27 May 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 4, May 2012

Monday, May 21

Episode 6 of Tsuritama: They went fishing as usual and was introduced to Akemi, a spot where the locals are forbidden to fish because a boat went missing years ago. To celebrate Keito coming home from the hospital, Yuki decided to catch her a tuna. So they went out to see but to no avail. Later on, they went on Akira's boat to the Akemi where Yuki managed to catch a tuna. However, strange shit was happening. Haru showed his true self for the first time and I am no longer convinced that he was the good guy here. It seems like Akira was the one protecting and shit. I still have no idea what was happening but it sure makes me eager to see the next episode. I noticed that Akira has grown closer to these kids and somewhat becomes friends with them. He also knows as much about fishing as Natsuki. It is a good change for Akira, I must say. Also, with less than half of the episodes to go, I am surprised that I don't have a BL OTP for this show yet. That's how engrossing the story is, I guess.

I don't mind having him all to my self ♥
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Hiiro no Kakera episode 2: The villains are on the move. One of them even posed as the English teacher. All the while, the Onikirimaru seal is getting weaker and the God is getting even more restless. According to Suguru, the seal is protected by two other seals: the blood of Tamayura and the five seals known as the Artifacts. The villains disrupt one of the Artifact seal so they decided to check them out, with Tamaki insisting on going too. Obviously it was a trap set by the villain in order to test the power of Shugogo House. Urgh...

Panda and Penguin both dreamed of opening a their own cafe in episode 2 of Shirokuma Cafe. Actually the episode pretty much centered around the animal wanting to own their own cafe, and obviously they will only included foods that they wanted to eat. It's like watching endless eight only with different characters. The second half of the episode centered on Penguin who got drunk at a cherry viewing party. I lol'd at his antics and I think Penguin is the cutest of them all.

It is time for the final interview for the second exam in episode 4 of Uchuu Kyoudai. As usual Mutta fucked up. Of all the things that he could say, he said that he made more lathers than the others when he shampooed his hair. LMAO just what were you thinking, Mutta? Anyhoo, he managed to get Seirika's email and phone number thanks to Kenji. On top of that he is going to America, all expenses paid by NASA, thanks to Hibito of course.

this show needs more fanarts

Tuesday, May 22

Episode 2 of Gakkatsu: If I thought the first episode was meh, then this episode has redeemed this series. This time the classroom discussed about the stall in boys toilet that has never been used. Again, I didn't know whether this fact is true or not but if it is, then this show has once again taught me something new. I managed to laugh thanks to that guy who was holding it in XD

Daily Lives of High School Boys episode 6: Heh, I love it when their discussion ends because they got distracted by something so trivial, like a bouncing ball. But that is just how boys are. They also created unnecessary trouble like when Hidenori asked Yoshitake's sister why was she always home during Christmas, which of course ended up with them getting chased by the said sister. I love the fact that they will go the distance for their friend's little sister, like when Tadakuni's sister ask for help and bunch of them showed up. However, Tadakuni has no idea about the incident which makes it hilarious imo. Same goes with how they tried to be considerate with Ringo. Ah, I love these boys.

It is Tsukahara Bokuden turns to be in the spotlight in episode 5 of Sengoku Collection. She teaches kendo but was misunderstood for spreading the feel/need to kill as samurai due to an interviewer (Morse) edited out her interview to make her looks like a bad person. So she found ways to set things right again. It was an okay episode with few other samurai making an appearance, like Ittousai but there is no Nobunaga looking for Secret Treasures though.

Wednesday, May 23

It has been a while since I last watched Gintama. That can't be right. So lets make it right then! Gintama episode 155: The first segment is pretty much a focus on how Madao became Madao. He was retelling his story after he and Gin-san lost all their money gambling (horse racing). It made him realized that he was in a DORK spiral thanks to Gintoki and his two subordinates though Gin-san quickly dismissed it. Just when he thought he made it, he was being pulled back. It looks like there is no way for Madao to escape from the DORK Spiral. But, why do I feel so bad for Gin-san who lost the winning ticket? Heh


Sengoku Collection episode 6: Another boring episode where they introduce the scientist. She loves the future and so she make a time traveling machine. She used it to save the dream of a boy though. Fuck this show was boring. There's no Nobunaga either.

Chiho was visited by alien in episode 3 of Gakkatsu. WE ARE NOT ALONE. So yeah, she discussed this during the homeroom class. Everyone agrees that the alien wants to conquer the world except for the transfer student, Mr. Gray, who is obviously an alien himself. But all well will ends well. Thanks to Chiho, the fickle minded class changed their mind and want to be friends with the aliens instead.

Shinji Inukai is back in episode 3 of Hiiro no Kakera. The reason he left the village is to train but Takuma wasn't so pleased about his return. Inukai has the power of words which gives him the ability to control his surroundings. Now that all five guardians are back, things are getting serious as Monado's underlings were sent to break one of the seal. Too bad Tamaki interfered though because honestly I do want to see them fight and use their powers.

Thursday, May 24

My week won't be completed without yaoi. I picked up Mimurake no Musuko, the latest addition from my numero uno yaoi source. The story is about Toshi who is in love with Yumi, his friend since forever but Toshi is having sex with Sumi, Yumi's brother. Sumi ran away from his responsibility to be the heir of his family business so the burden fell on Yumi who by the way is bipolar. His dream is to kill people and buried them in the mountain (heh now you see why I like this guy?). I can't wait to see what Yumi will do when he found out that Toshi and his brother are having sex behind his back.


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