23 October 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, October 2011

Sunday, October 16

Today is my sister's birthday. She's turning 26 this year. Happy bornday Abby!

Episode 2 of Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Yozora decided to play games for club activities: PSP Monster Hunters is the chosen game. They really get into the characters and as expected Sena and Yozora keep taking each other down during the game. Same goes for the next game: School Life 7. I can see why this would have been awesome in the manga. Unfortunately I can't say that the anime adaptation goes as smoothly. Having said that, I had a great laugh when Yozora went to find Fujibayashi Akari and kill her. That is just too funneh.

That's my girl

I am still wasn't sure of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. Here hoping that episode 2 will be better. Kaito managed to figure out which rope to pull but he scared the bejeebus of Nonoha with his red eye. Right after he solved the puzzle, he collapsed and Nonoha fucking carried him up the hills! Now that he has the armband, he has to face Givers of POG and received the Einstein title. Anyway the only reason why I even bother with 2nd episode is because the introduction of Gammon. I thought he would be interesting and he really is. I guess on to episode 3 then especially since they are about to introduce another retarded character who is supposed to be Kaito's childhood friend. But he's working for POG so that makes him the enemy.

loud and annoying

Monday, October 17

It's my cousin's birthday today. I baked him a marble with chocolate topping cake for his birthday. He better be grateful.

Hunter X Hunter episode 3: They have arrived at Zaban city with the help of the navigator. They were led to the Hunter Exam where hundreds of Hunter wannabe are. Some of them looks suspicious and downright nasty. Others look nice but is the devil wearing mask. Phase One is already started with Satotz as the examiner. It's an endurance test both physically and mentally to see how far they could run/follow him without knowing when or where are they going to arrive.

Cubic Galois is introduced in episode 3 of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. He holds the title of Edison and wants Kaito to join him in Mathematics research. In other words he wants Kaito to quit puzzles. Cubic put a charm wristband on Kaito just to make sure. Whenever Kaito wants to solve puzzle, he gets a migraine. Thankfully Gammon is everywhere to help him out otherwise the city will detonate if they phailed. Of course Kaito will be the hero that saves the city. It's getting annoying that he gets to be the only one solving all these puzzles in the end. Anyhoo, looks like he gets himself a fanboy >_>

the most annoying character in the show

I am in foul mood and what better way to cheer myself up than to watch Gintama. On to episode 153! Kagura had trouble sleeping so naturally she harasses Gin to help her sleep. Gin was kind enough to do so, even making food for her. In the end, as expected it was Gin who had trouble sleeping after that after he listened to the retarded radio show.

Episode 154 of Gintama: It's Kyubei's birthday and the bunch were invited to her birthday party by Tojo. As usual, they created a scene and was looked down by the rich bastards who attended the party. Towards the end, Shinpachi lost it when a pig purposely bumped into his sister and ruined the cake she bought for Kyubei. They all thought that Tojo gonna beat the crap out of them but turned out Tojo defended them. He was actually using those guys to cut the parasites that wanted part of Yagyu clan's wealth.

Thursday, October 20

Found Paradise Baby out of nowehere and fuck I love this fucking yaoi. Awesome yaoi is awesome which mean it isn't all about fucking. I love the vulnerability and the feeling of insecure that this yaoi tries to portray. Personally I think they did a great job. I definitely understand why Shiroi acted that way. I have been there too many time. It wasn't pleasant. This is why I often just say what's on my mind rather than second guessing what the other thinks. Between Shiroi and Sawa-chan, Shiroi gotta be my favorite character since I can relate to him all the way from start to finish. Besides, who doesn't want to be fuck by Shiroi, right? Right. I thought so ^__^

Isn't that just delicious? *faps*

I can't stop myself from going on a yaoi binge today. This is what happened when I'm depressed. Next up is Rumble Rush which is more manly compared to Paradise Baby but weaker story line. However, this is just one of the yaoi that you don't care about the story but just want to see the characters fucked each other senseless. Threesome? They have it. S&M? They have it too. Rape? Well you can't called it rape if the receiving end enjoyed it and is so damn willing at the end, can you? Foot fetish? Include that in the list as well. Rumble Rush featured different story for different chapters so you don't have time to get attached to any of the characters. I'm not complaining though. They all look deli! Except for one, who is a doc that looks like Sean Connery. I'm not digging that type is all. All I can say is, this one is not for the faint hearted lol

that megane... hot dayyum!

Friday, October 21

For some reason I don't want to write episodic review for that two noitaminA shows. They have been the biggest disappointment for me this Fall. Aight on to episode 2 of UN-GO: Yuuki was trying to get Dol-Pli, an advance version of Vocaloid but it was prohibited on the day of it's sale. On the other side of town, Rinroku was investigating the murder of Osada Hisako. They suspected Aramaki, Osada's lover. Her daughter doesn't think so though so she asked help from Yuuki. As you may have expected, his investigation brought him back to Dol-Pli and Yonagahime 3+1, an idol group during the war. One of the girls were claimed that but Yuuki recognized the voice. It belonged to Osada An, the daughter of the victim. I knew the daughter was the culprit when she mentioned Yonaga and I was right. However she wasn't punished for her crime. Kaishou covered up for her and seemed like they have something to do with the Yonagahime shit too. Most interestingly though, it seems like Yuuki is bound by some contract with Inga. The contract definitely makes Yuuki as Inga's bitch. I don't like the adult version of Inga at all.

didn't know you are such a bitch, Yuuki

Saturday, October 22

Guilty Crown episode 2: Shu kinda lost it for a minute after he came down from the Void Genome high. Lucky him that it kinda protect him from getting any serious injuries. After all, at least 5 missiles were launched at him after he brought down on of the enemy mecha. Once he's done using the Void Genome, it went back inside Inori chest cavity. I was ready to up on this one when Daryl Yan appeared. He looks like he knows how to have fun while inflicting pain and miseries to people. Cruel? Yes but it's necessary for this show. Also Gai, lets not forget about Gai. Obviously he pissed that the good-for-nothing Shu got to use the Void Genome. I would be super mad too and I actually still am mad about it. I said the same thing in my first impression post. Anyhoo he led another rescue mission and declared that the Undertaker won't be working covertly anymore. They will fight the Anti-Bodies head on, but of course they have to depend on Shu and credits for him for not failing.
p/s: Apparently Yan has chest cavity as well. Oh and for a more detail review, go to Cart Driver and read what Scamp has to say about it.

Meet Daryl Yan, everyone. Don't let his innocent look deceived you. He is bat shit insane ♥


happy b-day to your sister :)

thank you for the BL info. ♡
will start reading them ☆~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

You are welcome Anon. I'm here to serve :D

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