06 December 2009

Diary of a tard - week 1, December '09

Sunday, November 29

Like you probably have notice, I decided to change the "animetard" to "tard". It seems more appropriate that was since this diary of mine consists spasm for both manga and anime. But whatever...

I decided to pick up Pandora Hearts for a marathon despite everyone telling me to pick up Code Gayass. Now they all hated me because of it LOL. I'm saving Gayass for later occasion when they aren't any good anime left. See? I'm saving the good stuff for rainy days ^__^
I said marathon but let see if I can do it ^^"

Ares is really pissing me off with his attitude. What's up with him challenging people unnecessarily and we all know he's capable in heartless killing as well. I'm not complaining about the fight because it is awesome but... *sigh* aren't he supposed to stop Michael as soon as possible?

Monday, November 30

I was completely lost when I read chapter 87 of Bamboo Blade. It was only at the end of the chapter that I get they were introducing new characters again: Toda Ryoko and Sawamiya Erina. Bah, what's wrong with me head today? =\

Inuyasha episode 8. Kikyou died. I cried.

Now I really don't want Inuyasha to be with Kagome. It would tainted the love he had for Kikyou in my opinion (is a sucker for shounen romance)

I managed to laugh in Fairy Tail episode 7. The animation is still mediocre but I got to give credit to them for staying true to the manga. The only thing that annoyed me is the symbols that appeared whenever the mage used magic. That is just plain retarded.

Tuesday, December 1

We are introduced to another four drifters in Drifters chapter 8. They are Scipio Africano and Hannibal. They haven't mentioned the name of the wild wild west drifters though. Also a woman named Murasaki, which btw looks pretty evil and is the leader of the the non-drifter human. By the way, this manga is meant to be read in bulk. I am totally lost at the moment. Need more chapters...

Wednesday, December 2

Zettai Karen Children is out early this week. In chapter 198, Kaoru managed to convince the P.A.N.D.R.A kids not to use their power after school. At the same time, Phantom planning on using Kagari to betray Kaoru's trust. Damn her.

Gena told Cheburashka a story in Cheburashka Arere episode 8. I have never mentioned this before but I think Cheburashka has the cutest voice for a pet ever. It made him appeared so cuddly-like @_@

Note to self: I really don't like the OP theme of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. Anyway, why is Kuroko all flustered when stripping lady started to strip? Is she only gay for Misaka? But lets forget about that. Lets talk about the episode. Yes, finally we have a strong plot going on (this has been the third week they talked about Level Upper, ne?). Saten-san acquired the Level Upper device and decided to use it despite Kuroko and Misaka telling her of the side effect. Stupid? Yes, stupid. Well she hasn't used it yet but looks like she will. In any case, I'm very impressed with Kuroko. She kicked ass!

Natsu finally beat the crap out of Eregor in episode 8 of Fairy Tail. Kage stole the flute and ended up releasing a monster which was defeated with style by Erza, Gray and Natsu. In my opinion, the manga depicted the fight with more badassery than the anime had delivered. Came as no surprise though...

Nonetheless, these three are epic ^^

Lag's shindan loaded on itself and using Gauche's pistol, he and Sylvette managed to see Gauche's heart that contained in the shindanjuu. Anyway, in the flashback, it showed that Gauche was being targeted by the "Reverse" so maybe that's why he went missing. That was episode 9 of Letter Bee.

come back, Gauche

Damn, I was completely at lost when I read the latest chapter of D.Gray Man. We have a girl who dreamed she killed Allen and I don't have an effing clue of who she might be. I'm sure I'm just forgetting the facts because of the one month gap. But that doesn't matter. The Earl has got his hand on Allen and Kanda and he believes that Allen is the 14th himself and guess what the 14th wants to fucking kill the Earl. In the middle of them talking, Kanda went in for the kill. Hahaha, plan backfired? *Awesome juice flowing* ^o^
Of course the Noah have to use Alma and both Kanda and Allen were suck into the memory realm. To be continued... GAH!! >=(

Thursday, December 3

Holy cripes! Claymore chapter 98 showed us why Priscilla is scary! Even the twins (both awakened) can't do any harm on her and she killed them with so much ease, it was ridiculous. Even Riful was shivering with disbelief. There goes Clare's dream of defeating Priscilla. Unless she gets a plotkai, it would be impossible.

I really like the DVD Special of Pandora Hearts. They are just too kawaii. Episode 5 is out by the way ^__^

Watched Toriko. It was released for Jump Super Anime Tour 2009. I don't know what the heck was that but an OVA is an OVA.

Showdown between Komamura/Shuuhei and Tousen has started! Bleach chapter 384 was kinda meh but kinda not ^^

I love Sai for telling Naruto the truth: his friends have decided to kill Sasgay. Naruto chapter 474 revealed to us what Sakura has been planning. LOL I would like to see her try and kill Sasgay. She and he can both rot in hell for all I care. Oh but wait, of course Naruto wouldn't want any of that. Pfft, what was I thinking!

sappy shit is shit

But forget about that shit, Kakashi is going to be Hokage! w00t! and I am so proud of Gaara (I have so much love for Gaara ~nyuu). He is all the wiser now. On the other hand, Madara has gone for Danzo and Danzo is ready to release the seal on his right arm. Whatever that means...

Friday, December 4

Tiji-kun chapter 6: The appearance of fake Tiji-kun who goes around town giving the real Tiji-kun a bad name. Obviously Azakawa has to stop that dude used Muay Thai and he's GOOD at it.

Saturday, December 5

I am really depressed at the moment and I don't know the fuck why either *sigh*. Whatever. Time for Gintama.

Yes, he was referring to his butt afro

Anyway, that's for episode 125. In episode 126, Shinpachi found a love interest. Too bad the girl mistaken Okata as him.


Speaking of Geass, there will apparently be another season of it coming out! BAM!

Gintama rules and I just started watching it again. I will now go watch about 20 episodes, because I fucking can.

Yeah, I just saw the news headline on SC. I got to start watching this series soon >_<

After 2 episodes of Gintama, I don't feel like jumping off a building anymore. They are super effective anti-depression XD

Gintama is the best medicine there is.

One time a friend of was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On his deathbed, I showed him a few episodes of Gintama. Now, he is doing well. That friend's name?

Barack Obama.

hahahaha lmao. We really should show this series to everyone. Maybe it can cure AIDS as well!

I actually used to have AIDS. Then I watched Gintama. I still have AIDS, but it was a funny episode, and made me laugh.

Just kidding, Gintama cured my AIDS.

Phew, I feel so relief XD

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