Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

It's the last day of 2011 with less than 12 hours to go before the new year. I have no plans for today other than chillaxing, perhaps watching few episodes of anime and write this post. I will probably go out later tonight to celebrate the new year with bunch of old friends from college that I haven't seen for almost a year. I have been hanging out with them for the past couple of days, socializing in real life with real people like a boss.

and fuck everything else

There is a reason why I am writing this obligatory post. It is to review the past year of my life, of whether or not I have changed as a person whether for better or for worse. Lots of things happened, and a lot of things that I hoped happened didn't happen as well. However, looking back at my resolutions for 2011, I am proud to say that I've accomplished what I have set out to do, well... almost.

I have learned my lesson. I don't let other people, person, human being, bitches and assholes affected my life. I have no expectation from the likes of them and thus I won't get disappointed. This goes to my friends as well, who to be honest, I only met a few time in the past 12 month. I didn't make any new friends, just a bunch of acquaintances which were forced upon me mostly due to work. They aren't bad person, it just that I don't see why any of us should put an effort to know each other when I know I don't give a shit about them. Besides, the world is going to end in 2012. Making new friends would just be a waste of time. It's the friends that you already have that you need to cherish.

[intermission] My advice to random people, person, human being, bitches and assholes who come across this post intentionally or accidentally, don't let people's expectation dictates you. Once you start doing that, you will fall into a pit of depression with no one other than yourself to help you get out of it. That and Gintama. Remember this phrase for a successful life: "Fuck it" [/intermission]

(c) pixiv id 570759

As usual, my relationship was a failure yet again. It was expected though. I already knew we are two very different people. It was only after we are together that he realized that. Well, can't say that I told you so now, can I? Jeebus, I'm really terribad at this kind of shit. I did say that I want to settle down and get serious. It was my number 1 resolution for 2011 after all. Well, guess what? I fucking lied. Apparently I wasn't ready to move on.

Same with anime. It is still the biggest part of my life hence why this blog is still alive and why I constantly need a new hard disk to store all the different anime for every new season. I definitely enjoyed 2011 as an anime fan, as well as a blogger. We have a range of different anime that caters to everyone's need. Having said that, the early half of 2011 was kinda bad for me. I hardly have time for anime because of work which caused me to miss few of the more "popular" choice by the anime fandom like Madoka, Wandering Son and Steins;Gate.

Which is unforgivable.

This made me quit my job. Yes, I am that extreme. Like I said, my job was getting too mundane for me. I needed new challenge as well as something that can make me concentrate on my anime. By June, I already switched job to something that is more flexible. It is nothing permanent though because all this time, I still have not forgotten my number 2 resolution for 2011.

So in October, after I have secured my financial, I enrolled to Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia. I took a part time classes that will last till April 2012 (if I didn't miss any classes that is). I also started my branding for (hopefully) my upcoming pastry house; scrumbtious. Needless to say, I am having a blast and the French chefs whose names I can't even pronounced properly are hot as fuck. All my plans are falling into places.

Oh yeah, I also turned 30 in March. Some people made a big deal out of it, planning for their future like the world is going to end - oh right, it is going to end - never mind then.

I started this last day of 2011 with yaoi and probably will end it with an orgy.


So yeah, I guess 2011 wasn't all that bad for me. The only things that I didn't manage to do were finding a husband, complete my book or buying the PS3 which weren't that big of a deal to begin with. Did I change? Am I a much better/worse person now than I was a year ago? I let you be the judge of that.

Goodbye 2011.

30 December 2011

Working'!! Episode 13

It's the final episode of Working'!! season 2. I would have watched this sooner but I saw some major spoilers in the twitter. This is where my short-term memory lost served it's purpose in my life. I waited a few days and though I generally has an idea what the episode is going to be, I have forgotten the details. I would have waited till all off that input erased from my brain but I just can't. Not when it's Working'!!

Right. Now on to episode 13: Poplar managed to grow a centimeter and thanks to that she was able to reach the report roaster. Though this is good news for Poplar, it was a terribad news for Takanashi which explained the title for this episode; "Farewell Poplar". For the first time though, he has an accomplice. Satou didn't like it either but both of them have totally two different reasons.


Takanashi pretty much lost his composure and since this wasn't his first time, it was something that we have seen before though it never ceased to amaze me. He started calling every other female employees an old hag and looked at them with disgust. LOL I would have treated him like a punching bag XD

Since Inami is in love with him, she can't help but worry for him and she shared this with Aoi, the last person you ever wanted to confide to. She put some ridiculous ideas into Inami's head, like Takanashi is in love with Poplar. This just made Inami worrier than before. Aoi went after Poplar to get the gist of things. She asked Poplar if she is worrying about anything. Poplar then said that she should be worrying about her future. All her friends are going to cram school to prepare for the entrance exam and if she wanted to do the same, then she might have to quit the job. As expected of Aoi, the news of Poplar quitting spread like wild-fire.

Everyone was obviously sad when they heard it and as usual, Satou and Takanashi were the most affected by that news.

But at least there was something good that came out of it. Inami asked Takanashi if he is going to quit Wagnaria too if Poplar quit. After all, he started working there because of Poplar. His reply makes me smile from ear to ear.

awwww ^______^

Kirio did visit Wagnaria but was sent out by Takanashi in less than a minute lol. He ended up giving Poplar some advice for the entrance exam but just like Aoi, he was useless too. He wasn't the only one who gave her advice though, so were the rest of her co-workers which only emphasized her needs to start worrying about her future. Damn, she's not really gonna quit now, is she?

And once again, the megane girl got her introduction, just like she did in the final episode of season 1. Since all she cares about is being normal, it was understandable that she remained as props in the background for the past 12 episodes. But this is Wagnaria after all where the employees weren't normal at all. Even if she was the odd one out, it was only natural that she would be pulled into the abnormality by force. This happened every time she had a conversation with the other staffs. Things, I assumed, would have been more wretched (read: hilarious) if we got to see this more often.

getting raped mentally by Satou and Souma for being normal. Life is hard, isn't it, Maya?

Thanks to her "normal" advice though, Poplar made up her mind that she can do her part time job and studying as well. Well duh!

Satou and Takanashi also found out that Poplar didn't actually grow taller, she just got better at stretching. And that's the end of it.

Quite a let down compared to the final episode of season 1. Lots of things are still waiting to be concluded, like I have said in the previous episode but with how they let this season ended with such open-ended situation, it is safe to assume that we are getting a season three of this awesome and amazing show. I can't complain much now, can I? ^__^

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

When I first watched the OVA, I thought to myself... what was it about this shit that Glo was raving so much about? But once I saw the first episode, I finally understood what he meant, but part of the majority reason why I like this show so much is because of Mikazuki Yozora. I'll talk about her in details later. Wait, I actually has wrote what I think of her in my first impression post so yeah, won't repeat the same shit again.

(c) Buriki

First of all, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, or Haganai for short touches on matters that I can relate to. Just like these characters, I am not good at making new friends. I can talk to strangers if the situation requires it, because it's part of my job, but to call someone a friend takes more than an exchange of smiles. I wish people understand this and stop forcing themselves upon my space.

Haganai characters all have unique trait about them which made them socially inept. Thanks to Yozora who created the club (even though her reason to do so was totally selfish) and also Kodaka (who most of the reason why the other decided to join), they got together. They were so n00bs at making friends, they don't even realized that they are friends now, and always in denial about that fact. At the club, they do whatever shit that they want and once in a while they did something together to experience what the masses experienced, like going to swimming pool together in the summer or did some karaoke.

Most of the time it was seemingly one plot-less episode after the other but in the midst of all that, the core of the story is ultimately about two childhood friends reuniting after ten years. There were also romance in the air (but of course there is, it's a harem after all). Needless to say, I'm pro-Yozora.

Speaking of characters, they are definitely one lively bunch:

(c) pixiv id 1996843

  • We have Yozora Mikazuki , the awesome leader or head of the club and the reason why we have this show. She's brilliant and witty and doesn't give a shit if she's different. I like that a lot because she's reminding me of me. Her most memorable dialogue is from episode 3. Of course she was referring to Sena.
    You damn perverted! Silence wench! You succubus! Flasher! Bitch! Walking cum dumpster! Real dutch wife! Walking porn scene! Don't come near me! Don't touch me! You'll make me pregnant!
  • Kodaka Hasegawa, the required male protagonist, because after all this is a harem. I like him though and I can understand why the ladies are attracted to him. He is a gentleman in his own way though a bit disturbing that he didn't get a b0nar for seeing Kobato/Sena naked. I wonder if he's gay and didn't know it.
  • Sena Kashiwazaki or better known as Mikku or Meat which I think fits her perfectly. She's okay as a character and a great comedic relief whenever Yozora making fun of her. Other than that, especially when she starts blushing for Kodaka just annoyed the fuck out of me. I wish she would just play her yuri game in a corner while the others pretend that she didn't exist.
  • Yukimura Kusunoki is the honorable trap. I think they was hoping he'll be as popular as Hideyoshi but BITCH PLEASE, no trap can beat Hideyoshi. He is in his own category. I think Yukimura character was a waste. If only they played their card right - by reminding us that he actually has a dick all the time - then he would have been more entertaining than just a mere underling for Kodaka.
  • Rika Shuguma is a genius and a total pervert. I didn't like her much at first but as the show progressed, I find myself looking forward to her random outburst. She pride herself for being a pervert and find any situation as a turn on. That was a talent that I wish I had LOL
  • Kobato Hasegawa is Kodaka's sister who literally lives her life by cosplaying as some vampire character. I kinda feel for her for having no real identity. She'll have a hard time growing up, I'm sure. Also, she's terrified of Sena.
  • Maria Takayama is a 10 year old kid who became the club's adviser after being tricked by Yozora. I found her annoying because she reminds me of Index. She and Kobato are constantly fight for Kodaka's affection. In other words, Kobato has a brother complex.

Ryohei Kimura is definitely one of the seiyuu in 2011 that I took notice of and he did a great job as Kodaka. I don't usually sing praises for the female seiyuu because 99% of the time, I don't give a shit about female characters. However, I like to do so for Marina Inoue (Yozora) and Misato Fukuen (Rika) for making me enjoying their characters the most. Their deliverance for their dialogue are in my opinion, crucial to ensure that the comedy doesn't fail and they didn't miss a beat. Misato definitely embodied Rika's character as a pervert and make her so damn believable and likeable at the same time.

Unfortunately I am not a fan of either the OP or the ED. They weren't bad, not just my cup of tea. Both were average at best but fits perfectly for the show. If you are a fan of upbeat songs, it might be just right for you. But again, praises for the seiyuu because they didn't sound bad at all singing those lines. The BGM however was... unmemorable because I seriously can't remember any of it at the moment. The insert song in the last episode was okay but unless I hear it repeatedly, it won't have a slot in my brain either.

The art for Haganai is memorable. Even though there is nothing special about it, the details are exceptional. I like how the characters are drawn and they can certainly look cute if they tried. I thought AIC did a great job at capturing all the characteristic of each character design, especially Kodaka's hair color. Same goes for the animation. The quality was consistent from episode 1 to end. Solid work guys. Well done (p/s: I can do without the fanservice though).

Haganai is surprisingly quite an entertaining anime. I said so because I am not someone who usually enjoy a harem anime. In factm I usually ignored/dropped/rage at such anime. For me to say anything good about this show means that Haganai did something right and thus it exceeded my expectation. So this means that I might just recommend this show for you guys if you like harem comedy without the romance.

Since the show ended without any real progress between Kodaka and either two of the female protagonists Yozora, I expect a second season. I truly want to find out how these two further developed their relationship now that both has remember the past.

#Haganai (Fall 2011)
12 episodes
Produced by FUNimation Entertainment and AIC Build

arts & animation 8/10
story 7/10
characters 9/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8.2/10

28 December 2011

Bleach: Chapter 478

I didn't celebrate Christmas but I ended up busier than most people who did celebrate Christmas Orz. I saw the chapter on mangastream before I went to sleep yesterday but since my computer decided to mock me and keep on lagging whenever it connected to the internet, I ragequit and went to sleep. I planned on reading it in the morning but one emergency led to the other... I almost ragequit again.

happy new year btw ^_^

Thank goodness that my love for Rukia makes me endure all that shit, even the fact that Tsukishima was still alive, wandering around the forest, raging at the fact that Ginjou died unceremoniously. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that Ginjou taught him more than using his fullbring ability. I would have thought that Ginjou taught him how to fully utilized his assho-


While he was being emo about it (as well as coughed up blood - he is after all has a hole in his fucking chest but according to Kubo's logic, you won't die from just that), he met Shishigawara who looked mighty disappointed in his "guru". And just like that, Tsukishima got an epiphany - whatever the fuck that is.

And brace yourself ladies and gentlemen because Jackie ain't dead. Neither is Riruka. Jeebus, what the fuck is this Kubo? Did you think by bringing all these lesser characters back can salvaged this shit of an arc that you have made us sit through week after week? IT FUCKING DOES NOT!

Oh well, no use raging for these lesser characters to begin with. At least Giriko and Ginjou stayed dead. Those guys whose name started with the letter G were bad luck indeed.

And if you think you have seen the last of this fullbringers, then think again because Yukio will be back in three years, with the company twice as large and will have the surviving fullbringers working for him. The fact that these adults have to depend on a kid (granted that he's a genius), pretty much a tell tale sign that whatever they came up with will just be one big motherfucking failure. I won't worry too much about them.

Just like people predicted, Urahara did came and save the injured, including Riruka and those who have been brainwashed by Tsukishima. None of them remembered who Tsukishima was though and this made Riruka sad.

Awww... fuck you

The shinigami were suddenly so incompetent because they lost all the other fullbringers. Come on now, it's not like there weren't injured. How the fuck can you not notice their reiatsu? This is bullshit Kubo. Fuck you too.

Enough about them, and more about Ichigo and Rukia please.

Wait... it's the end of chapter 478? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY ICHIGO AND RUKIA?

*sighs* My friend Monroe was right. Reading Bleach nowadays is more like having sex with a person out of obligation rather than want or need to T__T

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

25 December 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, December 2011

Monday, December 19

Going to start the week with another yaoi: Signal. If you go to this one bar and order the drink that placed last on the menu, you gotta sleep with it's hot owner (only once a month though) or that's what Murakami thought. Ashihara created that code just for him but he didn't have a clue. Meh the first chapter was stupid and cliche as fuck. I guess the rest of the 5 chapters can wait till I rage less.

Thursday, December 22

It's the beach episode in episode 10 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. They went to the private beach owned by Meat for a "training camp". I gotta say that over the weeks, Rika has grown on me. I never met a character that gets turn on by anything and everything, even the interlocks between trains. That needs special skills my friend. And as expected from a beach episode, we get to see a lot of fanservice and the exchanged of sexual innuendos/tensions. Meat was sexually harassed by Yozora when she asked her to put on some screen lotion on her back, which Yozora did, using her feet. Meat then exposed her huge breasts for all to see, that slut. They also did the normal stuff like telling ghost story etc.

the best moment of the episode

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 11: It really frustrates me that it took forever for Kodaka to remember the name of his childhood friend. Poor Yozora has to wait till he does. This is the festival episode so they do the normal basic stuff. They saved the fireworks for last where an incident happened: Yozora's hair caught of fire. So she cut her hair and only went to school when the term started again. It was only then that Kodaka recognized her as Sora. I was expecting a more dramatic/romantic reunion though T_T

disappointing reunion is disappointing

Sunday, December 25

Hey, it's Christmas! I don't celebrate Christmas though but a holiday is a holiday ^_^

Last episode of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Apparently Yozora knew who Kodaka is ever since his first day of transfer to that school. When Kodaka first saw her talking to herself, it was her getting frustrated that he didn't remember her. Half of this episode is pretty much reminiscing what had happened in the last 11 episode, but from Yozora's perspective. The club was originally created so that she and Kodaka can be like old times. Who knew that other people would joined in too. I love the fact that the show started with Kodaka and ended it with Yozora. Just perfect. I expect a second season. Overall score is 8.2/10

I think Yozora lost some of her manliness when she cut her hair but dayyum she looks hawt >=3
(c) Shouji 2

Koujitsusei no Tobira

It's Christmas and I have nothing better to do. My plan for today was canceled and I'm too lazy to find the route to attend a BBQ invitation. So here I am sitting in front of my computer, not sure whether I should start the merry day with yaoi or anime. After a quick deliberation, yaoi wins. YAOI ALWAYS WINS.

So I started the day by picking up some random yaoi at Animephile. Koujitsusei no Tobira or Heliotropic Door in English (whatever the fuck that means) is a shouta-con yaoi (but not really) and also has the potential to be a threesome. Sounds interesting enough for me, especially with the art. I like the art very much in this one. I know I made the right decision. This is going to be fun!

Kai is the adopted son of Cys' brother. When he died, he sent Kai to Cys who gets attracted to the boy who is (supposedly) 14 years younger than him. Then there's Jin who always come in and out as he please to Cys' house, who is also a voyeur.

The story is quite different from your typical yaoi which is why I bothered myself by writing a review about it. This is not your usual light fluffy love story between men that has it's usual conflict and problems. It has that element of mystery from start to finish. The story is complicated since we keep second guessing what Kai is up to, if he is who he says he is, and then there is Jin as well who I still need to figure out his character even after the manga has come to an end. The fact of the matter is, everyone has a double life in this manga.

I mentioned earlier how much I like the art. Well, that was an understatement. This story is set in France and Shoowa, the mangaka just did a well done job outlining and sketching the city. S/he managed to capture the essence of it. The details are stunning as well from the characters (though I wish the s/he gives more attention to the penis) to the interesting interior.

If you think this is good, wait till you reach the sex part lol

Though the sex part weren't the focus of the story, the mangaka was very good and knew what s/he is doing. From the erotic kisses to the hot sex, she got all the angles right. The art is handled very gracefully, there aren't much effects in the panels if you notice, but that emphasizes emotions even stronger.

I think Shoowa did a great job with the pacing and keep me on the edge of my seat at all times. You'll be surprise at how good and solid this one is.

Story 9/10
Art 10/10
Characters 9/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 9/10

22 December 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 12

Before I get into this week's episode, lets talk about the OTP for Fate/Zero. I've seen a lot of them with Kirei/Archer being one of the most popular pairing out there. Well, can't say that I disagree because they way these two interacted, they are just begging for a yaoi/BL doujinshi to be made. My personal preference however, and quite surprisingly, is Saber and Arher. They just look so good together and both have that pride of theirs that will definitely clashed with each other. To see them work it their differences would have been entertaining indeed ^_^

(c) Irono Yoita

Anyway, enough of that and lets get on with episode 12. Kirei revealed to Tokiomi that Rider's Noble Phantasm matched that of Gilgamesh' Gate of Babylon. I truly didn't expect that at all. I know it was pretty awesome but I always thought that his rank is lower than either Gil or Saber. My bad. Since he is so powerful, Tokiomi decided to let Gil defeated the other Servants first and hoped that in time, the mean to take down Rider will reveal itself.

At the other part of town, Kiritsugu was planning on his attack based on the intel he had gathered. Tokiomi hasn't left his mansion ever since the first attack by Assassin. Kariya and Berserker will be left alone for now since they were good to distract Tokiomi and Gil. Kiritsugu thought that Kayneth was done and out of the war but he needed to determine who Lancer's new Master is as soon as possible. Caster and his Master location were still unknown and they were kidnapping children again, that damn duo. It wasn't easy to locate Rider and Waver either since they were always on the move on that flying thingy of Rider's and since Maiya has reported about his Noble Phantasm, Kiritsugu realized how dangerous of a foe he really is. Kiritsugu's main concern however was Kirei and what he really up to in this war. He was right thinking that Kirei's main target was him though he wasn't sure why.

Kiritsugu also got a new base for Irisviel and Saber. It appeared to be in the suburbs and not really excluded from the rest of the world since there were many other residents there. Irisviel was happy because she always wanted to see a Japanese mansion and that's where their new base is even though it seemed old. Irisviel used the store to practice her spells and what not since it's too open in the mansion whats with the wooden/paper panel for doors etc.

Irisviel didn't waste any time and wanted to start preparing for her magic right away but Saber noticed that she has avoided touching anything since the day started. The reason for that was because she purposely cut off her sense of touch in order to have greater control over her power. It's one of homunculus' specialties. To me it seemed like she was hiding something from Saber and didn't tell her the absolute truth though.

As for Gil, he made it a habit of his to hang around Kirei's place. Because of that he noticed the subtle changes in Kirei. For example Kirei seemed pleased because his Servant was gone for good and he was relieved from that burden. A new Master could have been chosen though and Gil playfully suggested that Kirei might be chosen once again. Kirei quickly said that it was impossible of which Gil only smirked at his respond.

come 'ere, you

but I don't wanna!

Gil of course don't buy that shit especially since Kirei said it was a waste of time seeking out Kiritsugu because he was just Einzbern's tool to obtain the Holy Grail, as well as the other Masters. Since he spoke of great details about Kariya, Gil pointed out his interest/obsession for Berserker's Master in which Kirei quickly denied. He further poked Kirei with question that Kirei has no answer nor explanation for. All Gil wanted to point out was the fact that Kirei has finally found enjoyment while doing what was asked of him, in this case: researching about Kariya. LOL Kirei wasn't too happy about it and continue to be in denial. I love how Gil only played with words to provoke Kirei. Not everyone can do that.

And while they were having the conversation, a Command Seal once again appeared on Kirei's right hand. Unlike any other Master who Gil accused of stealing, Gil was actually quite happy that Kirei was chosen to get that wishing artifact that was supposed to be his. What he said was true though, looked like Kirei does indeed has a reason to seek the Holy Grail. With it he can give shape to what was it that he desires and used it as a means to learn it. In order to do that however, it means that he has to betrayed Tokiomi and steal a strong Servant for his own good.

LOL Gil was really putting some brilliant ideas into Kirei's head. He won't say it but I bet he wanted to be stolen and be Kirei's Servant. He wanted to see Kirei goes against Tokiomi because lets face it, Tokiomi was indeed boring as fuck. I wouldn't want a Master like him either. Heh, excellent, Gil!

who can resist the evil eye of Sauron!

And it seemed that Caster will be back in the next episode. I can't say that I look forward to that T_T

Mirai Nikki: Episode 10

Urgh it seems like I am always a week behind on my anime because of this damn stupid internet connection of mine. Episode 11 is refusing to load for some reason. It stuck at 68.4% since few days ago and it really pissed me off. I feel like borrowing Yuno's knife and cut open whoever the fuck responsible for this shitty connection.

You know the episode was gonna be awesome when Yuno started digging some holes and I reckoned she wanted to bury those corpses inside of her house though she wasn't sure what to bury herself. She must have quite a strength to dig that deep of a hole all by himself. I guess this is a good lesson for us all: never underestimating the strength of a yandere.

yeah we are going to hear wedding bells too ^_^
(c) pixiv id 1405398

The next day, Akise set up a date for Yuno and Yuki. He told Yuki that he wanted to watch a movie together with him when he told Yuno about a fake wedding trial that Yuki wanted to go but too shy to ask her herself. LOL and Yuki was calling him a friend not a minute ago. I wonder what Akise was really up to.

Yuki was already regretting his words of declaring Yuno as his girlfriend because now she was totally out of control. He wanted to tell Yuno that it was all a lie. Heh, I wanted to see him try. I can't wait to see what Yuno will turn him into. A man sushi perhaps?

On the other hand, Ninth was making bombs again, and she has a full suitcase full of them. Looked like she was doing it under Fourth order and then suddenly BAM! Murumuru was showing (and dubbing) us some flashback of Ninth seeking the Third who she underestimated. In the middle of her rendezvous, she met a young cop who caught her and then escaped with her from Third. Ninth was obviously developed some feeling for the young cop for she blushed easily at whatever he said. It was all good I guess but I have this sinking feeling at the back of my mind that this romance skit will be short-lived. I'm sure Third will eventually murdered the young cop but I was wrong. It was Ninth who did the murdering though luckily the young cop wore a bullet proof vest. I wonder if Ninth knew that the young cop is still alive...

you called me cute, now I have to kill you :3

At the wedding trial, Yuki ended up having fun but he also noticed Kurusu's wife, the one who attended to their needs. I think Ninth will blow up that place (again under Fourth order) and Akise just got a hunch about it. Think about it, wouldn't it be a perfect opportunity for Fourth to get rid both Yuno and Yuki at the same time. But then again, it wasn't him who set them up, which led me to wonder if Akise has anything to do with Fourth. Lets hope not.

Because Yuki was having fun, he started to wonder why shouldn't he fall for Yuno for real. That was definitely the right mind set. Why not right? She's pretty and will do anything for you. Be grateful in return and treated her like she deserved to be treated Yuki.

Oh yeah, he can't forget about the corpse and that what stopped him from liking Yuno for real. Hmm, damn it, I can't really blame him for that reason >=(

But for whatever reason, he wanted to forget about that and pretended that it never happened. Whoa... that was like 180 degrees of changed. I thought he would have rejected her when the time came for their chapel ceremony rehearsal and flat out said 'No' when the priest asked him if he wanted to take Yuno as his lawfully wedded wife.

awwwww :3

When he brought Yuno home (who was asleep on his back - awww so sweet), Akise was there. So that was why he sent Yuno and Yuki out, he wanted to explore Yuno's house. He even opened the sealed room but found nothing except the bottomless hole that Yuno dug earlier. When Yuki asked her about the corpses, Yuno didn't seem to know what he was talking about and she wasn't faking it. She totally blocked out anything that has to do with the corpses. She even forgot the fact that Yuki has been to her house before.

After they left Yuno's house, Akise told Yuki that he had to bring everything to light for Yuno's own good and I figured that it was very brave of him. I'm sure he must have known what Yuno can be when she lost it and yet he still offered to "help" her. I admired that about him, unlike Yuki who wanted to swept the problem under the rug. However he wasn't so foolish as to not realized Yuki's role in this. After all, it is only around Yuki that Yuno can be calm and not as volatile.

Back at the police station, Kurusu was searching for the murderer of Tenth even though he was the one who killed that man. He tried to put the blame on Yuno and Yuki instead and making them a suspect for the murder case. He wanted them both arrested within the next 24 hours.

Hah! My instinct was right. He is a jerk and an asshole to boot.

21 December 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 10

I guess sooner or later I should watch this episode to move on to the other episode of Persona 4 the Animation. Like I said in my previous rant in episode 9, I really don't like Rise as a character and she kinda ruined this show a bit for me even though I have been told that she will only gets better. I sure hope they are right, for their sake.

Yuu got a warning from the Velvet room. Margaret warned him of the peril that he will face soon and not even the combined strength of his Arcana is enough to stop it. But meh, I will not take that warning seriously because his friends and their Persona will definitely not abandoned him.

The Midnight Channel once again showed the slutty Rise. I bet the guys can't wait to get inside the TV now knowing that she's gonna strip for them. I mean, even Yuu has his jaw hanging like a wolf. Men disgust me sometimes.

I was a little disappointed T_T

Rise's shadow took a form of a pole stripper and I gotta say that comparing this with the other shadows, her designed was probably the simplest and the most eye-catching. It also has a neat trick up her sleeves. She scanned her opponents and instantly knew of their weakness as Persona and thus they were defeated quite easily. This time helped came from unexpected source: Kuma/Teddy and so the pole dancing Shadow was taken down. As usual only then Rise accepted who she was and she lives happily ever after (well, NOT if I have anything to do with it!)

The episode was far from over though because suddenly another shadow appeared and it belongs to Kuma/Teddy. The TV world as they knew it started to collapsed. All hopes are not lost yet though because Rise's Persona (named Himiko), just like her shadow earlier, is able to learn the weakness of it's opponent and so she called out Himiko and used it against Teddy's Shadow. Mostly though, it was Teddy who did all the work. It didn't give up even when he was sucked into the abyss of nothingness. For that it deserved to have it's own Persona. At least now we know that he wasn't an empty vessel.

I was hoping that we have seen the last of Rise in the episode but damn it she has joined the group to search for the killer too. Urgh two were good, three were okay, fourth were tolerarable and more then that were just a crowd. I'm not digging it.

Anyway, it looked like there was another dead victim for the next episode. They better hurry and find the killer soon before the body count increased again.

Kimi to Boku: Episode 10

Chizuru noticed that something was wrong and I reckoned it has something to do with him trying to make sense of his feelings towards Masaki. Someone should probably tell him that dressing up as a girl won't helped him accomplished anything. On the other hand, I rather wanted to see him embarrassed himself like that.

But this is Chizuru after all. He has no qualm dressing up like that especially since it was for the school festival and everyone else was dressing up as different character as well. Lets not forget that his class was doing the haunted house. I know what anime they (Yuki/Kaname/Chizuru) were dressing up was from but for the life of me I can't remember the title. Fuuuuuuuuuuuu....

(c) CK

It's okay though. That's not important. What's important was the fact that the haunted house was pretty elaborate whats with ghosts and props. It was pretty impressive if it was real. Also the fact that Chizuru didn't waste any time trying to get it on with Masaki. He took the opportunity to hold Masaki's hand inside the haunted house. Since it was dark, Masaki thought that it was Shun. Got to say that it was pretty smooth lol

Then they all attended the Cinderella play to see Masaki performed. She was terribad at it though because she was too nervous (because Shun was there). So as usual, she has to be a drama bitch queen about it, hoping that Shun will look for her and made her feel better. Too bad it was Chizuru who put in an effort. I honestly liking Chizuru more nowadays. He has a purpose instead of just being that annoying guy around those four boys. Besides, what he did for Masaki (chasing her inside the girl's bathroom) was sweet.

To see that he finally admitted and acknowledge that feelings of his towards Masaki was liberating to say the least. I was glad that they didn't try to make him be in denial about it. Unlike Takanashi from Working, such trick won't be as efficient in a show like this.

(c) agetaiyaki

Chizuru wasn't the only person who has to deal with his feelings in this episode though. Hisako came to the festival with her sister and obviously Kaname couldn't stop blushing in front of her. Heh sometime men are so obvious.

So we have two love triangles going on in Kimi to Boku. The first one between Chizuru > Masaki > Shun and the other one between Kaname > Hisako's sister > Hisako although if you analyze it carefully, it wasn't really a love triangle since in order it to be so, two of the person in that said love triangle must have the same feelings for one other person. In their case, it was more of unrequited love that involved two persons who are aware of their feelings to the other while one other person was completely clueless. It can't be any sadder than this T__T

I feel like quoting Adele for this - sometimes it last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

20 December 2011

Working'!! Episode 12

Inami broke her personal record for successfully restraining herself from punching Takanashi for more than a fortnight now. When she told this to Poplar and Aoi, they both panicked thinking that she's sick and something must be wrong with her. LOL gotta love that reaction. Inami decided to train by herself and stopped depending on Takanashi too much to cure her androphobia. She asked Poplar and Aoi to help her out and keep it a secret from Takanashi as well.

So they dressed Inami up as a boy since Kyoko was no good because her breast is too big. Little did she know where Aoi got that boy's uniform from. Heh.


Since that didn't work, Aoi suggested that Inami faced the boys head on instead of avoiding them because that was basically her running away from her problem. It's not like Aoi was wrong but this could be fatal for the guys at Wagnaria. Thankfully the only victim was Daisy heh.

and yet...

Inami told Takanashi of her achievement in person and Takanashi offered that they text each other out of the blue. Obviously Inami was more than thrill about it. She even broke her phone from too much excitement. I was surprised to find Takanashi literally waited for her text that never came. He was disappointed and I am sure the rest of us have feel that way at least once in our life, as we looked at our phone every few seconds hoping that it will bleep indicating a phone call or a text from that one person you hold above the rest. It was torture.


after ^__^

Izumi saw how stressed Takanashi was and knew right away that he was waiting for a text from his girlfriend. She was sad at first and hoped that the girlfriend will not send the text so Takanashi will break up with the girlfriend and take care of her forever but once she saw how affected Takanashi was, she didn't have the heart to deny his happiness. LOL I love this part of the show when everybody else thought Takanashi was happy because of the picture of the kitten that Inami sent him, when in fact, he was just happy that Inami did text him after all ^_^

But lets not forget his rival, Kirio who literally falling from the sky not a second after Takanashi thought about it. Takanashi didn't waste anytime and warned him not to bother Inami anymore. He also told her the development of his friendship with Inami and Kirio knew right away that the person Inami likes was him. LOL stop being so clueless Takanashi!


On a different story, Aoi was locked out from Wagnaria. Everyone thought the she was already asleep in the attic when in fact she was out reading manga and lost the track of time. Heh served her right. If Satou didn't notice something was not right, she would be sleeping outside in the cold, alone for the night. But Satou did notice something was not right so he went back and sent her to Poplar's house. Lucky her.

this is the first time I saw Aoi looking for her mom

With this episode done, that left only one episode to go. I already feel so sad about it. I am a tad worry too. There are still so many issues to resolve like whether or not Satou will success at his goal, or will he quit Wagnaria, will Takanashi finally realized his feelings for Inami, how about Kirio... will he meet Aoi or will Souma keep them separated? Doesn't it makes you curious as to why Souma does that?

So I expect a third season of Working'!! That would have been the one of the greatest joys of my life and I am not even kidding about it.

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