06 May 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, May 2012

Wednesday, May 2

The festival resumes in chapter 42 of Hyakko. New characters grace us with their present as they come to the school for the festival. The most important new character for this chapter is certainly Suzume's twin brother, Tsubame who is one mischievous boy. He became the tourist guide for the other new characters who are basically family members of the existing characters. They got distracted a lot by food and then come across Kitsune and Ayumi holding hand as they heading to somewhere. My heart literally jumps at this. Being a busybody, Tsubame and his new friends stalk them both. When they go their separate way, Tsubume doesn't waste any time to confront Kitsune and ask him what is going on. Kyaaaaah~ oh but wait a fucking minute. You know what? Hyakko pulled a fast one on us. Apparently Tsubame is dead. It was just Suzume playing dress up as her twin brother, thanks to Kitsune's suggestion when they were kids. Suzume apparently grows up with a dual identity. I'm not sure whether it's healthy or not but... if it's Kitsune's idea... (trololol). So this chapter pretty much focus on Suzume. We only get to see Torako at the end (apparently with Shishimaru by her side both dressed up in vampire theme outfit. wOOt~). Good chapter indeed.

I spotted Keima in between the pages LOL as well as that hat girl from Kujibiki Unbalance

Saturday, May 5

Episode 2 of Sakamichi no Apollon: Nishimi lets Kawabuchi comments on his music gets to him so he secretly played on the piano whenever his aunt is out of the house. Obviously he wants to impress Ritsu and feels like Kawabuchi is in the way of that. He couldn't be so wrong. Anyhoo, he was cornered by a bunch of bullies on his way back from school one day. Lucky for him Ritsu saw what was happening and reported to Kawabuchi who of course rescued him. Nishimi tried to salvage his male ego but oh boy he was clumsy and only became the joke of the day. I lol'd and loved him because of it. When they went back to Ritsu's shop, Brother Jun was already waiting and they (Kawabuchi and Ritsu's dad) didn't waste time to do a live session. Nishimi was dragged to play the piano and boy he enjoyed it a lot, especially when he thought he could have a date with Ritsu. Unfortunately it didn't go according to plan as Kawabuchi tagged along. Instead of the library they went to the beach instead. I must admit. I sorta envy the relationship between Kawabuchi and Ritsu. I had that once but then he just have to get married at an early age. This is where the show confirms Nishimi's feeling for Ritsu and how Kawabuchi met the love of his life. My BL heart breaks a little...

if you know what I mean

Daily Lives of High School Boys episode 5: (1) we all have done this: making up script as we look at other people interacting. Fun times indeed (2) Motoharu is bullied by his older sister's friends. No one can save him. (3) I couldn't help but LOL'd when Ringo was saved by the "hero" from them three unlucky kids, who think that she was being harassed. Instead of worrying about their well being, they continue to pretend as the bad guy in order not to embarrassed the hero. How noble. (4) Yoshitake and Hidenori met an old friend with a girl who looked mighty displeased. Turned out she was his sister who has lost her contact lenses LOL (5) Hidenori reminiscing his childhood hero who saved him from the bullies. Imagine his face when he found out that it was Yoshitake. (6) The literature girl yet again appeared at the river bank and Hidenori was pretty much crying inwardly for help. Oh man, I lol'd pretty hard for this one. Sugita just fits perfectly and he really did make the scene comes alive.


I really need to start reading Hyakko....still holding out for another season of the anime though....

I love Suzume.

Where is the Remembering Love post...

It was a surprising plot twist for Suzume in this chapter. Now that's done, I want them to focus on Torako and Shishimaru :3

Trazor, I hope the Remembering Love post is not limited to the month of May? I actually have been wanting to watch few episodes of several series but as you know it, life takes priority atm otherwise I would have seen/read more than 3 anime episodes this week.

It is limited only to May... 4 posts, one for each week.

But it's not too late!

You can catch up on the anime and jump in next week...

you are very persuasive. I'll search for the DVD niao

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