26 February 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, February 2011

Monday, February 21

Lucky☆Star episode 10: Kagami taught her sister how to used the handphone. Miyuki got a cold and went to clinic. She was so engrossed in her reading, she missed it when her number was called. Same thing happened when she got on a bus. She needs to pay more attention to her surrounding. Then they had a sleep over at Konata's house. Btw, I found it really hard to write a consistent review for this show.

She is so moe

Episode 3 of Kore wa Zombie desu ka?: Aikawa tried so hard not to let Orito knows that he is living with a three bishoujo. Obviously he will phailed. Halfway through they decided to get serious so Orito brought Aikawa to the hospital to visit Kyoko, another victim of the serial killer. She described the killer to Aikawa and it matches Hellscythe. Dum dum dum...


I want more laughter so I decided to watch Mitsudomoe episode 9: They are still on Gachi and there are still misunderstanding about Gachi and sex/porn and as always the teacher is in the middle of the shit. LOL I would have been traumatized if I was Yabecchi. On the next mini episode, Hitoha became a Santa and I was rolling off my chair laughing when she tried to get out of the room. Futaba is really awesome though when she becomes the ball for the ice bowling.

and that's how she came ^_^

Slowly but surely, Nurarihyon no Mago episode 5: Rikuo got a fever and the conflict about him being the third heir continues. So does his life as a student. His friends came over for a visit and we got a love triangle going on between Ienaga, Rikuo and Yuki Onna. I found this extremely cute especially when Yuki was flustered and shit. Rikuo and his paranormal crazy friends then went on a field trip to Umerakuen where Gyuki resides. The youkai traitor overheard the plan and set to kill Rikuo (again). Btw, I’m intrigued with the Crow Demon’s sons. I bet they are good looking. LOL

Episode 6 of Nurarihyon no Mago: The professor they met at Umerakuen was a troll. It was all a set up to kill Rikuo. I am glad that I can’t see spirits otherwise it would have been some scary shits. For example, those youkai at the onsen creep me out. However I refuse to believe that Horsehead and Oxhead are bad youkai. They are too good looking to be the bad guy. Of course my opinion will change if they end up getting killed instead. For now I take the “innocent until proven guilty” route. Sure they attacked Yuki Onna but that’s all Gyuki’s fault. Oh fuck, alright. So they are bad after all >>

Can’t stop now where it’s getting good. Finally Rikou is fighting as himself in episode 7 of Nurarihyon no Mago. Well, at least he did good trying to protect Yuki before the smexy Rikuo took over. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Kana. I really don’t like her character’s personality. It got all the ingredients of hate. I refused to accept her as the canon pairing for Rikuo. Btw, I learned that Zen’s seiyuu is Sugita ^_^ also I take back my words about the Crow Demon’s son. They look like… well… crow! *facepalm*

So hawt

Tuesday, February 22

Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen episode 6: Abe agreed for a practice game with one of their opponents. He has also decided Mihashi training routine for him: no throwing unless he says so. Mihashi just happy that they are finally communicating. No denying the canon between these two. While others considered Abe as meddlesome, Mihashi took it that he cares about him. It was so obvious. They are going against Kounan and those boys have been practicing hard. The coach looks like he has something up his sleeves. Or was that the Touhei's boys? I'm confused =\

Oh Tajima, you are so made of win =D

Wednesday, February 23

I plan to watch as many episodes of Shangri-La today but before that I have to get the anime of the current season over with. I'll start with episode 7 of Level E: While the Color Rangers continue their adventures, the alien teacher is getting worried about the kids who at that moment need to save Princess Baka from the Demon Lord. But he did agree to go with the Demon Lord and thus we got to see their wedding night preparation. I wish I was spared though. The Demon Lord turned out to be good person who wants to defeat Ki as well and thus they found truce and end the trolling. That doesn't stop Ki getting his way in the end though.

Next up if Fractale episode 5: Clain is force to work to earn his place on the ship. Apparently Nessa is on board too but Clain can't see her for some reason. Could be that she hates him now but I doubt it. During the flight, something was wrong and the temperature inside the ship keeps on rising and the autopilot malfunctioned. No one could solved the problem so Clain steps in (without permission of course) and determined that Nessa was the cause. They ended up playing hide and seek with her. Phryne still being bitchy though and the Temple has finally found her and knows about Nessa as well. Good news is her relationship with Nessa as improved and it seems like everyone is having fun on the ship.

loincloth of the century

Soul Eater Not! chapter 2: Tsugumi, Anya and Meme went to the girls dorm where they meet with few other interesting characters: Kana the fortune teller, Misery the book nerd and Kim the witch. Wasted and useless chapter >>

They all kinda look the same, no?

As I promised myself yesterday, I am gonna start watching as many Shangri-La episodes as I can today. Resuming episode 5: Kuniko found Kunihito at that run down place and decided to investigate. It is suspicious to have a soldier at such place after all. Kuniko then was transferred into the computer world when she sought help from the three old geeks. She found out about Serpent as she's spying on some advance CPU. She also accidentally met Karin from Ishida Finance there. Then there's a crazy mental bitch Sayako who works for Atlas and cutting people up for fun who appeared randomly. Kuniko managed to steal the mimic armor from Kunihito during their "date". At the end of the episode, Karin is threatening the Minister.

Episode 6: Karin offered to destroy the Serpent. Kunihito decided to quit the military because of his negligence in the last episode but got rejected. Instead he was invited to the Moon Palace because Mikuni has taken an interest in him. Looks like there is someone in Atlas who is secretly protecting him. Sayako is confused as to how Kunihito has the same sword as Mikuni. Supposedly he and Mikuni should not meet because it clearly upset Hiruko, another crazy ass bitch. It has something to do with Mikuni being the moon, Kunihito the land and Kuniko the sun. Speaking of Kuniko, she helped to pin-point where the Serpent is hiding but then there's MEDUSA.

Episode 7: Kuniko got arrested by Ryoko. Tomoka followed suit which in my opinion will only further burdened Kuniko. She was being bullied for real and seems like Ryoko likes her too much, she will execute her.

Episode 8: It was the execution day but of course Kuniko managed to escape but those who helped her got shot and killed. She didn't know about this though. Also, Mikuni finally managed to go to the real world because of the eclipse and looks like she's going to meet with Kuniko for the first time. I was happy to know that Kunihiko was pretty bothered by Kuniko executions too.

Episode 9: Momoko-san was captured by the saddist Sayoko. May God have mercy on his transsexual soul. I feel like Ryoko is the really bad guy here. She's haywire. Not a good timing though since Kuniko kinda lost without Momoko and when she found out about Rena, Nao and the others, she lost it completely.

Episode 10: After few days of moping, Kuniko decided to take charge again and officially becomes the leader of Metal Age while Ryoko becomes the Prime Minister of Atlas. Mikuni the first to heard voices in her head and this marks the beginning of a new adventure. Unfortunately, it all goes according to Ryoko's plan.

Episode 11: Kunihito is stranded in a small boat in the middle of the ocean. His ship was attacked by the satellite. No one has idea who caused it. There's this strange boy that appeared in his dream and later on in front of Karin. He is Digma Zero also known as Canary. He's dead according to the files. By the way, the Sun, the Moon and the Land is also known as Digma-1, Digma-2 and Digma-3 respectively. I figured they are experimental child. I wonder what their true purpose is.

Friday, February 25

Shinryaku! Ika Musume episode 6: Noh Mask Rider came to town but Ika managed to make her looks like the bad guy when she was fighting with the Squi-Devil. She even wear the costume herself and fought Noh Mask Rider. Guess who came forth? The older sister so obviously Ika will lost. In the second stint, turned out Ika is really good with Math so Eiko is trying to learn the tricks from her. Lastly, Ika threatened Nagisa as usual. She was trying to stop Gorou from ruining the only person who's afraid of her. Nagisa thought that everyone has been brainwashed by Ika, Eiko thought Nagisa likes Gorou and so on. Haywire.



I've decided to start the squid show this week. The end.

I found the jokes are getting weaker with every episodes :(

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