07 August 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, August 2011

Monday, August 1

First day of fasting.

Uta no Prince-sama ~Maji Love 1000%~ episode 2: The guy that Haruka saw in the last episode is Hayato's twin brother, Ichinose Tokiya. They have completely opposite personality. Meh, so cliche. Anyway, the class starts and they were told that they have to pair for the graduation performance. A pair of idol and composer. There's an important rule though: no romance. Meh, again... so fucking cliche. Haruka was asked to play a piano but she can't read music sheet so obviously people start bad-mouthing her. She has to pair up with Ittoki Otoya for an assignment and feels like a burden. Fuck, I feel like puking. Gah! It was so fucking predictable. At least watching Otoya asking for guidance is entertaining. In the end, they both composed a great song which Ichinose is not too happy about for some reason.

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Episode 2 of Blood-C: I wonder who is it at the beginning, asking all those questions. It's must be either one of her male classmate. I suspect Tokizane. Hmm, this ought to be interesting. Even more so when there's apparently love triangle going on between clueless Saya, Tomofusa and Tokizane. Also, apparently the vampire in this show is called Elden Bairn. I have no fucking idea what was it.

On to episode 3 of Blood-C. Yes, I planned to catch up to this show tonight. Tadayoshi, Saya's father definitely dotes on her and Saya herself loves his father very much. Saya is not adopted this time around then. Heh. Back to the episode, people in town starts to disappear and Saya suspects its the work of vampires. It was fucking eerie when the baker gets into the train. Saya could have saved him but she just watched? O_o Also, I begin to suspect that the mysterious dude is actually Fumito =\

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I haven't talked about the OP of Blood-C but it seems like it is sang using three different languages: Japanese, English and France. After episode 4, as expected it grows on me. Not sure if it will be my favorite though. Anyhoo Saya is bothered with what the man-eater train said before it died: "honor the covenant". She shouldn't worry about that too much though. She should be worried about Tokizane who seems like he's in love with Saya all of a sudden. I feel sorry for Tomofusa. On a different note, Saya's opponents are getting stronger. More victims died in front of her as she became helpless. At least she got a hint though. The covenant = "Shrovetide". Whatever the fuck that is.

Saturday, August 6

Suddenly feels like reading some manga. I choose Prunus Girl, just because I'm in a mood for some trap and gender bender. On to chapter 17: Aikawa decides to wear Maki's boy uniform but everyone is against it, especially the boys lol. In chapter 18, the class president once again confessed her love towards Maki. She's so straightforward, even telling Maki she expected him to fill her sexual needs lol. Aikawa and Maki were also summoned to the student council where they'll meet Chris, the president of the student council. He wants them both to join the student council in chapter 19. They also met the vice-president who is so much better looking than any of the guys so far.


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