12 June 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, June 2011

Monday, June 6

Gintama episode 149: continuation from the kidnapping arc. Hijikata and Okita has no hope left so Okita kills himself in order for Hijikata to escape and save the Shinsengumi. LOL Why do I feel like I'm being trolled? because this is Gintama. Of course Okita won't kill himself. He only pretended that he did. In fact this whole mess is his plan. LOL evil Okita is evil ♥

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 9: Akutabe is suspicious about Sakuma lately. She has been acting strange so Akutabe releases Beelzebub from his barrier and guess what? He's one good looking motherfucker. Well not really but wants to believe that he is. So they stalk Sakuma (Azazel-san wearing a dog suit) and see her going to some anime club. She has to cosplay and that's why she is looking so down. She has to return their favor by borrowing lecturer's notes. Turns out she becomes addicted to it. Nyorin~ LOL this does not sits well with Akutabe at all.

With each passing episodes, I get madder at Jintan and Menma. Ano Hana episode 8.

Tuesday, June 7

More ghoul demon and Snipe in episode 8 of Ao no Exorcist.

Thursday, June 9

This is pathetic. I have almost nothing to do and yet I have been neglecting my anime. Oh well, another predictable chapter for Bleach 451.

Friday, June 10

Not feeling too well. I'm kinda overdosed right now. Took half a bottle of pain killers. Instead of suicidal, it making me depressed so I'm watching Gintama episode 150: Another trolling episode saying that this is the final episode of Gintama. LOL I don't see any other anime that talks about quitting every chance they got. For the (supposedly) finale, it feels like I was watching Endless Eight, only that the awesomeness level is >9000!

cuteness overload!

Saturday, June 11

This is one of the show that I don't want to fall behind. Watching episode 8 of The World God Only Knows II. Keima decides to teach Elsie about games and he's fucking serious about it. In doing so, we also got to learn the history of dating sims game and how everything started. That's the first half of the episode, the second half, Haqua comes asking them to help out with her report. That is just an excuse. She just wants to meet Keima is all.

oh how naive of you, Elsie >=D


I really need to clear out my backlog of anime. I still have Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to finish.

I gotta get back into Azazel. UGHHHHHHHH.

The list of my backlog anime gets longer with every new seasons. I wonder if I could ever get them done now. Maybe i should be a NEET again for a year or two

NEET has such negative connotations, I prefer to call myself a "monk for anime".

a tard, a hikki, a monk, a NEET... they all meant the same XD

Now I can't help but think of you as someone bald with round tummy in grey attire >_>

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