10 June 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, June 2012

Monday, June 4

Episode 7 of Tsuritama: Haru ain't being himself after the incident. He didn't want to go fishing anymore, fearing the fact that he might endangered his friends' lives. Well, glad to know that he is remorseful for what he did in the last episode. They are also celebrating Natsuki's birthday by going fishing together. Natsuki obviously didn't have fun when he's dad is around. They even fought - his father wants him to be a pro at fishing but Natsuki refused to leave Enoshima because he feels obligated to take over the store. He even treated his sister with coldness (and smacked her too) when she started some dorama when the bracelet she made dropped into the ocean. This happened when a fishing boat, with the people in it were hypnotized, trying to run them over. Consequently Yuki had a fight for the first time with Natsuki as well. This episode left me confused to be honest.

(c) Yoshito7

Yurumate 3D episode 7: It's summer and there was only one ice-cream left so what did they do? They played stupid games to decide who gets the ice-cream. By the time Yurume won, the ice-cream was already melted. No wonder they have trouble with their entrance exam LOL

Yurumate 3D episode 8: They are nearing the winter so the weather is either cold or hot. They even make this as a game. Problem is no one wants to lose so they pretty much just said what they bet on: For example, Matsukichi wore a winter coat in the heat because he said its too cold.

Yurumate 3D episode 9: I have no idea what Yurume is thinking when she decided not to get out of the Kotatsu. So she answered the door by dragging the Kotatsu towards it but it got stuck in the doorway. They all still manage to have some fun with the situation though. I must say that I kinda envy that about them.

Episoed 8 of Tsuritama: Sakura went missing and thanks to Akira's quick thinking Natsuki managed to find her. Then Akira confronted Haru and his sister and they told him about one of their kind who resides in the ocean and controlling people's mind through water. Haru hopes Yuki can help him fishes him out of the water since Haru is not strong enough hence why he was easily controlled by him in episode 6. Akira told them both to go back to their planet and let Duck take care of the problem but what Akira doesn't know is, he himself is under survaillance and Duck think he has been compromise as an investigator. He's under heap of trouble. Duck has also sent a combat fleet to Enoshima, rightly so since there are more people/boats/ships that are being hypnotize by the alien under the sea. On the other hand, Yuki told his grandmother that he realized how lonely he was all these years but now he thinks it's alright to say it out loud because he feels like he can talk to Natsuki about anything and everything. Hmm, looks like shits are going down with 3 more episodes to go.

Akira decide to cut Natsuki's hair. Good call
(c) Tuyuki Orikyara

Wednesday, June 6

Episode 2 of Nazo no Kanojo X: Tsubaki and Urabe has been dating for over a month yet they don't do what couple usually do. This frustrates Tsubaki so he tried all sort of things to get close to her but to no avail. At last, he asked her about her hobby and she showed him her special skill with scissor that she tucks on her underwear. She also told and showed him what kind of bond they had: the drools. She got naked and then gave Tsubaki her drools when she was stimulated. Obviously Tsubaki was stimulated as well. The bond goes both ways since Urabe can tell what Tsubaki was thinking just by tasting his drool. Heh, I like her very much!

Tamaki wanted to learn more about the Artifacts in episode 4 of Hiiro no Kakera so they went to Ohmi's place as he explained about the Artifacts. At the same time, Monado decided that it is time to start her plan. She went to the Artifact's place herself with her underlings and easily defeated the guardians and took the bangle. There is also a twist. That suspicious man wearing a megane, he seems to hold an important piece of a puzzle in this series.

Thursday, June 7

Nazo no Kanojo X episode 3: Tsubaki found out that Ueno is actually going out with one of their classmate since first year. Tsubaki saw them kissing so this puts ideas into his head. He told this to Urabe who in turn gave him her drool which he should tasted before going to bed. He did as was told and dreamed of kissing Urabe. He wasn't too happy about it though so he confronted Urabe the next day but then they both agreed to wait until they understand each other's feelings. On the same day, Ogata confessed to Urabe. Urabe decided to give him the answer on the next day, much to Tsubaki's frustration. Anyhow, Urabe decided not to wear any pantsu on the next day. She gave Ogata her drool but no effect whatsoever. This made her rejected him. Tsubaki on the other hand have a massive nosebleed. I guess I see the bond that she's talking about but that doesn't make it any less gross.

Friday, June 8

Time for yaoi of the week. This time I picked up Love in the Afternoon since it is the afternoon where I am at. I have a feeling like I had read this yaoi before but can't tell for sure. Oh well, it wouldn't hurt to read it again. The art for this yaoi is kind of mediocre. It is not detailed and I think it sort of failed in human expressions. But this yaoi is a collection of many yaoi, each got it own chapter. There are 7 chapters overall. There's nothing special about the chapters, all have story similar to any other typical yaoi I've read so far. This makes me rate this yaoi as average.

Saturday, June 9

Episode 7 of Sengoku Collection is about Matsuo Basho who helped a run down cafe with her haiku. The cafe was owned by a very obstinate lady but of course towards the end she warms up to Basho and doesn't want her to leave. Basho did leave though albeit temporarily when Nobunaga came for her. I guess she gave Nobunaga the Secret Treasure in order to stay in that cafe.


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