of Gin! *squirts all over the place*

This is going to be one full fangasm ride!

Aizen stopped chasing the Karakura kids when Gin returned. He was more concern with his rebellious subordinate.

*chuckles* It was obvious that Gin was lying

I have no doubt that Aizen do not believe that lie at all but he played along nonetheless. He even indicated that Gin harbors some sort of feelings towards Matsumoto which Gin replied with this:

What come after this was... HOLYMOTHERFUCKINGOFGOD!! Pictures worth a thousand words right? So here it is...

Despite of what you think, I am not happy at all. This could only mean one thing: Aizen is going to be the one who kills Gin. The realization of that fact makes me shed tears.

It was not like Aizen did not expect this betrayal. He is well aware of Gin's attention. Maybe he lets Gin stick around because he has strong attachment to the kid that he took under his wings hundred of years ago. Even after all that, Aizen is not dumb. I'm sure he has think of a counter measure for this expected betrayal.

Fuck, I'm so damn afraid for Gin at the moment. All these years, he has been obsessing with a single intent which is to kill Aizen because he believes he is the only one who is capable of that, knowing the weakness of Kyouka Suigetsu.

And a secret weapon he hold all these years...

Holy fuck! I knew it! I knew that that is not all his bankai is capable of because it was so fucking lame. This new revelation matched his character even more. Snake-like indeed.

Tsk Gin... You are making me all nervous and jittery. Maybe because I know the fate that awaits you. *wails*

Aizen will not go down that easily. He still needs to fight Ichigo. If Ichigo is not training in that time-warp space, I would probably joy at this occasion but the fact that Ichigo just have to DEFEAT ALL THE MAIN ENEMIES canceled out anything that is going on in between.

Besides, Aizen has not used his new power yet.

Fuck, I need to have more faith! but Kubo won't let me! Fuck you Kubo!!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

28 July 2010

Bleach: Episode 281

I forgot to mention in the last few episodes that the day Soi Fon revealed her bankai was the day that I started writing episodic/chapter by chapter review of Bleach. I started at chapter 370. I am surprised that I am still doing it. I guess the Bleachtard in me is more determined than I give her credit for. I am glad that I decided to do this because reading back the reviews made me realized how big of a Bleachtard I really am.

I remember fangasming over chapter 371, which is what this episode is all about. Those are the days... ~nyoron...

Barragan is not dead even after Soi Fon used her bankai twice. Urgh what a waste of effort. On top of that, she forced a deal with Hachi to lock up Uruhara for a month. How dare she did that when her attack was useless!

Thankfully Hachi is not as dumb as he looks. When his arm started to rot, he used it against Barragan and let his own power do the rest of the work. Clever.

nice perspective

The rest of the episode is about his background story which pissed me off because he gets one when Ulquiorra didn't. Why the fuck is that?

His back story was pretty much a snooze-fest. It was how he was the King of Hueco Mundo before Aizen intruded and made him one of his army. Once again I feel like the anime lack the quality of the manga. I didn't fangasm at all. Even when Aizen arrived at Barragan's castle for the first time with his two subordinates in tow. In fact, what happened to the awesome entrance? The animation butchered it, that's what happened...

But I guess thanks to the animation, I got to warm up to Aizen. I always have a soft spot for him whenever I saw him with the glasses. He was such a trustful looking fellow. And I guess we got to see how he managed to convince the Arrancar to join him. He used his sword right away, didn't he?

for real?!

He said his researched will enable hollow to turn into shinigami and vice versa? I must have missed this piece of information when I read the manga. I'm stoke! I'm not gonna lie. It was obvious why. This means that these espada (mainly Grimmjow and Ulquiorra) got a shot to be shinigami and become the good guy! Hehe And it also answered my question back when I wrote the review for the chapter. It was his zanpaktou that killed the hollows, not Gin or Tousen. Hmm, that was impressive.

Heh, we all know that the Espada are not really loyal to Aizen. They just cowered because of his power. I don't blame them. They don't really have a choice, do they? Oh well, I guess this time Barragan is dead for sure.

The only fangasm moments for me was whenever Gin appeared XD

I love the omake btw. I missed seeing those faces =3

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

26 July 2010

First Impression: Nurarihyon no Mago

Once upon a time, I used to read the manga. Not anymore because time won't permits me. I have to drop it because life gets too busy for me. Even though the manga was not really what I called great, it was still entertaining to read. So I hope the anime won't be such a bucket of phailed.

(c) ezoezo

Watching the first few minutes of this show really got me excited. The mood is just right and when Nurarihyon clashes sword, I think I cum a little. I dunno whether it was because of Nurarihyon looks so mightily hot or if it is because of the swords. I would like to think both. I'm just that greedy after all.

However the mood just changed drastically when they show the house hold during the day. Rikuo still like I remembered him, and I still don't like him that much. I feel like complaining but I must accept that Nurarihyon and Rikuo share the same body. Kinda. So it feels like I am forced to accept Rikuo because of Nurarihyon. Lucky shouta.

I almost forgot that the demon in Rikuo's household are interesting characters. They are quite good looking too. I guess it was to be expected since they are the "good" one. The bad one on the other hand is a little bit over the top.

Nurarihyon no Mago is about Rikuo who is 1/4 youkai (demon) and 3/4 human. He will inherit the demon household and becomes the third commander of the demon. However he doesn't want to do it and prefer to live as a human being even though he's surrounded by demons. Just like human, demons are greedy too. One of the demon, Gyuuki, wanted that spot for himself so we just have to wait whether Rikuo will change his mind or not.

I feel like I have to differentiate between Nurarihyon and Rikuo. I feel like the animation during Nurarihyon was top notch but when they switched to Rikuo, it feels like some cheap budget animation. The same goes for character designs. What the fuck is up with that? Or I'm just being as bias as always? *shrugs*

I have always like the Yuki Onna and is a fan for Nurarihyon/Yuki pairing. I want to say that I like Kana because Aya Hirano is her seiyuu but I can't relate to her at all. I'm sure you are familiar with Rikuo/Nurarihyon seiyuu if you watch Code Geass, Bleach and Amatsuki to name a few anime that he has a role in. He is none other than Jun Fukuyama. He's getting more and more role nowadays. Good for him.

I wasn't really a fan of it's OP until the second time I heard it. Now, I'm addicted to it. Heh. Can't say the same about the ED though.

Overall, it was an okay episode. I will continue to watch this show for the sake of Nurahriyon and knows that the plot will get better soon.

art and animation 7/10
character 7/10
story 7/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 7/10

23 July 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, July 2010

Sunday, July 18

Episode 2 of Highschool of the Dead: I have to agree with Glo. The OP is freaking sick. The animation (excluding the fanservice) and the song fit perfectly with the whole mood of this show. Unfortunately Rei is still fucking annoying. Saeko on the other hand rock so hard. She didn’t panic at all, did she? As for the bouncy teacher… I am absolutely speechless. Can someone be so utterly useless? Chubby geek Hirano impressed me. I thought Takagi will be the one protecting his ass. Turned out he has some skills with him. I haven’t check on MAL yet but I got a feeling that his seiyuu is the same guy that did Viral from TTGL. Okay, enough of characters’ introduction. This episode was pretty much about them getting together and helps defend each other from the zombies.

The unsung hero

Monday, July 19

Naruto chapter 502: Awww we got to see chibi Itachi. All is well with the world again =3 But yeah lets talk about Minato for the sake of these flashbacks. I'm not really a Minato fan but he's growing on me. He's charming, I'll give him that. This chapter is about him figuring who his enemy really is, in this case, it's Madara and stop him. Too bad I'm not a Narutard or I would have known the outcome of this fight. I can't remember most of the details when it comes to Naruto >_>

Chapter 18 of Yandere Kanojo: Hijiri got confessed to! Reina got to know about it from Mayami and the discussion about red string of fate ensued. Suddenly Mayami becomes the love guru. On the other hand, I always thought Hijiri and Shiratori are meant to be together. They just have that chemistry even if Hijiri is clueless about it.

I freaking love the moment right here =3

Tuesday, July 20

The situation has turned very chaotic in episode 3 of Highschool of the Dead. Looks like this shit is happening all around the world. For now they decided to get away from the school and gather up any other survivors. Takashi volunteered to test Takagi's theory which was of course true. Oh well they managed to escape though. It was an incredibly intense moment if you asked me like when the bus full of zombies flipped over. We have new character: Sidooh who is a fucking realist hehe and by the way, I'm trying not to mention that Rei is annoying and stupid? Because of her, they are now split into two groups.

Wednesday, July 21

The omake for Bleach episode 280 is effingly cute. I fangasm.

Dogs - Bullets & Carnage chapter 52: Flashback on Giovanni and Heine as they were kids. They and the other kids who shared the same fate were trained to kill with that collar around their necks. One of their friends, Lily, lost it and almost killed Giovanni if Heine had not interfered. I feel sorry for the Cereberos, really. They are like the exorcist in the D.Gray Man, being used by the Order.

Thursday, July 22

There is nothing happening in Bleach chapter 413 except that Gin is as awesome as always.

Naruto really took a lot after his father, eh? It's like none of his mother's gene is in him. Anyway in chapter 503, Minato managed to free nine-tail fox from Madara but that means he'll run rampage without control. Minato tried to seal the nine-tail fox back into Kushina but she's too drained to do that. When Kushina decided to sacrifice herself, I got teary eye because I feel for Minato. So I understand why he wanted to sacrifice himself too with the demon seal and sealed the remaining of the nine-tail fox inside of Naruto. (So at the moment Minato was already the fourth Hokage eh? Gah I need to remember these details!)

Friday, July 23

Gosh, when was the last time we have an update on Amatsuki? This series needs a faster update is all I'm saying. In the last chapter we got to see Kon somehow involved with the Sensai. Looks like he's investigating or something... and then we switched back to Toki and Ginshu. Now at least I understand something. Ginshu was dead but Shinshu wished for his undead. Bonten heard that and made her wish came true at the price of Byakuroku's body (Bonten snakelike godfather) which resulted both of them to be caught in heaven's net. Ginshu now have the gift since he has took over Byakuroku's body and can see the heaven's net. Bonten taught him how to unfasten it therefore he has took Shinshu's place. So it is true that Ginshu has ordered a complete masacre on the ayakashi but that because he has lost himself. He seeks Toki's help because he wants to die and freed everyone from the heaven's net. Of course this was all happenings in his dream. When he woke up, he was rescued by the chicken-man. Heh, I love this manga...

Glad to report that there are more familiar faces in episode 2 of Kuroshitsuji II. Unfortunately this means that Elizabeth is around too. God she's annoying. Why is Ciel sticking with her anyway? This is definitely a filler episode. Stupid Elizabeth... There is more annoying but at least entertaining character in episode 3. Grell is back. Apparently, so is Madame Red. So I figure that this season actually happened before the first season. Some sort of prequel. In this episode, Ciel has to investigate about women who combusted spontaneously. A fat pig of a woman was responsible for the crime. Yet no Alois or his butler. But there was a mention about a spider.

I don't mind waking up to this face everyday

and then he can lick me all he wants *squirts*

Alright that is it for this week. I'm going away for four days just to chill and hopefully will not be so grumpy when I get back. I'm gonna miss the blogsphere the most, that's for sure.

Cat Shit One

I took a peek at this ONA when I first downloaded it a week ago. I was blown away. So I really looking forward to watch this pilot episode of Cat Shit One. By the way, who came up with the title I wonder...

The story is about 2 mercenaries, Packy and Botasky, both, as you can see, are fuzzy bunnies. But don't let their appearance deceived you. They are pretty hardcore with the guns. Imagine fuzzy cuteness on a killing spree. That's what they are. In this case, it was the camels who were unfortunate enough to be their enemy.

This episode is pretty much about them rescuing the hostages from the camel. Since they both can't wait for back-up, they went and rescued them by themselves. 2 fuzzy bunnies against at least a hundred camels and survived. It was intense.

One of the most memorable moment for me was when Botasky came back to help Packy out. The first bullet that he shot went through the camel's head in slow motion. That was some really good animation there. Kudos for the animation team and the director I guess. I was blown away, again, by the sheer awesomeness of this show. I would have print screen the moment but you have to watch it in animation to truly get what I mean.

If only there are blood...

Botasky got to be my favorite bunny in this whole wide world. He might appeared cowardly at first but he redeemed himself in the span of 20 minutes of the show. If it wasn't for Botasky, Packy would have been a roasted bunny for dinner.

The sound effects are top notch. If you are not in a war, well, you will feel like you are in one. The seiyuus for both Botasky and Packy are perfect in my opinion. The personality that they gave the characters made them easy to relate to and real. The ED sounds familiar and even though it is an instrumental, I still like it a lot.

Needless to say, Cat Shit One is the most enjoyable show I have ever watch this season. Maybe because they are in 3D but I would like to think it was because of the fuzzy animals killing people greatness. Having said that, if these characters are human, I would probably not going to watch this show.

art & animation 10/10
story 10/10
character 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10

22 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 413

I really don't understand why Aizen is even bother with the likes of Keigo and Tatsuki. I know he mentioned his reason before but this is just retarded. Shouldn't he just focus on the key?

Anyway, Keigo managed to meet Chizuru and Mizurou by pure luck (yeah, right). So now the four of them (including Tatsuki) gathered up with Mizurou already preparing for the worst: emergency food and cellphone. I appreciate the comedy though. It is something that I expected from these guys.

It's good that these guys know that they are no good against Aizen and make a run for it every time they sense that he is near. Even though it is futile, it makes the situation real knowing that they are in grave danger.

However I was surprise at how calm and collected Mizurou is. He can think clearly despite the situation and act accordingly even if it is just a waste of energy. His effort is commendable. He is like the fuzzy bunnies in Cat Shit One. If you guys haven't watch that ONA yet, you absolutely should. I'm just saying that it's fucking awesome.

But back to Bleach. LOL I love it when he wanted to charge at Aizen alone. Too bad the afro guy interfered otherwise we could have seen the new power-up Keigo. Oh well... The afro guy is not to be messed with because he can used a shikai! Heh, not like it would makes any different against Aizen who simply lifted the boulders (just using his reiatsu, goddammit!) out of the way in order to pursue them.

As the kids run with tails between their legs, Gin has returned. Looks like we are right. There are certainly a sense of discomfort between Aizen and his subordinate. Aizen is definitely wary of Gin nowadays. I wonder what have changed?

I'm sure Aizen knows what Gin did to Matsumoto. But even before that, he already sensed something is off with Gin. This gives me hope that Gin might survive this war *crossfingers*

This chapter would have been a waste if not for the last page. Gin is making me interested and jittery all over. I can't wait for next week's chapter!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

If you are an Avatard, you would probably know about this piece of news. It is definitely better than the crappy news about Avatar that we heard lately.

Nickelodeon is going to give Avatar an extension in 2011. This time though it will be known as Avatar: The Legend of Korra. The story will not have the usual cast from the Last Airbender, which is kinda bad/sad news for me because God knows I can never get enough of Zuko. Having said that, I am more than willing to give this one a try. Who knows if it will featured them in flashback, or if it's the story of their offsprings. Everything is possible no? It is also possible that it has nothing to do with them.


Either way, like my friend suggested, the only response for this new is a foamy mouth. He's absolutely correct.

edit: after I read the news release from Nickelodeon, the new Avatar, does have something to do with the old cast as Korra will learn airbending from Aang's son (undoubtedly with Katara). Does this mean we are going to see Zuko's children too? Awwww =3

ZOMG! *squirts*

Anime: Summer 2010 v2

Aight, here is version 2 of the chartfag's summer anime list. Albeit a bit late, it is still very useful for my reference.

So far I have only seen the one that I wanted to see, plus minus one or two shows that confirmed my reservation. It's not because I'm being picky, it is because my work is dictating my life at the moment. I have to schedule my anime watching/manga reading in my daily schedule nowadays. That's how fucked up things are.

The only one that I have been closely following are Highschool of the Dead and Seikimatsu Occult Academy. I have yet to see Shiki, which is initially one of the show that I look forward to because of the theme.

Speaking of theme, it seems like the dark and horror themes are the theme for this season. At least they are the one that stand out the most. If we remember Spring season for it's humor, we are going to remember Summer 2010 for the dark (and bloody!) theme. I'm not complaining. I love it.

The OVA that I want to see is Ku-renai, which I already downloaded but still have not seen it yet. Also Zettai Karen Children!! If you read my tard diary, you'll know that (surprisingly) I am a fan of the series. Looks like they are going to do a new season for the series with the Children no longer children. I'm stoke!

As for the others, they are not my familiar territory, especially the ecchi and shoujo.

21 July 2010

Bleach: Episode 280

It was only appropriate that Mashiro has to fight Wonderweiss. They are both retarded. By the way, Mashiro defeated the blob thingy quite easily. Makes me wonder why the shinigami did not try to destroy it in the first place, instead they stood gaping at the monster blob. A little slow, aren't they?

Toushiro wants to fight Aizen? Hah, don't make me laugh. I like you chibi but you are better off finishing Harribel. Leaves Aizen for Shinji. I have been waiting for the fight ever since the Vaizard showed up. Don't ruin the moment for me. Thankfully Hiyori will not take that crap from him and elegantly show him his place. Hiyori/Toushiro pairing, anyone? The moment they had together was priceless. LOL only Hiyori can make Toushiro blushes like that XD

So it's true that the Vaizard can only put on their mask for 3 minutes. That was pretty gay. Ichigo who acquired the mask much much later than they did, and was taught on how to use his Vaizard power by the same bunch of guys, can used his mask far longer than they can? What a bunch of bullshit was that?

Conveniently, all the fallen captains remained fallen, or pretend that they don't know the Vaizards. What a bunch of ingrates.

Hachi was pretty confident, wasn't he? Oh boy... his loser expression was funneh when Barragan so easily destroyed his kidou. Also, what is the use of a wall kido when your enemy can just get around them? oh wait he has more kido tricks up his sleeve. All he needs now is Soi Fon's bankai to permanently defeat Barragan. But to no surprise, she acted like a bitch just because Hachi is associated with Urahara. In order to use her bankai to help defeat her own enemy, Hachi has to make a deal with her to seal Urahara for a month. What a fucking bitch!

On the other hand, Hisagi is challenging his old boss. This is going to be an interesting fight if Komamura does not interfere. Oh well, save that for the next episode, I guess.

And what the fuck! I know we have a new ED but I didn't see the video last time. I just saw it today and I keep cursing at it. Urgh, fuck! I hate it!

The omake was fucking cute though so that ease my anger a bit. Poor Hisagi.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

20 July 2010

Seikimatsu Occult Academy: Episode 2

You know what? I would love to meet my soulmate the way Maya met Abe. I wouldn’t mind the naked part either. It would be a hilarious story to tell our children and grandkids, I think. Even their second meeting would be memorable. Ah, what a perfect start for a perfect love.

But what am I rambling about… Anyway, in this episode, Abe introduced himself as a time agent. You guessed it right! He’s from the future. The reason he’s here in the past is to try to stop the alien from taking over the earth in 2012. Oh my… Remember in the first few minute of the first episode when seemingly a nasty thing killed a guy who was supposed to teleport? Well, they did a flashback on it. Apparently Abe is a psychokinesse and he was this supposedly really cool and important dude. His mission to the past is to get the Notradamus key and prevent the earth from being destroyed by the aliens.

According to the Notradamus Prophecies, in July 1999, a great king of terror will come from the sky. Err, wasn’t that how he came from the future? HE is the GREAT KING of TERROR! Lol the irony.

Abe is actually the adult version of Uchida Fumiaki, the kid that appeared in the television because he can bend a spoon. His attitude changed drastically. He was easily scared by mundane stuff. Everything seems so horrifying to him.

On the other hand, the true bad guy i.e. the Vice Principal and her men are plotting something, like all the evil people always do in an anime.

I think they are the one behind all the creepy stuff that were going on. I actually got chills during the scene where Maya was in the shower. There was definitely someone behind the shower curtain. Or when the chair rocked by itself. And then the window smashed and walked in the shadow of a kid. Holy fuck.

Just when things were about to get serious, Abe came in like a tarzan and lighted up the mood if only for a sec because the damn kid determined to advance no matter what. Fucking fuck. Did I say a kid? It was an old sheman and she wanted to kill Maya. She would have been killed if not for the power of an old notebook, which could turn out as the Notradamus key.

The notebook belonged to Maya’s dad. In it, it warned Maya to just get away from the academy. Looks like he was killed and I suspect that the Vice Principal and her men are the one that do not want the Notradamus key to be destroyed hence responsible for the Principal’s murder.

With that knowledge, Maya changed her mind. She no longer wants to close down the academy but to find out who killed her father. So she’ll team up with Abe for the time being so they can exchange information.

Also I think Maya herself is the Notradamus key since when she took a picture of herself, didn’t it turn out to be skull?

Ah, Abe and Maya have an S&M relationship. Those who watch this show would probably know who holds the whip and who is bending down to get whipped. Nice.

19 July 2010

First Impression: Shukufuku no Campanella

Once I heard the voice of the female lead I know I'm so not going to like this show. That kind of voice always annoys and irritates the fuck out of me. How people can stand hearing that is beyond my understanding.

The story: I dunno what the fuck the story is. It was all a bunch of crap put together to resemble a plot but phailed miserably. Who the fuck thinks that a moving puppets were enough to have a circus, or even found it interesting? No one, is who! Meteor shower? Gosh!

The show's attempt to be adorable and funny are appalling. Who do they take us for? A bunch of morons? The characters are forgettable. The only one that stuck in my head was Leicester but that because he is a pimp. The characters walked around with a constant blush on their faces. I wonder if they have a vibrator up their ass or something that warrant such expression. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case though since I heard that this show is originated from an eroge.

And then while the villagers wear usual clothes, the main characters wear all these fancy ridiculous clothes which make them less real in my opinion. The art and animation were average at best and the seiyuus annoy me. Why are the girls have to sound so fucking annoying? Urgh!

Having said that why do I feel like I have to watch at least another episode before I drop this show? =\

art & animation 6/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10

18 July 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 2, July 2010

Wednesday, July 14

Argh! I'm too stressed out with work! This is not good...

Bleach episode 279 is good. The vaizards made my day. Kinda. Not really >_>

Thursday, July 15

Claymore chapter 105: While Helen and Deneve were being concerned because Clare was pierced through the body by the chunks of youki, Priscilla has caught up to them. They told her that Clare is dead. Obviously Priscilla didn't take it well. Who becomes the victim of her anger? The youki that killed Clare. But you don't really believe that Clare is dead, right? Of course not. She's part of the whole mass of the youki that swallowed her.

Friday, July 16

Bleach chapter 412 makes me fap all over the screen. Oh Gin =3

16 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 412

I thought there is no Bleach this week. I have been waiting all day for the chapter yesterday. Luckily I checked again today or I would have missed it.

Needless to say, I started fapping and squirting all over the place. Gin has that effect on me, just like Shinji and Ulquiorra do. However the moment was ruined when Don Kanonji started sprouting bullshit. Did he not realized the situation he's in yet? What a fucker.

The supposedly funny moments when Matsumoto threaten to pulverize him just made me rolled my eyes in annoyance. If I was Aizen, I would have killed these bastards there and then.

So Matsumoto was there to stop Aizen and Gin. This eliminate the theory that she might joined the bad guy. I was hoping the later. At least it would be something totally unexpected. But yeah, what does she think she can do? I'm surprised she can even stand up against them with that kind of injury on her. Fuck Kubo, you need to be consistent with this kind of shit. We knows the details. We have been following Bleach since the first chapter, goddammit. If Grimmjow can stand before shinigami!Aizen (when he lost his arm), how the hell can Matsumoto stand so casually in front of Loreal!Aizen now? Are you suggesting Matsumoto is stronger than Grimmjow? That's bull.

I was doing 'awwwwww when Gin started to pull Matsumoto away from Aizen.

Fuck, I'm getting all mushy about this

It make sense now why Matsumoto decided to follow them. I would have done the same thing if my best friend did the same thing. Knowing the truth is important after all even if it can't bring your best friend back. But of course, Gin wouldn't be bothered to answer all that question.


He fucking stabbed her! Hahahahaha awesome @_@

Back to Tatsuki and Don Kanonji... now that they are out of the harms way (or so they thought), they can relax a little and reunite with Keigo who met with an afro guy who gave him a zanpaktou. Who the fuck is this afro guy? The only one that came to my mind was the guy that Chad defeated in Hueco Mundo. Also, Keigo has a very good sense of reiatsu now? Heh, gaining some power, are you, Keigo?

As for Ichigo and Isshin, they are still stuck in that dimension tube. Isshin has his hands tied up. When the fuck did that happened? And Ichigo still fighting his innerself.

Besides the appearance of Don, I really like this chapter. It was all done quickly and precisely. Or maybe I couldn't help but like it because Gin is just too awesome =3

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

14 July 2010

Bleach: Episode 279

Before I can stop myself, I was squirting all over the place. Shinji just kinda have that effect on me even though it was less severe compared to the fapping that I did when I read the manga. The animated Shinji has lost a little bit of charm in my opinion, just like adaptation characters always tend to.

I remember all the Bleachtard started fapping when we saw these images in the manga. It is definitely among one of the most talked about thing back then

The fucking flashback pissed me off though. It fucking killed off the mood. I mean we have already seen all of these shit in the Pendulum Arc, no? Not to mention that they did some of the same flashback in the last episode. Fucking retards.

Watching the episodes are the same as if I'm reminiscing shit. For example, I keep thinking about the rant that I did when the old fuck has the nerve to accept the Vaizard's help. He fucking banished them from Soul Society without even trying to protect them. And he dares called himself the Captain Commander? A good leader won't abandoned his subordinate like that, you old fuck! If I was Shinji, I would have stabbed the old fuck and get my revenge. Forget about Aizen.

Speaking of the Vizards, only Shinji and Lisa have something to say to their old comrades. While Shinji addressed the old fuck, Lisa went to greet Shunsui, with her foot planted on his head. Heh, awesome.

Remember the blob that Wonderweiss brought with him from last episode? Evidently it is a factory to produce Gillians. Thank goodness that the Vaizards are here otherwise the shinigamis are toasted! I was super excited when they started to fight the Vaizards and showed off their power. I hope this got the captains thinking. Why not acquired a hollow power if it means you can be stronger, right? I mean some of the Vaizards were fighting the Gillians with their bare hands!

Also, I found it incredibly adorable that Toushiro has no fucking idea who the Vaizards are. I guess they don't teach about them in history classes *chuckles*

Ah, there was so much hatred in Shinji's eyes when he attacked Aizen, only to be stopped by Tousen. Then Tousen was stopped by Komamura when he wanted to attack Shinji (who by the way was wounded and yay for blood!). Since I already knew what the outcome of this whole mess, I couldn't stop snickering.

With the Vaizards around, all the actions started again with everyone fighting. Suddenly the Vaizards and Shinigami have no problem joining forces to fight Aizen and the espada. But the one I'm looking forward to would be Hisagi against his former captain.

That's it for this week. We have a new ED too. I want to say the omake was funny but a bald Shinji? That's taking a joke too far.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

11 July 2010

First Impression: Occult Academy

Oh, another show from A1-Pictures? Heh, I know I'm going to like this just because of that. The first minute of the show was intriguing enough to make me nods in approval. This is another show that I look forward to this summer just because the story promised something different.

The academy is linked with demon, spirits and other dark stuff that it got the nick name of Occult Academy. On the day Maya returned to the academy, it was to attend his father's funeral and take the responsibility as the new principal of the academy. She wants to destroy the academy and has her own reason for that. At the end of the episode, she met with a naked guy who literally fell down from the sky (rather gracefully I might add) and so the adventure begins!

Hehe just like the synopsis from chartfag says, this show is a combination of horror and comedy. The transition was done seamlessly and effortlessly making it so entertaining. For example, at one point Kozue was devoured by the evil spirit and in the next second she was chanting "megane megane" in a really retarded you-can't-help-but-laugh situation. Not to forget the flashback of Maya doing some scary stuff that I couldn't help but find funny and adorable at the same time. The dialog/script was pretty casual and honest too. It is definitely one of this show strongest point in my opinion. At one point Maya even used Porco Rosso as reference and I think that was awesome and totally honest. I would called someone Porco Rosso too if he/she fits the description XD

I also particularly like the character designs. It is something fresh and the movements are all very fluid. Even though they all look normal but they have this certain quirks that makes them likable, This means that I like the arts and animation. You don't see these kinds of animation too often. I dunno. I'm just getting a really good vibe is all and may be biased because this is developed by A1-Pictures.

The OP and ED will grow on you though have you seen the ED? Something different again. Like! As for the seiyuus, I am not familiar with any of them but they are really in their niches with this one. Kudos.

I really do enjoy this one and just like Highschool of the Dead, I couldn't wait for the next episode. This is going to be the fourth series that I'm following this summer which mean this season is decent so far. And to be honest, I am enjoying this one more than the other anime at the moment.

art & animation 10/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10

10 July 2010

Diary of a tard - week 1, July 2010

Sunday, July 4

Kuroshitsuji II ain't bad at all. Granted of course if you like the first season. I think this show is targeted for the female and gay community.

Mitsudomoe surprises me big time. Just like Working!! this might turn out to be the surprise of the season.

Monday, July 5

Kiripon disappeared in chapter 24 of Karneval. Murano bought an illegal medicine and gave it to him, now he can't keep up with the fast metabolism. That's why Kiri ate all the poachers. I guess the Circus will sympathize with him and forgive him, but he will get punished. Yogi has caught up with Gareki and it's confirmed that these two are gay for each other. Or at least Yogi can't wait to get into Gareki's pants. Anyway, who was it that Tsukitachi killed? And why Karoku is on a date? He is not a lolicon!

yum =3

The Black King has ordered the Offscourings that all the Drifter must be killed. The octobrist is the organization that gathers the Drifters to fight againts the Offscourings. They are trying to recruit our three Drifters but obviously they are not going to cooperate that easily. Instead they want to own the country they are atm and made Toyohisa the leader. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Black King has the ability to heal people. What a useful power for an evil guy. Chapter 13 started off funneh. I like that. Toyohisa is leading the elves to fight against the Orte. This is going to be an awesome fight. I can tell. Lots of blood and boom!

D.Gray Man chapter 196: Allen continued to be tortured by the Earl. He still tempting Allen to leave the Order and join him as the 14th Noah. If Allen agrees he will stop the akuma virus in Alma and the third exorcist. Very tempting indeed. Though it seems like Alma is beyond rescuing. I can understand where his hatred comes from. I don't blame him at all. But I am sad because the victim of his hatred is none other than Kanda. But I am confused though, why does Alma wants to kill Kanda? Why does he hates him so much? At the crucial time, there it is again, the woman among the flower telling Kanda that she'll wait for him forever. Just who the fuck is she? And it seems all is lost for Tokusa as he crushed Allen's leg like it was made of twig. The Earl has finally revealed his true intention. All he want is to be by the 14th's side. Of course Allen will rejected the offer and now his mission is to save both Alma and Kanda who are fighting each other to the death. Uguuu~

Wednesday, July 7

Today is the birthday of my jerk. Too bad he's living two states away from me and we are both busy with work to celebrate it together. I kinda miss him.

Bleach episode 278 was good. Lots of surprises for non-manga readers.

Highschool of the Dead fucking blows my socks off. This anime is freaking awesome. BLOOD!!

Thursday, July 8

The color spread of Ichigo in Bleach chapter 411 makes me fapping but the rest of the story was tainted by Don Kanonji. Fuck, he needs to fucking die.

Friday, July 9

Naruto chapter 501: lol Naruto hasn't has it easy the moment he was born into this world. I can't remember or has it been revealed that Minato died protecting the village from the Nine Tail Fox? If it is, I feel sorry for him. Every dad should have the chance to spend time with his off springs.

Maka is really pissing me off in chapter 75 of Soul Eater. She didn't even put up a fight when Giriko was about to rape her. She acting like a damsel in a fucking distress makes me want to bitch slap her and then choke her to death. She has to wait till Soul almost die to snap out of it. What a fucktard. At the outside world, Stein and the others have reached the lair of Justin and Death the Kidd is going to fight Black Star in the next chapter. FUCKING WOOT!!!

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