14 November 2009

Diary of a tard - week 2, November '09

Sunday, November 8

The title for Cheburashka Arere episode 3 is Mischievous Shapoklyak. Don't ask me what Shapoklyak is. I don't have an effing clue -__-

Harabal learns of Bektel's death and searches for the Evil One in Shut Hell chapter 15, with knowledge that his brother Yurul is now an accomplished. Alfad who noticed that Shut Hell begin to hesitate because of Yurul's word takes matter into his own hands and slices Yuru's palm with his poison knife, that guaranteed death, as he fondly said so in several chapters ago...

Bamboo Blade Special+Omake saw the flashback of Saya and Kirino and how Kirino convinced Saya to joined the kendo club (well not really :P). The omakes were pretty hilarious XD

When just I thought Kuroko can't be more annoying! I can't stand her voice and her attitude at all, and I wasn't referring to her gayness shit. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun seriously needs start a good plot. I love biribiri but this is fucked. She's a fucking railgun ffs! At least brings Touma back?!

Don't you have normal eyes? XO

OMG I just realized how incredibly gay the OP of Fairy Tail is. After 2 weeks of neglect, it comes to light that the comedy in Fairy Tail the anime is freaking gay too. It was too over the top. They were trying too hard. How sad. I'm tempted to stick to the manga and ignores the anime now. Unlike Bleach, this is a series that is not close to my heart at all. Not to mention that hearing Haruhi's voice on Lucy. It just too weird. And what the heck is with the lame introduction of Erza at the end of episode 4?! Jeebus.

This is how the epic Erza should be introduced you fag! She's carrying a fucking horn not giant carrot! XO

Tuesday, November 10

We saw flashback as to how Lune got to be Envy's master in chapter 10 of Ultimo. It creeps me out when I saw Lune has a picture of Yamato hanging in his room. I mean I want him to be gay but this is starting to ruin my fantasy. But the flashback explains a lot. Like why Lune looks so feminine. He was a princess in his past life. On the night she was set to marry the useless emperor whom she hated, Yamato appeared and the princess saw her as her knight in shining armor and somehow they two were united. Of course she can't help but feel envious towards the present chick (I don't care what her name was) who Yamato's claimed to be in love with. Not to mention that Ultimo is gay for Yamato too. You know what... I really like where this story is going. Scratched that part where I was creep out ^__^. At the end of the chapter, Dunstan appeared with another Douji in tow, which he called Miryuu. And so the plot thickens.

In latest chapters (16 and 17) of Switch, Hal was again on a stake out. They are after a drug user and the suspect was involved with Komatsu who immediately recognized that Hal is a cop. He even knows that Kai is working undercover as the kindergarten teacher. I love that elusive bad guy. He's so cool in a way. I mean we are talking about Hal here. No one gave him the slip! I still haven't seen that shounen-ai theme in this manga though. Goddammit!

Wednesday, November 11

I really don't like Lucy, even if she's voiced by Aya Hirano. She was totally useless 91% of the time. She existed solely for comic relief. My opinion might change as I read/watch the chapter/episode further but I doubt it. In episode 5 of Fairy Tail this week, we were introduced to the awesome that is Erza. They are set out to fight the Dark Guild Eisenwald because they have the "lullaby" flute that can caused mass murder.

I is on episode 23 of Blood+. Saya just met Diva @_@

Bleach episode 245 ain't bad. Ain't good either. The old fuck Yamaji is back apparently :(

Thursday, November 12

While I was browsing deviantart, I came upon a fanart made for Shibatora manga. I was intrigued so I checked it out. It was surprisingly nice! It has drama, action, mystery, as what you would have expected from a police manga. Shibata Taketora is a policeman who looks like a middle schooler which explains why he was only in trouble and being picked on a lot. He strive to be a detective and work for the Department of Youth Safety. One day he met a school girl named Mizuki and all hell break loose because she is such a prankster. The truth is, she has one fucked up father who just murdered a drug dealer and now he was asking her to go to the police station and take the blame for him. Man, she has some serious father-complex issue... Anyway, because of this case, he was promoted.

Kilik and the gang is facing the Black Clown in chapter 67 of Soul Eater. The Black Clown used some illusion shit to make it appear like their body parts are melting. Of course Medusa is the mastermind in all this. The kilik he did the soul resonance, it was freaking awesome!


After they defeated Black Clown, we moved on to Black.Star and Tsubaki. They were sent to find Medusa and Chrona and whaddaya know... Chrona came to greet them. OMG when did Black.Star matured so much? *squirts*

They explained the golden sword in niche in episode 4 of Letter Bee. Even though Lag has delivered her, he took her back and made her his dingo, along with Steak. Pretty lame episode because it was predictable. Thank goodness episode 5 is okay because we have Largo Lloyd around! But I really want to snap Nelli's neck in two...

Friday, November 13

The chapter of Bleach was lame but the fact that there is a possibilities of Byakuya and Kenpachi fighting... it kind of worth it.

It just goes to show that I'm not a narutard when I can't remember what the heck happened last week. So obviously when I read this week chapter of Naruto, I was lost. I remember certain things like the fight between Kisame (did I even get his name right?!) and Bee but the part with that voodoo doll totally escaped me. Anyway, at the end of the chapter Kisame fused with his sword Samehada and that totally grossed me out!

In chapter 4 of Shibatora, he was promoted to the Department of Youth Safety after his heroic deeds saving Mizuki from killing herself. What I don't like however is Mizuki living with him >=(

Zettai Karen Children chapter 195: heh Hyoubu is purposely made Fujiko mad. Hyoubu is working for Robiet which granted him and the P.A.N.D.R.A immunity. Meanwhile, the Children were surprised to find Hyoubu's minions as transfered students in their school. Instead of the Children getting worked up, it was the Phantom who was pissed.

Saturday, November 14

I have this bad habit of not finishing a series with only 1-2 episodes left which explains why my progress & future list keeps building up. So I decided to ignore my work and finish some of the series today.

Lets start with Dogs: Bullet and Carnage OVA. I have only one episode left: episode 4. The first thing I noticed was the fucked up features of Heine. He doesn't look bad ass at all! But whatever. Badao was awesome ^o^ So this episode pretty much showed how Nill was adopted to the family. The best part is when Giovanni appeared. Now... that dude is a freaking bad ass! The OVA is pretty damn close to the manga though so *thumbs up* for that.

Next up is Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I have 2 episodes left. Noted that I freaking love the OP and ED songs. OK bBack to the episodes... it tugged my heart when Yuuki asked Mirai what would she do if he was dead. Here's why: I caught a glimpse in some of the reviews I've accidentally read that Yuuki was dead so that simple sentence made me cried T__T Every time I didn't see Yuuki on the screen, I was covered in cold sweat, dreading the inevitable. Seriously, this is why I hate spoilers. So episode 8 was real. I wasn't fooled. It was Mirai who lived in denial.


Funny that anime /manga might be the only things that I get emotional for >_>

To console myself, there is no other anime that can do it if it is not Gintama! I'm so glad that I did not catch up to the anime like my Gintamard friends urged me to ^__^. Episode 123 is the continuation of Monster Hunters parody - Monkey Hunters which mean Gin's analog stick is still the hex socket screwdriver XD and they have found out that the two aliens were Hijikata and Okita. The also realized that they have to live their lives as 'drivers and learned to accept their fate except for one woman:

Gintama has the best scriptwriters ever!

When I saw this, I knew exactly what comes next! XD

OMG classic Gintama! ^o^

Catching up to the latest episode (6) of Letter Bee. Anyway, I could already tell that Jiggy Pepper would be someone that is made of win, even if just to spite Nelli. He might not be as epic as Gauche but win nonetheless. and OMG not only that I was right, he is a fucking bishie too! w00t!! By the way, why most of the characters in this series are such cry babies?

For more entries, click here.


"So episode 8 was real. I wasn't fooled. It was Mirai who lived in denial."

I was totally fooled, all the way until I noticed Yuuki's bag. After that, it was just watery eyes all the way. :(

What the heck is going on in that last 3 screenshots?

@blur, you are the man.

@Yi, that my friend is what Gintama is. The GARest show ever!!

What the fuck? Railgun STILL doesn't have a plot yet??

I would like to think that they have started a plot somehow in episode 7 >_>

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