18 July 2009

Light Writings: Prying eyes

I came across an interesting question in writer's block archive in LJ. It asked 'Have you ever read someone's private writings (journal, diary, email, letters, etc.) without their permission?'

*thinks hard*

No, I haven't.

Because I know I would be royally pissed it if it happens to me. I value other people's privacy simply because I want people to value mine.

I know people who pries on other people though. In fact some of my friends have a habit of doing so to their boyfriend/girlfriend or worst husband/wife. They have become the e-stalker. It is something that is beyond my comprehension.

I don't operate that way, you see. To me, trust is the most important thing in a relationship. I can honestly say that I will not lost it if my boyfriend decides to meet or start a relationship other girls just as long as I hear it from his own mouth. I don't get jealous nor do I feel the need for revenge.

My friends called me crazy.

Well, let just say that I am a big believer of faith. If things are meant to be, it will be. If it doesn't, meh try hard as you might he will still slipped through your fingers.

But that is totally irrelevant to the topic now, isn't it? LOL


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