13 February 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, February 2012

Wednesday, February 8

Another week starts with yaoi. This time the yaoi of my choices is Burai-an, written by Shushushu Sakurai, obviously a pen name. Konoe Yachiyomaru is a timid guy who owns a dojo, but it was taken from him by the yakuza. To get back the dojo, he hired a burai-an, an invincible bodyguard. In actuality, he's a useless man. But they decided to stay by each other's side (doesn't makes sense to me) and train until they can chase the yakuza away and take back the dojo. This yaoi is a mess. We have talking bears setting up traps for human. I can't take it seriously and the story was shit. I have to drop it after the 2nd chapter. Final score 3/10.

Second attempt at yaoi and this time I picked Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu. Naoki is a single dad. He takes care of his daughter Chizu after he got divorced. He was too busy to think about re-married but then there's Yoshioka-san. Comparing this to Burai-an, it is far more well written and the development of the story is more solid. They don't just decided that "hey I'm gay". The build up for that relationship between Naoki and Yoshioka was convincing and that makes this a good yaoi. For good yaoi, I can even be forgiving if there's no smut in it. I have finished the first volume. Will soon get my hands on the second one :)



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