Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 September 2010

K-ON! film confirmed

(c) ameiro

source: tokyohive

What the fuck are these people thinking? O_o

But it's not like I don't understand the marketing side of it. They will milk all the money they can get from this shit. They are already making tons of dough from the merchandise. With this news I made up my mind that I will not buy Alter's Ritsu (which cost a whopping MYR418). Enough is enough.

Yes, as expected this news just pissed me off. Why can't other series with an actual plot get a film? Series like Working!! Honey and Clover, Hyakko, Kannagi and many others. Why must K-ON?! What else are they going to torture us with?

The movie better have a plot for a change. Otherwise...

Pfft, who am I kidding wright?

I rage.

29 September 2010

Bleach: Episode 290

I kinda look forward to see this episode but at the same time, kinda dread it too. You'll see why if you keep reading this shit and watch this shitty episode.

Tousen is shit. I'm just saying XD

I mean... I freaking lol'd when he said he has surpassed both the espada and the shinigami. Who is he kidding? I doubt he is any stronger than Ulquiorra. If he fought with Ichigo, he would be done for in less than 4 frames. I never take Tousen seriously. Anyone who did is a freaking loser. He joined the Gotei 13 to avenge the death of his girlfriend who wanted to marry someone else. How fucking cliche was that and how much a loser was he? The only reason Aizen put up with him is because he's dumb and blind. Aizen must have felt sorry for him at some point and then got stuck with him. I have always said that his sense of justice is fucked up. He just proved my point with all the flashbacks and speeches.

Komamura on the other hand is not too bright either. Everyone knows that when you're big you might be strong but your movement will become sluggish. To fight a shinigami with espada power with the like of his bankai is pretty stupid in my opinion especially when your enemy has the ability to regenerate instantly.

And finally the moment I have been waiting for arrived. Tousen completely degrading himself and become a giant fucking fly. LMAO oh man, sometimes you gotta love Kubo. He presented me with an opportunity to fucking gloat.

and fucking gloat I did at this fucking ugly and stupid creature. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off XD

This episode also showed the fight between Aizen and Shinji. I wish they talked less and fucking fight each other already. What's the use of speech when you can create masterpiece with your sword. Maybe I am feeling this way because I know how it will turned out but seriously we can do with the "I can kick your ass. Yes I really can! But not really" shit. And you are not supposed to reveal your ace before the fight even started. Jeebus Shinji...

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

Another small milestone achieved: 100K

My life in an image
(c) itaio

Yeah, for some reason I got another 50K hits since last June. It's either I'm getting better or people have nothing else to do. But either way, for those who visited my blog, even by accident and ended up hating it, I want to say thank you. You guys made my experience just that more sweeter and in a way saying that I'm not really wasting my time writing something that nobody reads.

This number is shit if compared to other bloggers. Take Glo for example. He reached 200K few days ago. He managed to get another 100K for his ISSS in 7 months. Let see if I can beat him in getting another 100K hits in the same amount of months. Why? Because it will keep me motivated.

I took a look at my first post and couldn't help but feeling nostalgic about few things:
  1. Reading is no longer my passion which is sad because I still like doing it. I just don't have the time anymore :(
  2. The last book I read took almost a year for me to finish. This happened in April and I haven't read other book since then.
  3. I missed reviewing books.
Then I took a look at my second post. I lol'd because that is no longer the klux everyone knew.

I wonder if in another 5 years, when I take a look at all my previous posts, would I still be the klux that I am today. Will I still be passionate about anime? The thought scares me to tell you the truth because I will be going through different phase in my life soon like getting married, having kids, and all that shits.

You know what? Fuck that. No one can predicts the future but I sure as hell can shape it the way I want it. My children will definitely growing up enjoying anime and good books.

One thing I know for sure that won't change is the fact that I will always have passion for writings. And with that I am sure that this blog will live a happy, long and meaningful life. As I read some of the posts from the previous years, I couldn't help but smile. Apparently this blog, without me realizing it, has turned out to be a diary of me.

Oh man, this post is shit. I'm gonna end it now.

28 September 2010

Holy shit! Look at the drum set!

I think with this, Alter's collection of the K-ON! girls is completed.

I so fucking want her but realized that I couldn't afford it. Not at the moment at least. Fuck, why am I so obsessed with Ritsu and her drum set?

I love the fucking details on the equipments. I think Alter has the knack for it. Having this would look so freaking cool in my display cabinet. Shit, I guess I have to guesstimate my budget for the next six months. If I buy this than my plan for a holiday to Japan must be canceled. I have to settle for Bangkok and Vietnam.

Or I can just ask her as part of my dowry =D

Anime ain't for kids

This post has a suicidal tendency if you are a Kelantanese
(c) kyo

I had a good dream but not a good night sleep. I woke up with a link on my Facebook wall about some news that fucking pissed me off so early in the morning. So here I am ranting about it.

According to independent Malaysia news-site, The Malaysian Insider, anime is not for kids because they are "dangerous" for their minds. The news were written/taken at the state of Kelantan and I feel sorry for the kids there (not really actually) because they are making the anime (DVD, VCD, etc) as illegal items.

This happened when the spoke person probably found an ecchi anime (not even a hentai goddammit) in one of his children collection (and most likely faps to it too). Since Kelantan is supposedly the most religious state in Malaysia, the only way their ignorant minds can deal with this problem is by seizing all the DVD, VCD and anime-related stuff from the stores and declare that it is illegal *facepalm*

These ignorant fools deserved to be shot in the head. Talk about being extreme...

Before they fucking made up their useless mind about such drastic measures, they should have at least learn a few things about anime. There are so many genre and yes although I have said that most anime is cater to a much matured audience, that doesn't mean they are "dangerous". What is so dangerous about ecchi anime anyway except maybe you walking around with something protruding at the front of your pantsu?

I would have understand and be more sympathetic if they picked some carnage and bloody anime like Berserk, Sword of the Stranger or Kara no Kyoukai but ecchi? For fucking real?

This is why I dislike ecchi. But that besides the point.

If the government of Malaysia suddenly think that this is a good idea and want to fucking adopt it, I would fucking camp outside of Najib's house and educate him about anime! Or write a petition. Whichever works.

This post will be continued. I want to rant more but I need to get to work.

26 September 2010

Light writings: Loneliness

(c) ryouga

Today is Sunday. I have pretty much spent my day finishing few proposals for work and have a lunch date with an old friend of mine. When I got back, I read some of the manga that are in my reading list hoping that time will flies by quickly.

Yet here I am still feel unfulfilled. Empty.

It is one of those days again when I get so fucking ronery, I am at lost of what to do. I want to watch some anime but the thought of solving my loneliness with anime every single time kinda hit me as running away or escaping, though it work wonders especially if you watch some episode of Gintama or DMC, but that besides the point. The point is I am kinda tired of ignoring this feeling. I have been avoiding writing this post for quite a few times but there is no used pending it anymore. I need to face my loneliness. Perhaps if I understand why this feeling keeps pop up I can do something about it.

I have never look up what loneliness means before but according to wikipedia:
Loneliness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is often compared to feeling empty, unwanted, and unimportant. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form strong interpersonal relationships.
Oh wow. Shit. That is so fucking real.

I have always choose solitude over social interaction and is fine with it. Why? How? Because it means that I don't make myself emotional available to anyone at all even though I am in open relationships. I am still in control of my bloody emotions. I don't allowed myself to get swept off my feet. I told myself that there is nothing wrong with being alone. I was content.

That is no longer the case though. Recently, and I dunno how or when, it just is, I fall for a guy who is such a jerk I dunno why I even put up with his shit. LOL no he isn't that bad. Things are just going at his pace is all.

Anyway, now that I understands about loneliness, I know why I feel so fucking lonely. This jerk of mine lives 3 states away. We are both busy individuals with big dreams to fulfill. We don't have the luxury to be with each other whenever we want to. At best we only got to see each other twice a month. We talk on the phone but I just realized it isn't enough. I have never yearn for companionship before but this time, I really do want him besides me. He is all I can think of.

I think I'm in love.

O shit.

I need to watch some anime.

25 September 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, September 2010

Sunday, September 19

GetBackers episode 9: A fake painting was stolen by the Clayman with the help from Himiko, the Lady Poison. Obviously they hired Ban and Ginji to retrieve it back. However when Ban-chan saw the painting, he wasn't sure if it was a fake anymore.

In the mood to catch up with Togainu no Chi. I am reading this for the yaoi/BL parts. The actions are just icing on the cake. Heh, at least I won't feel so bored spending my Sunday in the office. And oh boy the yaoi/BL part in Togainu no Chi is fucking delicious! It was so good I have to read it all over again from chapter 1. Holy fuck... *faps* Shit. I forgot I was in the office... But I feel like something is amiss. I remember checking out the chapters back in February and I know there's BL going on but not exactly yaoi stuff and more action than just buttfucking. I'm looking at two different stories of Togainu no Chi at two different manga sites. The one at AnimeA is strictly yaoish and the one at mangafox is action packed. So what happened? Are there two different manga for the series? I'm not complaining though. Just slightly confused. I read the two of them simultaneously. I think I might burst from fangasm.

Monday, September 20

Breakfast with Mitsudomoe as the main course. Episode 5: The eldest wanted a bra but not quite ready for it yet. Then the third got jealous over a pantsu with hamster printed on it. In the last segment, we see the girls' dad being taken away in a police car again after a fucked up Parent's Day.

I love how serious the players look in Giant Killing episode 10. I think they will finally win a game now after losing five times in a row otherwise... what's the point, right? But the game is far from over in this episode. Further more, at the end of it, Sera is injured. This episode pretty much focus on Kuroda's defending against Itagaki. There are some really cool moves which is why I like this series. It does feel like watching a real life football match - minus the strategy telling.

Wednesday, September 22

I guess the yaoi I have been reading of Togainu no Chi are actually a collection of fanbooks. I love some of the chapters more than the others. I noticed that any chapters that pair Akira and Gunzi quickly becomes my favorite so this pair end up as my fav I guess. Gunzi reminds me of Grimmjow for some reason and I love it when that feelings translate when they have buttsex. LOL my brain is so damn corrupted. Anyway, chapter 11 gotta be my favorite chapter so far. You'll understand why if you read it, which I doubt you will since you guys called yourselves GAR men.

And since I'm in the mood for some yaoi/BL, I'm gonna watch Koi Suru Boukun OVA. It is one of the better yaoi I've seen recently and the end definitely geared me up for more. I just wish it won't take forever for the other episodes to be released. Anyway, its about two guys, one gay and the other one straight as a board. The gay like this straight guy who hate homos but when he got drugged... muahahahaha >=D

Thursday, September 23

Well, today is officially Bleach day. The latest episode of Bleach was a tad boring but that is what you get when a chapter featured Tousen. Onto chapter 421 where the ending was unexpected and kinda anti-climatic T_T

Friday, September 24

I couldn't stop reading BL material from Yonade Kou. She's my favorite mangaka atm. Her stories are real if you didn't notice the gender. I have completed Don't Stay Gold, Doushitemo Furetakunai, After 9 hours, After 10 Hours, The World With Color, Kanjou Spectrum and Eros in the Stoic. There are few more to go!

But I have to stop and since I can't sleep I might as well watch some anime. My pick for tonight is Nurarihyon no Mago episode 4. Since Yura with the other human girl that Rikuo has a crush on, she can't do much against the rats. This is why I hate damsel-in-distress character. They are so useless. Those filthy rats are conquering even the cats clan. How ironic. Neckless doesn't look too happy about it. Rikuo on the other hand was foolish enough to fall for the rat's trap. I wanna bitch slap him for that. Thank goodness the smexy Rikuo took over and exterminate the rodents with his army of youkai.

Hawt youkai is hot

23 September 2010

Creativity Zero

I wish I was born with at least an ounce of creative genes inside my body so at least I have the possibility to do this:

I have the highest envy for such people. But the good news is, the guy I'm in a relationship with at the moment has that talent. It is probably why I have a crush on him in the first place. He shares the same interest and passion as I. I write while he came up with creative shiznit. I'm a Pisces and he's a Cancer. We just compliment each other according to the universe =3

Bleach: Chapter 421

Bleach color spread of Ichigo. Needless to say, I wet my pantsu ^_^

I don't get how some people saw Kaien in him. Sure he got his hair dyed black but he is still Ichigo. I cannot see anything that resembles Kaien at all. Or is it because I am not a Kaien's fan to begin with?

But lets move on. Ichigo at the moment has no shinigami power whatsoever because that what it means when you used the Final!Getsuga Tenshou technique. After he used Mugetsu on Spawn!Aizen, the mask that covered half of his face crumbles.

I couldn't even sympathized for Aizen. He pretty much get PWNed by Ichigo. That Spawn-ish transformation? Doesn't mean a fucking shit. No more butterflies either. How fucking pathetic. But not more pathetic than Ichigo who suddenly turned back to his old orange top and pretty much no longer a bad ass. If only he has talked less and fucking finish the job earlier. Now Aizen who is regenerating will have the upper hand and return the favor of whooping Ichigo's ass. But first, he has to give his speech! *facepalm*

Why so surprised. You knew it was coming >_>

I am fucking disappointed. I was hoping to see more intense battle between Ichigo and Spawn!Aizen. That would mean that Ichigo will be in his Final!GT form a tad longer and a black haired Ichigo just made me... *faps*

Unfortunately Kubo has other ideas. As Aizen readied himself to finish Ichigo (who by the way is becoming one with his zanpaktou as well), he was ambushed from behind with a kidou. You won't believe who came to Ichigo's rescue. I absolutely didn't see this one coming at all. It was Urahara. I hope this means more captains and shinigami has returned to Soul Society as well.

Anyhoo, Aizen has got his theory screwed up. Heh, no surprise there. He is pretty much a loose screw himself at the moment. Urahara did his research. Knowing that Aizen will fuse with the Hogyouku, he has developed a kidou to seal Aizen. He "installed" it in chapter 402 I assumed. Upon hearing this Aizen pretty much put his cock out and dismissed the threat just because he thinks he has fused with his zanpaktou and has transcend even Ichigo's level of greatness. The truth is, his own power has weakened and the Hogyouku no longer sees him fit to be it's master. This is the case of a dog biting the hand that feeds him.

I got this sinking feeling that this is the end for Aizen. But before he is gone for good, he is kind enough to have a conversation with Urahara about the future of the world. Apparently both he and Urahara has saw the "Spirit King" of Soul Society whom Aizen wanted to destroy in the first place but got side track because he went gay for Ichigo.

The end of the chapter saw Aizen being sealed by the kidou. Err... is that it?

Fuck I really hope not.

This feels like an anti-climax x_x

If this is the end for Aizen, then Kubo pretty much fucked us all. Ichigo weren't the one who finished him off. Sure he helped but our theory of Urahara as the only shinigami (who is on Aizen's level of genius) who is truly on par with Aizen is spot on. This kinda made me feels good actually.

But no. I am not ready for Bleach to end!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

Bleach: Episode 289

I feel like quitting watching Bleach. Since I started writing chapters review, I am much better with the details and even if I forget I can always check out my blog to refresh my brain. But then again, Bleach is the whole reason I got addicted to anime. It just doesn't feel right to just abandon the anime.

Hmm, this is hard. I think I'll stick to it for the time being. Besides, the anime can still amuses me sometimes.

Anyway, in this episode, Yammy had more than what bargained for when he attacked both Kenpachi and Byakuya. Like I have said thousand times over, don't fucking underestimate your enemy because if you lost it will be damn embarrassing. During the fight I like the fact that Kenpachi was running while Byakuya gracefully used shunpo. These two captains are totally opposite of each other. I couldn't help but lol'd when suddenly they ended up as each other opponent. This just gave me idea for my RP.

I'm gonna have a fucking nightmare

But guess what? The bastard Yammy just got even bigger and uglier if that were possible. Holy fuck... did that really happened? Did he get another release? Fuck, why can't I remember this? I must have blacked it out from my brain from the sheer ugliness of the shit. After I checked, the upgrade did happen in chapter 383. Apparently the fucker represents anger so by Kubo's logic, the angrier he gets, the bigger he'll be and supposedly stronger. I don't buy that crap.

Too bad they switched the fight to Tousen vs Hisagi/Komamura which was kinda action-packed. I appreciate the details that went into the fight. They also focus on Hiyori/Shinji/Gin/Aizen complicated conference. Well I gotta say, even after I know what will happen, I am still as excited as fuck when Shinji decided to fight Aizen. The feelings that rushes over me, that's the kind of feeling that will keep me coming back for Bleach.

Oh oh oh!! Tousen is going to use hollow power! I have been waiting for this for quite a while now. I remember the details from the manga and can't wait to see it get animated. Heh

How pathetic it was when Hisagi and Komamura got preachy when Tousen became hollowfied and they turned out to be totally useless against him. I hope this made them realized that getting the hollow power ain't necessarily bad. What bad is they trying to justify Ichigo's hollowfication. That is just double standard to me.

After some speech, we gotta see more flashbacks when Tousen still had his afro. Who would have thought that Hisagi turned out to be such a coward. And that line on his right eyes, apparently he got that from a hollow during his training in real world at the academy. All this time I thought that scars were part of his tattoo. LOL

This is what will happen when you talk too much in a fight

Tousen revealed his true fear which is to die as a shinigami. Again, more flashback. Did I ever tell you that Tousen is one of the captains that I truly dislike besides the old fuck? Well, now you know.

That's it for this week. TBC in the next episode. I'm gonna put up some of the screen shots that I took randomly.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

20 September 2010

Why do I go crazy for anime?

Have you seen Disappearance yet? It was fucking AWESOME!!
(c) mcr

Isn't anime just another form of cartoon? Instead of made by the Americans, they are made by the Japanese. Whats the difference? What makes anime so special?

What most people don't understand is, like any other hobbies or interest, once you are "into" it, you will understand the depth that goes with it.

Becoming a fan of anime goes deeper than just enjoying the "cartoons". It becomes part of your lifestyle. You can feel the addiction for it running through you veins. You can't wait to get home from the office just so you get to watch the latest episode of Bleach, even though you already know it will sucks ball.

I dunno about anyone else, but it kinda give me a purpose. I feel fulfilled. You might laugh at that statement and called me shallow or someone who doesn't have a fucking life. Well, maybe you're right but you know what? I don't give a rat ass? At least I'm doing what I want and that makes me happy.

Kyon makes me very happy indeed ^_^
(c) sato unta

It invokes all these feelings that I usually stored and locked away when dealing with real life. The last time I cried, it was because of a manga. And before that it was because of the anime. I cried when Kyon almost got killed by Yuki. I cursed when Kubo fucked up Bleach, I laughed my ass off watching Gintoki and I got excited at the thought that we are going to have a second season of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu and Working!! soon. Real life events don't move me as much as anime/manga did. In fact I usually found myself got so freaking bored dealing with every day life. If you really know me in real life, you would probably question whether or not I have a heart. You'll either think that I am a heartless bitch or that I just don't care about anything at all. I'm not even kidding about this. See my face? I'm dead serious at the moment ^w^

The truth is, in real life, I'm the coolest bitch you'll ever met. I don't take offense easily. You can say shit to my face and I would probably just laughed with you. Sure I have a temper but I usually save that one up for my writings. When I'm upset I usually bottled it all inside. I know it's unhealthy. That's why I think anime/manga save my life. I only allowed myself to be completely loose and vulnerable when I watch/read anime/manga. That is why I think they play such a big part in my life. Otherwise, I would probably spend thousands of dollars for therapy or worst, wearing the straight jacket.

Normal people don't understand this. I don't expect them to be. None of my friends (the real life ones) watch anime or have any understanding about my "hobby". They think that I'm too old for all of these. Instead of wasting my time with anime, manga and figurines, they think that I should have get married, have kids and basically grow the fuck up. Too bad that I am not a typical person or I would have succumb to the pressure. I'm turning 30 next year and so far although I'm in a relationship, I don't think we are going to hear wedding bells anytime soon. What's the rush? There is still so much that I want to have/achieve. Besides, being married does not mean that you'll end up happy. I have so many examples that I can choose from but why bother. You can find the statistic on the net.

I'll get marry tomorrow if I can find myself a Kyon =3
(c) ia

So back to anime, what is so special about the Japanese made "cartoons" that made me an addict? First, lemme say that I have a fascination with Japan. If you don't read Malaysian history, lemme educate you. The Japanese had at one time (during the World War II) invaded us so I kinda learned about them ever since they taught us about them in history class. Just like my fascination with Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan, I was captivated. Till date Germany and Japan are probably the two countries I want to visit the most with Switzerland in third place. But lets not get side track. The fact that these anime was made by the Japanese are enough to keep me interested.

Second, the language. It just another different feelings when I get to to watch an anime that doesn't speak English or Malay. It gives this foreign and cool vibes to it. That is why I ignore anything that is dubbed. I feel like the anime has lost its originality and virginity when it gets the dubbed treatment. Maybe this feeling was stemmed so early in my childhood after watching all those Malay dubbed Doraemon anime *shudders*. But yeah, the language is cool as fuck. I want to learn Japanese and Dutch before I die. Maybe I could marry someone who is fluent at it :P

Third, the presentation. It feels like watching a real life drama gets animated. Cartoons are usually targeted for children but I feel like anime have totally different audience. Sure they are still few of the anime that are child-oriented but most of them are made for adults. It just made anime more relevant to a person like me. That is why I was able to pour my heart and soul into it. Not to mention that they have all these range of genres. You just have to pick your favorite and enjoy it to your heart's content.

Fourth: the fact that thanks to anime, I got to meet the coolest people on earth whether through facebook or my blog. I think I am able to stay this passionate about anime is because I have someone that I spazz and be a nerd with. At last I found someone else who gets me, who share the same interest and opinion about some of the anime. We might have different taste but when it comes to passion, we are all equal. Thanks to these people, my life is less lonely.

Reason number five: I think I know myself better thanks to anime. I kinda surprised myself with all these new discoveries about what I like and don't like. For example, who would have thought that I will be obsessed with yaoi? Okay scratch that, everyone probably see that one coming. But yeah, anime kinda teach me a lot of things about myself. It let me explore feelings and thoughts that I normally won't even bother to acknowledge. Sometimes it was so contrary to real life that I found it so damn funny how irony it all were.

an obligatory picture for a BL fan like me XD
(c) hagiri

Last but not least, anime serves as an escapism for me. I am a Pisces so it was second nature to me to escape from real life and just imagine whatever the fuck I want. I write a lot but it wasn't enough. This is where anime comes in handy. I let myself get lost in whatever episode I'm watching. It feels cool as fuck. I can pick out any dream I want and be part of it. Awesome. It has become my endless source of amusement and inspiration.

(c) iwashi

So yeah, tl;dr. I am just in a mood to write something. This by no means a measuring stick. It is just how I feel about anime. If you can relate to it, then I'm glad to know you. If you don't, I hope one day you'll get it.

End note: Go watch the Disappearance movie. I'm gonna see it for the fifth time after I posted this.

18 September 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, September 2010

Tuesday, September 14

I have been waiting to see Zettai Karen Children OVA for quite a while and finally got the chance to do so today.

Thursday, September 16

Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysian.

In conjunction with the celebration is the hottest Ichigo yet: Getsuga. I swear I wet my pantsu when Kubo revealed the final!Getsuga Tenshou in this week's latest Bleach episode.

Friday, September 17

After more than a week of vacation, I'm back to work today. What better way to start the boring day than watch some animu. First up is Mitsudomoe episode 4. It's about boobs, more boobs and pantsu. Like always, I have a good laugh.

Now I know what bear is in Japanese ^_^

Nurarihyon no Mago episode 3: The new girl, Yura Keikain seems like she is able to detect spirits and have lots of knowledge about them is an exorcist. When they went to Rikuo's house all hell break loose as the spirits try not to be seen by the humans. At the end of the episode, Yura is facing with several demons so now that they know an exorcists is in town, will she be okay? By the way, her ultimate goal is to exterminate Rikuo. Obviously that will phailed XD

Bleach episode 288: just another reason why I raged.

Catching with Naruto. In chapter 509, Konan fight the losing battle with Madara but before she's finished, we got to see the younger days of the Akatsuki members. That was a rare sight. I gotta admit, seeing Pain/Yahiko again kinda made me sad. I missed him, he was a character that was charismatic. No wonder they elected him as the leader of Akatsuki. Poor Kanon though thinking that she might have the techniques and shit to kill Madara. Did she forget that Madara has cheated death time and over again? Madara used his Uchiha shit techniques against her attack and survived. Oh joy >_> He went for all these trouble to get back the rinnegan from Nagato, which he successfully done in chapter 510.

Yahiko and Naruto do kinda look alike

D.Gray-man chapter 198: Allen has fallen, Kanda was remorseful and Alma took the opportunity to kill Kanda off but before he can do that, Allen raised with light surrounding him and all attacking everything around him. Alma was no exception but since Kanda has regained his consciousness, he wouldn't let Alma die that easily. What happened to Allen is the fact that the Noah has awakened. No one else is happier than the Earl. While Allen is busy being a Noah, his subconscious meet the 14th Noah and they have a little chat. And oh boy isn't he hawt and his name is Neah. He's definitely not the good guy, if he wants to destroy everything. But not if Tincanpy can stop it. LOLWUT?! There are too much going on in this chapter. At the end of it, Allen's left eye is still working and saw the girl akuma that possessed Alma. Before Allen could say who she is, Alma decided to self-destruct and bring down Kanda with him. Who the fuck is that girl? O_o

It has been a while since I last read Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. I am not really interested with this series because the beginning of it is full of garbage but everyone keep saying how it will get better so here I am reading chapter 25 and 26. Another couple of useless chapters >_>

Now that I'm in the mood to catch up, I might as well read Fairy Tail. On to chapter 65. They introduced new character called Mistgun who is on the good side, thank goodness. And now the two heads of the guild face each other off. Needless to say Makarov won and no one thinks Lucy is at fault >_>

Next is One Piece though I am so far behind I dunno why I even bother. Zoro determination to become the world's number one swordman was explained in chapter 5. At the end of the chapter he agreed to join Luffy and becomes a pirate.

Yandere Kanojo chapter 19.1: It's the Halloween so Reina and Tanaka helped out Kuroko the ghost to get some candy to eat.

Finally updates on Shut Hell. Yay, no more pre-historic shit. We are back to the now so Shut Hell is no longer a woman but a shouta. Of course Sudou have a romance rendezvous with Yurul who disappeared without a trace after their encounter. So he decided to go back and find Yurul in chapter 21. Yurul however noticed something is different about Shut Hell. There's no cold blooded aura exuded from her anymore. Well duh. In chapter 22, they learned that Shut Hell has came back to life so she's being hunted once again. Gradually Shut Hell took over Sudou's consciousness as she killed mercilessly. Meanwhile Harabal is attacking the Koukei Academy with the order to burn everything and kill anyone who resists. But then appeared a woman who asked Harabal to retrieve the Legacy (which is with Yurul atm) before burn the academy down.

lol looks like I'm spending my Friday doing nothing else but catch up to my anime and manga. Revenge is sweet XD

Kuroshitsuji final episode has been released this week but I'm still only on episode 4. Ciel and Sebastian is on another mission for Her Majesty. This time to apprehend a kidnapper and save the hostage. The mission was easily solved hehe but one situation led to the other and now Ciel has become a hostage of a mass murder killer, on a train that can't stop which is heading to a broken bridge. On top of that, some of the passengers are infected with Cholera. Now, that's a train heading straight to hell if it weren't for Sebastian. At the end of the episode, Sebastian met with Alois' butler, Claude. This made me want to marathon the series but... I'll save it for tomorrow. Do note that I think the animation in this episode is superb. I love the details and you can see the effort of the production team. Kudos.

The face doesn't tell the true story of what just happened XD

Saturday, September 18

I really do like Kozue. She's just interesting as a character. For example in episode 5 of Seikimatsu Occult Academy, she's obsessed with finding anything that has to do with occult. She even volunteered to experience the near-death experiment which was a success. Problem is the real Kozue stuck in the afterlife and it seems like someone else who doesn't believe in occult is using her real body. As for Abe, he promised his girlfriend that she can sell her breads at school. In episode 6, Maya tried to bring back the real Kozue. Abe volunteered to go to the afterlife to save her. I gotta admit that he looks hot while doing it and the flash back of his kid's life kinda sad. Even Maya was affected. The mission was a success and I look at Abe slightly different now.

naked Abe is a delicacy

Don't ask. Just feel like wasting time with K-ON!! episode 10: Sawa-chan is the subject of the girls' amusement this time around. Everyone suspected that she has a boyfriend. The truth is, her friends want her to perform for the last time. She refused but in the end, take the lead because the K-ON girls pretty much fucked up the Death Devil image. Sawako-chan was awesome though.

Random post about blogging

psst! these are boys!
(c) minari

No, this post is not about shouta that look like girls. This post is random because I feel like posting something random today thus the pictures are random too.

If you think the following questions look familiar, because it is. This post has been sitting in my draft since February after I read it at That Anime Blog. Bare in mind that these answered questions are supposedly to help the newbie about blogging. I don't know if I'm experience enough to give advices but I thought he asked some interesting questions that got me thinking so here I am mooching on his idea.
  • Why did you start blogging?
    Initially this was a personal blog. I write about anything and everything that I think is interesting. Not for others to read but to express myself better. The posts were far in between. At some point last year I realized that I enjoyed writing about anime and manga the most and love talking about anime and manga with fellow bloggers of the same interest. So now my blog is definitely anime oriented.

sometimes it is yaoi/BL oriented too
(c) Robert
  • What influenced the development of your own blogging style?
    I don't think I have one except maybe that I am always honest about the feelings that go into a post hence why some of the posts have more profanities than the others. The blog is called Conspicuous Klux for a reason.

  • Do you have a personal philosophy, motto, or focus for your blogging?
    This blog is for leisure only and as an outlet for me to spasm. I don't force myself to come up with new post everyday. I write about whatever I want whenever I want though most of it ended up being about anime. This blog is still personal to me so I'm going to make sure it stays that way.
  • What would you say is the most important skill for a new blogger to develop?
    Passion because it will translate into your post. Blog because you want it, not because you are following a trend. Also make sure that your post has added value or personal touch to it.

  • What’s the one thing a new blogger should avoid?
    Caring too much about hits.
  • If you could give one sentence of advice to a new blogger, what would it be?
    If you find blogging is boring or tiring, chances are nobody would want to read your blog either.
  • Char warned us about the ‘mistakes caused by youth.’ What was your biggest newbie mistake?
    I honestly don't think I made any mistake because my blog is not to cater to the public. No regrets.
just as long as you enjoy yourself, threesome is fine too XD
(c) soejima shigenori

17 September 2010

Bleach: Episode 288

They started this episode with Ichigo taunting Mayuri and interestingly Mayuri was affected with such words. I guess Mayuri really doesn't like to be compared to Urahara. Heh.

Ichigo went into the garganta with Unohana in tow. So that means, Rukia, Isane, Chad, Renji, Byakuya, Nemu, Mayuri, Ishida, Kenpachi and Whorehime are the one that get left behind in Hueco Mundo.

Byakuya immediately thought that it was odd that Mayuri decided to stay with them when he could have more data if he followed Ichigo to the real world. I found this quite fascinating since I didn't think of it until Byakuya said so. And it was extremely funny when after Mayuri stated his reason, Byakuya just looked at him condescendingly. It pissed Mayuri so much that he shook in anger. LOL I never thought that Mayuri can be riled up this easily. He must have quite a low self-esteemed despite his big talk.

But yeah, Byakuya was right. Mayuri unknowingly believed that sending Ichigo to the real world would end the war. LOL busted!

One of the rare moments in Bleach: Byakuya smiling

Back in the garganta, Unohana has a little chat with Ichigo. I got to saw the flashback of Aizen stopping Ichigo's zanpaktou with only a finger. LOL Kubo need to see the fucking flashback before he decided with the shit he presented us in recent chapters. Despite of the difference in strength, Ichigo is still kinda nonchalant about facing Aizen in the real world.

Oh know I remember what will happen in this episode because I obviously remember what Unohana said to Ichigo in the garganta: that only Ichigo can fight Aizen. I remember it so clearly because the fans fucking RAGE at the revelation in chapter 381.

Unohana was under the impression that Ichigo current reiatsu is rival that of a captain level shinigami. What she didn't know though is the fact that Ichigo's reiatsu aren't completely recovered yet. He only has less than half of his shikakusho which apparently an indicator of how much reiatsu he has. So at least in term of reiatsu, Ichigo can still rival that of Aizen. That means...


On the other hand, Kenpachi continues to fight against Yammy. Nothing worth noticing in this fight in my opinion. It was so fucking boring, like watching flies fuck.

I hope Byakuya will finish him off in the next episode. He has more screen time than Ulquiorra and that is unforgivable.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

16 September 2010

Bleach: Chapter 420

Like I said in previous weeks, before we are going to see the final!Getsuga Tenshou (apparently the ultimate technique in the series) Kubo will take us back to how Ichigo obtained the technique. This is what I have been looking forward too just because I want to see Tensa.

To be completely honest, I was a tad disappointed at how it turned out. I mean, the drama kinda put me off. Though I think it was necessary in order for Ichigo to completely understand his zanpaktou. For example he noticed that Tensa only exuded sadness through his blade and he has no idea why. If he didn't learn to understand it, then all would be wasted.

The reason why I said the drama kinda meh is because I know that this is going to happen:

It was predictable.

What I didn't expect though is this!

Holy motherfucking of gawd! *squirts all over the place*

Needless to say I am in absolute bliss when I see what Ichigo has become. A combination of Tense/Hichigo/Ichigo is a total smexx!

When Ichigo becomes Getsuga he will lost all shinigami powers hence why Aizen couldn't detect any reiatsu from Ichigo. I am glad to report that it seems like the cat has finally caught Aizen's tongue for once and he did all his thinking quietly. I think Aizen just realized that Ichigo is on another level than he is at the moment.

Wait, Aizen miscalculated? Wasn't he the one who purposely allowed Ichigo to learn his ultimate technique while he leisurely playing cat and mouse with the Karakura Town's residents? LOL poor Aizen looks like his plan backfired big time. As Aizen tried hard to be in denial, Ichigo used Mugetsu.

I have to admit, after almost 5 years watching Ichigo using the same technique over and over again, I am excited to see him fighting with Mugetsu. And it looks like super powerful too. What I am wondering right now is whether or not Ichigo is capable to use his hollow power as his please or is this his ultimate transformation while using Tensa?

Also, when Tensa said that he wanted to protect Ichigo, a thought crossed my mind. What if by using the final!Getsuga Tenshou, he'll be sacrificing himself? Wouldn't that mean it is the end for Bleach? =\

Fuck no.

Oh, also, anyone else noticed the yaoi moment of Tensa and Ichigo?

Fuck yes. ^__^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

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