30 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, April 2011

Sunday, April 24

That's one great OP song. Also I saw Shiro's nipple. Just saying. Episode 2 of Deadman Wonderland: Ganta entered the Dog Race. The seemingly nice inmate Takami Yoh isn't really very nice but I guess you have to be cunning to survive in that kind of hell hole. He told Tamaki (the warden) about Ganta entering the race so Tamaki made the hurdle as dangerous as possible. In this race, either you win or you are dead. It was cruel shit. Ganta is lucky because Shiro is looking out for him otherwise he's long dead.

Why the fuck do all gangsters/side characters sound so fucking annoying. Some were too high pitch while some is all bass. Who can take them seriously? Anyway, SKET Dance episode 3: some girl name Momoka stole Onihime's identity and caused trouble around town. She even kidnapped Onihime only to find out that she's the real one. Despite some serious moments, this is still a comedy which has successfully made me laugh. It's well balanced indeed.

the best of both worlds

Monday, April 25

Tiger & Bunny episode 4: For once we are focusing on other Hero. This time it's Blue Rose. It's interesting when she said being a Hero isn't her main goal. This goes back to what I have been saying since episode 1. These so-called heroes are either doing it for the money and/or for the glamor or worse, being forced to do so. That's what happened with Blue Rose/Karina until Tiger made her realized that being a hero is not as bad as she thinks. Typical.

Episode 2 of Ao no Exorcist is still as awesome as the first episode, if not better. Though it is stereotypical type of stuff that we have seen countless time, it still managed to grab our interest and even WOW us with the whole presentation. This is how shounen anime should be.

Episode 3 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san: A human is a slave for lizard-like looking demon, Grimoire, who has the power over words. Everyone else fell under his power except for Akutabe-san. To counter his power, Akutabe summoned Citro, a fish mermaid who desired love and has the power to transform and giving man a fucking blowjob. She can't control herself when she gets jealous. I LOL at the cruelty of Akutabe. God, i love him.

lol wut?

On to the next anime, episode 3 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi: Ritsu met Yokozawa from the Sales Department and dislike him almost immediately. Why? Because Yokozawa and Takano are obviously fuck buddies. Anyway he's adamant not to fall in love with Takano again but hey, this is yaoi. He'll give up his ass sooner rather than later. It was so apparent that he got jealous and such. He tried to avoid him as well unfortunately Takano is his boss so there's no way of doing so especially when there's a storyboard he needs to approve. As I have expected, Takano jumped him only to be interrupted by Yokozawa who has the key to his apartment. Ah dorama...

It means that HE WILL MAKE YOU SAY IT with his dick up your ass ^__^

Hanasaku Iroha episode 4: Ohana starts schooling again at the same school where Nako and Minko are. Ohana is immediately famous just because she transferred from Tokyo. Looks like Minko is quite famous with the boys herself. Ohana makes a new friend with a bubbly girl named Yuina who is the successor for Fukuya hot spring. Basically they are rivals. There are other sides of Ohana that I see today so she wasn't as annoying as she was in the last episode. For example, her surprised with new things that the local found as normal like seeing Heron for the first time. This episode also confirms that Minko likes Tohru while Ohana is denying her feelings for Ko. Interesting. So I guess the OTP for now is OhanaxKo and MinkoxTohru. But wait, towards the end of the episode, Tohru picked Yuina up and looks like they are dating. WHAT THE FUCK? That was totally unexpected. Great XD

It has been a while since I read any manga. Not even yaoi. But for some reason I feel like doing it tonight and what other way to start it off if not by reading some yaoi manga. I picked Curiosity at random. It featured two shouta but hot damn the yaoi was good.

that's a cute dick >=3

Tuesday, April 26

Haqua is introduced in episode 3 of The World God Only Knows II.

Episode 3 of Fireball Charming: Drossel is planning on going to a ball but Gedächtnis won't allow her to go out since the relationship between robots and mankind is still complicated. He tried to stop her going on an electrical car with made up excuses about special car for mature ladies with thought process comparable to a sea slug. Drossel ignored him and got on one which only tour around the mansion where she lives in less than 5 seconds. I guess this episode introducing one of Drossel accessories as a figure, which is his father red cloak.

awww *pouts*

They introduced two more characters in Sengoku Otome: Momoiru Paradox episode 4, Shingen and Kenshin. Both of them have the armors that Nobunaga seeks. Mitsuhide/Akerin suggested some underhand tactics to get the armors which enraged Nobunaga. Ieyasu quickly took the opportunity to poison her mind since she has her own agenda up her dirty sleeves. Mitsuhide decided to follow through with her plan but since Hideyoshi overheard her, she locked her up. But of course Nobunaga came, save her and stopped Mitsuhide. This only made Mitsuhide hates Hideyoshi even more. Nobunaga interfered with Shingen and Kenshin battle. Of course she won it and almost killed them both but meh she won't do it. In the end she got the armors. Mission accomplished.

Thursday, April 28

Episode 4 of X-Men is much better structured than the last episode. It still meh though.


I really liked Sket Dance, Tiger & Bunny, and Ao no Exorcist this week. :D Hanasaku Iroha fell out of favor for me last week, and it looks like it'll be a tough climb back (though I did like the most recent episode).

I'm not sure if I love Deadman Wonderland yet. Usually, I prefer anime, but I think the manga is better.

I still don't get it how people are so excited about Tiger & Bunny. I watch it too but that show is average at best. Hanasaku Iroha wins with it's art but the story needs to be more engaging... like AnoHana.

The anime of Deadman Wonderland is full of censored scenes. Obviously the manga is better because of it. The only reasons Deadman Wonderland is good are because of the gore and blood. If you took that away, what the hell is left?

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