Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

29 June 2012

It's the end of our journey

I set my alarm clock at 2.35am. That gave me 10 minutes to be fully awake for the Euro2012 semifinal game between Germany versus Italy. I have high hope that Germany will meet Spain and kick their asses to make up for their lost in the World Cup.

But then their defense were sloppy as shit for the first half which allowed Italy to score 2 goals. Obviously by then they start to be defensive.

There goes my hope... crushed.

But the game itself was entertaining as fuck. 

And I'm writing this post before the game ends. There is still a chance that Germany might win this (argh fuck I'm still hoping) but even if they don't, I still love them till death do us apart ♥

28 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, June 2012

Thursday, June 21

Since I don't have for anime, I make time to read some yaoi to keep myself sane. Today I picked Wild Darling as suggested by Anaaga. This yaoi is about Ryuuji and Satsugi, the former being the sempai. Satsugi is the seme and Ryuuji the tsundere uke. It took 2 years for Ryuuji to acknowledge that he's gay and almost another year for them to have sex. It wasn't even that good. However, the sex in the extra chapter wasn't as disappointing though the whole setup was cliche as fuck. It's all because the CHALKS IN THE ASS.

I should be sleeping but I found myself picking up another yaoi: 24 Jikan Eikyou-chuu. This yaoi focus on two couple. The first one between the convenience store guy and Sano, a high school kid. It was pretty straight forward. The other couple focus on Yoshino and another guy who was in love with another guy. Yoshino is hot and cool as fuck. He's usually a cold motherfucker but finally realized his feelings when he met this guy. The smex were fap worthy.

so good *drools*

Bleach: Chapter 498

Oh interesting... I never knew that Akon is a Vice Director of Mayuri's lab. Either way, as expected they have trouble finding Ichigo since the badge that they gave them, he left it in the material world. They quickly figured out that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo though and he used Urahara's shop as the gateway. I hope they will send Rukia to fetch her. Oh please let it be so Kubo... please...

But of course Kubo won't do that because he sucks.

Instead, they let him connect to Urahara. I would be surprised if Urahara doesn't know about the war in Soul Society yet since he always seems like he is ahead of everyone else. As I suspected, I was right. What I didn't expect though is the fact that the shinigami were surprised that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo fighting a battle with a Quincy even before they knew about them being there. Well, don't think too highly of Ichigo guys... The Quincy themselves sent a private invitation to Ichigo that he can't refuse.

They were even more surprised that Ichigo seems to have the upper hand against the Quincy. Well, that dude was a small fry for fuck's sake. Of course he is having trouble trying to seal Ichigo's bankai. Buckbeard has sent all the good ones are to Soul Society so stop putting Ichigo on a pedestal damn it. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

Seriously, you guys are embarrassing Ichigo as well
But then again... he's fap worthy

Just as things are about to get interesting, Urahara interfered. The timing sure seems suspicious. He couldn't wait till Opie tell them why they want to seal bankai as he puts Ichigo on the phone to talk to Akon. But then again, Soul Society really do need Ichigo to be there ASAP.

Hmm...  I just don't know what to say anymore...

I guess I'll end this review here then.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

26 June 2012

Anime: Summer 2012

Summer is around the corner which means I have yet a backlog of all the Spring anime. I am most likely won't have the time to sit down and watch the Summer anime either since my boss managed to convince me to come back to the company. So I am back at doing two jobs: being the project manager as well as a full time patisserie for Scrumbtious.

credits to moetron

As always, just know that I'm basing my opinion on the synopsis of the shows. They are pretty telling at times but can be totally misleading at some other times too. That's why I always check out every shows in that season, just to be saved.

My usual format resumes. First up is what I think the MUST WATCH (indefinitely) anime of the season. I have promised myself to be more realistic with my choices so I can chew whatever I put inside my mouth.
  • MOYASHIMON RETURNS! ALL THE BACTERIA!! And that says it all.
  • As a loyal fan and a fag of A-1 Pictures, I am already fapping to Sword Art Online. I have doubts that this could potentially be another Fractale but I won't let that dampen my spirits!
  • Holy shit Yurumates 3D gets season 2? LOL of all anime but yes I'm still gonna watch this.
  • I won't be bothered by the OVA/ONA/Specials except for Tight-Rope because the fujoshi in me is beaming at the moment at the prospect of having a yaoi included in the season. Hell yeah.

Next category is the shows that have the potential to be something more than average and might get a bump to be included in my MUST WATCH list.
  • Look at the seiyuu who are part of the cast for La storia della Arcana Famiglia. Then look at the studio and finally the synopsis. There is no way I'm gonna miss this one. Not when Tomokazu Sugita is part of it.
  • I am interested to see how are they going to execute, translate and adapt the romantic poems to an animation in Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi. If they done this right, it could be a hit. After all, I am a sucker for romance.
  • I actually find Natsuyuki Rendezvous a bit creepy and I am not sure whether I like the theme of the romance in this show which will be featured in noitaminA slot. It all sounds so... GAAAAAYYYY. Wait a minute, aren't I all for gays? Well, I didn't enjoy Sakamichi no Apollon as much either. Something is wrong with me...
  • The character designs in Kokoro Conenct looks awfully like those of K-ON and Sora no Woto. However that's not the reason why I want to watch this. Gender-bend should be fun, don't you think?
  • Blood Lad seems so familiar but I don't think I've read the manga before. Either way it seems interesting enough to pique my interest. Hey, at least Staz doesn't sparkles!
  • I like J.C. Staff but why are they coming up with an anime that sounds vaguely familiar to K-ON!? I am not writing Joshiraku off just yet though. It still has the potential to be good if they done the comedy part right.

Now that we have got those out of the way, it is time for the average shows that might be dropped for being predictable and cliche. This all depends on first impression. I am that picky because I can't afford to otherwise.
  • I have seen Kingdom. Though it takes a while to get used to it, it is eventually as bad as I thought it was but I find myself to continue watching the show.
  • I was more than ready to dismiss Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate when I saw that characters belong to a food club that does nothing. If there is a reason why I don't include this show in the anishit list, it's because of the art. AIC Build better up their game with this one!
  • When I read the synopsis for Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, I thought I have gone back to the world of Smurfs because that's what it reminded me of. This has the potential to be in the anishit list but I feel like I should give this one a chance at least.
  • Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-Bu might be a harem but when I saw the word fujoshi, I don't think I can turn my back on this show without giving it a proper chance. I might regret it later though...
  • The ascend or descend of Tari Tari depends on the type of music that this show is going to put forth for the audience. I have a feeling there will be dorama. I hope there will be. I can't have another show like K-ON this season. There are too many of them already.
  • If it wasn't for the poster art, I would have dismissed Arve Rezzle and included it in the anishit list. I hope those two characters are siblings and there would be incest in this one. Hey, don't judge me =P
  • I first thought that Oda Nobuna no Yabou is somewhat a yuri show. Turns out it is just harem but I like what I see with the character designs so I changed my mind and will give show a try. 

And without further ado, below are the anime that is more likely to be included in my anishit list. These are the shows that I won't bothered with except if I'm really bored and has nothing better to do than waste my time raging. In other words, the shitty/ecchi shows. It could also be the show that I'm curious about but know that I only watch the first episode to prove that I'm right at how bad it is. Also, why most of the shitty shows must have the exclamation mark in their title? To emphasize how shitty they are?

  • I wasn't a fan of big boobs and add that to a rather confusing synopsis, I don't think Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is my kind of anime...
  • A harem love comedy plus magic battles... two things that I am not a fan of so yeah, pretty much saying no to Campione!
  • I smell harem and incest in Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Shit, not the kind that I like either...
  • Oh fuck what's with the harem this season? Another one? Hagure Yuusha no Estetica has a very cliche synopsis that I don't really look forward to at all.
  • Oh please... can't they come up with a better story line then ecchi guy met alien girl who sucks on his ecchi and he has to gain it back tenfold? Reading the synopsis of Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai makes me mad. Not a good sign at all.
  • Err... is it just me who found it disturbing when an elementary kid falls for an older guy and pursue her love as well? So no, Chitose. I don't get you. Conclusion: I am staying away from Chitose Get You!! Double exclamation mark people! Beware.
  • Another anime show with an exclamation mark. Binbou-gami ga! synopsis fails to make me interested, especially since I think that this one could turn out to be another yuri-oriented show. Plus I think it's ecchi and I hate ecchi shit. 
  • This one ain't shitty but it ain't good either. Tanken Driland is an adaptation of a mobile game so I'm sure a woman my age won't enjoy it like a kid should. 

And here are the shows that I don't give a damn about because I haven't finished watching the previous season or never has the intention of watching it in the first place.
  • Rinne no Lagrange 2
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II
  • Dog Days'
  • Hakuouki Reimeiroku
  • Yuru Yuri 2

Last but not least, lets take a look at the few movies that caught my interest:

  • Blood-C: The Last Dark because you know, I like vampire and blood. They are two good combinations. That is if the vampire in question doesn't sparkles, bad ass female and used katana to kill her enemy.
  • I can still remember the TV show quite clearly so I am actually pretty excited to see Toshokan Sensou: Kakumei no Tsubasa if for the simple reason to see two main characters get it together. I like the short male protagonist. He's cute.
  • HOLY FUCK KENSHIN IS BACK in Rurouni Kenshin: Shin Kyouto Hen Part II.
  • For some reason, I have always been fascinated to any anime that shows the old era of Japan and naturally I can't wait to see what Ashura has in store for me. 
  • And also, Persona 4 the Animation is getting it's own movie. Fuck I need to complete the TV series as soon as possible then. 

And that pretty much concludes the preview for Summer. I am sure there will be plenty other anime to look forward to but at the moment I am pretty satisfied with the anime in my MUST WATCH list. They are the one that I actually have an ounce of care for.

25 June 2012


Visual porn at it's finest.

Okay, I need a change of pantsu now ~♥

23 June 2012

Aniblog Tourney Final 32: The Yellow Bracket

Apparently the aniblog tourney is still going on strong, albeit them taking a hiatus to solve the proxy problems (or whatever) with the poll. And so here I am finding myself in the final 32 and I'm in the Yellow Bracket. Honestly I never thought I made it this far. I made it past Round 2 beating Oiishi and Seventh Style anime blog. Then came Round 3 and I thought for sure that I will be booted out in but I underestimate the power of my readers/stalker/spammers... I ended up as runner up which wasn't bad at all.

I said that I don't give a damn about the tourney but since I have come this far, I feel like at least I have to give an effort to try and fight for this round of the tourney. I think I owe that much for those who have voted for me in the last two rounds.

So for this round I am up against Lost in America, a strong opponent, of which I just heard and knew about after the last round. They kinda have a landslide win against the rest of their opponent. I mean, even Scamp ended up as runner up. So really, I don't expect to win against such blog.

But if you still vote for me then I sincerely thank you. THANK YOU.

21 June 2012

First Impression: Accel World

I have seen some of the fanarts for this show, and what others have to say about it on Twitter but still, it doesn’t prepare me at all for what the show really is. I was totally lost the first five minutes checking it out.

We have this fat and short male protagonist, Haru, who is naturally weak and get bullied by everyone, and often escaped from reality by joining the virtual world, of which he transformed into a pig. Orz. One day he got a break when the most popular girl offered an application (Brain Burts) which totally shattered his concept of reality. It brings him to Accelerated World, or Accel World in short.

(c) Ekakibito
He is the kind of protagonist that pissed me off. He knows he is weak and cowardly so why the fuck doesn’t he want to change that and actually pushed people who wanted to help him away? I would have smacked people like him in real life so hard just for the fun of it. I mean, they love it, don’t they? That’s why they don’t want to change.

Oh, did I mention that the technology is so advanced they don’t need computer or keyboard or modem. All they need is what seemed to be an electronic neck collar that allows you to connect and use the computer using your eyesight vision. Pretty nifty, right?

Black Swallowtailed Butterfly warned Haru not to on the Global Linker at all after school but he forgot. What happened? He got an upgrade (he’s no longer a pig, but a kin of Green Power Ranger) and an opponent to boot.

I am more interesting to see what happened with his friends that he doubted though and probably the only reason why I would continue watching it.

The story is somewhat unique and the art and animation weren’t bad at all. I can’t say that I enjoyed it though. It is more like the story itself force me to sit through the entire episode because it got me curious. I personally think that’s a good thing. At least it piqued my interest.

Number of episodes:
Season: Spring 2012

Art & animation 7/10
Story 8/10
Characters 7/10
Sound 7/10
Enjoyment 6/10
Overall 7/10

Bleach: Chapter 497

And so the captains had their bankai stolen as simple as taking a candy from a child. It was embarrassing indeed. Too bad that the old fuck wasn't one of the unlucky captains...

Toushiro, when realized what was happening quickly told Matsumoto to warn the other captains. I couldn't help but grinning ever so widely when Mayuri was pissed off since those "imbeciles" as he puts it, can't wait till he is finished with his analysis. Well Mayuri, because of that they suffered the consequences.

And with that,  Kubo brought us to Shunsui's fight with the old guy from Stern Ritter. The old guy almost blown Shunsui's face off if it wasn't for his fast reflex. He lost an eyesight though. At other places, things were getting out of hands as more shinigami got killed and those who wasn't, are panicking. It's mayhem.

Embarrassingly, even Renji is panicking.

with your zanpaktou, Renji. no duh?

And just like that, Akon finally decided that it's about time someone brings in Ichigo. Heh. He is always be the hero to everyone in Soul Society despite what they think of him. I'm actually quite interested to see how are they going to contact him. I don't think it would be that easy. I hope it wasn't.

and so my inner yaoi fangirl loves this ♥
And shit, where is Rukia?

Also, now that I think about it, it sort of wise for Kubo to let the Stern Ritters stole Byakuya's bankai. Of all the captains, his bankai is most probably the one that has been used the most. It's time to give it a break and see what he is capable of without his zanpaktou's special abilities.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

19 June 2012

First Impression: Natsuiro Kiseki

I suspected that there is no in between for this show. It’s either I like it or I don’t. Judging from the synopsis from the preview, there are higher percentages that I would end up raging about it. However, I told myself not to jump into conclusion just by those few words of introduction. So far I ended up liking Sengoku Collection when I first thought that it would be shit. There’s the chance that this show might end up just like that, isn’t it?

(c) Hidari
The dorama started right of the bat with Natsumi and Saki fought while Rin and Yuka tried to reconcile them. These are four good friends who have been together since their fourth grade. They always wished upon a big rock at the temple and in attempt to make Natsumi and Saki friends again before Saki moves to Tokyo, Yuka and Rin gathered them around the big rock where they fought some more. Accidentally Rin wished that she could fly and apparently this wish was echoed by her friends. Before they knew it, they were indeed flying in the sky. It was kinda cool.

At first I thought that this show is just another idol anime but glad that it wasn’t just that. I like the fact that they put in some dorama and conflicts in the plot. It gave the show some depth that I found lacking in other idol anime, and AKB0048 was the latest example of that.

Oh wait, my mistake. This show is put under the slice of life tag >_>
The art and animation are decent with nothing actually stands out. The character designs could have been more creative. The girls each have different personality though they are kinda the typical archetype characters; Natsumi the leader, Saki the logical, Rin the quiet girl and Yuka the energetic. I personally like Yuka the best simply because of the positive energy she brings.

Since this show can be considered as an idol anime, naturally the songs have that idol feel to it. They are pretty good to be honest. I don’t find them obnoxious at all, like I did with AKB0048 songs. Urgh *shudders*

I am glad that I gave this show a chance. Turned out I did like it. I didn’t rage at all. Not even for a moment. It’s quite an accomplishment I must say.

Number of episodes: 12
Season: Spring 2012

Art & animation 7/10
Story 7/10
Characters 7/10
Sound 6/10
Enjoyment 6/10
Overall 6.6/10

17 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 2, June 2012

Monday, June 11

Zetman episode 2: Jin is a teenager, which mean Kouga and Konoha are too. They met again. Kouga still with his idealistic heroism while Jin pretty much just do what he wants. They met a fire Player who caused arson all around town. Kouga was determined to catch him but he lacks everything. Jin helped him out (though much to Kouga's chagrin) and became Zetman (without any eye witnesses of course). He killed the Player but suffered from cardiac arrest. Kouga's grandfather happened to be the old man that has been looking for Zet all these years. Once he found out who Jin really is, he sent someone to kill the Auntie and unleashed one of his failed experiment with his Aunt corpse (naked) in its hand. Fuck I hate that Kouga family already. I hate Konoha and pretty much all the bitches in the show.

In episode 10 of Yurumate 3D, Matsukichi dreamed of being burn at a stake. When he wakes up the nightmare continue with the three girls throwing snows at him in celebration of New Year. It wasn't a funny episode though I really want to see Kumi's imitation of dead/alive fish eyes.

Tuesday, June 12

Nazo no Kanojo X episode 4: For some reason Oka wants to be friend with Urabe. She sat with her during lunch and even shoving foods down Urabe throat herself. My corrupted mind keep telling me that Oka is a lesbian especially when she played with her lips using her fingers. Anyhoo, apparently she too has connection with Urabe through her drool but Urabe still refused to be friends with her. This doesn't stop Oka from trying though. I wonder what her real motive really is...

Mutta has arrived in Texas for the NASA family support program in episode 5 of Space Brothers. He was feeling like he can't compete to Hibito and to see his brother this way frustrates and disappoints Hibito greatly. It was touching to see Hibito always believing in his brother like that. If only Mutta has some self-confidence in himself. I kinda feel sorry for Hibito all of a sudden.

(c) pixiv id 3101116

Saturday, June 16

Kingdom episode 2: Don't asked why the fuck am I watching this show. I just feel like it so shut up. As expected, the kid who looks like Hyou is indeed the King and was impressed by Xin's skills. It's Xin's job to protect him though and that he did, from the man who killed Hyou and followed him to that hut. However, Ei Se's evil brother sent a fleet of army that surrounded them. They thought they are doomed but the girl wearing the owl costume volunteered to show them the way.

16 June 2012

First Impression: Ozma

This show started even before the Spring season official release was out but it is only now that I feel like watching it. That is just me being lazy or caught up with work and life in general. I wasn’t excited at all about Ozuma but I figured I need to be fair and see what it is all about before I draw my own conclusion.

I was damn excited when I heard the opening song because I immediately recognized that it is a song from FT Island, my favorite Korean band. If I had known that they sang the OP, I would have checked this show out sooner.

Unfortunately though, the show itself was crappy. The art really turned me off. It is too shoujoish for me. It’s the year 2012 for fuck sake, who draws like that anymore? The animation too was below average. The perspective was off and it wasn’t smooth at all. Mediocre is probably the right word to describe it.

As for the story, I can’t really tell what it was all about. It is just sand after sand of shit. I dropped the show before it hits the 7 minutes mark. If they phailed to grab my attention or pique my interest in the first 7 minutes, I doubt they could do it at all. First impression is pretty important after all.

But I did know that the show is named after a creature that lives under the sands. It was pretty stupid really, especially when I saw the vehicles they were on. For a second there, I thought I was watching an animated Star Wars, if you know what I mean.

There’s only one good thing about this show and that’s the OP. That’s not good enough reason to suffer through this. It is definitely not worthy of my time.

And so this show is being dumped into the anishit list. I refused to be Leijitimize!

Number of episodes: 6
Season: Spring 2012

Arts & animation 4/10
Story 4/10
Characters 4/10
Sounds 6/10
Enjoyment 4/10
Overall 4.2/10

15 June 2012

THAT milestone: 1 million

I noticed a few days ago that I will hit that 1 million hits mark in couple of days and that day is today, or more accurately this early morning when I was asleep. I said to Justin that I probably won't write any post since I have totally no idea what it is that I am supposed to write. He then reminded me that at the very least, I should say my thanks to all my readers, my stalkers (I doubt I have one) and even the spammers for contributing to this somewhat special milestone in my blogging life.

So here I am doing just that.


(c) pixiv id 1934663

Because Justin was right. If it wasn't for the readers and stalkers (and spammers), who keep coming back, I would have probably given up blogging and it would have broke my heart because I love to write. What is the point in writing something when no one bothers to read it, right?

Writing this post sort of gives me an idea of the content that I want people to read and understand. I guess I will take the opportunity to write the third part of my "About me" section: klux as a blogger, albeit it being a short one.

I am conspicuous. I'm blatant as fuck and I write what I want to write. I write about anime, books, politics, random ramblings, formula one and everything and anything else that I fancy. I am not writing any of my posts to please people, except on one or two occasion when the post is obviously directed to someone. I expect my readers to be respective of my opinion, just as I will respect my readers' opinions. But if you don't, don't expect me to give a fuck. Sounds fair isn't it?

But most of my readers must have known this. Yeah... moving on...

Coincidentally, as I hit this 1 million hits mark, my blog is up against 3 other blogs for round 3 in the aniblog tourney. I expect to be the last of the 4 blogs but surprisingly, I'm doing pretty good. I guess I underestimate my readers and so I want to apologize. Thank you for the votes.

LOL this is embarrassing when I said I don't give a fuck about the tourney anymore ^/////^"

Whatever right?

I'm ending this obligatory post.


14 June 2012

First Impression: Jormungand

I didn’t know what to expect about Jormungand and glad that I didn’t put an effort to find out. This show surprises me in a good way.

Jormungand is pretty much about Jonah, a kid soldier who hates weapon but is dependent of them, and Koko, an arm dealers which a bunch of skilled people around her to get the job done. Though Jinah hates weapons (because it killed his parents), he chose to travel with Koko and the others and be service of her.

(c) Mataro
I want to have Jonah as my little brother. Can I adopt him, please?

The other characters look too bland in my opinion including Koko except for Jonah. It must have something to do with the contrast of his tanned skin, white hair and bloodshot eyes. He’s pretty memorable as a character. The animation on the other hand was pretty average but I’m not complaining too much because I get what I want: BLOOD.

This is a short first impression because I don’t have much to say about it. Jormungand delivers the craziness of Koko and complimented her with an awesome set of skilled crew that will definitely entertain us along the way.

But let’s not forget that this show is ultimately about Jonah’s journey of finding his inner peace.

Pfft! >_>

Number of episodes: 12
Season: Spring 2012

Art & animation 7/10
Story 7/10
Characters 7/10
Sound 7/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10

13 June 2012

Bleach: Chapter 496

When I saw the Syazel shinigami (because I forget what's his name is >_>) trying to stop one of the Stern Ritters from advancing, and acting like he's capable of stopping him, I wanna do a major facepalm. Seriously, don't these shinigami get what is happening around them at the moment? Are they really that clueless/stupid/in denial/all of the above?

But lets forget about that fight. We all know he's gonna die anyway. Lets get back to where Byakuya, Renji and that dude who I first thought was a lady. It sort of uncharacteristic for Byakuya to talk that much in any occasion in my opinion but I guess he is dealing with this shit his own way, and he always said what's important anyway, so I forgive him ♥

Captain level is different from the other lesser shinigami level I guess. For once, a taicho's blade managed to cut the Stern Ritter. I'm not sure whether it is because of Byakuya or the level of his opponent is not on par to his level, which I doubt. Whatever it is, I am sure the counter attack will be fierce as fuck. These shinigamis tend to underestimate their opponents. We have seen they making the same mistake over and over again. I hope Byakuya won't make that mistake this time around.

I mean, he is already prepared to get his bankai sealed by these Stern Ritters assholes. This actually makes my heart drops. It feels like, if they sealed his bankai, then that could also mean the end for Byakuya. Just that thought makes me sad as fuck. Like, I have tears in my eyes as I write this. And it is not just Byakuya. Looks like every other captains with a fukutaicho fighting besides them are having the same plan. It just damn breaks my heart T__T

Oh me, stop being so melodramatic.

And by doing that, they had walked right into the enemy's plan. FFFFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK

Mayuri miscalculated. It's not like they sealed away their bankai. It's more like their bankai was taken away. Being an RP player for this character, I can understand why even Byakuya is on panic mode. Bankai, or your zanpaktou, is something that is born from your inner soul. If it is taken away, you'll lost part of yourself.


Suddenly I feel very scared for these shinigami. I feel like hugging Byakuya and tell him everything is going to be alright, that Kubo won't dare to kill him off.

On the other side of things, this is definitely a set up for a much more interesting battle/fight/plot. I would be surprised if they survive this at all, seeing how unbalance the power scales are at the moment. Let see what brilliant idea Kubo has in store for us or if it is just another weak attempt for a twist.

I am quite excited to be honest.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

First Impression: Hyouka

I said in my preview that Hyouka is one of the show that has potential to be great, not just because of Kyoto Animation but the intriguing story line, if the synopsis isn't misleading that is. I have read quite a few opinions about this show on Twitter, especially when it was first released, and some of that opinions weren't exactly encouraging. So here I am several weeks later, trying to form my own opinion about this show.

First few minutes after watching the show, especially after Houtarou met Eru, I got this desperate feeling of wanting to rewatch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya again. Too bad I'm in my office and the DVD of Haruhi is nowhere near me otherwise I would have stopped Hyouka and totally rewatch Haruhi again. Surely I am not the only one with this feeling, am I?

It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
(c) Hayo Kiki

Hyouka is about a boy who is happy leading the "gray" life. His name is Houtarou and he is the kind of person that don't give a fuck about anything but not in the rebellious kind of way. He has a good friend by his side who is the total opposite of him, Satoshi. Houtarou joins the Classic Club at his sister's request. He thought that he would have some quiet time but when he entered the clubroom, there was already a girl there, Chitanda Eru.

It seems like Houtarou is drawn to Chitanda and he has no power to refuse her and her curiosity. I love the metaphor that Kyoto Animation used; Houtarou wrapped up in Chitanda's hair. There are something mysterious and at the same time romantic about it. And just like that, there are three members for the Classic Club that don't do anything classical at all but instead, solving the curiosity of Chitanda.

Since this show is produced by Kyoto Animation, I found no fault in the art and animation. If there is one thing they are good at, it's that. Same goes with the overall sound which includes the seiyuu the songs used for the OP and ED. However, atfirst, because of my desire to watch Haruhi again, I thought that Houtarou would have been perfect if they used Sugita Tomokazu for his seiyuu instead of Yuuichi Nakamura but towards the end of the episode, I have a changed of mind/heart.

Needless to say, I fall in love with this show, just like I did with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It was pretty much in an instant. I guess it has to do with the characters more than anything else, after all when it is all said and done, I'm the character-driven kind of fan.

Having said that, if every episodes is about Houtarou solving Chitanda's curiosity, I'm not sure how long my interest in this show will last.

Number of episodes: 21
Season: Spring 2012

arts & animation 10/10
story 9/10
characters 9/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 9/10

12 June 2012

First Impression: Zetman

Heh, if you read my preview for this show, you see how mislead I was. Here, lemme quote myself
"For some reason I got excited with Zetman. It probably has something to do with that misleading poster. It looks like a guy carrying another guy in his arms. The fujoshi in me squeals in delight."
So for the sake of argument, let just say that I have quite an "expectation" for this show XD

(c) pixiv id 4062951
And holy shit Zetman totally blew my mind away. I got more than what I expected. There was blood and violence and the fighting sequence makes me wet my pantsu. I love it.

Jin is a Player, an experimental creature used to entertain the higher society. Unfortunately one day these Players gain a mind of their own and rebel. They are at large in the society disguising themselves as human. Jin was brought up by the man who created him so he's more human than all the other creatures, and hence our main protagonist. This episode pretty much a history lesson for us viewers and it was done cleverly and interestingly enough to make me want to see the episode ASAP.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode because of the reasons I have already stated though I am a bit apprehensive with what's going to happen when he's all grown up and met Kouga again. If they end up as enemy, that would be intense.

I'm giving all the compliments that they deserved to the animation studio for job well done with the arts and animation. I was very impressed indeed especially when Jin showed those thugs what he was made of. That was definitely one of the highlight of this episode for me. The other was when Jin being ZET towards the end of the episode.

I guess the creativity part comes from the manga itself.

I have nothing but good words to say about this show. A very good first impression indeed. I'm sorry that I didn't check this show earlier.

Number of episode: 13
Season: Spring 2012

art & animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.8/10

11 June 2012

First Impression: Kingdom

My first thought when I saw the first few second of this anime is... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ANIMATION? So yeah, it wasn't a good first impression at all. The animation was worse than Blassreiter, if you guys still remember that shit. I don't know what the hell Studio Peirrot was thinking. This is clearly not how anime supposed to be done.

And then I heard the voice of the main shouta who this story of Kingdom is based on. I knew right away Morita Masakazu is his seiyuu because Xin has Ichigo's voice. I dunno why this disturbed me but it does. I feel all weird hearing Ichigo's voice in other character. My brain just can't compute but somehow it make sense because Ichigo Morita's voice is somewhat perfect for rebellious shounen character. Argh shit my brain can't compute...

Somehow I have always feel like Morita is exclusively Ichigo... >_>

I was ready to drop this show but the voice of Ichigo prevented me from doing so which is a good thing in hindsight because I ended up enjoying this preview episode of 50 minutes quite a bit. Surprisingly so.

Kingdom is about a kid named Xin who is a slave. He has a best friend named Piao who looks exactly like the King. Since the kingdom is in the state of upheaval, Piao was called forth of the palace to be the dummy and he got killed. Piao managed to go back to Xin though and tell him to go to a village full of murderers where Xin found the young King who looks like Piao.

I'm guessing Xin will take care of that young King from now on.

It's a typical shounen show but since I am a sucker for shounen, I found it entertaining despite the hideous art and animation. Will I continue watching this? Most likely.

My advice, if you are not a big fan of shounen, best not to watch this at all or it could give you eye cancer.

Number of episodes: 38
Season: Summer 2012

art & animation 5/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 6/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6/10

10 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, June 2012

Monday, June 4

Episode 7 of Tsuritama: Haru ain't being himself after the incident. He didn't want to go fishing anymore, fearing the fact that he might endangered his friends' lives. Well, glad to know that he is remorseful for what he did in the last episode. They are also celebrating Natsuki's birthday by going fishing together. Natsuki obviously didn't have fun when he's dad is around. They even fought - his father wants him to be a pro at fishing but Natsuki refused to leave Enoshima because he feels obligated to take over the store. He even treated his sister with coldness (and smacked her too) when she started some dorama when the bracelet she made dropped into the ocean. This happened when a fishing boat, with the people in it were hypnotized, trying to run them over. Consequently Yuki had a fight for the first time with Natsuki as well. This episode left me confused to be honest.

(c) Yoshito7

Yurumate 3D episode 7: It's summer and there was only one ice-cream left so what did they do? They played stupid games to decide who gets the ice-cream. By the time Yurume won, the ice-cream was already melted. No wonder they have trouble with their entrance exam LOL

Yurumate 3D episode 8: They are nearing the winter so the weather is either cold or hot. They even make this as a game. Problem is no one wants to lose so they pretty much just said what they bet on: For example, Matsukichi wore a winter coat in the heat because he said its too cold.

Yurumate 3D episode 9: I have no idea what Yurume is thinking when she decided not to get out of the Kotatsu. So she answered the door by dragging the Kotatsu towards it but it got stuck in the doorway. They all still manage to have some fun with the situation though. I must say that I kinda envy that about them.

Episoed 8 of Tsuritama: Sakura went missing and thanks to Akira's quick thinking Natsuki managed to find her. Then Akira confronted Haru and his sister and they told him about one of their kind who resides in the ocean and controlling people's mind through water. Haru hopes Yuki can help him fishes him out of the water since Haru is not strong enough hence why he was easily controlled by him in episode 6. Akira told them both to go back to their planet and let Duck take care of the problem but what Akira doesn't know is, he himself is under survaillance and Duck think he has been compromise as an investigator. He's under heap of trouble. Duck has also sent a combat fleet to Enoshima, rightly so since there are more people/boats/ships that are being hypnotize by the alien under the sea. On the other hand, Yuki told his grandmother that he realized how lonely he was all these years but now he thinks it's alright to say it out loud because he feels like he can talk to Natsuki about anything and everything. Hmm, looks like shits are going down with 3 more episodes to go.

Akira decide to cut Natsuki's hair. Good call
(c) Tuyuki Orikyara

Wednesday, June 6

Episode 2 of Nazo no Kanojo X: Tsubaki and Urabe has been dating for over a month yet they don't do what couple usually do. This frustrates Tsubaki so he tried all sort of things to get close to her but to no avail. At last, he asked her about her hobby and she showed him her special skill with scissor that she tucks on her underwear. She also told and showed him what kind of bond they had: the drools. She got naked and then gave Tsubaki her drools when she was stimulated. Obviously Tsubaki was stimulated as well. The bond goes both ways since Urabe can tell what Tsubaki was thinking just by tasting his drool. Heh, I like her very much!

Tamaki wanted to learn more about the Artifacts in episode 4 of Hiiro no Kakera so they went to Ohmi's place as he explained about the Artifacts. At the same time, Monado decided that it is time to start her plan. She went to the Artifact's place herself with her underlings and easily defeated the guardians and took the bangle. There is also a twist. That suspicious man wearing a megane, he seems to hold an important piece of a puzzle in this series.

Thursday, June 7

Nazo no Kanojo X episode 3: Tsubaki found out that Ueno is actually going out with one of their classmate since first year. Tsubaki saw them kissing so this puts ideas into his head. He told this to Urabe who in turn gave him her drool which he should tasted before going to bed. He did as was told and dreamed of kissing Urabe. He wasn't too happy about it though so he confronted Urabe the next day but then they both agreed to wait until they understand each other's feelings. On the same day, Ogata confessed to Urabe. Urabe decided to give him the answer on the next day, much to Tsubaki's frustration. Anyhow, Urabe decided not to wear any pantsu on the next day. She gave Ogata her drool but no effect whatsoever. This made her rejected him. Tsubaki on the other hand have a massive nosebleed. I guess I see the bond that she's talking about but that doesn't make it any less gross.

Friday, June 8

Time for yaoi of the week. This time I picked up Love in the Afternoon since it is the afternoon where I am at. I have a feeling like I had read this yaoi before but can't tell for sure. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to read it again. The art for this yaoi is kind of mediocre. It is not detailed and I think it sort of failed in human expressions. But this yaoi is a collection of many yaoi, each got it own chapter. There are 7 chapters overall. There's nothing special about the chapters, all have story similar to any other typical yaoi I've read so far. This makes me rate this yaoi as average.

Saturday, June 9

Episode 7 of Sengoku Collection is about Matsuo Basho who helped a run down cafe with her haiku. The cafe was owned by a very obstinate lady but of course towards the end she warms up to Basho and doesn't want her to leave. Basho did leave though albeit temporarily when Nobunaga came for her. I guess she gave Nobunaga the Secret Treasure in order to stay in that cafe.

08 June 2012

First Impression: Saint Seiya Omega

I am unsure about this one. I know I am not a fan of this genre of anime in general but I thought I should give it a chance, like I did with any other anime of the season. I have a feeling that I would end up dropping this series once I saw the first episode though.

The art and animation of this series are really oldskool and it should not come as a surprise because the series itself (Saint Seiya) has been around for 25 years. This anime is the first TV series since it was first started so I think that fact makes me more acceptable towards it. At the same time, it also has that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan feeling to it in term of exaggeration etc. Fascinating enough, the fanarts are more visually intriguing and much more entertaining/exciting than the anime.

Since I don't read the manga, I have no idea how close it the anime adaptation is to the source but knowing that this is a spin off, I guess Toei Animation has the liberty to be creative with the story. The episode started with the Gold Seiya saving Kouga from the evil when he was still a baby, in the arms of Athena, his guardian. Ever since then, he has been training to become a Seiya himself and help save his planet from the evil power. Of course he has his comrades to help him out.

I can't relate to any of the characters which is probably why I ended up failing to enjoy this episode. Though they are all the heroic type, they lack something human in my opinion. This make sense since they are Martians and logically aren't exactly human. But still... it's has the negative effect on me personally.

As for the seiyuus and the OP/ED, they aren't anything bad about them but there aren't outstanding either. In other words, they are average at best. I guess it was to be expected of a shounen shows nowadays... sadly so.

Like I said earlier, I did not manage to enjoy this show just like I expected. Consequently, there won't be a second chance for Saint Seiya Omega for me. I'm dropping this.

art & animation 5/10
story 5/10
characters 5/10
sound 5/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 5/10

06 June 2012

Bleach: Chapter 495

The war has officially started at Soul Society and many shinigami has fallen. The weak stands no chance against the Stern Ritter - this included Kira Izuru, the vice captain of 3rd Division. His captain, Ichimaru Gin Rōjūrō Otoribashi or better known as Rose, received the news calmly, just as expected from a captain. He himself is in a fight of his own, against someone who looks like a Tousen when he transformed into a giant fugly demented fly. This fugly enemy has a name: Stern Ritter "U" Nana Najahkoop.

I am laughing my ass off at the moment. That name is just great Kubo. LMAO just how much effort did you put I wonder? XD

I feel sorry for Rose who have to fight such an enemy. It is sort of degrading for his artistic side. Well, sad news is, Rose kind of confirmed the death of Kira Izuru. Lets mourn for him for a few silence seconds, and with a fanart of him as my last tribute.

Kira Izuru: You will always be remembered as Gin's sex slave ♥
(c) Anbe
At the other parts of Soul Society, more shinigamis are being slaughtered by the Stern Ritter. Instead of numbering system like he did with the espada in the last few arcs, Kubo decided to go alphabetically this time around. We have already met "U", there are several others:
  • "F" - As Nodt, a sadistic lady who kind of reminds me as the darker side of Unohana. It would be interesting to see if these two ladies will face each other. She sends spikes that either kill the victim instantly or put them on extreme pain. At the moment though she's fighting Abarai Renji. Oh fuck, is he going to die too? LOL and pardon me, apparently she is not a lady. XD
  • "E" - Bambietta Basterbine who looks the same age as Rukia but totally has no compassion as she went on a killing spree. Thank goodness that Kimamura is around to stop her madness. 
Looks like the fight is pretty set by now as the show a slight preview of who the Captain and Vice Captain of Gotei 13 are up against. Hisagi is up against a big built guy, Shunshui versus an old man while Soi Fon is up against some dude wearing an European warrior helmet. The Stern Ritters are yet to be officially introduced.

As expected the lesser shinigami i.e. the Vice Captains are no match for the Stern Ritter. Kira was a fine example of that as Renji struggles to land a hit on his enemy. What makes matter worst is the fact that it's two against one as one more Stern Ritter appeared.

Not for long though as Byakuya comes to the rescue, as calm and stoic as ever. He immediately caught Nodt attention. I must admit that when Byakuya appeared, he makes me faps. So good.


So this chapter pretty much shows us who is fighting who and sort of what to expect from each fight. I hope the shinigami will do what Byakuya just said, pulverizing all those Quincy bastards. Kira and Gin's death need to be avenged!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

First Impression: Kuroko no Basket

To be honest, I am watching this hoping that I get to see some hinted BL. This is resulted from some BL fanarts of this series that I found online. They look so hot I just have to give this series a try. I didn't write anything at all regarding this series in my preview for Spring. I must have missed it and thus I hope this one could pull a (good) surprise.

(c) pixiv id 162069

The series managed to grab my attention for the first six minutes when they introduced Taiga and Tetsuya. This is a good sign indeed which mean I can sit back and enjoyed the rest of the episode without having to rage (too much). Plus, the Tetsuya Kuroko character intrigues me. Though he's unforgettable for the audience, it seems like he's pretty unnoticeable/invincible (and not in a good way) kind of character which sort of hilarious if you think about it. After all, he is supposed to be one of the main protagonists of the show, and one of the Generation of Miracles.

The other protagonist is of course Taiga, who is the complete opposite of Tetsuya. He's loud and is good at basketball though Tetsuya already said that he will be crushed if he goes up against the Generation of Miracles. The only way Taiga can beat them is if he let Tetsuya be his shadow, which is his specialty by the way. Tetsuya is so good at passing ball, people don't even see him touching the ball.

I expected something great in term of arts and animation though, since this is produced by Production I.G. but what I get is a pretty mediocre looking anime which kind of a shame. Thank goodness that the story ain't shit otherwise there is no reason for me to continue watch this show. OK, that's a lie. I will continue watching this show just because I want to meet the other five members of Generation of Miracles. I mean... I've seen the fanarts and they are definitely worthy of faps.

I laughed once which means this show gets instant approval and I am surprised to find out that this show is actually quite good and enjoyable. If only the art is excellent...

arts & animation 5
story 7
characters 6
sound 7
enjoyment 7
overall 6.4/10

05 June 2012

My Top Ten: Sexual Fetishism

On December 11, 2010 I was bored with nothing much to do so I ended up writing a note on facebook and started a personal project of which I challenged people to ask me anything (personal or anime wise) and I will answer them by listing a top 10 answers. I have done with quite a few already;  the most famous obviously being the best sex position post and whether or not size matters.

As you can see, a year has passed and I still have quite a few questions need to be answered. I promised the people that I would be candid with my answers, and truthful and be just that I did. You are all still welcome to ask questions though and I will eventually reply to it in my top 10 format because as of now, I'm starting phase 2 of this Top 10 challenge.

This question was asked by my husband Glo.

"Sexual fetishism, or erotic fetishism, is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation. The object or situation of interest is called the fetish, the person a fetishist who has a fetish for that object/situation." - Wikipedia

I don't think I have that many fetishes. I can identify one but that's about it however I am not going to back down from this question especially since it's from Glo so I took a few hours of my busy time to look back at all my favorite characters *.jpeg and see if they have something in common and finally found some.

Bear in mind though that this list does not limited to the anime world only. Let's get on with it, shall we?

1. Megane

This shouldn't come as a surprise. As far as I can remember, I have always been attracted to male characters wearing thick-rimmed glasses. Maybe I have a thing for nerdy type of male or maybe they just look so freaking delectable when they wear them. Or maybe it's the illusion that they are smart people. I don't care really. I just know that I ALWAYS have a b0nar for these characters, and this applies in real life as well.

(c) pixiv id  971741

2. Twin (male)

Whenever I see a twin in an anime, especially when both are males, the BL sense in me is always tingling with excitement which mean, I expected hot bloody incest. Of course there won't be unless I'm reading a yaoi but I can always let my imagination runs wild and thank goodness apparently I am not alone. You just have to search the image boards to find that they are actually quite a lot of sick minded persons out there - just like me - who puts their drawing talents to good use. I like to take this opportunity to thank them.

one of the hottest twins
(c) CK

3. Gray/white hair

Guy with white hair (applies only in anime though) turns me on like no other. I mean, if you look at my list of top 10 favorite make character (of which is non-existence at the moment), you will see that it is dominated by guys with white hair: Ichimaru Gin, Sakata Gintoki, Accelerator, Zero, Akise Aru, Allen Walker and... well I think I've made my point. I'm not sure exactly how the color of their hair makes me sexually aroused but yeah, it totally does.

(c) pixiv id 2069765

4. Crazy-ass-bat-shit-insane

The insane-r they are, the better. Case in point? Okita Sougo from Gintama. He's unpredictable and when he gets serious, HE GETS SERIOUSLY CRAZY-ASS-BAT-SHIT-INSANE. That's what I like the most about him. Plus you can see how he hungers for blood and other people's misery. I love it. Does this makes me sadistic? If so, so be it. Yuno from Mirai Nikki is the female version of him to an extend. In order to be that kind of insane, I think they need a bullet-proof confidence and I sort of admire them when it comes to that.

(c) CK

5. Zanpaktou/katana

Maybe because I love shounen anime, and have always been attracted to awesome characters like Kenshin, Mugen, Shiki, Yuu Kanda and perhaps all of Bleach's characters, that I find people holding a katana looks so awesome and easily turns me on. It's that sleekness of those blade and their sheath, so smooth and so made for killing (Kenshin would disagree)... it's too damn sexy!

6. Wrist watch

This is a real life fetish. I have a thing for wrist watch. I collect them as well. When it's pretty and something of my fancy, it gets me excited which clouded my judgement which consequently makes me has a crush for the guy who wears that watch. It's as simple as that. So I often bought my jerks (read boyfriends) wrist watch as a security that I won't fall for other guys TROLOLOL. This fetish could be the result of me hating anyone who isn't punctual and just like the megane, it gives me the illusion that whoever wears them are punctual persons and punctual persons are hot.

Ginpachi sensei is such a teaser ♥
(c) pixiv id 2352119

7. Blood

I used to decide whether or not I want to watch an anime based on the amount of blood in that said anime. For example, Sword of the Stranger does not only have katana and awesome fights, it also shed lots of blood in that movie which easily makes me fap non-stop. At first I thought that the act of violence itself turns me on but after I saw what Caster and Ryuunosuke did in Fate/Zero confirmed that it wasn't. Thank goodness. I think it's the idea of blood being shed for the sake of fighting for something that gets me all excited and such.

(c) Mochinue

8. Bishounen of different era

Which mostly means bishounen from the Sengoku Era. It has a lot to do with their attire and the way they behave. They are seemingly more respectful and somehow still have the "I-am-gonna-kick-your-ass" attitude. Besides, these characters must have some sorts of weapon on them ready for a fight and I find that rather alluring.

(c) Amama

9. Long, lean body of half naked male

I will be honest. This fetish developed because I read yaoi manga and then watching shounen heroes. They all have that kind of body and that gives me an instant bOnar. This also makes me more attracted to real life male with that kind of body instead of some buff buffoons that looks like he's the heavy weight champion.

(c) Shibue

10. Kimono/hakama

Thanks to my obsession with Japanese not too long ago, I find their culture fascinating and hence their traditional attire as well. It makes them look unique and their origin easily recognizable. And then there are fanfics that makes my imagination run wild as they peel off the kimono/hakama layer by layer. I thought it is incredibly sexy and so damn hot. Oh gawd just thinking about it makes me blush XD

(c) Air-bird

Welp and derp. That's all. I don't have any weird fetishes like feet or ears like that so I think I can be considered normal... Am I not?

03 June 2012

First Impression: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I have my doubt about this series but Monroe said that it's worth watching. I still doubt it. For some reasons I am no longer interested in anime that has heavy dorama/romance in it. Maybe I am just envious but still, watching them often left me depressed Orz. I just think I can't handle the dorama as well as I used to. It might have something to do with personal experiences...

(c) pixiv id 1390856

 Anyway, Dusk Maiden of  Amnesia is about Yuuko who is already dead but lives on as ghost at her school. Only one boy can see her, and it's no big surprised that he is part of the paranormal activity club. I dislike Yuuko from the very beginning. She's dead so she should have stopped being all slutty with Niiya. Yuuko can't seem to remember anything about her life thus the title of the series so I figured that this show will be a chronicles of events that eventually lead to her remember her past, and hopefully be dead for real, though I doubt it >_>

Yuuko looks like typical Japanese hime character, with long jet black hair and crimson eyes and the designs for the other three characters aren't as bad either though Niiya kinda looks like one of the girls too in my opinion. I think he looks better in the manga. The animation too was average and that pretty much saying that this show has nothing much to offer for people like me.

They only introduced 4 characters so far and out of all four, I actually enjoyed Momoe's characters the most. She is also one of the members of that club and perhaps the only one who has no idea that Yuuko is there. If it wasn't for her I would have dropped the show halfway through. Well, I still dropped it after I watched the whole episode though.\

There were several moments where I found myself laughing thanks to the dense Momoe but my dislike for Yuuko just over-ride everything at the moment. Having said that, it won't be fair if I included this show in the anishit list for that reason alone. It wasn't particularly bad. It was just disappointing.

Towards the end, Niiya said something about being possessed and they showed a glimpse of shadow Yuuko. I thought that was the most interesting moment of the episode, since it's somewhat a promise that shit will eventually get interesting. Too bad it only lasted for less than 2 seconds Orz

art & animation 7/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6.2/10

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