05 June 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 1, June 2010

Monday, May 31

Catching up on three episodes of Hetalia World Series. This show is so gay, you have no idea but Austria is so demure.

The Wagnaria Restaurant was forced to close because of a broken pipe in episode 8 of Working!! The girls plan to go to the hot springs but the guys have different plans. It was heart warming to see Takanashi worried about Inami like that. Thanks to Souma, Takanashi changed his plan and accompany the girls. Souma joined in too though his reason was purely to observe Takanashi's reactions. LOL. Too bad he couldn't see Satou's reaction when Yachiyo helped him with the gum. OMIGOD I couldn't stop giggling! Too bad Kyouko ruined the fun. Tch.

It looks like in chapter 496, Naruto has to test his heart and hope that he will not lost his head in the process. Of course Naruto pass that with flying colors. He will now talk to his kyubi. But first he has to unlock the seal and release the kyubi. After that he has to steal his chakra before he still his. Good luck Naruto.

Kaname is taking his revenge on the little brat that injured Yuuki in chapter 61 of Vampire Knight. Then he goes to drink her blood. How charmingly gay. Unsurprisingly, it works on her, making her weep and bloody sympathies with him. ba-thump ba-thump my ass. I mean, if Kaname wanted to die so badly, he should just let Zero fucking kill him and get it over with. Urgh, such a drama king. And WTF now Kaname is not Yuuki's brother? What the hell, now you are going to twist the story to exclude incestship? so yeah, at the end, Yuuki drinks Kaname blood and learns about his memories. Not a pleasant one at that and fuck, she's ugly.

Selty hasn't given up yet. She roamed the city to find her head in chapter 12 of Durarara!! She finally found it too but she ran away and was helped by the busy body Mikado. Urgh. At the end of the chapter they showed the anime version of the seiyuus. That was cool.

Zettai Karen Children chapter 218: The earthquake did happen but it was far out at sea on an island where 10,000 people live. So they went there to save them. They are up against a natural disaster and at the end of the chapter Kaoru couldn't reach Minamoto or her other two friends. Could something have happened to them while she sent the villagers to the hospital?

Looks like Guillotine has turn over a new leaf in chapter 29 of Kure-nai. but yeah I don't get it. What happened to the fight? I guess it was a filler chapter since they continue with the arc on chapter 30. Shinkurou preached about what's the different between his horn and Seki's. Meh, of course he's gonna win when Murosaki stood right there. Pfft. this Murosaki business is really getting on my nerves. And holy fuck! Guillotine is out to kill Seki for hurting Shinkurou. Jeebus! No, don't do that! I like him!

Tuesday, June 1

The first time I heard about Yui deciding on which college to go in episode 8 of K-ON!! It worries me sometimes that Ritsu seems to get along so well with Yui. I am afraid that her dumbness will rub off on her. In this episode we get to see what a useless person Yui has been since her childhood. She hasn’t change a bit. We also get to see Ritsu and Mio’s childhood which was far more interesting because the kind of person Ritsu is.

Finally got the chance to watch the Special Kannagi episode. It makes me craving for more Jon x Nagi.

Thursday, June 3

Aizen feels the need to remind us why he's God in chapter 406 of Bleach. I is not impressed.


While I'm not a huge fan of Ritsu, she + Yui make a great team. I really liked that episode.

I like Ritsu and can't stand Yui. It's the other way around for you?

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