22 April 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, April 2012

It has been a month since my last diary of a tard entry. Apart from the fact that I was busy, I actually took a week vacation in the first week of April to go to South Korea and fucking unwind. It is only after I got back that I managed to somewhat get my anime-watching rhythm back. Having said that, I think I left my heart in Korea ♥


Sunday, April 15

Yurumates 3D episode 2: It's Spring so Yurume was going through her clothes. She ended up wearing a main costume when her housemates walked in on her. Consequently, she got a bad hair cut, the others role play and finally they decided that it is best to be themselves. Hardly anything funny >_>

Thursday, April 19

Episode 2 of Uchuu Kyoudai: Mutta wasn't sure whether he wanted to go to the JAXA exam so he did what he always do, visit Aunt Sharon whenever his mind is troubled. Thanks to her, he determined to achieve his dream. As expected he managed to pass the exam and on to the interview for the second stage. During the interview, he found a lose screw under his chair and against his better judgment, throughout the interview, he kept trying to tighten the screw which made his posture looks odd. He was sure he will be rejected. That was when he first met with Makabe Kenji, another applicant at JAXA as well as the love of his life. Oh btw, they intentionally loosen the screw to see who noticed it. The three mention people here did.

I do not want to see guys my age blushing tbh

Sunday, April 22 

It's April Fools Day in episode 3 of Yurumates 3D. Yurume tried to fool her the others but she just sucks at it. Kumi on the other hand did brilliantly. Like I said, I like Kumi the best among the four of them. But I have to say that I look forward to episode 4 since it is going to feature Matsukichi, the only male tenant in that run down apartment.



Based on that picture, I now want to watch Yurumates 3D.

and you should. It is only 3 minutes per episode after all

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