08 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, January 2012

Tuesday, January 3

Kimi wo Watareba chapter 3: Ibuki told Haginuma that he was a virgin. Didn't he know that that only makes Haginuma wanted to fuck him more? But not for long though because he's going back to his era. This obviously made Ibuki sad and begged him not to go. I'm a tad confused though because it seemed like his grandfather was kissing him (in the mouth) instead. There can't be incest in this yaoi, can it? And then it took an unexpected twist. Haginuma's grandson who is of Ibuki's age came to see him the day after he left bearing a message. He looks exactly like his grandfather too. Sadly, there's no yaoi involved because that will truly be fucked up to the highest degree.

exclamation mark!

Chapter 4 of Kimi wo Watareba took a different story from the first three chapter. It's title the Garden in a Box. It's the story of arts student Benjamin and Arnest. Arnest is the #1 talent at the school as well as #1 rebel. He wanted to leave the school and thinking of taking Benjamin with him. Of course Benjamin refused at first but once Arnest told him of his feelings, none of it matters anymore. The End. DAFUQ?!

The next sub chapter for Kimi wo Watareba is title With Gentle Hands and I already know what it's going to be about. LOL. Naoya broke his collarbones because of Yuki. He visited Naoya at his house and brought a cake. The icing on the cake fell on Yuki's hands and Naoya pretty much licked in clean and he pretty much do him right after that.

Kimi wo Watareba's last chapter is called Will You Marry Me? and beware, it's a shoutacon. Seichii is born in a family full of gays (yeah apparently they can reproduced) so he seeks Kudo, a shouta, and brought up the subject of marriage. Kudo being straight wasn't that acceptance until Seicii's ex started to stalk him. That changed everything and now he's Mrs. Kudo Siechii. FUCK THIS.

Thursday, January 5

Episode 10 of Hunter X Hunter: It was Leorio turn to fight but since Kurapika's opponent wasn't dead, the game can't continue unless Kurapika kill the guy or wait till he woke up. After few hours, they suspected that he's dead but the next opponent wanted to gamble with time as it's wager. At the end of the episode, Leorio is down 20 to 80 against his opponent. On the other hand, Hisoka was fighting against his arc nemesis but it took less than 5 minutes for him to master a blade technique while his enemy took half a year. Heh, that's awesomeness. He was the first person to pass the third stage of examination after he decapitated his enemy.

admit it, that was cool as fuck :3


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