28 April 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 4, April 2013

Wednesday, April 24

Episode 3 of Karneval: Nai got a check up and declared by the doctor that he is in fact is not human. Anyhoo, during his treatment, he dreamed of Karoku who told him to leave Gareki if he wants him safe and well which Nai did once he wake up. But meh, like Gareki would let that happened. It does seems like Karoku is picking up a fight with Gareki after all. Towards the end of the episode, they went to Niji forest where Nai supposedly live. They were attacked and Gareki was taken away. It was obvious that they targeted him since the beginning, whoever THEY are.

Someone is indeed targeting both Maou and Emi. She got a threatening call in episode 3 of Hataraku Maou-sama! That person is still unknown at this point in time though. On different note, Maou has a date with Chiho who told him about the voices she heard that warned her about the incoming "earthquake". Emi and Asiel stalked them and somehow caught in the earthquake as well. Those earthquake is actually some magic field or something. That's how Maou got his demon look back. Emi was tempted to finish him off but when Maou said he's saving people, Emi was pretty much in shock. Well yeah, I don't blame her. It is rather suspicious at how nice Maou is given that he's the Lord Satan and all... by the way, he's a fan on Uniqlo LOL

suspicious indeed

Thursday, April 25

Happy birthday Jebat.

Red Data Girl episode 5: Dorama between Miyuki and Izumiko again. But before that, Sadao and his twin dead brother settled the shit with Takayanagi. I feel sorry for that bastard but he deserved it. Anyhoo, Miyuki's dad become a part-time lecturer at the school which relieved Miyuki from his duty. Miyuki being a tsundere decided not to have anything to do with Izumiko but once he learned where she was towards the end of the episode, he came running. Himegami showed up and warned Miyuki not to let her appear again otherwise humanity will go extinct and she will be the cause for that. There is certainly romance in the air between these two protagonists. I love Miyuki's last words: "Suzuhara... your lips are so red."


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